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It's Friday. I've just learned that my favorite pizza place (Palermo's) has opened a branch in Ballard, which is close enough to deliver to me. I've ordered my pizza and now I'm twitching with impatience.

The weekend ahead will undoubtedly go too fast.

Jeff and I are going to Flower World tomorrow to look at plants, and we're going to stop at Maltby's Cafe for breakfast. I've never been there, but I'm a little giddy about having some biscuits and gravy while Jeff looks on in revulsion (he's not a fan of sausage gravy).

I have too many plants as it is, but I'm excited nonetheless to buy some pansies to fill this one planter which is a little thin. And then I'm going to come home and do my best to clean my deck. It's sort of half beautiful, half filthy right now. I need to buy planters for the roses and then put them in the damn planters already. I also want to plant some lettuce and bell peppers.

I have to put in some work time this weekend, but I'm excited about the project and thus looking forward to it.

Judy is going to come over on Sunday morning for some long overdue catching up. And I need to make a meal plan for the week (one that I adhere to better than I did this week) and go grocery shopping. I'm thinking a lot of outdoorsy grilling is in my future. It's supposed to rain on Sunday, but sunny days like today are just going to be more and more frequent.

And tonight, I'm going to make this recipe for cherry-chocolate-chip cookies from the latest issue of Gourmet!

Happy Friday, everyone!
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It's been so long since I've been warm, let alone uncomfortably hot. Note to self: remember sunscreen? Buy that.

The morning started off with a great long catch-up call with my younger cousin Mo, who is finishing her third year of medical school. We have a lot in common (medical school aside) and so it's always wonderful to touch base. She's trying to get into a program at UW and was excited to hear I'd give her free housing and feed her until she exploded. I love her and it would be so wonderful to have her stay for awhile.

Then I hopped into the shower and got dressed in summery clothes, which was exciting.

Jeff drove over and actually brought me a piece of the orange flourless cake he'd made for yet another dinner party. And as expected, he was right. The bitterness was completely gone in the chilled cake. It was delicious. He'd also used less peel/pith this time and I really liked it.

For some reason, Henry is TERRIFIED of Jeff. Like, he sees Jeff and he runs away. We think it's because Jeff is the only bearded creature Henry's ever seen and it's quite possible he thinks Jeff is a bear who is actually going to eat him. He was however a total slut for the five seconds Jeff fed him treats.

We set out for the Farmer's Market. Of course there is some sort of insane festival thingie going on, so we had to park in the next county, but it was actually fine. The heat was a little oppressive, but it's too early in the season for me to complain about it. (YET.)

Jeff got lots of tomato plants and herb starters and cauliflower he'll have to get a second mortgage to afford. (I know food prices are going up, but DAMN.) I bought some spinach, basil, asparagus, and a little rosemary starter plant. I already have my cherry tomato plant started and will get some basil later on. Whichever herb I plant turns out to be whichever plant I never cook with that year. It's sort of funny. What I totally need is basil and Italian parsley, though. I hope for a big bumper crop of those this year.

We set out for Ballard (and our timing was great, because they're also having some insane parade thing later) and had lunch at Sofrito Rico. We stopped at Kitchen Things and ooh'd and aah'd at the Emile Henry potterie.

Jeff drove us back to my place. He came up so I could give him some lemons from my dad's tree (because I think my dad brought me half the tree) and he also took away another giant bag of potting soil. Now I have just the one enormous bag and that'll do me fine for the next century.

And now it's time to chill out with Henry until I frost the cake and head on over to Amy T's!


May. 17th, 2008 12:19 am
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I can't believe they're just growing in pots on my deck. They're so beautiful!

I wish they had a stronger smell. They do have a nice, mild scent.

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Anyone with a friend in the PNW knows that this weekend is the first real scorcher of the season. It's such a sharp contrast from the past weeks of rainy drizzle. As much as I hate extreme heat, even I have to embrace the beads of sweat forming even-now on my upper lip. *wipe* It's so nice to not feel so goddamn COLD all the time. It's also good motivation for me to change the sheets since I don't think flannel will feel very good in the upcoming days.

I'm going to Amy T's bbq tomorrow and have promised to bring a tres leche cake. Which of course requires me to turn on my oven tonight. Oops! Actually, I'm excited about it. It's a really light and refreshing cake; it's so easy and yet sort of disproportionately phenomenal. (Thank you, Alton.)

I worked from home today and was able to meet Jeff for lunch. We ran over to Whole Foods after and he bought me some ingredients for the cake, which I brilliantly left with him when I dropped him off. (A can each of evaporated and condensed milk.)

As it turned out, I needed to get a few more things, so I had a leisurely shopping trip at Greenwood Market this evening. As much as it was a reminder why you shouldn't go to a grocery store without a list or at least a plan, I ended up buying a lot of exciting things.

- ingredients for yogurt gelato which I have been craving, though crap I forgot vanilla bean
- flank steak, which I'm currently marinating ala Matt's dad's recipe
- chicken breasts which I'm going to grill today for lunch tomorrow
- broccoli, which I haven't had in ages and love
- fun girly things like noxema, exfoliating face wipes, shampoo and conditioner, and deodorant

Random aside: I hate, hate, hate Noexma in a pump. It's all thin and liquidy and useless. I was trying to be a brave soldier, suck it up, and just work my way through it, but I hate it so much, I'm going to overcome my traditional cheapness and toss it. It was so exciting to buy the squat jar kind again. Also, in other product hate, I accidentally bought some cheap single-ply toilet paper. (Not on purpose, I was running out of the store, remembered I needed it at the last minute, and grabbed it from the end-of-the aisle.) I hate it. But I can't toss away 11 rolls of toilet paper, so I'm going to endure the unpleasantness. I know, right. Could I be more of a princess?

Also I shaved my legs today and am sporting no less than three tiny bandaids since I bought cheap razors. Ouchie. Henry, who is staying with me while Sarah is in the midwest, was very bemused by my flamingo act in front of the sink. He had no idea what to make of that.

I got home from an appt and did some gardening in preparation for the surface-of-the-sun-like heat. I cut some flowers from my garden and I think next to the joy of harvesting my own food, cutting my own flowers to spread throughout the house (and not for $14.99 a bundle) is orgasmic. The two roses my dad bought me are thriving. And the house has sort of exploded in spring-y flower-y-ness because the flowers Sarah bought me last weekend are still blooming exquisitely.

I need to take some quick pictures for my dad so he can see how well the roses have bloomed!

Another mark of spring glory is that Jeff and I are finally, finally, FINALLY returning to the Farmer's Market.

That's it! Off to do Things!
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Today started out so promising, too!

I met the bears for brunch at Cafe Flora. I'll spare you the whine about my meal at a vegetarian restaurant with this handy cut-tag. ) That said, I don't regret going at all, and would go again to hang out with this group!

After brunch, I drove out to Judy's house to hang out for a bit. As we are both serious carnivores, she commiserated at the lack of meat, and we immediately went out to get a hot dog.

Meat-lust satisfied, we drove to Greenlake and joined the throngs of people enjoying the perfect weather. It was gorgeous. Blue skies, not too hot, flowers blooming! We made good time around the lake and headed to Judy's to hang out for a bit before she had to get ready for Easter dinner and I went to buy even more plants, because clearly I am obsessed. As I drove to Fred Meyer, the blue sky went away, everything went grey and it started raining cats and dogs! It was such a fast change and it's now cold and rainy, goddammit.

I still bought plants galore and some basic necessities, went to Safeway to buy some groceries, and came home to finish the gardening project. It's looking pretty good out there, and now I just want it to be summer so I can enjoy sitting out there with them!

Tonight I should:

- do laundry
- edit Jeff's chapters for work
- do the stupid condo dues/bills
- clean the fridge and get the kitchen organized for the week
- clean my bathroom
- finish tidying up the office and shred all the old documents I cleaned out of my filing cabinet

But I am so damn tired. Maybe a little tv first. The week ahead is going to be insane. Early mornings and late nights all the way through Thursday. And possibly working through lunch, too. Wah!!

Hrm, maybe will start laundry, and grab Jeff's chapters to do in front of the tv? I think I need another weekend day!


Apr. 7th, 2007 07:28 pm
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It's just incredible how much energy the sunlight provides. Today wasn't nearly as nice as yesterday, but it wasn't cold and the sun even came out to play for a bit. I'll take it!

I woke up early and spent the morning working in the office. Then, Pete swung by and we discussed potential options for my old bookshelves, and then realized we were going to be late and hightailed it to Pacific Place. The Hoax was pretty entertaining, although Clifton Irving is obviously completely insane. Great performances, and it's always wonderful to see Alfred Molina. Pete was very patient today as I dragged him to Nordstrom to buy myself eyeliner and lipstick, and then to Swansen's Gardening Center. He's just so damn nice. He seemed pretty content to push the cart around at Swansen's and offer opinions when asked about which plants I should get. Then we grabbed lunch at the Ale House in Ballard and came back to my place, where he helped lug bags of soil and cartons of plants upstairs.

He kept me company and we chatted while I planted my new spring garden. I got more Gerber daisies and a cyclamen and tulips and herbs and it's all very very exciting and pretty out there now!

Tonight, I need to study French for tomorrow's lesson, and also re-do my insane filing cabinet which is just a mess right now. It's all part of the greater office rejuvenation project!

Shoot, I also need to run to Safeway because I wanted to bring the bears some Easter basket goodies tomorrow! Should go do that first!
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Things I will do instead of sitting on couch all day:

- drive to freaking Greenlake Bar & Grill and pick up my credit card since I brilliantly left that there
- drive to the Restaurant Supply store and only buy a set of long baguette pans*
- drive to Ballard Market and pick up salad ingredients for Tuesday and also for a lasagna for the week
- and maybe, maybe start a little bit on a quilting project
- change the goddamn sheets to flannel already
- general cleaning
- and finally, cook

*Stace got me The Bread Lover's Guide to Bread Machines for my upcoming birthday and it's really a wonderful book by the author of The Bread Bible. There are about 200 recipes I immediately want to try out.

I should also go to Swansen's and pick out some winter plants, because my balcony is just sad looking now that summer's over. At the least I'd like to straighten it up and toss the dead things out.


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