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I couldn't sleep last night. It happens sometimes. I go to bed, read a bit, turn off the light, and my eyes just stay wide open. By the time I realize it, it's too late to take anything for it.

So, this morning, I slept in and decided to take today off. And, since Monday is a holiday, I decided to take Friday off too. It's very, very liberating.

I'm in the midst of the big house reorg, and also the cake trio for Saturday. I didn't absolutely need the extra time, but it's gonna help!

First stop today: cake supply store
Next stop: Fred Meyer, where Sarah says they have great org container stuff
Finally: Happy Hour sushi with Sarah and Neelz! Whee!

The rest of the cake schedule is as planned---make cupcakes and fillings tomorrow, frostings on Saturday morning, assembly and decoration for the rest of the day until the party.

Also, I would very much like for it to stop raining! Though have I mentioned how much I freaking love my new boots? I make everyone who comes near me put their legs in them. LOVE!!
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That was so awesome.

From Misc

It would be so fantastic to be in Madrid tonight!
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It is so nice to finally be able to blog again!

First and foremost, I have spectacular news! My oldest friend gave birth today. That is a cause for genuine celebration.

In fact, this news is so amazing, it deserves its own post. I'll update more on myself later, because right now I am just excited for Judy!!

Her adorable baby boy was born at 8 pounds and 8 ounces. He is perfect. It was almost overwhelming to be there and see her and her husband John and their new amazing baby! Both mom and baby are doing well, and the new dad looks positively giddy, which is very unusual for stoic John. It was exciting to be in the waiting room with Ellie and Jeff, the future aunt and uncle. My job on the phone tree was to call Jeanne, and it was really sweet to hear her excitement on the phone too. This kid already has a lot of love that has been waiting for him.

I can't wait to see them tomorrow.
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Because I went to bed early, it followed that I woke up early. I talked with Alain and then darted off for a day of errand-running. Cookies were mailed to family. I discovered that I could handle going to a new post office and didn't drive out to Ballard. Then I dropped off presents and cookies at KC and Jen's house. I'd left my cell at home, so it was a day of either leaving things on doorsteps or springing myself onto people unannounced. I drove to U Village and bought gifts for my brother, SIL, and nephew-to-be in all of 15 minutes flat (not kidding). I hastened out of there to get my hair cut, and I rather like it. It's short but swing-y and bouncy. And easy to manage, so hurray. I wrapped gifts in the car and then drove over to OB's house. I continue to marvel at having them so close where such random-stop-bys can actually happen. It is glorious. They seemed really happy with their presents (because I demanded that they open them immediately). And I managed to inherit OB's old dvd player for my bedroom. Bonus.

And then back home to grab Sarah's cookies, and to briefly preen at new haircut, before driving over to her place to help her pack and straighten her place out before going away FOREVER. Well, until the 31st. It is just tragic when half of your social life goes far, far away, dammit!

I borrowed half of her video and book library and we grabbed a quick bite at Gordito's, which is tragically going out of business on the hill. So sad. Then more hanging out and jabbering until I left and she is undoubtedly showering as I type, before her exciting red-eye flight tonight.

And now I am giving up on all pretense of restraint and going to put on Final Fantasy 12, for which I have waited, nay, hungered, lo these past many years. Wannit NOW!

The only thing wrong with today was the lack of Jeff, but as I explained to him in our parking garage on Thursday, we are going to be hanging out, because he has no choice. And then there is lots of Christmas-y fun to be had with throngs of adorable Bears. And more cookie baking for parties. Whee!
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OMG that was fun.

What a weekend, and it's only Saturday night!

Um, and apparently I'm feeling quite chatty tonight --just finished typing and this is fucking huge, so under a cut it goes.

The executive summary is: I went to see Howard Jones, it was fun. I went to the farmer's market with Jeff and cooked a lot, and then had a fantastic time at dinner with four charming men. )
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So I was posing to Jeff my great dilemma. To laptop or not to laptop.

I wanted to be able to write while in Paris. I suck at writing things by hand now. Surely, there would be a lot to journal about, for myself if not for LJ (but probably for both).

My laptop weighs approximately 900 lbs and is a pain in the ass to drag around, especially since one can not reasonably expect to check anything valuable into baggage claim.

Lots of friends had lots of good input. Jeff, however, solved the problem. He knows I'm taking my PDA. I was talking about my orgasmic delight in learning from Julie that there is a PDA Scrabble where you can play with yourself (dirty!) and OMFG I must have it. MUST HAVE IT!

So Jeff said, why can't you write on your PDA. And I patiently mimicked the painstaking misery that would be writing a single sentence, let alone a loquacious journal entry.

He struck genius with the concept of getting an unfoldy, PDA keyboard. I nearly jumped him. What a stroke of brilliance!!

I've ordered one and with my Amazon Prime account, for a mere $4 extra, I will be getting it on Wednesday. And lo there was much joy!

It's just so exciting! I'm also considering some travel PDA software for Paris (interactive maps, whee!).

So that's a fucking relief. Because I was really leaning towards taking the behemoth thing, and I'm glad not to have to anymore.

Yay, Jeff!!


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