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So like I said, on Friday, we got a note from our old CEO saying that even though they didn't have to (because our benefits with NewCompany start on January 1) --because all of their employees have Columbus Day off, they wanted to welcome us by giving us Columbus Day off, too!

I have never had Columbus Day off, it's sort of a weird day to have off, BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING! WHEE!!!

I have that giddy sense that comes with such an unexpected boon, ya know? *twirl*

I'm going to put this day (and my hyper energy levels) to good use and I SWEAR I AM GOING TO CLEAN THE BEDROOM.

No, really. I'm not just going to sit here typing idle blather all day. I am going to put on some music and GET CRACKING. Even if nothing else gets done (the kitchen, frex) the bedroom is going to be in good shape by the end of day.

Um. That means I have to leave the computer now, doesn't it? *clings*

Okay. I'll be visiting throughout the day because I am a giant nerd.
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The more inconvenient your shoes are to take off, the more instantly the bottoms of your feet will itch.

Must. Resist. URGE.

okay, so

Mar. 31st, 2008 08:01 pm
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1. It hailed today.
2. I went swimming.
3. These things are not related in anyway.


Dec. 16th, 2007 10:41 pm
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I know I'm forgetting things..

- Mail letter to Travelocity
- Take pants in for hemming
- Call Aetna to doublecheck payment
- Deposit check
- Fold/put away laundry
- Pick up prescriptions
- Pick up more cat food from vet
- Put dishes in dishwasher
- Take car to Dere Auto for wipers and tail lights
- Meet Em to go shopping at BabysRUs at 4:30

I so need to shake my ass on holiday baking, too.
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It's taken me nearly two hours to get home from work tonight. And, the fucking transit Web site isn't always so good about excluding express bus routes from their trip planner. The 6:04 is an express, and apparently so is the 5:19. Nothing more aggravating than rushing out the door only to have the bus blithely skate by while you shake your fists ineffectually.

Grr. Also, not so fun waiting outside while a snow drift forms up one's backside.

But, as slowly as we moved up north, at least the bus got me home. My stop turned out to be the last stop the bus was willing (to be fair, able) to make. The poor driver was told to stop and turn around and not continue up to Shoreline. This left a lot of angry people stranded in Greenwood. (Including a couple of older folks and a cranky lady with a baby who kept yelling about stupid Seattle drivers and how things are different in New York.)

They kept yelling at him. And I can understand that for some of these people, the bus is their only option. They probably don't have someone they can call to come get them, and for some of them, a pricey cab ride isn't an option, either. (It wouldn't have been for me a couple of years ago, either.) They kept yelling at him, which was sad.

We could hear over the radio that buses were stuck up ahead, and trucks were being routed to rescue them, so I'm not sure what the angry mob wanted from him. (Except to take some of their frustration with the transit system for not coming up with a solution for them).

Traffic was backed up forever. Blah.

Still, even the two hours was well worth not having to drive out there. It's very pretty and all, but it sucks when you have to commute in it (in a city that remains wholly unprepared for the very rare snowfall).


Jun. 20th, 2006 09:09 am
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Of course totally forgot car is still at office. Argh!

*calls cab*
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Am showered. Dressed. Hobbsie fed. Timbuk packed.

Must go to work now. Must. Can't sit here staring at nothing. Slight headache still, but nothing big.

Mornings = not my thing.

French lesson tonight. Walking Greenlake with Sarah, too.

Apparently, short sentences are fun.
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I love it when I treat myself like a sulky four-year old.

"No, no, we're not packing tonight, because we hate packing. But just take the pjs out of the drawer, because otherwise you'll forget them. And where's that cami--is it in the laundry?"

And I kept tossing things on the bed, until it became obvious that if I wanted to sleep on said bed, I would have to put the things elsewhere. And why not the convenient duffel bag I'm hauling to LA?

So this morning wasn't as crazy as I was trying to set it up to be.

Things are now packed. Trying to decide if I need to take Timbuk, because everything has fit in the duffel bag. Hrm. I think I'm going to take it. It'll be useful to cart around as a bag while in LA.

I can't believe I'm going tonight.

Cat litter's changed. Left Jeff instructions on fridge. Printed boarding pass.

Just need to put away dishes in washer and load remaining few items, and I think I'm done. Huh.

In weird news, The Universe clearly thinks that Jeff and I need to talk more. My phone rang this morning, it was Jeff's office line. After much 'hello, hello?' I gave up and disconnected, and then immediately called him back. He answered with no obvious indication that he needed to talk to me. Apparently his office line rang, there was no one there, and then he, too hung up. And then I called back. WTF, over?
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So far so good, right? OB brought the bbq over, and things were on schedule. I got to work, churned through some stuff, went to a meeting, then dragged Jeff out to lunch so I could get the propane tank filled on the way back.

We ate at Sofrito Rico which has rice/beans to die for. Then we stopped by U-haul. The U-haul that I called earlier and confirmed had propane.

They just ran out. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

And Jeff is such a genuinely sweet good-hearted good-friend, there wasn't even a hint of mockery on his face, when he said, "Oh no!!" But of course, last minute plans can have last minute catastrophes, right? We got back in the car where I tried to figure out when else in this day I could squeeze out some time (I have meetings all afternoon) to run and get propane. But Jeff? MY HERO! He remembered that there was a Hertz rental place just up the street and he thought there was a chance I could get propane there--and he was right!

We stopped and filled the tank amidst my bouncing and tackling Jeff with hugs. Seriously, what a relief, it was going to be a nightmare to have to deal with it after work along with swimming and running to the grocery store before getting home to setup the grill.

So the whole lunch adventure took longer than expected, but at least there's a very happy ending.

Also--I got my bread machine! I can't wait to use it! But, um, perhaps tonight is not the night to attempt it.
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It's amazing how much you can get done in an hour.

This week has been so weird. I've been tired and cranky and oddly stressed out even though the nightmare project was over. It was like delayed fallout. So I completely ignored the house, and everything grew messier and messier and more depressing to come home to.

I had my haircut-fix at 5:30, so after bugging Jeff with 'breaks' every 20 minutes, I finally left the office and zoomed over to Soci in Greenlake. I'm not sure what my hair looks like yet, because I was having a weird hair day, and she cut it dry since it was a fix (fair enough) and she did what I asked, but we'll see what it looks like when it dries in a bit (just showered). I came home with a slight headache and tinge of nausea and popped some Advil.

But I didn't want to sit around with this place a mess. So in the space of an hour I:

- cleaned my bedroom, started laundry, put away all the clean clothes
- changed sheets and made my bed, put clothes to be drycleaned in a bag by door
- cleaned my bathroom including toilet scrub and floor
- got all the recycling out of my office and tidied up, though I still have to pay bills and file my outbox
- put frozen lasagna in microwave
- cleaned the kitchen, organized the recycling, swept the floor
- unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the countertops
- got the two items of recycling out of the living room
- cleaned hall bath toilet and tidied up the floor

Now I've just stepped out of the shower and the microwave is beeping patiently at me. I just need to put on some pajamas and I'm all set. I have the Wallace and Gromit shorts to start with and a heap of other lovely DVDs so life is very good. I've officially decided against going to my very nice neighbor's party. I'm just too tired, still cranky, and vant to be alone.

The best part about doing all the cleaning on Friday night? No guilt about playing over the weekend.

Due to 18340934823 scheduling headaches, I did miss my Friday night swim. It's so silly. I'd rescheduled with Tony from Wednesday to Thursday so that I wouldn't miss my swim, then rescheduled my haircut from Thursday to Friday, forgetting that I also wanted to swim at 5:30 on Friday night, too. If I'd just been a bit more on top of things, I could have still made my swim because the hours are extended for Friday night. But I was not that together, so I have to figure out a time to swim tomorrow. Also, with any luck, this will be the weekend I clean the trunk of my car. My reward for doing this will be to have the thing professionally cleaned, because as amusing as Jeff's comments about my hand prints in the dirt on the trunk are, it would be nice for the poor vehicle to get a bath.
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Of course the problem with going to bed at 9PM is that you wake up at 2AM, very cross that you can't go back to sleep until 4AM and wake up tired and cranky anyway.

Also, my stomach hurts. I feel a bit nauseated. Lovely.


Okay. I'm done now. But I still have to go to work. And for that I need to get dressed and get my stuff together.


Mar. 14th, 2006 09:01 pm
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God, I know it's only 9PM but I am so ready for bed.

Goodnight, moon.
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Especially ones when I don't have to work.

I can't believe it's already one. I got up relatively early (because it's always so exciting to have the day off, I can't sleep!). I puttered around and watched the last episode of Desperate Housewives (S2E15) while scratching a very content Hobbsie's ear. I talked to my cousin about her plans to fly out here (March 29-April 2). Then Jeff and I talked briefly on the phone before I drove over to pick him up for lunch. It was a happy day when I learned that Paseo has a tofu version of their sandwich, so I was able to introduce Jeff to the joy of Cuban Midnights--he loved it, yay!

And now I'm home, and beyond ecstatic to be here. The struggle now is that I don't want to be productive or do anything responsible. I want to sit around and do nothing. I want to futz online and really I want to walk to Safeway and get a bag of M&Ms. But what I should do is:

- unload/load/unload the dishwasher
- load/unload/put-away laundry
- toss recycling and trash
- clean my bathroom
- straighten up my bedroom

It would probably take an hour total to do. But... I don't wanna :}

Around 7 I'm going to join some friends to celebrate Ellie's birthday. I bought her this card a year ago, and I'm going to be mighty annoyed if I can't find it now. I'm going to try to get home early, though. Tomorrow my brother and SIL are coming over around 1PM to hang out and buy me a BBQ. We'll end with dinner and it should be a fairly early night. Sunday is a potential Stitch n Bitch, and then Jeff and I are going to try to see Brokeback Mountain and he's going to pick up my old dresser.

And if I clean my place tonight, I can enjoy the rest of my weekend in a nice, tidy place. But wow. I really just want to sit on the couch and stuff chocolate into my maw.
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After last month's heating bill ($$$$$$$$$) I decided that heat would be used sparingly. Subsequently, I'm cold allthetime!

But in lieu of a hot bath last night, I went to every room and just turned on the heat. Not to like 80 or anything. But just on. It's glorious this morning. I can run around the length of this place and it's not cold! Anywhere!


And now I need to go turn it all off, because I don't want another $$$$$$$$ heating bill. But it sure was nice.

It needs to be tee-shirt and sandals weather already, goddammit. Of course it may SNOW on Friday. WTF, over.


Feb. 27th, 2006 06:31 pm
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At some point, I'm actually going to have to do my taxes instead of just idly thinking about them. Feh.


Feb. 24th, 2006 08:38 am
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Snow always catches me so completely off guard--but the ground is covered out there. The Safeway parking lot is covered somewhat thickly, happily the roads aren't as bad.

It's so... pretty!


Oct. 21st, 2005 10:17 pm
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That fly that's been buzzing around irritating me? It landed on the coffee table and I whacked it with the package my size-17 needles came in. Die! Die! Hahahaha!

In other news, I've finally bought size-17 needles and some rowan yarn in a luscious red. I've wanted to try it for sometime, but kept sticking to what I already knew. I spent too much at Hilltop Yarn today. Took Jeanne there to buy some needles and to show her how to knit (which seriously took all of 5 seconds, she is one speedy learner). I've hated the scarf I've been knitting for what seems like forever. I was trying to mimic this pattern I'd seen at the store, but I was just flat wrong about the stitches. So I bought some orange and blue yarn to do a hat for my big brother J's birthday. Some giant rowan yarn for a scarf, I'm not sure for who. And I bought some pricey red alpaca yarn and got the nice lady at the store to explain how the hell to knit this scarf (which is twenty billion times simpler than what I was doing).

The size-17 needles (much like Blake's girlfriend's boobs from Survivor) are like novelty-sized. It took a bit to get used to them. My next goal, after these projects, is to take on a more complicated pattern. I've largely focused on pretty multi-colored yarn (if subtly multi-colored, like two shades of grey), stripes, etc. But next, I'd like to do a nice rib or something. I've been lazy and prefer my knitting to be nice and uncomplicatedly mindless.
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Things I will do today:

- Edit pdf manuals
- Do laundry and put it away
- Put file folders into filing cabinet and move cabinet under desk
- Make bed
- Put away the approximately 9 million discs littering my desk
- Start Mo's scrapbook

my morning

Jul. 7th, 2005 09:46 am
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The reason I've been free to flit around on the news sites and LJ this morning is that I stayed home to wait for the Comcast cable guys. I hate that you can't just make an appointment for a set time, but I can understand it.

It was the 8-12 block. They got here at 9:30. They were out by 9:39. They were nice and immediately fixed the dead bedroom outlet in no time. One guy was so tall, I felt like hugging his legs. Because they were the entire length of my body. The whole thing will cost me $14.

I love Comcast. I've been such a long advocate of point-to-point and have resisted giving more of my money to the great behemoth organization that is cable. But jesus. This has been loooooooooooooooooovely.

I was offline for 5 minutes. And now I don't have wiring snaking through half my apartment. Yay!

Now I should hastily get dressed and scoot to work and not be later than I have to be and not take advantage of the situation and lounge around until noon. Though, DEAR GOD, it's tempting.

I also did dishes and laundry and collected garbage. So it's been a lovely productive morning. Oh, and I edited some!


Jun. 24th, 2005 08:20 am
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So I couldn't sleep at all last night and stayed up till about 3 and now my entire head feels like it's going to explode.

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too old for this.

Must... have... caffeine....


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