Jan. 20th, 2006 09:44 am
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My dad's here! And he loves the place! Yay!

I stayed at work until 8:30 and then drove out to SeaTac to pick him up. I can't believe he hasn't seen the condo yet. He ooo'd and ahh'd over everything. And Hobbsie clearly remembers his grandpa, because he sat next to him and permitted him to pet him immediately.

We're going to Home Depot for misc bits and pieces and then, possibly, tv shopping. Woo.

And then my brother and sister in law are coming over to see the place and we'll all go out to dinner. I'm thinking either Matador or Jak's Grill. Mmm meat.

My dad also brought up some Airborne for me, and it's somewhat remarkable. I took it last night before going to bed, and the congestion is almost 100% gone. It's... a miracle really. I wasn't a mouth-breather last night and didn't wake up with completely dried out lips. Still sneezy though, but that's not a big deal!

Also, Stace and I are finally wrangling out the details for Paris. It was just this abstract idea, but looking at hotel rooms (decided it was a better, cheaper choice than an apartment, since we're not able to do Untours--they have a two-week minimum) and pricing out airline tickets is making it very real. And, motherfucker the flights are expensive. I know air travel's gotten pricier lately, and May is probably the beginning of the pricey season to go to Paris, but grrr. However, Ellie and Jeff have highly recommended their very reasonable hotel in the 1 Arronissement, walking distance to the Louvre among other things. The pictures were gorgeous, and you can't beat word of mouth. Through my French instructor's travel agent, Stace is getting a better deal than online, but I found my options were better online (and I prefer NWA to AA). We're going right in the middle of May. Buying the tickets and reserving the room is making it so real, I'm a little giddy.

Mini-rant: I fucking hate the airlines. I feel like I'm taking a gamble buying my ticket now, when it's possible suddenly the flights will come back down, and it'll be $500 instead of $850. And then I will say some very bad words. Because fucking hell. But I've looked online, worked with a travel agent. I can't do the Priceline "Name your Price" game, because Stacey also needs to know when I'm getting there, and I need to know when I'm getting there for work. I just haaaaate the airline industry. So. Seethingly. Much.

Anyhow. Paris! Spring! Squee!! We're going to do a day trip to Versailles and go to the requisite spots, Louvre (which Stace has never seen), the Musee d'Orsay (which I've never seen), the Rodin Museum, etc. It'll be nice to be there as an adult with some sense, instead of as a confused and overwhelmed teenager.


Jan. 2nd, 2006 02:34 pm
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Now that I have the entire afternoon/evening to myself I will not tool around on LJ or the internet, but I will actually go do some work. NOW.

First step - kitchen, then I need to prime and paint the trim around the sliding glass door so I can hang the curtains.
Next step - office, at least get it ready to prime/paint
Finally - bedroom/bathroom
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Happy New Year, everyone!

May 2006 fill your lives with happiness and health and prosperity and laughter and love and joy and chocolate (except for you freaks who don't like it) and pretty much everything your cute little pumping hearts desire.

Also, I did the Face Recognition thingie and wow, not so much with the accuracy. The crack-laced results for my face matched the following celebrities: Click )

I think it just gave me everyone with big eyes. I used the photo in this icon. I wish I looked 50%-like Ursula Andress.

Also, more shopping today and there'll be even more tomorrow. Today I went to Home Depot and bought silver outlet plates. They're very pretty. Got them for everything except the two cable outlets and the three-panel plates (which they didn't have). I think Restoration Hardware had some (at 6x the price), so I may go pick them up tomorrow when I go out to buy the couches and updated heating vent plates. I also finally bought some curtains for the living room. Melissa gave me a very pretty brushed silver curtain rod that should fit and I've bought cream colored silk panels and silver tabs/rings. Money seems to be exploding out of me. And I mean, after a year of hard-earned savings, it's okay, but still a little freaky. Also, I'm buying the couches on a Bon card tomorrow and hope to pay it off in a few big chunks and the other furniture isn't coming until March, so I have more time to save up for it. It's scary and exciting and there's so much I want to do. I also found closet doors I want at Home Depot. I think I'll wait for my dad to be here to do that, he's pretty handy and we'll be able to figure it out together.

I need to run off to Jeff's tonight for some kitty-lovin' and then I'm determined, determined to completely 100% unpack the rest of the kitchen and bedroom. Tomorrow can thus be devoted entirely to the office.
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I made my first mortgage payment today. Surreal! *dances*
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I can't believe it's only 2:30. On Wednesday. This week is going to kill me.

I just want to go home and do one of 65 million things I need to do. But I can't. I already had Monday off (for travel) and if I don't work 30 hours this week, I won't get my freaking holiday pay (which just kicked in from my contract agency over Thanksgiving, whee!). And I am greedy. So I will sit here and obsess.

Things that are going to get done this long weekend, goddammit:
- replace all switch plates and heater vents
- put up curtains or blinds or something in living room
- clear office of stuff
- prime office trim
- paint office trim
- move office stuff back in and position desk/shelves
- move sewing table/machine into bedroom
- unpack remainder of bedroom
- finish contact papering kitchen and unpack rest of kitchen boxes
- contact paper master bathroom
- unpack bathroom stuff, including the box with towels
- finish touch-up painting in remaining few spots
- remove all remaining tape from walls
- toss all paint debris (currently living in giant bathtub)
- shop for furniture (particularly couch and shelves for living room and dining table/chairs)

Things that I want to do in the immediate future:
- prime/paint kitchen cabinets
- punch out and replace with glass two of the cabinet doors
- buy/drill-in hardware on kitchen cabinets
- new closet doors for bedrooms, hall closet, laundry closet
- tile/paint both bathrooms, including cabinets

Things that I want to do but will be forced to wait a bit on:
- crown molding throughout entire flat
- new fireplace mantle
- pergo on kitchen/dining room floors
- silestone on kitchen/bathroom countertops
- new tile around fireplace

I am going to Fred Meyer on Thursday night. I am going to Home Depot on Friday night. I am going to paint the office on Saturday afternoon after Judy and I get back from shopping. I will spend the rest of the weekend doing everything else. And by Tuesday of next week, I will be a lot less frazzled. I will.
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Fred Meyer list II: The Forgotten Bits

- stepladder, for I am a midget
- sturdy bag for recycling

I keep having to remind myself to dress nicely, because tonight is the night Jeff got us tickets for Dina Martina. Also, dinner at Crave. In unfortunate timing, this is the one evening Sarah will be back in town. Wah!! I hope I get a glimpse of her, however brief.

Thursday, no matter what, I need to drag my sorry ass up to Home Depot. I think I'm a bit intimidated by it, but I need to get over myself and just do it. I need new outlet plates. I have a sack of them ready to go. Once that's done, I can move the sewing machine table out of the office, and into the bedroom. Also, I need to unpack the three huge boxes left in the bedroom. All the knick-knack-y, smaller boxes can wait until more furniture is in place.

Today: MUST CALL KELLY. And maybe pick up the primer at lunch. Tonight, no matter how late Dina Martina runs, I need to clear out the office of all the boxes. Friday night, I simply have to paint in there, and having it prepped and ready to go will make my life much, much easier. I keep flitting between projects. I should also finish contact paper-ing the kitchen. But I need that stepladder, first. Argh!! Oh, I also need to charge up the electric screwdriver (a tremendously useful gift Amy's dad got me lo these many years ago) so I can screw in the heater vents.

I also need to buy a vacuum cleaner.


Dec. 27th, 2005 08:32 pm
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I had my doubts, but my desire to get my kitchen up and running helped me out of the slothful funk that was hovering menacingly. All of the drawers and some of the cabinets now have contact paper. I've even managed to unpack a box of utensils and get them situated. I can't wait to paint the cabinets. I've picked the two doors I want to punch out and replace with glass, it'll showcase the dishes nicely. Now all I need is a month of Sundays.

While I skipped Fred Meyer as put-off-able, I did go to Safeway where I bought:

- satsuma tangerines
- bbq sauce
- some frozen Lean Cuisines
- french bread
- Brummel & Brown
- Mike's Hard Berry
- veggie lover's salad mix
- red bell pepper
- Newman's Own Honey Mustard dressing
- Jell-O Pudding pops

I'm so relieved next weekend is a long weekend at home. Judy e-mailed to ask if I wanted to go furniture shopping (for me) on Saturday. I need a couch. I need other things, too. But first, a couch. I really hope to find one that can be delivered reasonably quickly. That, and unless they don't look as nice in person as in the catalog, I may have to buy the Dania shelves, too.

There is just so much to get done. It's hard to just focus on one step at a time. Ack.

home again

Dec. 27th, 2005 02:52 pm
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Things at the cabin were really mostly great. The nephews are even more adorable than last observed. The cousins were a blast as always. And even the SILs were in good form.

We played basketball and ran around outside where there was a paucity of snow. My cousins got me some belated birthday presents (a blanket, some Burt's Bees goodies, and season 1 of The Office). We ate entirely too much of my mom's amazing food and you'd think I'd have gotten enough sleep, but I didn't because the kids woke up so early and were irresistible.

The flight out, as hideously early as it was, wasn't bad. I had one of the exit-row seats with extra leg-room and I fell asleep before we took-off and woke up as we were landing. Good times. The flight home was okay; I devoured S is for Silence. The flight attendant had a pole up her ass about headphones (which I wasn't wearing) but she kept announcing it. Over and over again. Don't wear headphones. Don't have them around your neck. Don't have them in your lap. I'm surprised she didn't stalk down the aisle, ripping them out of people's luggage and hurling them out the door. Seriously. She said it like 15 times and would stop people and jerk them out of their ears. I've never heard that you couldn't have freaking headphones in your lap for chrissakes.

Also, she had the most grating voice known to man. And she kept talking. She went on for 15 minutes about their mileage plan Visa. God.

And while I'm usually cold on planes, I was bizarrely warm and felt itchy and moist. It made for a very crabby arrival. And the joy of baggage claim. Hiss. So I was grumpy when I met up with Judy and John, who were nice enough to come pick me up late on a work night (and brought me Korean food).

I got home and it was so good to see Hobbes. Jeff had taken wonderful care of him (twice a day for practically a week, he is beyond amazing--and he acts like it's no big deal at all). I took a blissful shower in my own crappy water-pressured shower. I couldn't sleep, but I will say that I was very grateful to be home. My old flat is getting cleaned today (as I type, in fact) and I'll be leaving early to get the keys back and do a walk-through, and be rid of the damn place on Thursday night at 6:30PM when I hand over the keys. Can't fucking wait.

Tonight, yet another trip to Fred Meyer. They should just garnish my wages directly. Today's mission:

- laundry basket
- waste basket for the master bathroom
- some sort of rod/curtain thing for the damn living room already
- shit, shit, I've forgotten the other urgent thing

Tonight I have absolutely got to line the cupboards/cabinets with contact paper and unpack the damn kitchen. And should go to the grocery store. And this time I'm going to buy the damn Satsumas.

grr arrgh

Dec. 21st, 2005 06:25 pm
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So Jen and KC did stop by and it was awesome! It's still very exciting to get to show the place off and they were delightfully excited about everything.

Now I'm trying to find this one box and I can't find it and it's driving me crazy. Hobbsie's stash of insulin needles are in that box along with his Wellactin and I can't find it. I mean, this place is big but it's not that big. There are only so many rooms. How can that box have vanished? Mrrrrrh. Happily I have an emergency stash, but this is a pain. It means I'll have to go out and get extra because I don't have enough for 5 days.
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I stayed up fairly late last night, getting stuff put away and organized. And then I slept in gloriously late. I love sleep so much, why don't I devote more time to it on a regular basis?

Then I made a quick run to Ballard to grab yet more remaining items (broom! vacuum! swiffer!) and then came home to wait for Jeff.

The Magnificent One showed up around 11. He gave me my Christmas present--tickets to Les Miserables!! I love that show and I haven't seen it in ages. I noticed that it was going to be playing at the 5th Avenue theatre but didn't know if I could find someone to go with me (because I think everyone else has seen it 500x already). I tackle-hugged him as best as I could. Then we drove to Fred Meyer where I made him try on jeans that better displayed his cute butt. Jeff gleefully pointed out an adorable picture frame that says MEOW and has a kitty on it and I pounced, squeeeeeing. Mine! Also, batteries for the digital camera for Big Bear and a really nice rattan wastebasket for one of the bathrooms.

We next grabbed lunch at CPK and went to the Promised Land, also known as Target. I don't get up to Northgate very often, so the pilgrimage to Target is one that fills my heart with joy and empties my wallet with gusto. I bought:

- contact paper
- cheap snow boots (because Sarah isn't here to stop me)
- gloves
- SPOT BOT! (the automatic carpet cleaner that is going to help me conquer Hobbes-related messes)
- a really pretty lamp
- cat food, wet and dry
- a fleece zip-up
- a mat for the front of Hobbsie's new litterbox
- thick woolen socks
- Serenity dvd
- Must Love Dogs dvd
- S is for Silence by Sue Grafton
- Welcome mat for the front door
- second mat for the sliding glass door

Seriously, I was out of control. I don't usually let myself buy this much stuff in one go. Usually there is restraint, especially when big ticket items like Spot Bot are involved. But I was a bit giddy. And I genuinely needed a lamp. I am so not looking forward to packing for Big Bear. But at least I have some of the essentials. I really need to buy a good small be-wheeled suitcase. The one I have now is so damn big. But it's either use that and comfortably pack everything, or overstuff a duffell bag again. And I haven't gone on this long a trip for awhile. I think I should pack on the side of caution.

I just realized that I was so busy shopping for myself today that I didn't get my nephews anything! D'oh! I may have to run back out tonight. KC and Jen are coming by now to see the place for the first time! I can't wait to show them. And then Judy is going to stop by quickly to learn how to give Hobbsie his insulin shots as Jeff's backup. I also need to remember to call a cab for the morning!
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They're out! They're out! They're out!!!!!!

I just got a call from my agent. The tenants have vacated, the cleaners are working in there right now, and she's going to meet me tonight to give me the key and I am going to run around the empty, clean place shrieking and leaping and no doubt endearing myself to my new neighbors.

I can't believe it. I feel like the weight of the world has just lifted off my shoulders. I'm dying to see it without all their stuff and to start taping and be able to bring some of the stuff we'll need over early.

And they hired cleaners. I love these people. I had all matter of concerns about how dusty it might be, etc. I'm a bit of a germaphobe (despite how messy my car is, yes, so shut up, Jeff).

OMG I just need to not be at work anymore. Though I had a really nice moment earlier. Steph, our fantastic office coordinator who is just one of the coolest people I know, just became a grandmother on Tuesday. So I made my first baby booties. I really wish I'd had a chance to snap a photo of them. They were blue and white with blue satin ribbon and Steph got goosebumps and cried when she saw them! She's so excited because she gets to see her first grandson on Saturday--her son lives in California so she hasn't seen the baby yet and is about to die from giddy anticipation!

I can't believe I'm going to go to my new place tonight. *runs around*
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Everything is crazy and busy and tightly scheduled and omg my head hurts.

But as much as I didn't pack last night, I will tonight. (I will!)

Things to do )
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Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that's to come in the next two weeks. I have to start packing. Tonight. I can't put it off anymore and still get things done.

My apologies in advance for the whining bitchfest this journal is soon to become. Well, even more so than it already is.

Jeff is doing his persuasive best to convince me to kill the cookie box project this year. But because of the timing of the move, I already feel like some of my Christmas fun is limited. No tree, no decorative lights. Packing boxes instead of gift-wrapped boxes. (I know, boo hoo. I'm getting a condo, you'd think I could survive the lack of blinky lights for one stinking year.)

But I really love making cookies! And I finally got him to admit that as much as I over-extend and stress out, I'm always happy about it when it's over. So there's that.

And! This year I'll have two elves in my cookie workshop, both Emily and Sarah will be there with their boundless, youthful energy and love of making cookies. I think if I just plan things carefully, the execution will be fine. I also bought a decent hand-mixer (still too cheap for the Kitchen-Aid). I just have to plan more cautiously this time. Last year I ended up not making enough and having a second run after the first, and that's what was really tiring.

As grinchy as I feel about it, I also have reduced the number of boxes this year. And I can make less varieties of cookies, and pick slightly easier variations. Life will not end. And I don't have to entirely give it up. I still have two full weekends before I move. It's not like the move is next week. Okay, end rationalizations.

And NO! My decision to go ahead with the cookie project doesn't mean I don't get to whine, Jeff.

So back to whining about packing. Sarah has generously agreed to donate some of her time this Thursday, and I finally yelled at myself to suck-it-up and will get started tonight. Even if it's an easy start, like books and movies.

Five boxes a day isn't hard, and bit by bit, starting two weeks in advance, will make it more organized and less miserable. *chants this at self*

Anybody have any brilliant tips on packing/moving? Small details that have really saved you time and misery? Don't hold back!

In my fancy plan of "Whine Less, Do More" I called U-haul and reserved an in-town truck for Sunday the 18th at 10am. I've called Comcast and scheduled my disconnect for both tv and internet from my current flat and an install date for Monday, December 19th. Happily it's only a two-hour block, from 8am-10am. I can easily just go into work an hour or so late that morning. And maybe I can get the locksmith scheduled that morning, too. I'm a fan of multi-tasking.

Whee! I just called Bergman's Locksmith (highly recommended by Jeff) and they can, in fact, come out on Monday, December 19th between 8am-10am.

What else, what else, what else?

I finally scheduled a vet appt for Hobbsie and need to pick up his prescription of Prednisone. I should have done that weeks ago. Gah. But now it's done and so that's over with, too.

I got some boxes from work, and Jeanne says she can grab some really good ones from work.

My complex manager called and said someone would be looking at my flat on Thursday at 1. It feels creepy to know strangers are going to be trudging through my place. And I'll need to tidy it up.

I also need to:

- deposit the numerous checks from friends and escrow that do me no good uncashed
- call Qwest and inform them of the move as well, schedule a thingie for reconnect
- stop by JoAnn tonight and see if they have cheap Christmas cookie tins

And now I need to dart off to French. For which I am actually ready! Whee!
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It's official. I've canceled my October trip to Oakland, and it was clearly the right decision because I feel fairly ecstatic about it.

I'm really bummed I won't see my nephews for another couple of months. I'm really bummed I won't get in a quick visit with Amy. And, I'm really bummed that La Pinata remains out of my grubby reach. But I'm not sorry I won't be traveling this month. And I'm not sorry I'll actually get to see both The Decemberists and Dudley Manlove. And I'll be able to attend my company's Halloween bash and see Jeff rock the house as Mr. Howell. All good things.

And besides, I'll see my adorable nephews in December, which if time continues to whoosh by as it has this year, hurtling me towards menopause, then December will be tomorrow. So it's all good.

Allison called with a cute property for us to look at....RIGHTNOWNOWNOWNOW. So I bustled out of work and the place was cute. Great view, but for the price, it wasn't everything I wanted and despite the killer view, I'm unwilling to schlep groceries up 4 flights of stairs to a microscopic kitchen. I don't mind small bedrooms, but the place I buy really needs a good space for entertaining. But, cute. Part of me really hopes we just don't find anything until next year.

Looking very forward to a movie-palooza weekend. Hope to cram in In Her Shoes (only because of [livejournal.com profile] dtaylor's review), and the new Wallace and Gromit flick along with A History of Violence with Jeff, Chris, and Bryan tonight.

I thought summer was the big movie season, but for me it's really not kicked in until fall. Perhaps because tis been a sucky movie year.

Awwwwwwwww. Mark just busted in here with an enormous bag of chocolate, shouting "Reverse Trick-or-Treat!" I think I shall make guacamole for his party. Mmmm. Milk Duds.
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I am so damn stressed out this week. I think between endless meetings and constant number-crunching, I am losing my mind.

Whine! )

And... actually, so it's all better now, because I think I've just taken care of all the various things that have been stressing me out and the rest of this week should be less painful. I just have to pick up kitty litter and I think, yes, some chocolate to deal with PMS, and I'll be set for the evening.
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It was a damn long weekend. And it's shaping up to be a damn long busy week. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Thus, here is a damn long rambly summary of everything. I will type until Hobbes gets off my arms, at which point I will go collapse on the couch.

Details )

booty, ho!

Sep. 19th, 2005 02:27 pm
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Today has been a day of DOING things.

Grown-up Things

- called my Allstate agent and finally switched my policy over from Port Orchard to Seattle

- and on that note, decided to finally get renter's insurance

- decided that even though I've been without medical benefits for three years, I should finally take advantage of the benefits plan (at least Short Term Major Medical) offered by my contractor agency; this decision would be much facilitated by their voice-messaging system actually working (*hiss*)

- called my dad to ask our family accountant to fax me the 2004 tax returns, which I still haven't found, grrr

Consumer Whore Things

- after five million years of dithering between shiny and economy, shiny won out and my silver, 6GB iPod mini will arrive on Wednesday, and lo there will be squeeeing (if I find I love it and use it all the time, I will someday upgrade)

- placed a bid for a gen-U-ine burberry bucket hat on ebay (selling for 1.99GBP), I bid at 10GBP through auctionsniper.com. We'll see what happens, I tried one on at Nordstrom this weekend with Jeanne and I must say I looked quite fetching, but not fetching enough to spend $300 on a fucking hat

Scary Things That Shall Make Me Hyperventilate

- meeting tonight with the real estate agent I decided on (Allison), post-work for discussion on what I want and possibly looking at a few properties; I hate this process and just want to be moved in with my plasma tv and new couch set


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