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First of all, per Jeff's request, here's a less depressing default icon. I'm not sure if using a Hobbsie one is the right move, but I don't care. I imagine after the first person in some random community comments on how cute my orange cat is, I'll freak out and change it to something else. Or maybe I'll freak out in an hour and change it. But for now, it seems okay. God, I miss him. I Am Jane's Broken Heart. WTF is even the point of living without him? And if anyone even suggests that I get another cat, they will meet with a swift and messy death.

So, that's done. Second of all: I love Seattle.

I went to Whole Foods last night after work and milled around forever. I didn't want to buy a lot, but I did want to buy things I felt particularly excited about. Local Seattle goods are so unspeakably wonderful. I've expounded on my fervent love for Beecher's fine cheeses already, but I bought a wedge of their Flagship and I'm giddy about eating it.

A more recent discovery (that I think everyone else in the city already knows) is Macrina bakery. Sweet, hot damn. Their bread is absurd. I bought a loaf of their rustic potato bread and it blows me away how amazing it is. I have heard tell of their brioche burger buns, but Whole Foods was out last night. I will have to make a trip back for them, because I'm really excited to try them. I love a good burger.

Oh, oh! Maybe tonight I'll have a grilled cheese sandwich of the Beecher's on the Macrina. Now, that's exciting.

I was also delighted to find that Whole Foods sells sour cherries. I bought a frozen bag for $10 and rejoiced. Last summer was the Summer of Pie for me and the only ones I hated were my two first attempts with using regular red cherries. Then Jeff schooled me on 'pie cherries' and I spent $30 on a bag of fresh ones at the Farmer's Market. It's exciting to find a more affordable option. Sarah and I are going to bake some little pies this Saturday. (Like, the 'pie cups' from Pushing Daisies.)

I also bought the makings for my new favorite first course. It's an Ina Garten recipe. You take some good, rustic, country bread (I bought some Grand Central Como) and slice it. Toast both sides of the bread under the broiler, and then smear it generously with chevre, top with sliced tomatoes, and broil again. Plate it and top with some dressed salad greens. (I would have liked arugula, but I couldn't find any and got some wild greens, instead.) It's so fantastic and easy.

My kitchen is still messy from the plumbing debacle, but I really didn't feel like cleaning it last night. I'll do that tonight, however. Nothing is less conducive to cooking than a messy kitchen.

I'm meeting Pete for coffee tonight, but after that. Must. Clean. Kitchen.


Jan. 8th, 2008 07:19 pm
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In lieu of more depressive posts, I submit two baby pictures of Hobbes.

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It's amazing how much better everything feels with a clean head of hair. My hair is so excited to not be icky and flatted down by a fleece cap, it's curling and whirling every which way on my head.

Needing some cheer today. So going to see Enchanted (again) with Sarah. Then we're going to make chicken parmigiana at her house with my batch of Ronny's Marinara (Jeff's wonderful mom's recipe).

Sarah's so nice. I made some comment today about wanting so much to steal Henry because he had to be mine, and she said, "Well, he is partly yours." That's a good friend.

Tomorrow I plan on continuing my work with the closets. I'm glad to have gotten so much done so far. Must see when/if Jeff is available with his big manly truck to haul the doors away. Though I keep forgetting, I need to put them on craigslist to see if someone wants them for free. In fact, I should do that right now.

I really like how the bedroom looks without the doors. It's like this giant walk-in closet. I can see everything, everything's spaced out nicely. Very functional. Jeff approves, too.

My dad is coming out for a visit on Thursday night. He's been so sweet. He knows how much Hobbes meant to me, and I can tell that it hurts him to not be close enough to offer comfort. It'll be so good to have him here. It'll be Zach's first birthday and he'll get to attend that. I still need to pick out a birthday present, though. What to get for the perfect 1-year-old? (Probably a LOT of books.)

Um. I think that's all I've got. Have a good Saturday, everyone!
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1990 - 2008
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God. The house is such a spectacular mess. It's like Christmas threw up everywhere. Boxes and boxes and boxes. And I've been so swamped that I haven't been able to keep up with everything! And then when there is chaos I get all deer-in-the-headlight-y!

So must set some goals NOW and not stare in confusion.

Priority for today is baking! I hurled myself into the kitchen, and even though it's a mess in there, started a batch of the cranberry shortbread. While that's baking I'm going to prep the second batch of it and decide what cookie to make next AND more importantly, load dishes into dishwasher!

Days like yesterday, I can be super organized. Days like today, there's so much to do, I just need to flail myself into a starting point so I don't freeze up in a panic!

Absolutes for today:

- BAKE as many cookies as humanly possible
- Write and mail as many holiday cards as possible

I'm also making Jeff pasta puttanesca tonight and taking it over to his house. Poor Brutus is still under the weather, and Jeff's gone home to be with him and monitor him. Please send Brutus all your good kitty thoughts for today. He's not in immediate danger, but we're hoping this isn't the start of something more serious.

So you see, I don't have time to sit around and dither!! No dithering time today!!

*whipcrack* Back to the kitchen!
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I keep kissing and hugging my cat and serenading him with Queen's You're My Best Friend. Is that weird?

He seems to like it.

OMG so much baking to do! Must stop saying that and actually START BAKING!!! And the holiday cards are NOT going to write themselves, missy!! But it's so cold and I'm snuggled in my pink fuzzy robe with my kitty and movement just seems wrong!!

And yet, I'm still hyper!
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It's just been such a nice weekend! My month off has gotten off to a great start.

Detailed Weekend Blather! )


Dec. 15th, 2007 09:31 am
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I had such a freaking blast last night. Sarah and Richa came over and we ordered pizza. Richa hadn't seen the LotR movies, so over Thanksgiving we watched Fellowship, tonight we watched Two Towers, and for New Year's eve, we'll watch Return.

Sarah brought over a firelog and Richa brought us some spicy Thai soup and ice cream. That girl can handle her spices, that's for sure.

We had a funny incident with Romio's Pizza. I've been ordering from them quite frequently for about two years now. Last night was the first time my pizza arrived squashed into a corner. So I called them and the woman who answered the phone was appropriately horrified and got me a manager, and we had the nicest chat. He said nice things, I said nice things. It was all very friendly. He said he would immediately send out a replacement. So we waited, which was a mild nuisance. The delivery guy called up and he's one of their least friendly delivery people. I thanked him for bringing it and asked if I could just check the replacement. He surled at me, "You can't expect delivery to be perfect." I think I said something like, "You are stupid and rude, go away." But then I was appalled enough that I called the manager and we had another friendly chat. He's going to have a talk with the guy and I have 25% off my next pizza. So ridiculous.

The movie ended around midnight and I was about to fall over dead. Sarah and Richa left before I actually passed out, and I am really looking forward to NYE fun with them.

What was also nice last night was that I hauled Hobbsie to bed with me. And he stayed! So often he endures my affection and schleps off to sleep in the closet. But he stayed all night! It made me very happy to wake up to his incredibly stinky breath.

About that stinky breath. I am still conflicted on what the best solution is for Hobbsie. His mouth is in bad shape. I honestly didn't think he was going to live this long, and a part of me is still poised for the next seizure and/or death. I can't help it. Also, dental work is about $400-600. And with his heart murmur and other problems, he could just die on the table. He could drop dead from a seizure two days later. But bad teeth are a big quality of life issue. I'm just so unsure of what the right thing to do is here. This isn't something insane like brain surgery. This is a dental cleaning that will make him feel better and give us the chance to fix something that is definitely wrong. I'm trying to see the $600 as a peace-of-mind thing. And Dr. Henkle is going to let me do some sort of a payment-plan. Even if it can't guarantee a prolonged life for him, I'm gambling on making the rest of what life he has better. I'm convinced that he's either going to die on the table or five days later. But the thought of him limping on with an owie mouth giving him low grade infections just kills me.

He's such a good, good cat. I hate that he can't just live for another 50 years with me.

This morning Sarah and I are taking Henry to see Dr. Henkle and then picking up my car from Les Schwab. The rest of the day is open! I am going to see if I can run over and visit my nephew. I'm supposed to start baking today and am hopeful that I'll at least get started today. I can't believe I have a month off. It's going to go by so fast, I just know it! But I'm so grateful for it.

I can't wait for the twelve thousand boxes that are due to arrive from Amazon on Monday. It'll be nice to have everyone's gifts wrapped and labeled. I need to go buy containers to put my holiday cookies in, too. I'm hoping that Monday will be my last day of shopping and spending.

Oh crap, must stop nattering on. Sarah's going to be here in 15 minutes!
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How did everything get so speeded up busy?


- Get gas. Car refuses to run without it. Stupid car.
- Grocery shop for potluck at Colleen's house (bittersweet event--our former group from work)
- Must. Clean. KITCHEN. (I've tried waiting; it won't clean itself.)
- Prepare 50 stuffed mushroom caps (two kinds, fennel/sun-dried tomato and sausage)
- Hang out with Sarah
- Prepare for interview. Blech.


- INTERVIEW. Third and final. Very curious if they'll make an offer and what it might be.
- Drop off dry cleaning
- Buy cat food from Mud Bay
- Work for at least a few hours
- Bake mushrooms, wrap them up, and head over to Colleen's
- Tidy house, change sheets, clean master bathroom because GODDAMN
- Pack for trip to LA

And dammit, I'm getting sick. My one fervent hope is that I can just make it through my interview. I really don't want to have to reschedule as it's a meeting with the CEO, CTO, and a senior VP. Not that I relish getting on a plane while sick, but I can handle that if I can just make it through the damn interview.

Mostly I'm a little congested and sleepy. I'm pounding water, orange juice, airborne, and advil in the hopes that I can live better through chemistry.

Biggest problem is that it gets dark at practically 2PM and all I want to do when I get home is light a fire and snuggle with Hobbes and a book. No motivation whatsoever to do anything remotely productive. Feel as though may die waiting for upcoming sabbatical month of indulgence. My biggest retarded fear currently is that Adobe will want to extend again, and I'm too big of a slut to turn them down, and I MUST!

And we're supposed to be all evolved, yet bears to get to nap for all of winter. We have totally failed as a species.
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You know what? I really freaking love my cat. Since the leather couches are a bit cold now that the weather's turned, I've got a cushion set up for him with a quilt on it, and he loves it and is so content and beautiful and when I scratch his chin, he just looks so happy. He's so super cuddly in the winter, it's adorable.

It's pretty awesome getting to come home to such a creature. I think I take his awesomeness for granted too often.
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Dear Mommy,


Hypothermically yours,


Fleece is Friend


Under the "Heat" Lamp
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  • One of the nice things about my trip to LA was the boxing up and shipping of my remaining books. Especially since getting the new bookshelves in, I've been champing at the bit for them.
  • I spent tonight unpacking the 4 (out of 5) boxes that have arrived. One more box to come, hopefully tomorrow. I can't wait to have a free weekend to categorize them on the shelves properly.
  • I love LibraryThing. And I love the joy that is ISBN.
  • Ellen threw Judy a Tiki-themed co-ed baby shower, and did a fantastic job. TPTB were so impressed, they held back the rain until after the party was over and we were cleaning up.
  • I can't wait for that kid to pop out. He's going to be so totally awesome.
  • I finally saw Sarah after a terrible three-week separation. With both of us constantly in and out of town and random schedule nightmares, it's been insane. Sunday was gloriously spent LotRing.
  • Jeff had a quick trip to Oregon and stopped at Powells and bought me this wonderful book about wandering in Paris. And also, he keeps me sane.
  • Pete and I saw Paris Je T'aime (wonderful) and Knocked Up (cute and sweet and gross) and Ocean's 13 (franchise fluffy fun), but I'm ready for some serious Pixar awesomeness with Ratataouille.
  • I've never used a self-cleaning oven before, and today was my maiden voyage. The fumes were terrifying, but then it was over and my oven is now absurdly clean
  • With the nice weather and light evenings, I've started taking the bus again and it's been really wonderful. Both the mile I end up walking and the not dealing with traffic/construction.
  • My new nephew, Zach, continues to thrive and is AMAZING. The weekly visits are just not enough. He's a smiley, happy, delightful baby and I love him
  • Work has calmed down since last month's insanity, and it's both welcome and enjoyable. I really like the project I'm working on now.
  • Hobbsie continues in good health and 7AM-whiny-ness

I think that covers all the bases... friends, work, kitty, family, books.

Holy crap, it's late. Must go to sleep now.
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Note to self: Safeway is not going to be open at 5PM on Christmas, so next year, don't run out of basic food items by Christmas Eve.

I will say, I'm glad the employees are not stuck working such a shitty shift.

Slept gloriously in this morning (though Mr. Hobbes did not approve at the delay this caused in his breakfast), forced myself out of bed to dress nicely for Christmas brunch with the bears. I've gone from largely hanging out with women to largely hanging out with men, and the contrast has been interesting. (And nicely so --but nothing against women.) The funniest thing is watching them be polite In the Presence of a Female and like, try to hold back on swearing. At which point I have to rapidly KICK Jeff under the table before he spits his drink out guffawing and outs me as the potty-mouth I am. It's very sweet, gentleman-ly behavior.

I drove out to Jeff and Chris's and Chris drove all of us to brunch. I felt bad for Craig because he clearly has been to this place before with great results, but it wasn't what he expected. The food was only just okay, and he has great taste so it must have been fabulous when he'd gone before. He apologized --but it was totally unnecessary. (It was the restaurant at the Doubletree by SeaTac.) I don't think anyone really cared because the point is Togetherness and Love. Which there was plenty of.

Afterwards, Craig and Greg had bought us all tickets to see Dreamgirls at Pacific Place. I generally don't care for biopics and this wasn't a movie I would have gone to see otherwise--BUT, I'm really glad I did. It was very well done, the singing was amazing, and it had that big production feel that is perfect for a Christmas movie. One of the things I didn't care for (and this is not a plot spoiler, so I'm not cutting it), but the singing a la musical --while very well sung-- didn't work for me. It took away from the emotion of the moment in what were some very important scenes. The minute the character would start to sing, it felt like a musical number and diminished what was authentic and sometimes very painful for the characters. But some great acting, incredible singing, and I thought they did a good job of filming all the singing sequences to keep it interesting (at one point you see the girls reflected in someone's glasses, and the effect was cool).

The last couple of days have been super social and I am tired and very glad to be home with my creature. There was an e-mail from my SIL asking if I wanted to join them for dinner, and I would have if I only hadn't changed into my pajamas. Once the pajamas are on, it's all over.

Yesterday's party was great, but I'd had a nasty scare in the morning. Hobbsie has kitty-epilepsy, and he used to have seizures about once a year. He really hasn't had one in the past few (that I've seen, I realize he could be having a dozen while I'm at work). He'd seemed very punk-y in the morning, so I picked him up and stuck him on my lap... where he stayed, pretty listless for a long, long time. He moaned a couple of times, but was so inert. It's always so terrifying. I never know if it's going to be it... if he's going to die and as much as I struggle to keep calm and focused on him, I can feel panic just below the surface. He slowly got up and had a seizure (which involves throwing up and making the most god-awful howling ever heard). He loses coordination and after it's over, wants to lie on a cool surface (like the kitchen floor) and not be touched for awhile. I watched him the rest of the morning and he was seemingly 100% by the time I left for Jeff's. I almost dropped the breads and cookies off and came back, but he was so normal by the time I left, I knew that would be silly. That said, I went to Jeff's, helped them set up, stayed for the beginning of the party and then came home early, neurotic that I'd come home and Hobbsie would be dead. Which, thank merciful Zeus, he was not. And he's back to normal now, so that is going to be this year's Christmas miracle.

And now, to eat some randomly assembled food and possibly watch another movie in front of the fire with Hobbes.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
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What is up with Seattle weather lately. Massive wind storms. Crazy flooding. Power outages. Cats and dogs, living together. Mass hysteria!

Jeff and I took off from work around 5 and drove to the QFC on Broadway, which is oddly spectacular. In addition to getting food that we would like to eat before we die, I bought another flashlight and some extra batteries. We both bought bunches of firewood.

Then I drove Jeff home and we checked traffic reports and decided the best route for me to get home. And... for all the brouhaha, it was an uneventful drive home. It's a bit windy out here and the power does occasionally flicker (*noo!!*) but I have a roaring fire, cornbread almost finished baking in my bread machine, and a crockpot full of spicy black bean soup that didn't over cook into mush. Recipe can be found here. One thing I will agree with the other reviewers, I would supstitute in some veggie or chicken broth for a little more depth of flavor than just 7 cups of water. But if I didn't have broth, I would totally make this with water again because the lime and cilantro add a lot of nice flavors to complement the chipotle. Easy, tasty, and uncomplicated.

I'm also going to try this very simple tangerine sorbet recipe tonight. Because I have an ice cream maker!

I also have the World's Best Kitty. Because I am retarded, I accidentally blocked Hobbsie's access to his litterbox. For like, ten hours. He either held it or went in the shower, because I haven't found any unpleasant surprises. When I got home, he just wanted dinner first and eventually made his way over to the bathroom. I suppose it's still possible I'll find something later, but that stuff is usually fairly pungent.

The one bummer to the evening is that Sarah was supposed to come over, but with the crazy weather we both decided that it wasn't worth the risk to get up here tonight. So, boo to that.


Dec. 12th, 2006 09:14 pm
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Note to self: make sure Hobbes hasn't snuck out onto the deck before you close the door and draw the curtains. For someone who had slithered out to eat plants (to regurgitate later), he was certainly rather self-righteous.
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So, instead of staying home all day anxious and irritated, I bundled up and trundled out into the great white abyss that is North Seattle. It was pretty painless, actually. My bus showed up not too late. I managed to not slip on any of the icy pathways. Though there were a few dodgy moments, it's slick out there!

I made it to work with 10 minutes to spare for a big meeting (to which most of people had to teleconference).

Then I chatted briefly with my boss, who was still house-bound, who instructed me to get Pete to buy me lunch and then go home. Where he suspects we should stay tomorrow, too. I am much, much happier having my laptop. I am now content with the storm of the century hitting, provided we don't lose power.

So Pete and I grabbed lunch, and then I toyed with the idea of a cab, but was too impatient and decided to just haul my ass back out to the bus stop, where miracle of miracles, the bus appeared on time. And now I'm home. I made a quick pit stop at Starbucks (lite eggnog latte!) and for some fire logs and active dry yeast (because I was out and want to make bread today).

The one thing that always catches me off guard is how different the bus-crowd is in the middle of the day. Largely, how pungent they are. So that part's always a little scary because for some reason they all chant or shout or do otherwise socially uncomfortable things. But happily none of them brandished a knife so all was well.

Hobbes doesn't understand why I'm home. Because there's all this light outside. But he is happy I'm here, even if he hates me for not giving him a surprise mid-day meal.

As much as I miss summer, I'm very excited to start using my fireplace again! Also, snow pretty!

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1. Must now wear long-sleeved shirts and PJ bottoms at home, instead of running around bare-legged.
2. Must now wear socks and proper shoes.
3. Must constantly moisturize as skin reverts to paper-y husks.
4. Must always bundle up with scarves, and socks, and mittenses before going out.
5. Motivated only to eat and hibernate. What is this exercise you speak of?
6. Darkness ensuing at 3PM.


1. Soon will be the time for Java Logs.
2. Soups and stews and the joys of crockpot-ery.
3. Burrowing into flannel sheets.
4. Multi-hued trees.
5. House feline rediscovers adoration of warm-bodied human. Cuddling ensues.
6. Guilt-free couch-potato-ing as it's too dark and cold to leave home. Time for another LotR marathon!

Five most immediately anticipated social events:

1. Rob and Kelly's Tuscan Dinner (featuring guest of honor: Jeanne!!)
2. Baking Halloween cookies with Jeff!
3. Thanksgiving!
4. Making Christmas-cookie boxes this year!
5. Christmas-card making party at Jeff's!

Of course Jeff insists there is only a 4-degree range of temperature I find acceptable. And I know it's only Fall and not the dead of Winter, but I almost turned on the heater last night! And though a weather-wimp, I'm also remarkably cheap about turning on the heater, so that's a clear sign that Summer! Is! Ending!! (Yes, I am aware it's October.)

sooo cute

Sep. 15th, 2006 04:43 pm
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He loves sleeping on my slippers.


Aug. 17th, 2006 09:02 pm
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I'm not sure what my hand smells like, but Hobbes is completely freaking out with the love.

I believe he thinks he and my hand are married.


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