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So like I said, on Friday, we got a note from our old CEO saying that even though they didn't have to (because our benefits with NewCompany start on January 1) --because all of their employees have Columbus Day off, they wanted to welcome us by giving us Columbus Day off, too!

I have never had Columbus Day off, it's sort of a weird day to have off, BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING! WHEE!!!

I have that giddy sense that comes with such an unexpected boon, ya know? *twirl*

I'm going to put this day (and my hyper energy levels) to good use and I SWEAR I AM GOING TO CLEAN THE BEDROOM.

No, really. I'm not just going to sit here typing idle blather all day. I am going to put on some music and GET CRACKING. Even if nothing else gets done (the kitchen, frex) the bedroom is going to be in good shape by the end of day.

Um. That means I have to leave the computer now, doesn't it? *clings*

Okay. I'll be visiting throughout the day because I am a giant nerd.


Jul. 12th, 2008 12:55 pm
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I seriously should have taken before/after pictures of the fridge.

Approximately 90% of everything was tossed. Sheesh.

I need to remember that I am not someone who can buy a lot of anything, because I am always too distracted to eat it before it rots. Smaller purchases!

And god. I am NEVER allowed to buy yogurt again. Ever. I swear this periodically and then weaken because it seems so fruity and delicious and then it just gets tossed unopened. *sad*

I love my cleaning people. They make my life a better thing. They are so incredibly nice. This sweet lady from Brazil and her son-in-law who always comes and helps out (on the weekends, which is when I book with them). So, so nice. And they do great work.

They're vacuuming now. It's almost done!!

AND I cleaned the deck, which was messy sweaty work. I rearranged the table/chairs and it looks so nice out there now! And my garden is so bloom-y!!
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I have:

- made my bed
- reorganized my dresser drawers
- reorganized my hanging clothes in closet
- set aside bundles of clothing for goodwill
- put away laundry, and gathered a new load
- cleaned the kitchen (everything done except big pan and pot which are soaking)
- waded through pounds of material on my desk and at least shoved things into reasonable piles
- shoved things into office close to deal with later

Not having done any of the organizing I'd hoped to do over my vacation, I think the only reasonable penance is to assign myself 'homework' nightly after work. So many areas need organization, it's a little daunting, so I think I will baby-step my way through it all in the weeks to come.

Things that need work:

- shoes
- big blue bucket full of random things in bedroom closet
- top shelf of bedroom closet
- sewing machine table/area
- bookshelves in office
- office closet
- hall closet
- filing cabinet (must shred all things prior to 2003)
- desk drawers
- cubby thing in office
- must print/hang pictures in new frames

Also, I'm rethinking the office shelving crisis. Maybe I could do an entire wall of shelves, move the filing cabinet to where the little bookshelf is (move that into the closet) and have the club chair at a different angle. Then I could stain the existing two bookshelves (which are beech) to a darker color and stick those into the bedroom, or even stick one in the dining room to hold the more attractive dishes.

The biggest problem I have right now is that I don't have any place to put my damn things. That would really solve a lot of problems in one swoop.


Aug. 27th, 2006 12:55 pm
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I have the largest collection of crackers known to man. All kinds. Buried in the cupboard from every party I've ever thrown. Wasa, Akmak, wheat thins, Bretons, Keebler. You name it.

Also, a lot of stale tortilla chips.
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A moment of product plugging: The SpotBot is spectacular. Poor Hobbsie goes through phases of puking all over the house, and I've spent many unexciting hours on my knees with my old Bissell Little Green Clean Machine, scrub-scrub-scrubbing. And it was okay--I was grateful for it, because it really got cat-puke stains out excellently. But when I saw the ads for SpotBot on tv, I wanted one. Because I really want my life to be that easy.

And Jeff was skeptical, because he thought it wouldn't do as good of a job without some muscle doing the scrubbing--but it works like a freaking charm! I love it! I set it on top of the stain, hit the button, and I can run around doing other things. The stains come out just as promised. There's a neat, damp, circular spot that takes about a day to dry on my light Berber-y carpet. And the only thing is, that unlike the Little Green Clean Machine, the range is limited to this one circle. But, I mean, you just pick it up and move it and start another cycle for any stain that is larger than its circumference.

The unit's configuration is nicer, too. Instead of a long, awkward panel that you have to remove, with a grimy filter thingie, this just has two discrete containers. One with the clean water + solution and the other with icky water, that you just pour down the toilet. But it's much neater, with much less chance of icky water spilling or say touching your fingers and making you barf.

So all the cat spots are cleaned, which is very exciting. And the dishes have been put away, and a new load put in. Garbage has been collected and placed by the door. Laundry is folded and put away.

I just need to make my bed, take a shower, get dressed, and be at work in time for my 11AM meeting.

And of course, Hobbes needs to not run around throwing up so that the first thing my mommy sees is a spray of cat puke in the hall.

I can't believe my mom will be here tonight!!
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It's amazing how much you can get done in an hour.

This week has been so weird. I've been tired and cranky and oddly stressed out even though the nightmare project was over. It was like delayed fallout. So I completely ignored the house, and everything grew messier and messier and more depressing to come home to.

I had my haircut-fix at 5:30, so after bugging Jeff with 'breaks' every 20 minutes, I finally left the office and zoomed over to Soci in Greenlake. I'm not sure what my hair looks like yet, because I was having a weird hair day, and she cut it dry since it was a fix (fair enough) and she did what I asked, but we'll see what it looks like when it dries in a bit (just showered). I came home with a slight headache and tinge of nausea and popped some Advil.

But I didn't want to sit around with this place a mess. So in the space of an hour I:

- cleaned my bedroom, started laundry, put away all the clean clothes
- changed sheets and made my bed, put clothes to be drycleaned in a bag by door
- cleaned my bathroom including toilet scrub and floor
- got all the recycling out of my office and tidied up, though I still have to pay bills and file my outbox
- put frozen lasagna in microwave
- cleaned the kitchen, organized the recycling, swept the floor
- unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the countertops
- got the two items of recycling out of the living room
- cleaned hall bath toilet and tidied up the floor

Now I've just stepped out of the shower and the microwave is beeping patiently at me. I just need to put on some pajamas and I'm all set. I have the Wallace and Gromit shorts to start with and a heap of other lovely DVDs so life is very good. I've officially decided against going to my very nice neighbor's party. I'm just too tired, still cranky, and vant to be alone.

The best part about doing all the cleaning on Friday night? No guilt about playing over the weekend.

Due to 18340934823 scheduling headaches, I did miss my Friday night swim. It's so silly. I'd rescheduled with Tony from Wednesday to Thursday so that I wouldn't miss my swim, then rescheduled my haircut from Thursday to Friday, forgetting that I also wanted to swim at 5:30 on Friday night, too. If I'd just been a bit more on top of things, I could have still made my swim because the hours are extended for Friday night. But I was not that together, so I have to figure out a time to swim tomorrow. Also, with any luck, this will be the weekend I clean the trunk of my car. My reward for doing this will be to have the thing professionally cleaned, because as amusing as Jeff's comments about my hand prints in the dirt on the trunk are, it would be nice for the poor vehicle to get a bath.

drum roll!

Nov. 23rd, 2005 03:20 pm
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I just cleaned out my wallet!

No, no. Hold your applause. For this weekend I shall endeavor the Herculean task of cleaning out my

*dramatic pause*


I know, I know. It's a terrifying thought. All those papercuts, just poised in the wings, eager to offer my blood as a sacrifice to the hungry gods of Papyrus.

Yes, I will in fact be filing the entire dead, sliced tree required to sell me a home. It's not entirely impossible that I will locate the body of Jimmy Hoffa underneath it all.

Other nerdy tasks I hope to accomplish this weekend:

- make a master address list to print for Christmas card labels
- buy supplies to make cards, hopefully with Emily who has mad art skillz
- take my sewing machine in for repairs, because she's-a not-a feelin so good-a
- take my damn black pants in to be hemmed
- tackle the monstrosity that is my trunk (I like to pretend this is possible, just humor me)

Oh, and then there is the sloth I plan to enjoy. Planning to go see Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang with a coworker and former classmate (Melissa) on Saturday afternoon. Having dinner with Judy's family on Saturday night. Sunday is the Seattle Marathon, in which my very studly friend Jeanne will be running, so I will be there to cheer her on. And then lunch with Jeanne's parents, which I'm very excited about. I love meeting the parents of my friends, is that weird? It's always so fascinating. Siblings, too. Finally, sofa shopping with Judy! Sale at the Bon! And they don't need to deliver for like a month or so! Perfect!!

Clearly I've stocked up on all the !!!s I'll be needing throughout the holidays. Because I freaking love the holidays! They make me very cheerful! Be! Very! Afeared!!

I got to work a bit late this morning because I really wanted to split up some of the day's work so as not to be overwhelmed tonight.

I finished off the mashed potatoes, did the dishes, and set the bread out to stale (for the stuffing, I like using potato bread as my base). I also finished sewing Ellie's sofa cushion. Since my machine is on the fritz, I did it by hand and was fairly pleased with the results. It's at least as good as it would have been by machine, if not better because doing it by hand gave me more flexibility.

I even dropped the cushion off this morning on my way to work. How's that for efficiency! Tonight, after Emily and I see Rent, I'm going to come home, finish the stuffing prep (onions, lots and lots of onions to be chopped, bleh) and make the carrot cake cheesecake. I'm positively giddy about using the 9.5 spring-form pan. I've never used one and they seem impossibly exciting.

Cleaning up never actually takes very long once I start, so I'm going to clean tonight so when I wake up tomorrow, I can just get to it without stumbling around half-asleep and annoyed. Mostly I need to get the turkey in the oven early enough so we're not sitting around dying of hunger at 6pm. I was excited they had a decent sized (11lb) fresh turkey. It's still pretty big, but at least it's not a 20lb-er.

It's going to take some creativity to figure out how to set up the food in my tiny little space. I'm thinking of using my sewing table as a buffet stand. We'll figure it out! God there is so much freaking food for just the three of us, but they've both promised to take heaps home. AND THEY BETTER OR FACE MY WRATH! I also want to set aside a little Thanksgiving dinner plate for Hobbsie, Brutus, and Buffy since Sarah's sitting them for Jeff.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I love Thanksgiving! *hop* *hop* *hop*


Nov. 3rd, 2003 11:22 pm
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And I'm back in bed. At 9. So insane. I've been out of bed for less than 6 hours. BUT I have clean laundry, clean sheets, clean dishes, clean apartment (except for vacuum/mop jobs) and clean me. Not too bad. I didn't work on my RFP yet. That's going to be a rush job that I think I will leave for tomorrow. Maybe I'll start on it tonight. Grr. God bless laptops. And cats that snuggle with you all day when you're sick. Ooo to end on a positive note, here's a list of things I currently like:

Down comfortors/pillows.
Warm vanilla pudding.
Smell of freshly washed hair.
Gosford Park.

Hrm. LJ was having some technical issues, so posting this much after the fact.


Nov. 3rd, 2003 07:31 pm
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Today was interesting. Woke up with spliting headache and decided to call in sick and stay in bed until desire to vomit passed. Which, blissfully, it did. Hauled self out of bed around 3:30 and spent next hour dealing with DMV on extending expiring license. After dialing the number 57 times I connected with a nice woman who is going to grant me an additional 60 days so I can do this when I go home for xmas. Whew! Spent rest of the day cleaning up the place, which had lagged in my crapped out state. Dishes, laundry, tossed trash, paid bills. Took a long hot shower. I feel at least semi organized again.

No pain so far today, which is good, though last night was kinda awful. Kept tossing and turning and ow ow.

Leftover chinese for my first meal of the day, not bad. Purr. Weirdly though, I want to go to sleep again.



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