Nov. 2nd, 2006 03:44 pm
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Me: 1. I would like a day without a headache. 2. And a cupcake.
Jeff: You should check-in with Nancy [my internist]. Can't help you with number 2.
Me: Yeah, I will.
Jeff: Maybe she can prescribe some migraine meds.
Me: True. But these are just sort of low-grade annoying headaches. Not migraines. Don't want my life to revolve around doses of Aleve.
Jeff: Agreed. Though I go through phases with my back where I need naproxyn for a few weeks. But, I think that's more common for bad backs.
Me: Yeah, not sure what it means for zee head.
Jeff: Maybe they'll have to amputate.
Me: :b
Me: Stop me from eating so damn much.
Jeff: Yes, but there's something scary about your head untethered from your body. You'd make me carry you around everywhere...
Me: Dude, totally.
Jeff: And the talking would continue!
Me: Oh yeah. There's really no escaping the talking.
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Jeff just called and said he's also just started feeling achy and upset-stomach-y!

I accused him of giving me the cooties. (He'd started feeling icky yesterday, poor bunny, but thought it was done with.)


Jul. 25th, 2006 06:25 pm
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Woke up at 5:30AM with a stabbing headache. I'm not sure if it's the heat, the noise from the fan, or the dehydration I've been too stupid to keep at bay.

I pounded some Advil, explained to Hobbes again that body heat = NO, and pushed him back to his side of the bed, and miraculously eventually fell asleep again.

Woke up when the alarm went off, and cautiously felt around my head, which seemed okay. But now the headache is back, throbbing, but not stabbing. I'm counting the hours until I can maw more fistfulls of Advil. Also doing my best to drink some water.

Am tempted to blow twelve million dollars (that I don't have) on an air conditioner, but am sure that the minute it's installed, Seattle will be plunged into an Ice Age and the AC will sit there mocking me.


In happier news, it's Pete's birthday and we're off to lunch at Paseo!
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When I called in sick this morning, I just thought I was over-tired and had indigestion from too much spicy Thai food. But as I've largely been asleep the entire day, I really don't feel bad about it--clearly I needed the rest. I'd offered to come in to Bill, who said that I should just take the day off--it's pretty dead at the office.

Also, it's my first sick day since going permanent. Why am I defending myself?

Anyhow, spent most of the day asleep, would wake up and check in on Jeff (someone has to keep tabs on that guy), and then fall back asleep.

I'm mostly awake now and think I'm going to try to stay awake so that I'm not up all night.


Nov. 2nd, 2005 11:17 pm
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I never thought I'd say this, but I really wish I had a humidifier. Drying my mouth and throat out all night is no fun. My throat still feels parched from the earlier nap and no amount of liquid seems to give it the hydration it wants. Mrh.

In happy news, Jeff! stopped by. It was definitely the highlight of my day. He had that post-swim glow and cooties be damned, I tackle hugged him. We just got tickets for Sweeney Todd, which is playing down on the 5th Avenue theatre. Jeff's never seen it and it's been decades since I have.

Anyhow the nap makes me not very sleepy, but I know I need to go to bed NOW to give myself some extra rest before tomorrow. Blah.


Nov. 1st, 2005 04:59 pm
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It feels very weird to have fallen asleep at noonish only to wake up now with the day gone. I fell asleep right as Aragorn was singing about Beren and the lady of Luthien. Or was it during Arwen's run from the Ringwraiths. I think it was intermittent, because I vaguely remember Boromir in Rivendell. Hrm. I think that was when I totally passed out. But I woke up to an inbox full of well wishers, which was really nice.

Hobbes kept me in good company today. He loves days where for whatever reason unknown to him, I stay in bed all day with him. Although currently he's guarding the bedroom doorway, so I will be sure to know he's ready to eat anytime I want to get up.

My throat hurts less, but I think it's because of that nice wall of mucous choking it. It still feels swollen, but at least there isn't that awful tearing sensation every time I swallow. I need more fluids, but they're all the way over there. Sigh.

In a weird twist, all my cousins are sick in LA. K, M, H, Y, and A. I think Z and Mo are the only ones unaffected.

No doubt about it, I'm glad I stayed home. I would have been utterly useless at work and miserable to boot. I used to feel this intense passion about going into work even when sick, which was stupid. I used to think it meant devotion. But it just meant that I would take a lot longer to get better and infect half my office.

Now that I'm awake, I'm trying to figure out what to do that my attention span can handle. LotR again? Veronica Mars? Read something? Book on tape? It's a little hard to focus. Mowr.

Also, right about now, half a roll of toilet paper in, I'm annoyed I didn't buy the Puffs Plus I considered during my last grocery trip.


Nov. 3rd, 2003 11:22 pm
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And I'm back in bed. At 9. So insane. I've been out of bed for less than 6 hours. BUT I have clean laundry, clean sheets, clean dishes, clean apartment (except for vacuum/mop jobs) and clean me. Not too bad. I didn't work on my RFP yet. That's going to be a rush job that I think I will leave for tomorrow. Maybe I'll start on it tonight. Grr. God bless laptops. And cats that snuggle with you all day when you're sick. Ooo to end on a positive note, here's a list of things I currently like:

Down comfortors/pillows.
Warm vanilla pudding.
Smell of freshly washed hair.
Gosford Park.

Hrm. LJ was having some technical issues, so posting this much after the fact.


Nov. 3rd, 2003 07:31 pm
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Today was interesting. Woke up with spliting headache and decided to call in sick and stay in bed until desire to vomit passed. Which, blissfully, it did. Hauled self out of bed around 3:30 and spent next hour dealing with DMV on extending expiring license. After dialing the number 57 times I connected with a nice woman who is going to grant me an additional 60 days so I can do this when I go home for xmas. Whew! Spent rest of the day cleaning up the place, which had lagged in my crapped out state. Dishes, laundry, tossed trash, paid bills. Took a long hot shower. I feel at least semi organized again.

No pain so far today, which is good, though last night was kinda awful. Kept tossing and turning and ow ow.

Leftover chinese for my first meal of the day, not bad. Purr. Weirdly though, I want to go to sleep again.



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