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OMG I so fucking hate hate hate this Verizon V-cast phone ad. The one where the dumb jock starts babbling about the Fall Out Boys. WTF is that ad? What? Why? Who does that appeal to?


Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Because I really am! Long catch-up dinner with Judy on Friday night. (I'm surprised they didn't toss us out of The Jones.) Pete and I went to go see The Shooter which was hilariously bad and fun to watch (and omg Marky Mark's ass is so beautiful, I want to bite it). Then we grabbed a bite to eat and I've rediscovered my genuine love for The Big Salad. And I went to Arcane Comics, which fucking RULES. Scott, the owner, is the guy who introduced me to Fables and Y: The Last Man, which I love so so so SO much. (Even if I got another lecture on how I need to suck it up and just read Alan Moore!) And I bought Runaways, Batman: The Long Halloween, the first books of DMZ and The Walking Dead. (And zombies are now forever associated with [ profile] dtaylor's husband, so that's cracking me up.)

Then this morning Jeff and I went to run around Greenlake, and then I came back (and he escaped my evil clutches) and made a giant taco salad with the best low-cal Ranch ever (that doesn't taste all funky--it's Bernstein's Parmesan and Garlic Ranch), and now I'm going to run down to Tully's with my French homework and eventually get together with Sarah!

When will I assemble the new bookshelves and deal with that craziness? No idea. But whee!!
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OMG that was fun.

What a weekend, and it's only Saturday night!

Um, and apparently I'm feeling quite chatty tonight --just finished typing and this is fucking huge, so under a cut it goes.

The executive summary is: I went to see Howard Jones, it was fun. I went to the farmer's market with Jeff and cooked a lot, and then had a fantastic time at dinner with four charming men. )


Jul. 14th, 2006 07:50 pm
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Dear Alan Ball,

When doing commentary on Season TWO of Six Feet Under, it is not very helpful of you to give away plot spoilers for Season THREE. Why the fuck would you make such an assumption.

I love your work, but right now I kind of fucking hate you.


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This exchange is really a great description of why I left IT and why I would never return to it.

I never minded if people were clueless. But clueless and belligerent don't really work for me.
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Darwin awards. And really, who the fuck has hand grenades around?

[from [ profile] rimrunner]
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Of course I hate telemarketing calls. They're annoying. They irritate. But the ones that really turn me into Bitch Queen of the Universe are the ones that call, with an Indian/Paki accent, sometimes they say "Salaam" and it's freaking obvious they're calling from a call center from the din in the background. They always ask for Mr. Cat. This makes me somewhat apoplectic with rage.

Also, they lie. This guy happily lied and said he was a friend. You usually have to pry their name out of them, and they never mention that it's a company. They're hoping to get an FOB who's just delighted to hear someone from the MotherShip and have no problem exploiting it.

I'm usually hostile enough that it clearly startles the person on the other end. It's times like this that I regret not having the ability to reach through the phone and smack people.

Maybe my rage is a little disproportionate. I hate solicitation calls/spam enough as it is. But this type, where they start out lying to you in the hopes that you are mind-numbingly stupid or gullible genuinely offend me. Also, I think I've bitched about this before. But grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Thoughtless people with children. On the whole, I love kids. But people at the mall who think that everyone should patiently step aside while their kid toddles around in their way or takes 5 minutes to step onto the escalator drive me crazy. I have sympathy for people struggling to quiet a squalling baby. I have sympathy for people who make an effort and by extension teach their kids some manners and social behavior. But, gah. All the idiots run free in the mall.


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