Apr. 27th, 2011 07:00 pm
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Good: Just got my PS3. Over the past god-knows-how-many-years I've bought Playstation consoles almost solely to play Final Fantasy games. I have my favorites (7, 10, and epically awesome 12) and mehs (8 and 9) and I didn't bother with the online version. I think 12, with it's strategic battle system has been my favorite. Setting the PS3 up was super easy and I now officially have a Blu-Ray player.

Bad: FF13 SUCKS. It's like they took out every single thing that makes the game awesome. This'll be the first console version of the game I haven't played since college. Mrrrh.

Worst: FF14 is another fucking online game. BOO. It's going to be FOREVER (if ever, I suppose) that another good FF game comes out. Hate.

I would be so pissed right now if I didn't have The Orange Box games en route!!
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Am I more pissed off at McCain & Cronies for making such a specious and pander-fucking selection for VP?

Or am I more pissed off at the naysayers (GET OFF MY SIDE, FUCKWITS) who attacked Palin on bogus issues when there was a VAST AND MIGHTY PLETHORA OF GOOD REASONS TO ATTACK HER AS A CANDIDATE FOR VP. Stop giving them actual reasons to dismiss our incredibly valid censure of the candidate. Jesus motherfucking christ on a goat fucking donkey.


[One should be cautious when watching MSNBC while one's lunch heats up. Now I've left messy bits of smoldering brain all over our nice communal lounge.]

Seriously, everybody OUT OF THE POOL. Time outs for everyone.


I know. I know. I'm joining the ranks who can't STFU about Palin. But OMFG.
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I hate this new Tropicana juice ad where this annoying woman intones sexily about how great the juice is--and then Invisible Hand person pours it from a height and half the fucking juice explodes out of the glass. Who would do that? It's wasteful! Just pour it into the glass, it doesn't have to create a mini-tsunami in the glass.

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Never. Ever. EVER book a ticket from Travelocity. Ever.

Trying to cancel our trip to Hawaii has been one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever encountered. I was on hold and transferred for two hours the day before yesterday. Situation STILL unresolved. Response to a scathing e-mail was a phone call from a clueless rep, more time on hold, and just more incompetence.

Worst customer service I have ever seen from a company. Even the managers are completely incompetent. It's staggering, actually. It's a sad comment that they are able to stay in business by the sheer luck that sometimes things don't go wrong and customers have no idea how awful they are.

*seethes* *hate* *fume*
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It is. Way too. Fucking. HOT.
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The nine millionth, and not terribly original, rant you've read on stupid movie-going audiences:

Went to see Cars with Pete, and I can't believe how close I came to all-out hair-pulling. The horrid woman sitting next to me with her guy would not shut up. After being shushed, she stopped talking at FULL FUCKING VOLUME, but my GOD. Also, the movie was funny and I don't mind when people laugh obviously, but her full body seizures were a bit much. Gah. And she kept kicking me. So at one point I kicked back, to her surprise. She kept her feet to herself after that. I know, not the most mature move ever, but OH MY FUCKING GOD! Die, bitch, die! Have some fucking manners, and STFU!

Do these people not read articles about assholes-in-movie-theatres and how some of the decline of people seeing movies in theatres is because of such assholes? The articles are everywhere. How do they not recognize themselves for the social pariahs that they are?

Now, we went to go see a Saturday matinee of an animated movie, so I expected noisy kids, but I will never understand why people think it's okay to bring a screaming baby into a theatre. Kids were running loose, up and down the aisles. I actually felt pretty calm about all the chaos (if not the stupid ho sitting next to me), but it was a good reminder that it's worth it to wait to see these types of movies well after the kids are asleep.

Review for Cars )

After the movie, we walked to La Creperie Voila, which is just at the Convention Center. We got a savory (chevre, spinach, and red peppers) and a sweet (nutella, bananas, and whipped cream) and split each. They were phenomenal! Just like Paris, actually. It was wonderful!

So that was a lovely afternoon out. Tonight: a mini-Pixar marathon.
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Are you kidding me with this motherfucking bullshit again?


Though, seriously: Jon Stewart tonight? LOVE.

Must find transcript or summat.
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Okay, so the episode isn' t even fucking over yet I must rant.

Survivor. )


Mar. 24th, 2006 10:53 am
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There was going to be a dead cat in the house this morning. Around some ungodly hour of morning, Hobbes decided he was going to go into his litter box, meow, and kick sand around. For. Ever. And I wondered if it was because I only used one container of the litter crystals instead of two. So finally, I hauled myself out of bed and dumped in the second container. As he continued to kick around in there and yowl, I woke up a bit and froze, worried that maybe he was in actual distress. I rolled over, but he finished his business and pranced out. Grrr. I don't know why he needed the second container, it wasn't that shallow. Hiss. He's had lower sand levels of litter before, so I don't know.

Then he started yowling for breakfast and wet-nosing my head. Thus he was briefly Hobbsie the Amazing Flying Kitty. I was cranky and there was much profanity, which he ignored and kept coming back to just openly HOWL. God. I finally fed him to shut him up, and also stopped to send-off a quick e-mail to my boss to say I was feeling like crap and needed to come in late. My head was still throbbing (red wine? NEVER AGAIN) and I still felt vaguely nauseated, so I pounded down some advil again and went to bed. I'd bcc'd Jeff on the e-mail, so he called immediately to check in. Because he rules. We talked briefly, establishing that I was just taking it easy and not on the brink of death. Then I conked out again with Hobbes, who having had all his needs attended to, was content to cuddle peacefully. My desire to kill him had also abated.

But it's hard to stay in bed, even when I feel crappy, so I wandered around a bit, and had breakfast. I think I feel well enough to get dressed and go in now, at least. It's funny how clear the line is between "don't wanna go to work" and "legitimately need to not go into work" and so I need to get dressed now. I think I'm going to take my swim gear with me, because I'm fairly sure I'll feel well enough by 5:30 to at least do a reasonable number of laps. If not push myself to add on or do anything extra-painful (i.e. the hated kickboard). But then tonight, I'm going to bundle up in my comforter on the couch and fall asleep, drooling, by 8:30.
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I would like to beat unconscious, with a stick, the person who came up with the idea of having little popup ads for shows during whichever show is airing. If I see The Rock (or Monk, or whatever) grunt while doing a sommersault in the lower left-hand corner of my television show one more time, I am going on a mission to Los Angeles (because from where else could such evil come) to issue a much deserved savage beating.

Because, what the fuck.

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I hate the Playtex Gentle Glide tampon ad. "The one that blooms to fit!" Also, I hate their plastic applicator.

No one on the rag suddenly pirouettes around because they're guaranteed a no-leak seal. Sheesh.
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1. When running late to work, it is not helpful to hide your keys. Putting them, for example, in your purse before you leave the house will only lead to frantic hunting and hyperventilation.

2. Audio CDs that have automatic browser-installing, video-installing crap on them are INFURIATING. I want to listen to the fucking CD. If I wish to have it dance the tarantella, I will inform it otherwise. Hiss.

3. I have a tummy ache.

4. I got to spend some time with the handsome lawyer upstairs. He makes me all a-flutter.

grrr arrgh

Jun. 23rd, 2005 10:55 pm
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In less happy news, I'm going to kill my ISP. My connection has been teh suck for some time now. Slow. And not just slow, but unusable for anything beyond simple web-browsing or email. Like, I can't fucking send an attachment via email. Even ftp is dog slow. Like 192 bytes/sec. Yeah. Bytes. They're unresponsive to email, unless I write repeatedly. I've pared my network down to one router, one pc, Ethernet connection.

So I wrote them again. And will call them when I'm home on Saturday. And if they can't help me fix it, I may have to switch to fucking Comcast. Bleargh.

But seriously, this is worse than dial-up. Everything just times out. Grrr.


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