Apr. 5th, 2011 02:06 pm
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There's this quote in my head that's driving me crazy because I can't remember the movie it's from.

I think it has to do with two people who are going to be parted for some reason, I don't know if is for work, by death, or something else. And the quote is something like, 'and... [X] was having a hard time pretending to be anything other than devastated.' I don't know if the quote was first person or not, but I'm pretty sure it's a voice-over.

I could be totally wrong, but it feels britishy or something like that. I think it's about a couple, but I'm not sure.

Does anyone know? Please know, or I have to go rewatch every movie I've ever seen!

[Update: I JUST REMEMBERED THANK YOU JESUS. It's from Fried Green Tomatoes. The dying thing really triggered something in my brain. AHHHHHH.]

[Updatex2: Now I'm not sure. I just looked up the script for the movie, and it's not in there. HRM.]
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Also, I now feel like I have to suck it up and watch 127 Hours. I really would like to see all the Best Picture nominees.

The Social Network )

The Fighter )

True Grit )
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So, going to bed at 6pm with a headache is not a good idea because five hours later, I will be wide awake and unable to sleep for hours. Also, this is why I don't watch creepy/horror movies.

Black Swan )

Winter's Bone )

I think on my 'must watch' list that leaves:

Social Network (seeing on Feb 2 when it releases to Amazon as a rental)
True Grit (seeing next weekend with my cousin)
The Fighter (seeing next weekend with Pete)
The Illusionist (haven't been able to get a handle on yet)
Restreop (netflix instant watch queue)
Exit Through The Gift Shop (netflix instant watch queue)
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I've seen a fuckton of movies recently. Cutting everything for length, but no real massive story destroying spoilers.

How to Train Your Dragon )

Tangled )

Salt )

Rabbit Hole )

Blue Valentine )

2 more

Jan. 26th, 2011 09:00 pm
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The Town )

The Kid's Are All Right )
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And this is where I begin a series of posts yammering about every Oscar-nominated movie I've seen. And because I am not a movie critic, nor do I have those skills, these will largely be me cooing or bitching over performances and pacing.

The King's Speech )
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So often I decide I don't want to watch a movie. And then the Oscar noms come out and suddenly I want an informed opinion.

I don't think I'm going to be able to (or want to) watch all 56 nominations. But... I've got a good start on the major contenders and have plans to watch a heap more in the next month.

The nominees, and some comments. )


Jul. 28th, 2010 03:02 pm
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Despite the annoying ads on the page, this is a very cool graphical representation of Inception's dream/timelines.
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So I have this quote stuck in my head, and I can't remember the movie. This is probably too vague to be useful, but:

A British kid, I'm pretty sure a little girl, is being hustled out of a room or being told not to talk to someone that her guardians are alarmed by.

Kid says, "I liked her! (or him) She (or he) talked about things!" Very clipped accent:

I LOIKED her! She taulked about Things!

The 'someone' is lovably eccentric and of no real danger.

It could also be from tv?

Aaaaaaaaaargh. Pretty sure it's not the Harry Potters. Going nuts trying to think about other movies or shows where this all happened. Argh!

Anyone have the vaguest clue what I'm on about?
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So like I said, I'm rooting for Hugh Jackman here. He's too adorable and genuine not to root for. In fact, I wish Australia had been up for more things.

Clicky! Because, LONG )
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So, it's late. And I think other people are probably doing more thorough jobs of recapping this. But I took notes as I watched, and while I won't post all the inanity I wrote, I'll share highlights. It was a long show (starting with the 3pm pre-show, naturally) so if this seems long, be glad I'm restraining myself from pasting all of it.

I was going to try to paste pictures, but it's just too much work, when you can go click here and just see the ones you want to see!

My Internet connection has been the suXX0r lately, which has been lots of fun, let me tell you!

They've been proclaiming enormous universe-tilting changes to the Oscar, which makes me a bit wary, really. I love Hugh Jackman and really hope he succeeds tonight. But with his love for singing and dancing and Broadway-ing, I'm a bit apprehensive. GO HUGH!

To sum up the red carpet: some meh, a lot of nice! some stunning and no disturbing (as in the past: Bjork, Cher, or J. Lo)

Pre-show )
I think that's it for the pre-shows!
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My official Oscar predictions.

Note, I am usually WILDLY off-base on this stuff. I'm bolding who I think will win, and italicizing who I think should win if they differ. (And really, only if I have a strong opinion.)

Clicky! )
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I should have made an icon for these posts, or something. Too late now and also lazy.

Man on Wire )

Anyhow, highly, highly recommend!
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Thank you guys so much for voting. the feedback was very helpful!!

My final menu is:

(I know. Can you tell I love Ina Garten?)

- Cheese platter/tapenade/marcona almonds/champagne-marinated grapes
- Mini steak and roasted veggie sandwiches on foccacia
- Roasted shrimp with chile dipping sauce
- Tomato goat cheese tarts
- Stuffed mushrooms (meat and meatless versions)
- Garden salad - roasted red pepper dressing, sunflower seeds, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes
- Dulce de Leches Brownies and I'm going to try an upside down pear cake. It's based on the Alton Brown upside down peach cake. But this time I'm going to try to do one cake instead of four minis and as always, I'm using pear instead of peach. If it's an epic fail, I'll have the brownies for sure!

And, if I can find mini popcorn boxes locally (it's too late to have them shipped) I was thinking it would be fun to make white cheddar popcorn and serve it in little boxes while we watch! Maybe if Pete and I decide to suck it up and go to see Benjamin Button on Saturday I can buy some from the theater.

And I've decided to give a bottle of wine as the prize, because I'm going to be doing so much cooking, I just don't want to deal with making another item. I figure, I foist my baking endeavors onto my friends often enough as it is!

As with anything trivial, it's fun to set a goal. I really wanted to see as many nominated films as I could.

More Oscar Tawk )
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Mondays off from work are so freaking glorious. It lets you properly enjoy Sunday without the phantom spectre of the work week looking above.

So yesterday was nice. I met Pete and Kirsten downtown and we watched Coraline in 3D. I have to say, I didn't much care for the 3D. Pete felt a little sick afterward and we all had slight headaches. All the previews for coming movies are in 3D, too, which means we'll probably have to keep driving to Lynnwood to see the 2D versions. But it was still fun to see the movie. We hung out over coffee to discuss and then I went to Nordstrom to have them take the electronic tag off the pants Jeff bought on Saturday and to see if I could find my dad a comfy and cute tracksuit (not at Nordstrom, apparently).

Then home, where I successfully made my mom's dal recipe and had that with rice and kababs for dinner.

Jeff and I watched Desperate Housewives. Sometimes I enjoy the show in a pleasant mindless way, and sometimes I so hate the selfish pettiness of all the characters that I wonder why I ever watch it. Unfortunately, last night was the latter experience.

I also finished Dead Until Dark about which I have surprisingly strong opinions. )

Today's chores:


putting laundry away
grocery store to buy another lovely piece of Tilapia and some veggies
going to container store to buy some, um, containers
picking up prescription from drugstore
drop off dry cleaning
packaging up a few things that I need to mail (including, dear god the shame, Jeanne's Christmas present)
bake some banana bread
French homework

I guess I better get to it!
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It was another good weekend for movies.

Some spoilers, but not movie ruining ones, I don't think.

Rachel Getting Married )
Coraline )
The Reader )
Encounters at the End of the World )

Next up: Man on a Wire, Frozen River, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. And if I can summon the will, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

trois films

Feb. 1st, 2009 11:40 pm
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It's fairly hit or miss if I'm going to care about the Oscars on any given year. This year, I've decided to care. I think it usually ties into how many movies I've seen. And, while I've seen a chunk, Pete and I are committed to seeing as many as we can before the big day. This weekend (Thursday counts as the weekend, right?), we saw three: The Wrestler, Slumdog Millionaire, and Revolutionary Road.

I should probably wait to write about these at a time that I'm not totally wiped out, but I'm afraid the week will be too busy and I'll just lose the energy to do it all together. I know I'm already forgetting things I'd meant to write about all three of these.

Spoilers for all the movies below the cut.

The Wrestler )

Slumdog Millionaire )

Revolutionary Road )
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So today pretty much ruled, from start to finish.

I met Becky from my French class and we gabbed happily for about an hour. If I didn't have to meet Pete, we could have gone on longer. And except for a few desperate forays into English, we spoke French the entire time. We both have our own irritations with the class (I think Amina needs to stop berating us for stupid reasons; Becky gets annoyed with her somewhat condescending socialist bent--which she argues about inappropriately). I really like this woman. It was a great way to start the day and we're going to try to meet every weekend and maybe email for support during the week! She's a playwright and very cool! We kept cracking each other up!

Then I scurried home and Pete was just arriving at my front door. We went in for a few seconds and then had to hustle over to Ballard for Slumdog Millionaire. After the movie, we grabbed a bite at Matador, stopped by my house again for a few minutes, and then we left for Pacific Place to see Revolutionary Road. A quick stop for some dessert and then we headed back toward Greenwood. I'd asked Safeway to set aside some chicken wings, and there was some miscommunication and they were out. So we stopped by Greenwood Market and they had all the wings I needed--whew!

Pete came up to keep me company and I made the potato salad and dulce de leches brownies for tomorrow's party.

Speaking of which--I can't fucking believe it worked. I threw a can of sweetened condensed milk into my big stock pot and boiled the hell out of it for four hours (taking care to submerge it underneath 3-4 inches of water to prevent the can from exploding). And then it was time to go to Sarah's, so I didn't open the can until tonight. I'm so glad Pete was there because it was a moment to be shared. I opened the can slowly, somehow not believing that it was going to have worked--but it did! It was a can full of sweet, caramelized milk. It tasted fucking AWESOME!!! So, that is definitely happening again. Because--AWESOME!! Big shout out and thank you to [ profile] str8ontilmornin for introducing me to the concept!!

So easy. Who knew?? I wonder how long a boiled can will keep? Must research!!
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No complaints today.
Woke up and baked a little.
Looked outside. Snowy wonderland still.
Talked to Pete and Kirsten and agreed to meet for Frost | Nixon at noon downtown.
Did laundry and some dishes.

Managed to not slide into any cars on the icy little hill next to my street.

Enjoyed movie thoroughly. Obsessed constantly about who the woman playing Carol Cushing was. I knew I knew her, but couldn't place her. I just knew that I sort of was in love with her. Came home to look it up, she's Sarah from The Prestige. AHHHH FEEL BETTER NOW. I really, really want to see Frost | Nixon at the Paramount when the play comes round here next year.

Had coffee with Pete and Kirsten and it was a nice way to while away the afternoon.

Then drove Pete home and was delighted to find that my icy street wasn't so icy anymore. Yay! Caught up with Jeff who also had a lovely day!

Now am making chicken tortilla soup. Made first tortilla chips ever! They're good and they weren't too hard to get the hang of! Yay!

It's a lazy Sunday night, though I must put laundry away and pack bag and be properly prepped for tomorrow's work week, which I feel indulgently tolerant about as it's only four days to my vacation.

It's supposed to snow again Tuesday night, so it may end up being a work-week-from-home, which would be rather fantastic. I need to start my official holiday baking as of tomorrow night. Pete's visit to NJ coincides entirely with my vacation, which is a bit of a bummer. But we're going to hang out Tuesday night and look forward to many movies in the new year.

Jeff is listening to something fantastic in the other room, I must find out what it is RIGHT NOW.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!
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Today was nice. I met Pete downtown and we saw Australia.

Spoilers )


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