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I couldn't sleep last night. It happens sometimes. I go to bed, read a bit, turn off the light, and my eyes just stay wide open. By the time I realize it, it's too late to take anything for it.

So, this morning, I slept in and decided to take today off. And, since Monday is a holiday, I decided to take Friday off too. It's very, very liberating.

I'm in the midst of the big house reorg, and also the cake trio for Saturday. I didn't absolutely need the extra time, but it's gonna help!

First stop today: cake supply store
Next stop: Fred Meyer, where Sarah says they have great org container stuff
Finally: Happy Hour sushi with Sarah and Neelz! Whee!

The rest of the cake schedule is as planned---make cupcakes and fillings tomorrow, frostings on Saturday morning, assembly and decoration for the rest of the day until the party.

Also, I would very much like for it to stop raining! Though have I mentioned how much I freaking love my new boots? I make everyone who comes near me put their legs in them. LOVE!!
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...and all through the house, Brutus was snoring, dreaming of leftover mouse.

ANYHOW. I am working from home today. Because YAY. And also YAY. I know it's only 10, but the day goes by faster when I'm working from home!

Things I MUST do today:

- lift weights at the gym
- visit Henry and Bailey and give them kitty smoochies and food
- buy rolls for Thanksgiving from Ballard Market
- donate some stuff to Goodwill
- do another test run on the dishwasher that Jeff has magically repaired*
- (if/then) cancel the appointment with the dishwasher repair person

These are the Musts. And accomplishing them affords me the privilege of sitting on my butt and reading my Ruth Reichl book. Because that's all I really want to do. Preferably in front of a roaring fire.

* Just want to note that if this tech writer thing doesn't work out, Jeff has a future career as a plumber. This will mark the third misbehaving water situation he's fixed. First there was the Errant Disposal. Followed by the Shower That Won't Drain. And now, Dishwasher: The Undraining Pool of Ick.
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Meteorically speaking. Why is it always so freaking hot lately. Also, next summer I'm getting a goddamn AC!

I couldn't sleep last night. A little too hot and I was really restless. I tossed and turned just past 2AM. In spite of that, I woke up relatively early and couldn't get back to sleep. Jeff was just waking up as I got up and we chatted for a bit, planning the day. Neither one of us had any concrete plans except to get things in better order.

So we drove to the house to take care of Buffy, as Chris is out of town, and for Jeff to bring most of his remaining boxes back here to sort through and unpack. It was my first time seeing the house fully staged and it looks great. I really, really hope someone buys it soon.

We loaded the truck and grabbed a quick lunch at Chipotle. Jeff needed to buy some birthday cards and he really likes the University Bookstore's selection so we stopped there before coming home. And then began the giant life-sucking cleaning and organizing project. We both have lots of things to donate and recycling to accumulate and omg it was endless and HOT. Jeff really muscled through his boxes and most of his stuff is put away. I managed to clean out my closet and pack up the Shelves of Embarrassing Teen Novels to replace with my overflow of books. (Part messiness and partly because I gave Jeff a bookshelf in the office). Most of that stuff's put away. I have a few things I need to return to Nordstrom's and Old Navy from way too long ago, but I hope to do that this week. If I have the energy tonight, I should move the sewing table and assorted crap into the bedroom so Jeff can have the second half of the closet in the office for storage. It'll be more useful to him now that most of his stuff is here.

The heat's totally sucked up most of my energy so I feel like I'm moving through jello. Boo! Also I need to finish some dishes (since I generated about 12 million of them in yesterday's bakefest). I need to put away laundry and holy jesus I need a shower because I feel sticky and gross. Maybe a shower will perk me up, too.

Then it's a girl's night with Brutus. We can sit and give ourselves a pedicure and watch something dreamily Elizabethan on the telly. Jeff's just headed out to have a few beers with C&G. That'll be nice. He deserves a break considering how hard he's always always always working. He's not done a month done with the craziness of fixing up the house and he's already talking about helping me paint the kitchen. I want to wrap him in bubble wrap and make him take a time out. (If nothing else so I won't be motivated by the force of shame to be so goddamn productive.)

For dinner tonight:

Jeff: So I was thinking of making myself a hummus sandwich and maybe a salad...what do you think?
Me: I think we should have pizza.
Jeff: Sure, we can do that.
Me: Yay!
Me: Can you drive?
Jeff: Sure.
Me: Are you paying?
Jeff: Uh, sure--I can pay.
Me: You have the keys right, I don't have to take anything?
Jeff: *laughing* Yes yes I have the keys.
Me: Whee!
Jeff: So basically you're saying, "Can you just take care of everything?"
Me: Yup. I'll just look pretty.
Jeff: Well, that's your job.

In my defense, I did buy lunch. Okay. So. Kitchen, shelves, and shower.


May. 19th, 2008 10:19 am
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I couldn't go to sleep last night!

I'm not sure if it's the lighter, longer evenings, or if that Cherry Coke Zero at 4pm was a mistake, or what. But I tossed and turned half the night and still woke up an hour before the alarm (to pee!).

And that worked out nicely, because my alarm failed. No idea why.

Sarah's back, so Henry will be leaving today*. I'll miss the little fluffball. We had a grand time yesterday pouncing around. But I would recommend that if you have a plate of toast with sticky marmalade, do not attempt to pick up a frisky kitten with an enormous plume of a tail. Because he will beaver-slap that tail right down on your marmalade and then knock it off the plate, upside down on your dining room floor. And you will be so horrified that you'll just freeze with an open mouth in a silent scream.


What else, what else. I am sporting a nice little sunburn on my upper right arm which itches like mad and hurts when I scratch it.

There is a horrible stench in our hallway. It smells like water damage, so that's freaky. It's not coming from my place, but I've written the board because it really should be investigated. But I think no one wants to deal with it, because no one is responding. The only one who bothered to respond is the dude who is working in Sweden for a few weeks and he sent his girlfriend over to make sure his house hadn't exploded in his absence. (It's not his place, either.)

* Oh, oh. Sarah says I can keep Henry another two nights while she works her butt off studying. Sad for her, happy for me. I love Henry. He's so freaking adorable.

Everyone is totally wiped out and sleepy this morning. At least next weekend's a long weekend. Extra long for me because I'm taking Friday off in honor of my cousin K's visit.

I'm going to have a few friends over on Sunday and I'm trying to decide if I have the energy to make Jeff's cake request that weekend. He wants me to do a raspberry curd version of the orange cake. So that's a three day process I would have to start before Kiran gets here on Thursday night. So, we'll see. I know *exactly* how I want to decorate it, which tends to make me a little obsessive. Hee.

Okay. Must attempt work.
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My body is insane. Or at least my foot is. The night before last, my foot hurt so bad, I almost threw up. Today, it's like 90% better. All I took were a couple of ibuprofen yesterday and went to bed early. Slept fine, sans vicodin, etc.

I'm obviously not bummed that the sprain-or-whatever is gone, but I'm weirdly pissed off at it. I can't believe it hurt so much and is largely fine today.

I actually, stubbornly, still went to yoga this morning at seven-fucking-AM. And it was pretty good, I just guarded my foot heavily when doing downward-facing dog or dolphin or plank poses. I really like Linda, our instructor, and even after three sessions, I can't believe how much more aware I am of my body and posture. It's been a few years since I've done yoga regularly, and it's nice to be back with it.

The downside of getting here for yoga at 7AM is that I am totally asleep at my desk at 9AM. I might try it a few more times and then just stick to the evening sessions, or maybe I'll grow to love it.

Tonight is a late night out, because Jeff, Chris, and I are going to see The Namesake and have dinner. I think I may have to crash at Jeff's house first and take a nap, because omg tired.

But the rest of the weekend is largely chill. THANK GOD. Because after the past three weekends of packed, non-stop weekends, I'm just done.

The adorable Miss Emily is turning 21 this Saturday, and so there will be an evening of celebration, but all Saturday is open for me to do what I want. And that largely includes cleaning the kitchen!

Sunday, Pete and I are FINALLY going to see the baby tiger at the zoo, and also FINALLY going to see The Waitress, which I am DYING to see. Also on Sunday will be grocery shopping and general life management stuff.

I'm excited about memorial day weekend next weekend, because I can finally continue on with cleaning out my closets and such.

Things at work have steadied to a better pace, so that's glorious. And in totally awesome news, we hired a manager for our condo and as of July 1st--I don't have to worry about that crap anymore. I just have to show the manager what my monthly process is, and then the board will just supervise as a group. Such a relief!

And with my refi clearing last weekend, I might actually be able to completely pay off some debt I stupidly let myself accrue. It would be very exciting to actually save money every month instead of feeling like I'm just scraping by.
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There really probably isn't anything I won't do to scrounge extra time with Jeff.

I just signed up for a three-month, evening (once a week), woodworking class. With the power tools and the wood and the potential making of furniture.

Sure, it'll be cool. And it's more appetizing to me than the other things I've done for Jeff (like, eating eggplant *shudder*), but I just can't believe it.

The $150 is so going to be worth it. Even if I don't come out of this with the knowledge of how to install my crown mouldings and laminate flooring.

lazy sunday

Oct. 8th, 2006 10:44 pm
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Today was mostly glorious, with some flooding.

Sarah came over at 10-ish and we hunkered down for a marathon of Rome, the spectacular HBO series that Tony lent me.

We started with breakfast and bloodshed. Halfway through the second episode, we heard this clanging sound, and then a WHOOSH of water. We ran toward the sound, which was the guest bathroom, and it was in the process of flooding. I scrambled frantically for the source and to turn off any water connections, but it stopped after a minute or so. There was about a half-inch of standing water. Sarah mopped up while I frantically called the guy upstairs. He was, indeed, finishing a load of laundry. No water on his floor, but it had just emptied the tub and was going to start the spin cycle. I also called the association president and left a message and started calling the plumbers.

I didn't want the idiots who came out last time, and it seemed that since no more water was gushing and the guy upstairs wasn't going to do any more laundry today, we could wait until tomorrow morning, when the competent plumber is available. Still incredibly freaky, and there were a series of calls to make to the other residents in my 'stack' --up on the third and fourth floor just to make sure not to risk any other sources of chaos.

It took awhile for things to settle down and then we got back into the business of watching more Rome. I'm quite proud of us, really. We made it through ten hours of episodes, and there are only two left. Of course then it'll be all over (wah) and no more Rome for like three years when HBO releases the next season. It is really, really exceptionally good, though. Highly recommend. Historically faithful and done in exquisite detail.

The plumbing thing sucks. I'm grateful that I was home, that the guy upstairs was home (and hadn't just started his laundry and taken off), and that he wasn't an ass (if a bit freaked out about it, as I would be). This building has had major craziness with washing machine floods before and it makes me aware that I never want to do a load of laundry unless I'm here and able to monitor any potential disasters. I really hope the plumbers can figure this out without much hell or expense. And while Andrew's out here, he's going to hear about the last bad experience, and take a look at the shower leak, too. Because I would like to be able to shower in there again. Mrh.

I suppose not everything about being a home-owner can be fun, eh?
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It's been a busy but really fun weekend. I did nothing I said I would do, but I can't say I much care!

I took the the day off, met Jeff for lunch/market, lounged with kitty and book (rough life). I'm finally re-reading Harry Potter 6 and enjoying it much more than the first time. The only reason is that I was so anxious to find out who fucking died (even as much as I thought I knew), that I burned through it in record time. I wish she would stop saying ANYTHING about the book. I don't fucking need a hint. Take as much time with the books as you need, because they're worth waiting for, but please stop forcing anticipation for events. It spoils the experience. Though I can imagine the pressure on her is immense to give clues, I don't understand why. I don't want to know until I read the damn book!

Pete and I went to see The Illusionist, which we both loved. I loved everything about it really, even the ending, even if I made some correct guesses about what I thought was going on, even if the ending spelled things out in ways people found obvious. Such an enjoyable, well-told, well-filmed story. Then, went to play with Odin and nearly died from teh cute. God, kittens. Is there anything else quite so glorious on this earth?

Had brunch/pedi with Judy, then Jeff picked me up and we ran errands (groceries and a Simply Dessert's Mexican Chocolate cake). Then we drove to his place and spent the rest of the day making masses of absurdly good food. It was a damn lot of fun because we work really well together in the kitchen (and well, everywhere). I juiced approximately 9 million lemons for his fabulous lemon curd. It was very sweet because Jeff kept thanking me, but the reality is I love parties and all the assorted chaos that goes with them. Plus, it's really nice to feel both needed and wanted. Then we went and played with Odin and again, died from teh cute some more. Jeff picked up Odin and rubbed him against his beard and the purrs would not stop. I said that that was an unfair advantage and threatened to rub Odin against future leg stubble. Chris fed us pizza and we watched Project Runway together. (Die Evil Jeffrey. DIE DIE DIE. He shouldn't be allowed to share a name with Jeff.) Jeff dropped me off at home around 9 or 10 and I started to prep the potato salad I was bringing and nearly died laughing when my first step was to juice more lemons.

I was so hyper from the day, I could not fall asleep. And when I finally did--I still woke up super early and ready to bounce out of bed.

Chris's bday! Drove to Chris and Jeff's place around 1 and helped set up for the party (in-between cooing at Brutus and Buffy). And then just had a lovely time with their extended group of friends who are really all awesome. There's something about a big group of bears that makes me feel completely comfortable. Jeff and Chris had laid out an amazing spread, the food was glorious and the party was a rousing success.

On a dark note, my fucking plumbing problem seems back. The water stain I hadn't cleaned up yet is wet again, and I'm supremely frustrated. This will more than likely mean that the drywall will have to be cut and I'm going to go ballistic if the association doesn't cover this round, since it's the exact same problem in the exact same spot, etc. It also means re-painting that wall once the drywall is repaired and I could just cry. But then I realize that it could be 10000000000x worse, and I chill out.

Tomorrow is my first day acting as condo treasurer and I need to do all kinds of crap at 8AM that I'm not thrilled about. But, I'm hoping it'll just go quickly.
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Well, at least I hope.

Everything's a bit bunched up today. Must run now to feed Brutus/Buffy, then race back to meet with the soon-to-be-ex-Treasurers of the condo board to get trained on my upcoming duties. I'm going to be pissed if we don't switch to a management company soon. This needs to just be an overseer type position.

Then I'm meeting Judy for lunch, which should be nice and mellow. The only other thing I've got going on (besides feeding B&B tonight) is to work on the Web site for my French teacher, because that needs to get done before she leaves. That should be fairly easy, and I'm hoping, fairly fast.

Not sure what I'm going to do with myself this evening, but I imagine the television will factor in heavily. Though it would be nice to paint the new barstools.

Tomorrow is Lady in the Water with Pete and possibly an extra French lesson. Though if I don't get any homework done today, I should cancel. I can't believe I only have another week with her! We're going to try to do online/telephone instruction because she can use the teaching job, and I don't want another teacher. I'm not sure how that's going to go, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

I also want to bake Jeff some of his favorite wheat bread, and make those guys some sort of dinner for Sunday night. I'm thinking aloo gobhi (potato/cauliflower) and rice. And maybe a salad. Must do that tonight, actually, because I'm not sure what time they come back on Sunday.


Aug. 11th, 2006 01:19 pm
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Quick question for you guys, as I sit day dreaming about my guest bathroom makeover (which won't happen until next year).

[Poll #790894]

And for those of you who may not know, Pergo is laminate flooring which looks like hardwood.

I think I'd like the walls to be the exact right shade of apple green, with white trim, new tile for the tub area, and possibly a new tub, painting the existing cabinets white, and possibly a new sink.
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The Good: My lovely French teacher is back from France and we have a lesson, chez moi, today.
The Bad: I left my French book at work and would go get it except...
The Ugly: I need to run around here cleaning in 300° heat


Maybe if I finish early, I can dart off to work. As an added bonus, the AC'd car ride would be a joy. If not, she'll have her book and life will not end.

Also, must MUST MUST MUST drag sliding-door screen up from the garage and install it maintenant! This would keep the bugs out, and the plant-eating-and-barfing cat inside!

I have two hours! Must go clean!

early TGIF

Jul. 21st, 2006 02:16 am
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Yay for unexpected energy. I'm sad that the chili is just OK. If we didn't have a two-fucking-hour long meeting tomorrow, I would be tempted to come home and redo it. The zucchini is soft from overcooking, and I wish I hadn't tried the crockpot for this on a night when I had plans after work (though I figured I'd be safe since I did it in the afternoon and not morning--but still a boneheaded move). The cornbread looks fine, and the raspberry bars are in the oven. Why does food never turn out perfect when you really, really want it to?

The movie this Thursday was Breakfast at Tiffany's which I haven't seen in forever; I'd actually forgotten how it ends. Outside of the appalling Mickey Rooney scenes, it was wonderful. Afterward, I drove Pete home, but we first stopped at Starbucks and chatted. I was startled when we stayed until closing, though. I got home about half an hour ago and hurled myself into cooking.

I forgot that the stupid two-hour meeting was tomorrow, so I can't drive the food over to Lisa's at lunch. But I am determined to swim at 5:30--SO, I think I will scuttle over there after the meeting is over to drop the stuff off. Which means I should probably get into work on time, which won't be easy as I'll probably be getting to bed at 3AM. Ugh.

At least the weekend is around the corner. On Saturday I hope to go to the Farmer's Market with Jeff, then see My Super Ex-Girlfriend with Pete, ending with dinner with Kathleen and Sarah. Sunday I've offered to help my French teacher with her Web site, so she'll come over and we're going to do a lesson + Web site thing. I'm not sure how long that will go, but at the end of it, I need to figure out groceries for the week, etc.

I also need to call the Salvation Army and donate my old loveseat. I don't need it, no one I know needs it, so off it goes to the donation bin. And once that's gone, I can rearrange the furniture a bit, and finish the damn trim!

In other exciting news, I got the next two discs for Six Feet Under, and I can't wait to dive into that tomorrow.


Jul. 16th, 2006 08:21 pm
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Hallelujah! The French doors and the rest of the hallway trim is DONE.

I have to razer off a few spots of paint from the glass, and I need to touch up a very small amount of wall, but the major ordeal is over. Thank GOD for Sarah. If not for her, this would have taken me three days instead of 5 hours.

They look so pretty! *coo*
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It's totally all Jeff's fault, but I am now a total slut for the Farmer's Market. We met up by the U district. You should all know that I look adorable today, according to Jeff. I believe the term was "Japanese school girl adorable." I got my hair cut and unfortunately because of the layers I had before and the cut I wanted, it's a tad shorter than I hoped for, so pigtails it is until it grows out a bit.

We shopped and omg there was much produce joy. I came away with tomatoes, zucchini, haricot verts, broccoli, baby red potatoes, salad mix (with edible flowers--so pretty!), brioche, cumin gouda which is the fromage equiv to hot sex, and of course a gorgeous bunch of flowers. We stowed the stuff in my car and walked down to a Vietnamese place for lunch and made some plans to take me out on some baby hikes this summer. I'm going to see if Sarah's up for a little one at Discovery Park tomorrow because it's just gorgeous out.

After lunch, we drove down to U Village to grab a housewarming gift for one of Jeff's friends at Crate & Barrel (I bought a striped pillow I fell oddly and instantly in love with) and then to Storables because he needed a drawer solution and we didn't find anything at IKEA. So that was an inordinate amount of fun, somehow running errands with Jeff is bizarrely exciting. Then I dropped him off at his truck, and drove home. Timing was perfect, really, because Judy called when I was a few miles from home. She came over to hang out and help me with whatever part of the trim-painting process I was in. But first we sat out on the deck and I finished some garden-work and then we moved to the kitchen so I could straighten that out, and after much chatting, we finally got down to finishing taping off the damn French doors. I can't wait for the revolting brown doors to be coated with my lovely white paint. Eventually, she had to take off (funnily enough for a dinner another friend is throwing to thank people who helped HER paint), and I only have a leeeetle bit left to tape and am going to run back and do that and at least get the liquid sandpaper on. I must not run off and do something more fun. I must be good. MUST!

The less annoying and weird of my immediate neighbors asked me over for a bbq, but I passed. After all the slight weirdness with the other immediate neighbors (who are good buddies with the first), I think I'd rather just keep my distance. Which I just realized, I never wrote about, but to sum up: they are new to Seattle, hate it, and are petulant and weird because I am busy with friends that I didn't drop to hang out with them. They seemed so nice, too. Let's file this under How Not to Make Friends and Influence People. Anyhow, I must write a bitchy rant about them some other day, when I am not so bouncy.

Tomorrow is a big thing at Kim's, probably in the afternoon, but I haven't seen Sarah this week, and I would really like to just hang with her. That, and it's not like I'm going to be done painting tonight. Best to get that all over with tomorrow, and get in some studying for French. Looking through the pictures again made me very homesick for Paris.

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Dude. Today was all about spending money. The bad side of getting paid once a month is that I want to run out into the streets hurling fistfuls of cash. Gah.

After I dropped my mom off at the airport, I went straight to Target and plunked down an awful lot of money for what essentially is something my cat is going to shit on. But the crystal litter is cheaper at Target than at Safeway, so it's a worthy investment. I bought batteries for my camera for Paris. Plus, I bought Sausalito cookies, which are my favoritest. Also, I bought a bunch of random movies, including Pillow Talk, Jurassic Park, Dirty Dancing (shutup!) and Bruce Almighty.

Then I marched downstairs to Best Buy and bought Deadwood: Season One. Praise the lord, Season Two has finally fucking been announced and will be released on May 23rd (two days after I get back from Paris--woo!).

After this, I drove to Annie's Affordable Art in Ballard and had them frame the two Steinlen prints and bought another print from a local artist. Just greenery and pretty. I also sucked it up and got that framed. It was going to take them about an hour, so I wandered next door to the Secret Garden bookstore and picked up Wendy McClure's memoir, I'm Not the New Me, and wandered off to Matador for lunch.

Wendy McClure's book is about the hell of weight-loss and she's of the Television Without Pity and Poundy fame. So far: funny and painful.

After stalling as long as I could bear, I walked back to Annie's. They weren't quite done because they'd gotten very busy. But they promised to finish up quickly, and they did. They did a beautiful job on all the prints, and I would definitely recommend them. I'm not sure why framing is so absurdly expensive, but they don't seem to be more expensive than other places I've seen, and did a great job.

And now, I'm home. Hobbsie loves me and considers me to be both his best friend and his raison d'etre. This has nothing to do, I'm sure, with the fact that he'd like an early Sunday supper.

My only remaining tasks for the rest of the day are:

- two one loads of laundry
- make new bed with freshly washed new sheets
- put away clean dishes from dishwasher
- hang shiny new art

I'm going to do all of this between episodes of Deadwood. Got that, cocksuckah??
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Today was funny. I was tired as hell from staying out late on Monday. We went to see David Sedaris, who completely rocks. Much with the funny. He was rather vociferous in his admiration of Who Do You Love by Jean Thompson, so I bought that today.

Got home late, slept late, and was tired all day. Hastily did my French homework after lunch with Jeff. French lessons are going very well. We usually talk for 45 minutes now before tackling homework and new material. I can read more and more of Le Monde, which is exciting. And we're focusing our conversation and questions on likely situations in Paris. I can't believe that trip is so close!

Sarah and I had plans to run around Greenlake, but we were both utterly exhausted and decided to fuck it. We drove to my place (because omfg I bought all kinds of new art and am dying of love over it) and tried to go to Gorditos for dinner but forgot that they are closed on Tuesday. WAH. We drove to El Chupacabra which I'd heard some good things about, but as much as the food was decent, the service was really bad. We were ignored for a long while until our pleasant-enough waiter took our order. Food took too long, and then I had to flag him down, both arms a-wavin' to ask for the check, which he forgot to bring and continued to ignore our existance, until I shouted (over the deafening din of the place) EXCUSE MEEE!! and he remembered and finally brought it over. I wouldn't bother going again until they get more than two people to serve an entire, over-crowded restaurant.

Then back to my place. Sarah was appropriately coo-y over the new art, which I ran around showing her, not entirely unlike a four-year-old. It's so pretty! A couple of classic Steinlen prints, one funny Steinlen, and an André Renoux print of Place Furstenberg that is gorgeous and looks even more gorgeous on my caramel dining room wall. Clearly, I am in a Parisian state of mind.

The house is mostly clean. Just some dishes, collected trash to toss, and annoying spots of Hobbsie regurgitation to SpotBot. I'm going to head into work a bit late tomorrow, finishing those bits off, and then race to the grocery store before picking my mom up after work. I can't wait to show her everything! It's so much more done, now! And since this will be a low-key weekend, I am determined to go through the boxes in the office closet. Most of that stuff is to be tossed or donated, and then I can make better use of the remaining space. Also, she's promised to make my favorite curry!

On a final note, I am hopelessly in love with The Time Traveler's Wife. Just read a part that completely broke my heart, but I'll save a more spoilerific post for when I'm done with it. What a remarkable story. And this, a first novel. Some people are just amazing, and I don't know if Audrey Niffenegger is ever going to write again, but she may not need to. This was the perfect book.
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I probably could get everything done, but then I would be exhausted and want to die instead of go to a party, let alone make food for a party.

I've got a good head start, and I'll chip away at the list, but also: need breaks.

I have seething hatred for the blinds. Especially when it's my own damn fault for misjudging where the screws should be. So I have to drill more holes and the whole thing is a fucking nuisance. Grrr. I'm putting that off until tomorrow, because I'm just too pissed off at it to continue now.

I'm going to start some laundry, start some banana bread, and walk to the store to get ingredients for the cheese puffs. It'll be nice to get some fresh air, even if it's wet fresh air.

I bought my mom's ticket out here, so it's nice and official. The last weeks of this month are going to be family filled. Cousin Y will be here for a conference from the 19th-22nd, and he's planning on staying with me on Sunday. Sarah's mom will also be here that weekend, so there will be rejoicing--because she is the coolest woman alive. Then on the 26th, my own wonderful mom will arrive to stay through Sunday.

I can't wait to show her the place.
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As I've done fuck-all during the week to this end, and have a largely empty weekend ahead (whee!), I think I'm going to put my time to some good use and clean this place. I want to get a cleaner in for some deep cleaning (conveniently right before my mum visits) but for now, the place needs some straightening out. I'm relieved that Julie's party isn't until 8PM tonight, because that really gives me an entire day. Though I need to remember that the cheese puffs take time to bake, and not attempt to start them at 7PM.

Tomorrow can be about grocery shopping, knitting, and relaxing with Monsieur Hobbes. Oh, and maybe studying French.

Zee Riveting Details. )
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I am up early. RAWR. And not just now--I've been out of bed since 7.

I'd gone to be absurdly late the previous two nights. Tuesday night because I was so hyper from cleaning; Wednesday night because M is here and we blabbed into the night. We both crashed at like 11 last night, dozing off to Alton Brown.

It's going to be a busy busy long weekend.

Today, I'd really like to drop my car off (or rather, know that I need to drop my car off), take M to the Public Market and other downtown fun stuff. If miracles are possible, my car would be repaired by the time I needed it again. We need to bring home groceries and prep as OB and Em's are coming over for a BBQ! The menu: OB is bringing meat to grill, I'm making N'Awlin's Shrimp out of the Weber cookbook for the first time--if it's good, I'll share the recipe. I haven't decided on accoutrement yet (baked potatoes maybe, and green salad). But for dessert, my SIL has passed on a recipe for a molten chocolate cake. She says it's a fairly uncomplicated recipe, which I'm a fan of. Memo to self: stop at Sur la Table for ramekins.

Saturday, we're going to brunch with Sarah and shop a little. We may paint a bit, but as eager as M is to help, I'd rather not waste our time on my house-stuff. Eventually, there's a stuffed pasta party at KC and Jen's. M's been dying to meet my friends, so that should be a lot of fun. Afterwards, there are plans afoot to see V for Vendetta again. At Cinerama!

Sunday my furniture gets delivered. And Jeff is a genius. GENIUS! He asked if Dania was doing anything to compensate me for all the hassle. The answer was no, but with that idea planted, when I spoke to the woman at Dania about it next, I asked. She said she would check with her manager and call me back. And she did--they're going to pay for the delivery and assembly on the rest of the stuff!!! That saves me a couple of $100 at a time where I really could use it. Much happiness. Again, still holding my breath that everything will arrive unbroken. But as of Sunday, I'll have chairs! And a new pretty bed!

Once I drive M to the airport, I high-tail it back to prep for yet another bbq! Sarah's dad is in town, and since I love her family to pieces, I thought it would be awesome to have her dad and wonderful sister over. I think I'm going to make skirt steak with this marinade from Alton Brown I saw last night. Seems fairly simple. Caprese salad. Cous cous on the side along with a veggie. Haven't decided what yet. But you know what? It'll be the first meal at the dining table! I'm positively giddy! If I can do it, I'm going to try to make the berry cobbler. And Jeff isn't even here to scold me for being crazy! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

I really, really love entertaining. *beam*

And while it's a crazy busy weekend, I have Monday off! I am going to get my goddamn legs waxed already and then meet Judy for a swim, after which we will have lunch. I want to login to work and nurse a few projects along, but it'll be so awesome to have a day for downtime.


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