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I am so sleepy.

Got to bed late, after watching a Tivo'd Battlestar with Jeff. I went to sleep pretty quickly, but I didn't sleep well. I kept waking up with nightmare after nightmare. That was...unpleasant. And then Jeff got up early and while I can normally sleep through anything, I guess my mind just wanted to be awake already. So, got out of bed.

But now I'm so tired. And I wish so much that I could just sleep and idle the day away. But, nope. Too much to do.

Jeff's birthday cake's done. It's a sour cream fudge cake and it smells and looks pretty good. I need to go to the store because with all the baking this weekend, I'm out of powdered sugar again. I really go through baking supplies so fast, I could have sworn I just bought another two pound sack. The frosting is going to be a chocolate orange buttercream that I've made before.

The tangerine cupcakes were a big hit, but I didn't like them as much this time. Not sure why.

Wah. I so don't want to get dressed and trundle out to the store in the cold. But I need to go do that NOW because I'm supposed to hang out with Jeff and N. today at a coffee shop --they both have some work to do and I really need to do my French homework and it'll be so much more pleasant to do it with friends in a cafe than whining about it on Monday night at home.

If I could only just get some sleep first. SO TIRED.
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I am so incredibly sleepy. I know I went to bed late last night, but I also slept in until 8AM!

I'm babysitting my nephew tonight and need to be awake for that!!

I can not wait to sleep in tomorrow. Though I'm having my first Amazon Fresh delivery at 8am!

Maybe I need some caffeine??
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I am so fucking tired.

Working out should be reserved for days where you don't have to do anything else except be fed peeled grapes by the cabana boy. Oy.

After my fit of perky energy in the morning, I just wanted to nap. I've been wanting to sleep randomly quite a lot lately. Why, I don't know. It's annoying. But omg bed = worship. After my last post, I crawled over to the club chair where Brutus likes to sleep and snogged him for awhile. Then he left, and I actually just tilted over to pass out on the floor thinking, "getupgetupgetupgetup." It was one of those things where if you just sit there going lalalalalala the narrow window of opportunity passes and you spend the rest of the weekend annoyed with yourself for not getting done what you wanted to get done.

So, I went to the gym and had an ass-kicking weight-lifting workout. I'm still waiting for the post-workout energy boost, because I tell you I just want to curl up with Brutus and nap the rest of the night away.

Instead, I dragged my sorry squat-sore ass to the market and did our grocery shopping for the week. I nearly died from sticker price at the Gruyere. However, I also bought three thingies of the most beautiful local strawberries. They are gorgeous. Some of them will go into the strawberry cupcakes, but some of them will go straight to mah belly.

Then I lugged everything home, hauled it upstairs, and even put it all away. I would like my medal now.

I want to do nothing more than just pass out in bed, but Pete's on his way over and I suppose I should shower and get dressed so I don't look completely gross for our movie outing. At least it's a movie and not salsa dancing, right?

Blurgh. Must get ready now.
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Do you know what the best thing in the world is?


Especially, getting to sleep in after you've been staying up too late like you were some sort of college kid or something! (Although I have NO REGRETS because Jeff finds The Office as brilliant as I do and we loves it, yes yes we does precious!!)


And then I woke up to some smoochies from Brutus! And then I went to the kitchen and Jeff and I blathered drowsily for a bit! And then Jeff left and I worked from home some, and now I have to go to my stupid doctor's appt (BOO!) which includes a fasting blood test. (DOUBLE BOO!)

Things have been going so well these days, I'm fairly sure she's going to tell me I have three months to live.

But then! I get to have lunch with Jeff! And it'll be awesome! Though we don't even know where we're eating, but it doesn't matter because I'm freaking STARVING and am not allowed to eat food!

And then! I'll pick up my dry cleaning and get my new pants that are being hemmed! And then I'll come home and work until it's time to go to the gym! (Weightlifting day, woo! *grunt*) And then I'll feed the Brute and head to Ototo for sushi with Judy and company! Wheee!!!

All in all, a line-up for a VERY satisfactory Friday!



May. 19th, 2008 10:19 am
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I couldn't go to sleep last night!

I'm not sure if it's the lighter, longer evenings, or if that Cherry Coke Zero at 4pm was a mistake, or what. But I tossed and turned half the night and still woke up an hour before the alarm (to pee!).

And that worked out nicely, because my alarm failed. No idea why.

Sarah's back, so Henry will be leaving today*. I'll miss the little fluffball. We had a grand time yesterday pouncing around. But I would recommend that if you have a plate of toast with sticky marmalade, do not attempt to pick up a frisky kitten with an enormous plume of a tail. Because he will beaver-slap that tail right down on your marmalade and then knock it off the plate, upside down on your dining room floor. And you will be so horrified that you'll just freeze with an open mouth in a silent scream.


What else, what else. I am sporting a nice little sunburn on my upper right arm which itches like mad and hurts when I scratch it.

There is a horrible stench in our hallway. It smells like water damage, so that's freaky. It's not coming from my place, but I've written the board because it really should be investigated. But I think no one wants to deal with it, because no one is responding. The only one who bothered to respond is the dude who is working in Sweden for a few weeks and he sent his girlfriend over to make sure his house hadn't exploded in his absence. (It's not his place, either.)

* Oh, oh. Sarah says I can keep Henry another two nights while she works her butt off studying. Sad for her, happy for me. I love Henry. He's so freaking adorable.

Everyone is totally wiped out and sleepy this morning. At least next weekend's a long weekend. Extra long for me because I'm taking Friday off in honor of my cousin K's visit.

I'm going to have a few friends over on Sunday and I'm trying to decide if I have the energy to make Jeff's cake request that weekend. He wants me to do a raspberry curd version of the orange cake. So that's a three day process I would have to start before Kiran gets here on Thursday night. So, we'll see. I know *exactly* how I want to decorate it, which tends to make me a little obsessive. Hee.

Okay. Must attempt work.
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It's so gray and cold and blah outside. I'm back at work, still congested. Still too stupid to remember to try some Claritin. Jeff was struck sort of mute when I told him I keep forgetting to take it. I'm a little pathologically pill-resistant, even when I want to take something, apparently.

I feel all dried up and withered. My skin feels dry. My nose is too dry. My lips are chapped. I wish I could completely immerse myself into a lotion bath for five hours or something. No amount of moisturizing is helping more than temporarily. GO AWAY WINTER!!

And apparently no amount of sleep is enough these days, because I keep waking up in the middle of the night for no reason. Can't stop yawning. My energy level is for shit today. Jeff thinks that might be allergy-related, too.

I feel like I need a big mental tidy.

However, in less whiny news. Tonight is bookclub! I can't freaking wait! Not only is it always superfantastic to see Colleen and Kirsten, but Amy T is joining us. And maybe even Lisa (my former boss). They're all so awesome, and I'm dying to talk about the book. We read The Double Bind and I loved it. I know Amy T had massive issues with it, which I sort of love because I think it'll make for a really lively discussion tonight.

I think the book affected me on a number of levels. When I was in high school, I really wanted to be a social worker. I worked for years at a crisis hotline and it had an enormous impact on me. While I obviously ultimately didn't go into social work, I loved reading about Laurel and how she ended up working at one.

Spoilers for The Double Bind )

And since the book uses The Great Gatsby, I've bought a copy and am finally going to read that classic. Very curious to see if or how it changes my perspective on the book!


Mar. 24th, 2008 10:53 am
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So, either I'm getting a cold or I have adult-onset of allergies. I can't remember if this happened last spring or not, but I've been having trouble sleeping for a few days now. I wake up randomly in the middle of the night, unable to just sleep through a solid 8 hours.

It was my turn to be the Annoying Coughing Person on the bus this morning because I had a tickle down my throat that wouldn't go away. I've been sneezing. My eyes aren't quite burning, but feel like they're on the cusp, my nose is borderline runny. And I feel too-warm. Ugh.

I just want to go home and go to sleep. Wah!!

Last night's lasagna was a success, if a delayed one. I had to pack Sarah a to-go container, because the whole process took forever and Sarah had to leave for bowling by the time I pulled it out of the oven. I always forget to factor in extra time on my damn electric burners.

I sort of loved the recipe, though. Not only the taste--it was just a fun thing to make. Slowly simmering the sauce and making Bechamel for the first time. No step was particularly difficult, it just took some time and patience. And they have you food processor all the chopping, so it was somewhat effortless. They suggest no-boil noodles, which makes the pasta portion a snap. I'm looking forward to dinner tonight because I think it'll only improve after a night's rest.

I really loved Cook's Illustrated's Bolognese sauce. Sarah and I really went nuts for it. I want to get the right sized pan, though. It seems like every time I make a new recipe, the pans I have are all slightly off. What was required was a 13x9 and so of course I had a 12x8 and a 14x10. I used the larger pan, but the proportions all get off a bit, and it's annoying. I'm just going to buy another pan the next time I decide to make this.

Wow. I have like, no energy today. (Except apparently to idly blather about lasagna.)
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Going to bed late is bad because then there is no wanting to wake up in the morning. I blame Night Owl Pete. Forced him and his not-having-to-wake-up-at-6Am-self out about an hour after originally intended. We're starting to watch Veronica Mars because I love it and he needs to see it. We also watched the new episode (FINALLY) of How I Met Your Mother. Good times.


Although ability to get dressed and ready in 7 minutes flat is a bit dangerous, as motivation to get out of bed more than 10 minutes before having to leave house completely diminishes.

Oh, am reading brilliant book called The Double Bind for bookclub. Only 1/3 of way through but completely fascinated and love it. Influenced me to buy The Great Gatsby which I've somehow never read because bookclub book is all tied up with Gatsby. V. curious.

Must read book on bus and not pass out asleep because bookclub meeting is mid-next-week. Oops.

So, so sleepy!! Must hyper-caffinate!!
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I am awake and it's 2AM. On a worknight. Oops. Tomorrow is going to be HELL.

I'm happy to report that my SIL is out of the ICU! Baby Zach continues to be absurdly adorable and is developing in some ways even better than full-term babies. How's that for good news? My nephews are all prodigies, I'm not just biased!
Sarah and I had planned a pajama day of great sloth today, but first we did a round around Greenlake with Jeff so that we could feel guilt-less about it. The lake had all kinds of sections iced over. It was freaking cold out there, and Sarah read me a news report threatening more snow. Aaargh. Enough -- on with spring! At least it was a pretty blue day. This would all be much harder if it was bleak and grey.

Once home I started working on this crazy soup. Shredded beef with potatoes, served with a chimichurri dollop on the side. But it was taking decades, so we decided to make our dinner option for lunch. It was Matt's dad's flank steak marinade recipe, and it was spectacular. We had that with some asparagus and mashed potatoes. We never did eat the soup, since we did breakfast/lunch at 5PM. We were damn hungry by the time the steak was ready.

I also made fresh baguettes. My shaping's gotten much better, but I need to buy some vitamin C to dump into the flour. Apparently it helps with the differences between our flour and French flour.

And then we played a lot of Final Fantasy 12. Which was glorious. I really am enjoying it!

I called my neighbors and bowed out of tonight's condo board meeting, because it was at the same time that my brother had said I could come visit Emily in the hospital. I bought her four bunches of spring flowers and hauled some vases over to her room. She was so much better than the last time I saw her. She could sit up, eat solid food, and was just so much stronger than before. We're hoping she can head home at the end of the week.

The visit with Em was brief, and I returned to Sarah. We got to talking and pajama day turned into a slumber party, and she is sensibly asleep out there.

I have a French lesson tomorrow and I haven't done any homework or studying. I missed both of my Skype dates this weekend. I have loads of work coming at me this week. It's going to be a crazy week just trying to get on top of things!

So maybe I should sleep, eh?
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I've been sleeping rather restlessly lately. Boo.

Woke up, had a great talk with Didier (though my French brain was not working at all today). His English always puts me to shame, regardless. Bustled around cleaning for a bit before Jeff came to pick me up. I made him try the tangerine sorbet, which he happily liked. We talked a bit about a devastating story he heard on NPR (religious persecution of Muslim children in the US--very sad story) and headed over to Capitol Hill to meet up with Brian and Randy --most adorable couple EVER. I've only recently met Randy, but I pretty much love the guy now. He's super affectionate and wonderful. We set out for Cost Plus, the Public Market, and other random shops around downtown. It was a nice day out, despite the packed streets and crazy parking scenarios. Brian drove us everywhere, for which I was immeasurably grateful. Mostly we were lucky and I got a good portion of my list done.

We dropped Brian and Randy off and continued on to look at trees (nothing the right size, sadly) and onward to U Village. More shopping, including my birthday present from my mom --a shiny, exciting Le Creuset 5 and 1/2 quart dutch oven. I'm so excited... I'm sort of speechless. I can't believe it's mine! I got it in French Blue. Um. *dies* I can't wait to make Alton Brown's Coq au Vin in it.

We decided against waiting two hours at The Ram and put our names down at Piatti and went to browse books at B&N for half an hour. Time went by pretty fast and we sat down to a lovely meal, which was much needed at the end of a long day.

Sarah's coming over for a cookie-making extravaganza. I still need to sort through the recipes I've selected and get a list of ingredients ready for tomorrow morning. I really just want to go pass out in my bed, but I'm going to try to suck it up for a little longer.
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Soo tired. Got up early to do things I didn't do last night as I fell asleep on the couch at 9. I did grocery shop for nearly everything --needed to check on a few things at home, but will make second, much smaller run today.

Also, totally forgot to study French this week. We had our lesson on Thursday and the weekend was so jam-packed, I didn't get a chance to do anything else. I totally should have done the grocery shopping on Sunday, too, but was too busy having fun! Sarah got the Wii and omfg it rules!

I think I am totally taking off from work after lunch tomorrow. There's just too much to do and dammit, I want to do it right.

Sarah's coming over tonight and we're going to take out and play with the Kitchen-Aid Mixer Ice Cream Attachment (my god that's too long, and heretofore shall be known as KAMICA). We're going to make the yogurt gelato from that French chef's page and I can't freaking wait!

Also, not that this isn't common knowledge, but I fucking love my Kitchen-Aid mixer. All the stuff I've had to crank out by hand before is so much easier now. I'm making the carrot cake cheesecake tonight and it's so much freaking easier since I can just dump things systematically into the Kitchen-Aid bowl and have it do all the labor. Love, love, love.

Argh must get dressed and go to work now. At least when I get home, my laundry will be done.


Oct. 18th, 2006 07:12 am
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It is winter. We are meant to hibernate. What is this getting up in the morning and leaving the bed crap?


Oct. 12th, 2006 12:17 am
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je suis très fatigué.

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OMG that was fun.

What a weekend, and it's only Saturday night!

Um, and apparently I'm feeling quite chatty tonight --just finished typing and this is fucking huge, so under a cut it goes.

The executive summary is: I went to see Howard Jones, it was fun. I went to the farmer's market with Jeff and cooked a lot, and then had a fantastic time at dinner with four charming men. )

home sick

Sep. 14th, 2006 01:43 pm
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So, last night was weird. I went to bed at a reasonable hour (no, that's not what's weird!) but woke up at 3:44AM.

Well, backing up a little. Um. I feel very random, so if this post doesn't make sense, um. Anyhow.

Last night I threw the makings of taco soup into the crockpot and vacillated on whether to leave it on HIGH and stay up late to turn it off, or leave it on LOW and wake up early to turn it off. So maybe that was on my mind, or something. I eventually picked LOW.

Then I woke up, as mentioned before, at 3:44AM and thought, what's that sound? My computer had just rebooted in the office, and maybe I'm watching too much Buffy lately, but I had the sleep-befuddled thought that a vampire had broken into my flat to use my computer. So I edged in from the side to look at my glowing computer screen. It'd just rebooted for no reason. And it really bothers me. I don't know why. I still don't know why. Why would it just reboot?

Regardless, my upset stomach soon distracted me and kept me preoccupied the rest of the night. I couldn't sleep much, but did eventually fall asleep. I was trying to force myself to go to work, but it just seemed like a bad idea. I'm achy all over. I was sneezing most of yesterday. And there is nothing pressing at work today. No deadlines, no craziness. So I e-mailed my boss and told him I would try to get in by afternoon.

And then, I rested. Well, I unloaded/loaded the dishwasher first. And put away the taco soup. It needed an extra can of diced tomatoes, but once that was done, I curled up on the couch with Hobbsie and a blanket and the second-to-last disc of Buffy Season 2. I don't think there's a single time that I've watched Passions (the episode, not the alarming soap opera) that I haven't ended up actively bawling. Even though I know what's going to happen, it's just heart-wrenching. *sniff*

As of this afternoon, my back is still really achy, and I feel so oddly lethargic. So I called in to work and my boss ordered me to stay home. He said there was nothing urgent today, and that they would all survive somehow. Our benefits plan is really generous. I get three weeks of vacation, and there's no designated sick time. But because I don't have a pool of 6 days or something to spend, I feel very cautious about calling in sick and taking advantage. I've taken 3 sick days this year, I think. Jeff keeps telling me that I don't need to be at death's door to take a sick day. But I feel guilty just the same. Well, less guilty today than I usually do.

I was looking forward to coffee/dvd/comic fun with Tony, but we rescheduled for the weekend. It'll be more fun if I'm not all fidgety with discomfort, anyway. So, am at home. And now, more tv.

And I'm going to take some ibuprofen because the back pain isn't just working itself away. I hate being old. You just wake up and things are broken for no reason. I must have slept on it funny.

Also, I made chocolate chip banana bread. And it's very comforting.

Oh, one more thing. I'm almost done with my re-read of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. I love it this time. I didn't get to enjoy the first harried read, but so far so wonderful. It's really well written, even if I'm bemused about some of the ending bits.

Ok, that's it. Tv now. And banana bread.


May. 8th, 2006 06:51 am
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Ugh. So this is what the 'early' morning looks like. Ick.

Since evenings have been so crazy lately, I've decided to try the early-morning swim. If Evans pool wasn't so close, this wouldn't work. Mornings always make my stomach acid-y. BUT, I've missed swimming for about two weeks now, and I miss it. So here's hoping I don't drown.

And this means that I can go shopping right after work with Jeanne to REI and have dinner with her. I kinda want the Timbuk2 Metro bag. I think it would be very useful in Paris (or so I rationalize).
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Being so well-rested this weekend, and having a lovely restful Monday evening was clearly too much for me to handle, so I stayed up till 2AM watching the Bravo marathon of West Wing, Season 6. Bad Cat. BAD!

Owie. Brain hurt. I need approximately 11 more hours of sleep.

I can't even rightfully whine, since I did this to myself. But it was so easy to just hit the next TiVo'd episode. And being so relaxed meant I just wasn't that tired. Lame excuses, I know. And it's time to pay the piper and haul myself off to work, bleary-eyes and all. Argh, must find pants.
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It was a damn long weekend. And it's shaping up to be a damn long busy week. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Thus, here is a damn long rambly summary of everything. I will type until Hobbes gets off my arms, at which point I will go collapse on the couch.

Details )
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I am so sleepy today.

Trying to slog through some stuff at work and not fall asleep on my desk. Randomly, I'm anxious that Judy won't like her birthday present because as we've all aged, we've gotten much more particular. I give it to her Friday night and wait to see what she thinks.

A group of us has gathered to see Flight Plan on Friday night, which will be fun. I love Jodie Foster. And I'll go see just about anything she's in (except Nell). And so many other exciting people are in it, like Sean Bean! Sarah and I are also going to see The Corpse Bride on Saturday at some point, and I plan on seeing A History of Violence at some point.

Caught up with some TV last night.

Spoilers for Lost and House )


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