Mar. 9th, 2011 03:50 pm
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Why are things so fucking cute on Etsy?
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It was such a nice weekend with Jeanne. It just freaking KILLS me that she doesn't live here anymore. She's seriously made of WIN. We had a great time--late nights chatting with Jeff and making him laugh at our discussions about The League of Fantasy Boyfriends. We can also relate to each other as professional single women in our thirties--and that's something I don't have with anyone else. She just gets it. I love her. (I LOVE YOU JEANNE! *waves*) Also she made me another glorious pair of socks which I immediately put on--they're green stripes!

After Milo's awesome first birthday party, we went to see Mamma Mia with Kelly, Rob, and Jen. It was a squeal-y fun time. As much as I love my guy friends, this was a very girlfriend-y movie and I'm so excited I got to see it with Jeanne! We browsed at Barnes and Noble and I bought the first Charlaine Haaris vampire book. Then we drove back home, hung out with Jeff, looked at shoes and cakes online (because, duh) and went to bed.

Today we drove down to the public market for breakfast at Maximilien's. Mmmmm warm pastry basket. OF JOY. We then went shopping at Sur la Table because Jeanne'd gotten me an absurdly generous gift certificate. I once told Jeanne, back when she was completing her training that I was buying her dinner because one day she was going to be a very rich trauma surgeon and it made sense to butter her up now. Apparently that has turned out to be true. I got a cake pan of joy (9x13, FINALLY) and a chrome cooling rack (so I too can make bacon in the oven).

And then we parted company. Jeanne drove her rental car back to the airport and despite being tempted by a cab, I took the bus back. I was very lucky--the 10:30 bus was running 7 minutes late and I didn't have to wait until 11!

I walked to Safeway for the ingredients for vegetarian chili. The reality is, this is quickly turning into a vegetarian household. Jeff certainly doesn't demand that I cook for him or that I not cook meat at home, but for better or for worse--he's my Culinary Muse. (He'd look good in Greek draping and an olive wreath, non?) I don't have the energy to make separate food for us and I love cooking for him too much to give it up. No chance that I'll ever actually become a vegetarian, but clearly there's going to be a lot more veggie cooking around here. It's just so deeply unsatisfying to have food on the table that he can't eat.

And now I'm home and it's only noon. As tempting as it is to do sweet fuck all and nap with Brutus, I have some goals to accomplish today, dammit!

Here they are for my crossing-out-pleasure:

- dishes, and cleaning the kitchen in general
- deflate air mattress and box for Jeff to return to Kirsten
- tidying up the mess in the dining room from packaging gift bags
- laundry
- make room for the pressure canner in the cabinet
- make chili
- make peach pudding cake
- water plants
- scoop Brutus' litterbox

I am NOT going to sit around doing nothing. NOT!
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As I flood the LJ with prattle.

Yesterday was CrazyPants busy with a side of Missed Bus. But today, today she is Calm. Even with the foot-itching, spit-aspirating, sneeze-not-desisting spectacle that my life has become. There's a lot to do, and the day is skipping along like a junior high school girl, but without the OhFuckOhFuckOhFuck Deadline-y-ness of yesterday.

The day is greatly enhanced by a weekend purchase. What purchase? Why a Butterfinger Crisp, my preciouseses!


Lurking below is one run-on sentence of spaz )
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Today's been a perfect Sunday.

After I managed to leave the house, I ran to the drugstore to pick up a few things, then waited impatiently for the delayed bus. Despite being a bit late, I was only a few minutes late meeting Jeff and Chris.

Brunch was great, though I was disappointed for Jeff that they couldn't make him a ham-free croque madame. Cafe Presse was able to, but Maximilien's apparently has their croques prepped in advance. Jeff got the glorious French bread instead (made with amazing brioche). We ate, chatted about the weekend so far, commented on the utterly dismal gray skies.

After, Chris drove off to play soccer and Jeff and I wandered the market. I bought some French tulips, which I love. (Even if Jeff thinks they're 'common' --apparently flowers need to queen it up for him.) We went to Sur la Table and I bought a good sized muffin tin, some parchment paper, these cute silicon prep bowls and a new meat thermometer. Jeff got a gnocchi board. We also hit a produce stand on our way up to the bus. I got carrots, celery, onions, and asparagas.

We made our way back up to my place and watched Friday's episode of The Soup where I nearly died from a choking fit because Joel McHale is fucking awesome.

And presenting another entry for my series: Great Moments in Friendship

Jeff: UGH. You bought Peeps? Ewww!
Me: *turning around, with a withering gaze* Here's your Easter basket. INGRATE!
Jeff: OMG they're in the basket! I didn't see that. Um. Um. I love peeps!
Me: *punch*

In my defense, I know they're vile. But I couldn't resist their pink-bunny-ness!

After The Soup, I drove Jeff home and hit Whole Food's on the way back. Whole Foods is such a foodie's delight. I'm really determined to bring my lunches this week and eat a dinner that did not come straight from a box. So I let myself indulge. There's nothing more glorious than making a from-scratch Italian pasta sauce on a rainy Sunday. I got the ingredients for Cook's Illustrated's Lasagna Bolognese, including forking out for real Parmigiano Reggiano.

I bought stuff. )

I tragically forgot lettuce, which I really like in my sandwiches. I may have to go get some tonight. But we'll see. It really makes me sad to have a sandwich without it.

Sarah's coming over for dinner tonight with Henry. I'm going to miss her the next couple of weeks. But I'm damn excited to have Henry back again.

I need to unload and load the dishwasher and put away the groceries. So I'm gonna go do that now!
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I am never allowed to buy the Kasugai orange gummy things again ever. Because omg they are so good and I can eat about a million an' a half of 'em.

Weekend was jam-packed with all kinds of coolness. Sarah and I built shelves and reorg'd the office (turning it into a library, purrrrr) and I must post pictures of the gloriousness of them. We also opened up the new Dell and it's very, very shiny.

I spent half the weekend chucking old computer manuals (for products I no longer have, but have carted around for about ten years), shredding outdated bills and bank things, and unpacking boxes and boxes of crap that were buried in the office closet. No more! It's so liberating! My place is still a bit of a mess right now, but it's going to be so much better than it was with all thtat random crap gone!

Saturday, Sarah and I grabbed some breakfast and did all kinds of random shopping at U Village. I finally found the type of olive oil bottle I wanted (tall, square, glass) and some new placemats.

Eventually it was back to the house to unpack and toss mountains of archaic stuff.

Later that night I went to play with Zach, most adorable baby ever! He's getting so big, it's hard to remember when he was just 4.9lbs now that he's over 12lbs! I will share photos soon! Eventually I made my way over to Jeff's to petsit since he was visiting friends out on the peninsula.

Sunday, Pete and I went to see the godawful A Perfect Stranger. I know --of course it sucked, but I thought it would at least be semi-okay. But Halle Berry can NOT act, no matter how hot she is.

We then just hung out and did random things like grocery shop, go to the comic book store, and hang out chez moi while I did some kitchen cleaning.

I did find that I couldn't sleep at all last night. Just inexplicably. So this morning was very NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and burying my head under the covers, but I think I will survive.

It's a particularly crazy week ahead. I'm in this weird holding pattern at work because at the end of the day Friday, I'd sent out all my stuff for technical review to various developers, and now just need to wait. Hrm.

Tonight is the annual condo meeting, which I am very irritated to have to attend. Tomorrow is the woodworking class that Jeff and I are taking. Wednesday night a friend is visiting from out of town. Thursday I get to hang out with Sarah. Friday is a party at my former boss's boss's house for a second round of goodbye. I want to squeeze in some time with my nephew on Saturday and I'm forgetting, but there is something else going on Saturday. And Sunday is John's birthday.

Life seems to be going on normally, and then somehow --it warps into turbo drive and everything seems overscheduled and frantic. No likee. Especially because I want to go home and unpack and organize the office even more! Boo!

My cousin is coming for a visit the following weekend, and the day after she leaves, my parents arrive for a visit, and the weekend after that another friend is visiting. I think it's going to be June before there's time for a breather!

Sarah and I were supposed to plan our Hawaii trip on Saturday, but never got around to it. I can't freaking wait for September!


Apr. 7th, 2007 07:28 pm
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It's just incredible how much energy the sunlight provides. Today wasn't nearly as nice as yesterday, but it wasn't cold and the sun even came out to play for a bit. I'll take it!

I woke up early and spent the morning working in the office. Then, Pete swung by and we discussed potential options for my old bookshelves, and then realized we were going to be late and hightailed it to Pacific Place. The Hoax was pretty entertaining, although Clifton Irving is obviously completely insane. Great performances, and it's always wonderful to see Alfred Molina. Pete was very patient today as I dragged him to Nordstrom to buy myself eyeliner and lipstick, and then to Swansen's Gardening Center. He's just so damn nice. He seemed pretty content to push the cart around at Swansen's and offer opinions when asked about which plants I should get. Then we grabbed lunch at the Ale House in Ballard and came back to my place, where he helped lug bags of soil and cartons of plants upstairs.

He kept me company and we chatted while I planted my new spring garden. I got more Gerber daisies and a cyclamen and tulips and herbs and it's all very very exciting and pretty out there now!

Tonight, I need to study French for tomorrow's lesson, and also re-do my insane filing cabinet which is just a mess right now. It's all part of the greater office rejuvenation project!

Shoot, I also need to run to Safeway because I wanted to bring the bears some Easter basket goodies tomorrow! Should go do that first!
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So I totally did not go study French yesterday. I was thinking about it when Sarah called, asking if we could get together early (YES!).

I felt pretty productive for a Sunday, I'd gotten dishes and laundry done and my place was pretty damn clean and goddammit, I wanted to shop!

My two pairs of jeans had bit the dust and were holier than is publically acceptable. So we drove up to the mall in Lynnwood which was much, much nicer than Northgate.

Shopping! )

On a totally different topic, Jeff and I are having lunch with a former co-worker and her adorable little boy. I am so excited! What I didn't tell Jeff is that she's pregnant again! (I thought it would be fun for her to share her exciting news herself!) Tami is wonderful and her little boy, Evan, is a complete angel, so I'm very excited to see them both again!

And now, back to work!


Mar. 19th, 2007 11:08 pm
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I totally can't remember what I used to use to burn DVD data discs. Any recommendations? (For Windows XP.)

Just reformatted my PC and got a new iPod.

Work is totally insane right now. Um.

What else? Oh, I love my new iPod (my old one died a sad and unexpected death).

I'm so hungry. But I have to go to sleep rightnow.

Also bought a lot of Beatles cds.

I think that's all for now.

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I've been sleeping rather restlessly lately. Boo.

Woke up, had a great talk with Didier (though my French brain was not working at all today). His English always puts me to shame, regardless. Bustled around cleaning for a bit before Jeff came to pick me up. I made him try the tangerine sorbet, which he happily liked. We talked a bit about a devastating story he heard on NPR (religious persecution of Muslim children in the US--very sad story) and headed over to Capitol Hill to meet up with Brian and Randy --most adorable couple EVER. I've only recently met Randy, but I pretty much love the guy now. He's super affectionate and wonderful. We set out for Cost Plus, the Public Market, and other random shops around downtown. It was a nice day out, despite the packed streets and crazy parking scenarios. Brian drove us everywhere, for which I was immeasurably grateful. Mostly we were lucky and I got a good portion of my list done.

We dropped Brian and Randy off and continued on to look at trees (nothing the right size, sadly) and onward to U Village. More shopping, including my birthday present from my mom --a shiny, exciting Le Creuset 5 and 1/2 quart dutch oven. I'm so excited... I'm sort of speechless. I can't believe it's mine! I got it in French Blue. Um. *dies* I can't wait to make Alton Brown's Coq au Vin in it.

We decided against waiting two hours at The Ram and put our names down at Piatti and went to browse books at B&N for half an hour. Time went by pretty fast and we sat down to a lovely meal, which was much needed at the end of a long day.

Sarah's coming over for a cookie-making extravaganza. I still need to sort through the recipes I've selected and get a list of ingredients ready for tomorrow morning. I really just want to go pass out in my bed, but I'm going to try to suck it up for a little longer.
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Picked up wallet. Drove to Restaurant Supply Store. They RULE. Got a baguette pan and pizza stone and dough card and all sorts of bread-making tips from expert staff.

Spent about a million dollars at Ballard Market. But is okay, because had no food left whatsoever at home.

Lugged booty home. Too exhausted to cook upon getting home so defeated entire purpose of shopping by ordering in, but hadn't eaten anything since 8AM and was fucking starving.

Tidied up kitchen, but floors are still in state of utter disgrace. Cleaned out cat box so can stop feeling like World's Worst Cat-owner. Tidied up dining room, living room, and bedroom. Will tackle toilets tomorrow.

Changed stupid sheets finally. Cooked no bread as couldn't find stupid gluten (not gluten flour). Will try PCC tomorrow. Wish not to have to resort to ordering it online.

We won't discuss the state of my office or, god forbid, the exploding shelves, but simply don't care anymore.

Looking forward to seeing Stranger than Fiction tomorrow. Wish to be Emma Thompson.
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Friday!

Just had the loveliest night. Jeff's parents are in town and his mom's been cooking up a storm and he invited me to have dinner with his parents and Chris. There's a bigger friends-dinner tomorrow night that I'm also looking forward to, but I got to hang out with just them tonight, too! It was really awesome. Jeff's parents are wonderful and we sat and chatted over this spectacular Italian meal that his mom referred to as 'easy' and I referred to as 'manna from Heaven.' I so should have been born Italian. It was a glorious marinara sauce. And normally I require meat in my pasta sauce, but the flavors are so rich, you don't miss the meat at all. Jeff's dad made this divine tomato salad and there was some crusty bread that was so good, I wanted to grab the basket and run away. Did I mention my love for Italians and their food?

So we ate and chat and it was such a great end to a tiresome week. As my contribution, I brought this fresh fruit tart that I'd run home after work to make. This has replaced the berry cobbler as my favorite dessert to make for people. It's a very pretty looking tart and so easy. And the hazelnut crust always gets rave reviews. So, yay! It made my day when Chris took a second helping and his mom said, "I think you should leave it," when Jeff asked if I wanted to take the leftovers home. Jeff's parents are both amazing cooks, so I have to admit I was ecstatic that they liked it so much. His dad asked his mom to get the recipe, even!

I was also very touched because Jeff had clearly told his mom that I took care of him last weekend when he threw out his back. It's so silly, because I got to hang out with Jeff all weekend (while Chris was in Portland) and stay up late for an X-files sleepover and drink diet pepsi and walk to the ale house for lunch and get love from the kitties. Not that I would ever wish Jeff harm, but I don't know that gratitude is in order when I felt so spectacularly gleeful about having him at my mercy for two days. Muhahahaha!

Anyhow, after dinner, Chris put on a disc of photos their recent hike to the Enchantments and some of the shots were just spectacular.

Eventually it was time to leave, and I got to smooch both Brutus and Buffy before heading home --with glorious pasta leftovers.

It's sort of a busy weekend ahead! I hope to meet up with Jeff & Co at the Farmer's Market tomorrow, then see Invincible with Pete, and then dinner again with Jeff's family. Sunday I need to get twenty billion errands done, and my reward will be to hang out for movie night chez Sarah! I can't wait to see her place all spruced up with paint and new picture frames and a darling little tree we picked out at IKEA on Thursday night (I bought more of my current obsession--glass 'tupperware').

Right now, though? I am nigh-orgasmic about getting to sleep in tomorrow morning. It's been a sleep-deprive-y sort of week, and I'm dying to just loaf in my bed for as long as I damn well please!
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Having a very cheerful day, considering it took me five years to get dressed this morning. Hated everything in my wardrobe and the way the genetic betrayal that is my body (*) looked in everything I owned. Resulted in some painful dry-shaving of my shins so I could put on a skirt. Mrh.

Sometimes feel as though am 8-year old girl who only wants to wear same shirt for 3 weeks, but do not do this, as would smell.

Yesterday was a madhouse at work, and it's temporarily abated while work is pending other people doing other things.

But! IKEA tonight with Jeff! And, get to visit cute kitties when we stop by his house to feed them.

Also, had dinner with Jeff last night at Kabul in Wallingford, which Jeff has talked about forever. It was spectacular. We split some flat fried won-ton looking thing and then I had the chicken kebab and this fantastic rice. Jeff had something eggplant-y, which ew, but he was happy, so yay!

Then we split the tiniest dessert ever, but it was good. Some cardamon flavored custard thing. Quite good, if a bit thin.

Annnnnnnnd work is all about things I don't feel like doing today. Boo.

But tonight, road trip to IKEA! Music! Dancing!

Okay, just IKEA. But it'll still be fun!

* J. Garafalo in Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion
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Things accomplished:
- Best Buy (bought iMobile and excitingly frivolous dvds)
- Grocery shopped
- Formatted/installed OS on laptop
- Baked bread

So, yay.

Laundry is loaded, and I have to stay awake to toss it into dryer.

It is blazing hot for some reason and I'm cranky because I've already stayed up far too late. I probably won't have the energy to swim in the morning, which means I'll go to the pool at night, which is always more crowded. AND I was hoping to go to Zoka's with my French homework and start dedicating some extra time to that.

Not to mention, irritating girl-issues which I will hide behind a cut, because it's TMI. )

Outside of the carnage, it was a wonderful afternoon/evening. So delighted to have clean PC and laptop. Had a blast downloading all the cool Firefox extensions I'd been too lazy to install before because I knew this format/install was coming. Image Zoom is fucking SWEET.

Sarah is the perfect person to go to Best Buy with, and we ran around in geeky delight. We'd both grocery shopped before--Sarah brought over Buffalo burgers and buns. We came back home, had this lovely herbed Gouda I'd bought at the Farmer's market before and the joy of Triscuits (which I haven't had in some oddly lengthly time period) while Sarah prepped the grill and I steamed broccoli. We ate on the deck, and it was a lovely evening, with a cloudy pink sunset.

Then we sat down to watch A League of their Own and to eat chocolate-y desserts as part of the Menstruation Ritual.

Maybe a miracle will hit, and I will wake up to my new shiny iMobile alarm clock and want more than anything to go for a 7AM swim.

Also, once I get back from LA, I'm having all my hair chopped off. It's going to be summer soon, and I'm ready for it to be short!

I wish I could just not go to work tomorrow. But I have 80000 meetings and the Intern starts tomorrow, and I just can't not be there. Also, another hideous week of NO JEFF. *sulk* He's got some class thingie, but I might be able to dart over to the U District to have lunch with him, which is at least something.

Oooh, laundry's done. Time for bed!


May. 8th, 2006 06:51 am
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Ugh. So this is what the 'early' morning looks like. Ick.

Since evenings have been so crazy lately, I've decided to try the early-morning swim. If Evans pool wasn't so close, this wouldn't work. Mornings always make my stomach acid-y. BUT, I've missed swimming for about two weeks now, and I miss it. So here's hoping I don't drown.

And this means that I can go shopping right after work with Jeanne to REI and have dinner with her. I kinda want the Timbuk2 Metro bag. I think it would be very useful in Paris (or so I rationalize).
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Dude. Today was all about spending money. The bad side of getting paid once a month is that I want to run out into the streets hurling fistfuls of cash. Gah.

After I dropped my mom off at the airport, I went straight to Target and plunked down an awful lot of money for what essentially is something my cat is going to shit on. But the crystal litter is cheaper at Target than at Safeway, so it's a worthy investment. I bought batteries for my camera for Paris. Plus, I bought Sausalito cookies, which are my favoritest. Also, I bought a bunch of random movies, including Pillow Talk, Jurassic Park, Dirty Dancing (shutup!) and Bruce Almighty.

Then I marched downstairs to Best Buy and bought Deadwood: Season One. Praise the lord, Season Two has finally fucking been announced and will be released on May 23rd (two days after I get back from Paris--woo!).

After this, I drove to Annie's Affordable Art in Ballard and had them frame the two Steinlen prints and bought another print from a local artist. Just greenery and pretty. I also sucked it up and got that framed. It was going to take them about an hour, so I wandered next door to the Secret Garden bookstore and picked up Wendy McClure's memoir, I'm Not the New Me, and wandered off to Matador for lunch.

Wendy McClure's book is about the hell of weight-loss and she's of the Television Without Pity and Poundy fame. So far: funny and painful.

After stalling as long as I could bear, I walked back to Annie's. They weren't quite done because they'd gotten very busy. But they promised to finish up quickly, and they did. They did a beautiful job on all the prints, and I would definitely recommend them. I'm not sure why framing is so absurdly expensive, but they don't seem to be more expensive than other places I've seen, and did a great job.

And now, I'm home. Hobbsie loves me and considers me to be both his best friend and his raison d'etre. This has nothing to do, I'm sure, with the fact that he'd like an early Sunday supper.

My only remaining tasks for the rest of the day are:

- two one loads of laundry
- make new bed with freshly washed new sheets
- put away clean dishes from dishwasher
- hang shiny new art

I'm going to do all of this between episodes of Deadwood. Got that, cocksuckah??
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Every time I plan a bbq, the heavens split their seams and water hurls down at the earth. Clearly the powers that be are afraid I'm going to set the world on fire, and prepare a contingency plan.

I was so tired earlier. We finished shopping for bedding, went shopping for groceries, and I just wanted to kill everybody on the road between Queen Anne Trader Joe's and my house. It didn't help that the back route to Aurora was unexpectedly closed. HISS. I managed to keep my temper in check and not explode all over my nice, clean mother. But I just wanted to come home, crawl into bed, and never come out. But, guests were coming soon. So potato salad was assembled, and things were tidied up.

By the time OB and Em arrived, I was in a much better mood. We grilled burgers and dogs and even though I'd forgotten the damn celery, the potato salad came out pretty good. I'm going to make that again for dinner with Jeff and Chris on Monday.

Speaking of--I am inexpressibly delighted that they're coming over. It's going to be very simple fare, since it's a work night for all of us, but I haven't had Chris over ever, and Jeff hasn't seen the place since the big Movie Night That Wasn't. I want to go all out and make 50 things, but Jeff would brain me. So, another bbq --burgers and tofurkey sausage (for Jeff). Potato salad. And some sort of exciting dessert. Maybe cobbler. Or ice cream pie. Hrm.

After OB and Em left, I hauled myself over to Fred Meyer and bought some 440-thread-count white sheets on sale, 40% off, for $50. In my excitement, I came home, stripped my bed, but forgot I needed to wash the new sheets first. So, d'oh! They're in the wash now. I have no idea if they're going to be done before I need to pass out dead asleep. I can't wait to make the damn bed.

It's going to be a busy week. Monday night dinner with cute boys. Then Thursday I drop my car off again. The fifth-gear issue hasn't come up again, and I just don't know what to do about it. It's making me crazy with worry, because intermittent problems are the devil. Friday night I have a catch up dinner with Judy, and I'm going to make the carrot cake cheesecake that was such a hit for Jeanne's party on Saturday. Saturday is Jeanne's infamous Day of Seattle bash, and I'm going to head out after the harbor cruise (while everyone else goes to the Space Needle) and make the Alton Brown BLT salad and gougeres, because Judy is endearingly obsessed. I wonder how resilient pate a choux (since I know the fancy word for it now) is. I mean, can I make it at home, and refrigerate it and then take it to Jen and KC's house to cook, so they'll be fresh and toasty?

I think on Sunday a group is going to Mission Impossible, but I think I will stay at home and try to gather things together for Paris, because um--next weekend is my last weekend before going. Which, I can't believe at all. I need to make a list of things I need. Things like batteries and a copy of my passport and what book I'm going to read on the plane. Etc.

I can't believe I'm going. Wow.

Okay, can't think about that. Makes my head all spinny.

Tomorrow, in addition to getting posters framed, I need to organize my bills. And since my mom's flight is relatively early, I should come home and clean the guest closet out some.

If I had any energy, any energy at all--I would hook up the SNES in my bedroom and play Zelda for the rest of the night. Mowr.
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In other news, my mom and I went shopping. For some reason, I find bedding utterly challenging. I'm very picky, and don't like anything. Or rather, I like much, but not for my room and bed. So, we scoured the countryside this weekend, and I've bought the Italian hotel bedding from Restoration Hardware. I have to spread it out and see if I like it in the room, but it's certainly very pretty.

I still need to buy some nice, crisp white sheets. I wanted the ones at Restoration Hardware, but couldn't barf up the $350 it would have cost. They are so impossibly soft. I need to buy some less expensive sheets immediately, though, because my dark red bedding isn't going to work with this new cover/shams. Also in the near future, I want new, nicer pillows. I have two nice down pillows, but two completely deflated and yellowed sad-looking things that were probably once pillows.

I did finally get the light down blanket I've coveted for ages. Mostly because my mom insisted on buying it for her cheap daughter.

I really hope to get the last two pictures framed and hung tomorrow, and then I will take a metric buttload of pictures. I also hope that the new bedding will light a fire under my ass about finishing the trim in the bedroom. Especially around the window, which will also require me to replace the crappy metal blinds.
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Today was funny. I was tired as hell from staying out late on Monday. We went to see David Sedaris, who completely rocks. Much with the funny. He was rather vociferous in his admiration of Who Do You Love by Jean Thompson, so I bought that today.

Got home late, slept late, and was tired all day. Hastily did my French homework after lunch with Jeff. French lessons are going very well. We usually talk for 45 minutes now before tackling homework and new material. I can read more and more of Le Monde, which is exciting. And we're focusing our conversation and questions on likely situations in Paris. I can't believe that trip is so close!

Sarah and I had plans to run around Greenlake, but we were both utterly exhausted and decided to fuck it. We drove to my place (because omfg I bought all kinds of new art and am dying of love over it) and tried to go to Gorditos for dinner but forgot that they are closed on Tuesday. WAH. We drove to El Chupacabra which I'd heard some good things about, but as much as the food was decent, the service was really bad. We were ignored for a long while until our pleasant-enough waiter took our order. Food took too long, and then I had to flag him down, both arms a-wavin' to ask for the check, which he forgot to bring and continued to ignore our existance, until I shouted (over the deafening din of the place) EXCUSE MEEE!! and he remembered and finally brought it over. I wouldn't bother going again until they get more than two people to serve an entire, over-crowded restaurant.

Then back to my place. Sarah was appropriately coo-y over the new art, which I ran around showing her, not entirely unlike a four-year-old. It's so pretty! A couple of classic Steinlen prints, one funny Steinlen, and an André Renoux print of Place Furstenberg that is gorgeous and looks even more gorgeous on my caramel dining room wall. Clearly, I am in a Parisian state of mind.

The house is mostly clean. Just some dishes, collected trash to toss, and annoying spots of Hobbsie regurgitation to SpotBot. I'm going to head into work a bit late tomorrow, finishing those bits off, and then race to the grocery store before picking my mom up after work. I can't wait to show her everything! It's so much more done, now! And since this will be a low-key weekend, I am determined to go through the boxes in the office closet. Most of that stuff is to be tossed or donated, and then I can make better use of the remaining space. Also, she's promised to make my favorite curry!

On a final note, I am hopelessly in love with The Time Traveler's Wife. Just read a part that completely broke my heart, but I'll save a more spoilerific post for when I'm done with it. What a remarkable story. And this, a first novel. Some people are just amazing, and I don't know if Audrey Niffenegger is ever going to write again, but she may not need to. This was the perfect book.
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I love days off. My GOD.

Got up relatively early, which was easy since I passed out like the dead last night. New bed = pretty comfy. It's not as squishy as my last bed, but as much as I like a soft mattress, this wasn't uncomfortable at all, and I'm sure I'll appreciate the better back support. Also, despite the bed being so tall, Hobbsie doesn't have any trouble leaping up there, which I was mildly worried about. I do want a new duvet cover, though.

Anyhow. Got up early and went to get my legs waxed. My appt was with this new woman (new to me, not to Habitude) and I have to say that I missed Sonia, my regular pain-wielder. This woman was polite enough, if fairly business-like-brisk, but Sonia is just incredibly nice. Much pain later, my legs do not resemble a Wooly Mammoth. I came home and called VW about my warranty and to make an appt. I'm anxious about this. I have it in black and white that my powertrain warranty is for 10 year/100K, so if things have to get ugly--I'll be ready with the paperwork. I just have the feeling they're going to try to screw me. I have an appt for April 10th, and they'll even shuttle me to work, so that's one less headache.

I puttered around at home briefly before heading out to Evans pool to meet Judy for a swim. It was really nice. It wasn't so crowded at noon, and we got our laps in, showered, and stopped by my place so Judy could look at the new furniture and I could foist some books on her (The Furies which I just bought, Fables, and Y: The Last Man), the latest bread (Rosemary French Bread) and then we walked down to Olive You, which is the cutest restaurant with the best fries in all of Seattle. Hello, run-on sentence, how are you?

After lunch, we ran up to Capitol Hill to meet Jeanne at Stiches. What a cute store! We're finally ready to take our sewing class, and I'm going to traumatize Jeff by making him some pajama pants. Also, I fell in love with some yarn and bought enough for a stripe-y scarf. I'm feeling unsure about the fabric I bought for his pjs, though. I love the colors (shades of blue) and that they're striped, but I wish the stripes were more narrow and weren't traversed periodically with a black stripe. Hrm. I hope they don't suck. It does seem like everything I try to make for Jeff ends up a collosal failure (scarf, still unfinished; quilt, badly fucked up squares). Wah. Hopefully this doesn't equate to the quality of my adoration for him, which is absolute.

Then! Jeanne seduced me into going to Weaving Works with her, a yarn store I've wanted to go to for ages, and as always in Jeanne's company, I spent too much money. But I have all kinds of beautiful material for all kinds of beautiful projects. I'm rather excited about them! My mum is going to come visit at the end of April, so I'm going to start on a soft, pink hat for her.

Then Jeanne dropped me off at home, also coming upstairs to observe the new furniture--which I'm still not over. I should really snap some shots, but I'm waiting for the bedroom to really get cleared of the pieces of the old bed. So, soon.

And now I'm home. It's been a lovely day. Dishes are churning away in the washer, I'm going to do a load of laundry, edit a paper for a friend, and then knit in front of the fire while watching tv. Not a bad life.

mmm bread

Mar. 19th, 2006 10:14 am
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I feel a little crazy, but I think I'm going to buy a bread machine. Yes, a bread machine. That item that everyone gets on their wedding registry list, but no one uses. Though I used to once work as a nanny for this couple who made a loaf every other day.

I've always wanted one. And I think I would actually use it. So, once this idea popped into my head, I went to look on Amazon, and this bread machine is on sale for like $60 (from $140) and the reviews for it are only good.

I think it's going to be too tempting to pass up. I wonder if I can make half-loaves. One of my biggest bread complaints is that I can never get through a loaf before it rots. Also, I've tried kneading my own bread and I rather hate it. So I'm never going to be a home-made bread maker in any other way.


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