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Woke up around 8, still tired, and happily went back to sleep. I didn't have to meet Alexis until 11, and I knew I'd wake up again at 9. Except for the part where I didn't. I rolled over and the clock calmly gleamed 10:35 at me. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. I launched myself out of bed and then ran in circles panicking for a second until I mentally slapped myself and hit the bathroom, fed Hobbes and got dressed. I had promised Alexis I would burn her a cd and bring it today, but there was no time. I was probably going to be late as it was. I called her to no avail and zoomed out the door.

I made it with a minute to spare. I apologized to Alexis about the disc and said if she wanted to, she could stop by afterwards because it would just take a second to burn. That was fine with her. We had a good workout and the hour flew (unlike last time where the hour stood still).

The concern for me was that my place was a disaster. I don't like it when people come over and my place looks like I am a slob. I may be one, but I prefer to keep this facet hidden from as many people as possible. But also, I was freaking starving. So I grabbed some fast food (I know, bad) and crammed food in while I drove home, then I ran around cleaning up as fast as humanly possible, my legs still in shock from lunges and squats.

Also, I got the cd burning.

Then the phone rang. I thought, it's Alexis! But it was a male voice, not entirely familiar, not entirely unfamiliar. Hrm. The caller said, "Hey it's me!" I felt bad but said, "Um... who is this?" "It's Jeff." *pause* "Jeff M?" "Uh, no... Jeff B." DOH! It was Ellie's Jeff. You know, my good friend for these many years. Who I never talk to on the phone. Em-bar-rassing.

They wanted to drop off the sofa cushion they'd asked me to sew up on my machine (their silly doggie chewed a hole through it). So I said now was a fine time. I continued to both straighten up and eat.

Then the phone rang. Surely, Alexis. But it was my cousin Mo, calling to wish me a belated and to chat. I told her I would call her back.

I wanted to test the cd, so I did that. Then Ellie and Jeff stopped by. Ellen hugged me and said, "This is my husband, Jeff. Since you need to be reacquainted with him!. Hee. We chatted a bit and Ellie said, "This'll be the last time we come here before you move!" In even more exciting news, Ellie has a friend who might want this apartment. And would want to move in on the 15th, which would mean I could get some of my rent back for December! Party. So I need to call Marie and make sure the rent's still $700. God, time is going to be so freaking tight, but if it works it'll be awesome.

As Ellie and Jeff were leaving, Alexis buzzed from downstairs. I thought they'd pass in the elevator, but stud that she is, she hoofed it up the stairs.

I showed her the disc and explained a few things. She meet the infamous Hobbsie.

And now everyone's gone and for some reason it's cracking me up. I still need to call Mo back. I wanted to clean my flat today and this was an interesting way to get a fast-track to it. I just need to toss some trash, finish some laundry, and rinse a few glasses. Not bad. Means I can spend the rest of the day chilling before going over to Sarah's. Hee.
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This week has been so bizarre.

On the one hand, I can't believe it's freaking Thursday afternoon at 3pm. Last weekend was just two seconds ago. On the other hand, each day has crawled along at a snail's pace.

Random details about work, travel plans, etc. )

yay sleep

Aug. 14th, 2005 09:10 am
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Sleeping in is one of the great luxuries in life. I woke up yesterday, sans hangover, and spent the first part of the day lounging around, watching Scrubs and playing with Hobbes. But 2:30 came all too quickly and I grabbed my helmet and left for Jeanne's. I got there early and went upstairs to be licked to death by her little doggie, Lexi. Jeanne is a stud. She's training for the Seattle Marathon and had done a 13-mile run that morning.

We left for the Lake Washington area shortly after. They close off the roads to cars near Seward Park on some weekends, and this was one of them. It's very near the actual route we'll be riding next weekend. Judy called shortly after we left and said, "It's hotter than we'd hoped. Do you still want to ride today?" And it flummoxed me, because well, this is the last weekend before the triathlon. Weather be damned, I need the practice.

We met at one of the beaches (can't remember which one) and got started. And it was... it was really okay. The path we cycled was very shady, with the rare pockets of direct sun. We rode to Seward park and looped around once. Decided not to loop around a second time, and rode back to the cars. The ride went very well. The bike is still lower than optimal. I have trouble maintaining my balance when it's higher, but unfortunately this way my legs cramp up a bit, because they're not getting a full range of extension. So I need to hop off every 4 miles or so and kick my legs out and hop back on. But really, I have to stop a lot less than I used to, and for just a few seconds. It was a very pretty day in the shade, looking out over Lake Washington. I even smiled instead of grimacing in terror the entire time.

So that was 10 miles. We could have done 12. But I know I can do it, and it'll be harder, but I just didn't feel like being especially wiped out. I wanted a nice, pleasant ride before next week. It'll be hard, but I feel reasonably confident that I'm ready for it.

Judy marveled over what a difference the shade made for me. I told her that it is amazing. I really wither in the sun. She said she never realized how much I hated it. That she hadn't really heard me rail against it before. I said that it was because when we lived in California, it really didn't affect my life like this. I wasn't training outside all the time. The Danskin is early in the morning, so we should be done before the day really heats up. Whew.

Afterwards, we drove to Judy's to drop off the bikes and then to dinner. Really good burgers at The Deluxe on Capitol Hill. And then Jeanne drove me back to her place. My car was acting weirdly. Suddenly the A/C wasn't working, the fan wouldn't turn on at all and the brake light was on, even though it was definitely off. I started worrying about the logistics of getting it to my mechanic, etc. But then when I got home, I turned it off and on again, and all functions were restored. WEIRD. I don't need my car to break down.

Ellie's about to pick me up to go do the swim. Judy commented yesterday that I compartmentalize things very well. Because I am shit-scared about this, but you can't really tell. During yesterday's ride, we overheard some parent shriek at their kids not to 'touch that, and move away!" Why? "Because that's duck feces!" Oh goody. Repulsive. Hopefully I'll just do this with some dignity instead of crying like a little girl about it. Chuck is coming out with his canoe and the water's choppier so I'm a little nervous, but I feel pretty confident about my swimming and I've been in the ocean when it's mildly rough, and I do fine. I think it's going to take longer than it did in Kim's lake, though. And I'm trying to tell myself that there's no shame in needing one of the giant water noodles for support if I get tired.
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Christ, I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet. Jeff, maker of exquisite jams, has outdone himself with the most tantalizing plum creation known to man. The first day he gave it to me (he mentioned making it over a weekend, and I'm not ashamed to say I begged for a jar), I kept staring at it in my office. Then I unscrewed the lid. It smelled insanely good. Pretty soon I was eating it with my fingers when he came by and busted me. Dear GOD it's good. Good enough to eat with a spoon. His strawberry was my favorite before (and is still pretty fucking amazing) but omfg. I'm going to try to make something exciting with it. Because as much as I can just eat it straight, it begs to have something complicated done to it.

Now I need a spoonful. Be right back...

Anyhow. Work. Work was pretty fine. Still trying to improve the graphics on the case study and there are a few final edits to the text. It's the first one our department is putting out so I'm really excited to have the chance to do it.

Training? Training was pretty fine, too. Last week's session shook me up a bit. I couldn't understand why I was suddenly so weak. But it was definitely just something about that day (lack of protein, the heat, general fatigue). Tonight I was back to normal. Lots of energy. Pretty strong sets. I was telling Alexis that somewhere under the titanium-reinforced fat I can feel ...real, honest-to-god muscle.

Lunges are still Satan's finest work. And goddammit if Alexis never lets me get away without doing them. I could be on my deathbed and she'd make me get up and do three sets. Damnation.

But I was perky and energetic and that's always good. This is once again with like 4 hours of sleep. And I'm going to bed reallyreallyrightnow.

I did actually go to the grocery store and bought:

toilet paper
100-cal snack packs of wheat thins
light ice cream, Haagen-Dazs, S'mores
soy crisps with which to lure Jeff to my office (here kitty, kitty, kitty...)
sandwich for lunch tomorrow (not getting trapped again, goddammit, and plus we have a brown-bag seminar I think)
shampoo (forgetting that the QFC close to me never has the Pantene 'green' version I like, and so I bought strawberry Suave)
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Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. So, I should go to bed now. And I will.

Sarah bullied me into actually doing my French homework (instead of complaining about it). And I think I'm ready to tuck into bed with The Subtle Knife. It's getting interesting again.

Activit├ęs pour demain:

- Wake up and post an update on [ profile] nikkinewsnet
- Work (I turned in my case study draft, whee!)
- French class from 5-630 PM
- Dinner with Judy at 6:45 PM
- Come home and try to fall asleep, even though hanging out with Judy makes me very, very hyper

Really, it's a busy week ahead. And since the triathlon is actually weekend after next, I need to bust some serious ass these next two weeks. Going to bed early is going to be important. So I should do that NOW.

Going off the diet (AGAIN *grrr*) has had repercussions. 4lbs up. It was all that pie. Mowr. I would give an internal organ to get back the traction I had last year. You'd think all the training I've done this year would have helped. But see above re: pie. No more pie. EVER. Why is it so freaking hard? I know this is just party bloat, and it'll be gone by next week. But I feel like every week just yo-yos between the same 5lbs. And it just doesn't motivate the way real weight loss does. I know I need to point things out. I know I need to buy some reasonable groceries.

And I mean to, but either things are frantically busy or I'm frantically relaxing from all the franticness. It's stupid and it's lame, but there you have it. I have to sit here and admit, "Okay, I'm climbing back on the wagon." Because, really. What alternative is there? I'd like to still be able to climb a flight of stairs at 40.

I really need to find time to go to the goddamn grocery store. Maybe tomorow after dinner with Judy.
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Wow. It's remarkable how fast I can get dressed when I don't mess around. My eyes haven't even focused yet, and I'm ready to go. Hobbsie is even fed.

I left work to meet with Alexis. I was a little tired, but ready for our session. Especially since I'd missed it last week. I've only missed once before, and that was during the hoopla of Amy's wedding. So I was glad to see her, but I didn't think it was going to be a big deal.

Wow, did I suck.

I don't know if it was missing one week, or the heat, or what. But I could barely lift my arms. It was puzzling and frustrating. Last week I was doing 65lbs easy on the lat pulls, three full sets. This time we had to do a drop set on the second one in. I was struggling to do lateral raises at the 7lbs I was doing last time. We had to actually drop it down to 5lbs, and then 4lbs. It was so perplexing. And we didn't even get through everything, because it was taking longer. Alexis finally said, "When did you last eat?" and I blinked at her and said, "Lunch. 11:30ish." And she said, "Well DUH. That was like seven hours ago!" I really didn't think that was it, exactly. I normally don't eat dinner or snack before meeting her. Though I normally have chicken or beef at lunch, but I'd just had mac 'n cheese.

Well, whatever it was, it sucked. I had considered dropping weight-lifting until after the triathlon, because I wanted to focus on cardio. But crap, if missing one session is going to knock me on my ass, then no.

I'd gotten to this nice part, where I wasn't so blisteringly sore after our workouts, but my shoulders are quite owied today. Also, I made the mistake of letting Alexis know what my two most hated routines were. So when we got to the end, and only had time for one more superset, she said, "Okay! Lunges and triceps!" GOD. For an exceptionally beautiful, young woman, she sure is cruel.

On the positive side, I finally have French and Alexis locked into set days of the week. French on Tuesdays, Alexis on Wednesdays. It makes it easier for me, since I am both a creature of habit, and it just makes better sense. I used to do both of these things on Saturdays, back to back and it was a tough schedule to maintain. Particularly, it's nice having French during the week. Gives me a much better chance of doing my homework before the lesson.

Sarah had met me at my gym, to try it out and just for convenience. One very exciting outcome of this was, she (lover of the elliptical machine), tried the ones at my gym and pronounced them EVIL. So it's not just me. My body is not just defective. Those machines do make your feet numb and hurt hurt hurt. Not that I was glad she was in pain, but I was very happy it wasn't just me. Now I need to go try the ones at her gym and see if I'm still in agony (in which case my body will be pronounced defective.)

We went to Fred Meyer to return the frames. Even though I'd made a point of keeping the receipt, I couldn't find it. Mrrrh. So I took a price hit on the return. But I couldn't face the prospect of taking them back to the car and having to deal with them again. I did, however, forget to buy Scrabble. So I either have to go buy it today or beg Ellie and Jeff for their copy.

By then the concept of cooking was too tragic to consider. So we went to the Hi Life. I was relatively good. Had grilled chicken and a spinach salad. Then Sarah and I split their glorious and simple sundae of vanilla ice cream, great hot fudge, and Spanish peanuts. God that's good. And since we split it, it's um, not that bad.


Jul. 28th, 2005 08:01 pm
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Did 10 miles on the bike today. Only two more needed for the triathlon. Saturday, we ride 12 and swim the half-mile and see how I do.

I'm fucking exhausted, but not from the bike ride. Just from nonstop busy weeks and weekends. Outside of Alexis, I'm not doing any training next week. And I really need to start getting 8 hours of sleep at night. For at least a couple of weeks. Because, goddamn.


Jul. 26th, 2005 08:31 am
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If I were to write an autobiography, the tagline would be: "Life and Times in Sleep Deprivation."

I can't blame anyone but myself. With so much going on, I should go to bed early. But there's so much going on!!

Was going to leave work at 4pm yesterday and come home to bed. But the site that was supposed to launch at 9am, didn't, because there were last minute changes. Changes that took all day and weren't ready until 6pm. So I stayed late and we launched. I was going to go home and be crabby, but Sarah called!

And last night was [ profile] pinkminx's last night here! I have no idea how the past two weeks zoomed by so fast! So we all went out for dinner at Cafe Bizarro and caught up. I heard about their Portland trip and whined about my day. It was so weird to be sitting there thinking that she's going to be gone. She fits in so, well, naturally here!

Then I dragged them back to my place. They were both hopping up and down, shouting that I had to finish Harry Potter 6. So I said they should come over and watch tv while I read, so we could all at least be together. And they did! They watched the last two episodes of Firefly, while periodically peering over my shoulder and giving each other knowing looks.

They left around 12:30, and I finished the book around 1am and called them to discuss. I'll write more about it later. Right now I'm just whining about my lack of sleep.

So I'm tired this morning and not a little crotchety. I have a French lesson after work, for which I haven't studied at ALL. I mean, it's not a class and this isn't homework. I'm not in trouble. It's just suggested followup work. But I wish I hadn't blown it off so completely for the past 3 weeks.

I emailed my boss that I'm coming in late this morning. I need to be there by 10 for a meeting, though. This week is a busy one, and I need to hang on until the weekend. I've got Alexis tomorrow, cycling on Thursday and swimming on Friday--which I may skivve off from again, as it's not an area I need much improvement in. This weekend we're supposed to go back out to Auburn and cycle/swim with Kim.

God, I'm so TIRED. I just want to sit on my couch and eat myself into a coma and never work out again.

I talked to Sarah and said that we have to go away for a weekend. I need a break. A real one. Where we rent a cabin or something and sleep in, do little nature walks, read books in the afternoon, and just CHILL away from home. Just have to figure out a good time.
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Judy recovered in time last night, so Jeff the Magnificent was off the hook for cycling.

While I'm not quite ready for the Tour de France, I'll admit that improvements are being made. Faster than I expected them (much faster than my skill level did in Amanda's class, ugh). We raised the seat, so my legs are able to extend more. And we just ...biked. We went twice as far as last time. From 65th/Sandpoint to about 145th. I know it's not much, but it was just nice to see an improvement. It was nearly 6 miles, which was my goal. I was worn out towards the end.

Judy had her bike tuned up and there were some small differences. The pedals were smaller and my foot would occasionally slip. The higher seat meant that the shock absorber thingie in the back kept creaking.

But I think the valuable lesson I learn better and better with each ride is that the slightest fumble isn't going to send me careening off the bike. I've been working on loosening my grip so my hands don't go numb. I try not to scrunch my shoulders down. Also, I don't have to pedal madly. I can coast and let my legs rest.

It was a really good ride. And there's something so satisfying about accomplishing each babystep of your goal.

We next ride on Saturday. And I'm also to practice lake swimming (WHINE).

I just keep reminding myself that the day of race really brings out mad surges of adrenaline. And even if I don't bike the 12 miles before the triathlon, it's okay. My goal is to have 10 miles down. I'm pretty comfortable on the bike. Even though I look like a fumbling idiot--I have absolutely no grace with this, yet. But now it's just building up endurance.

And last night, my legs were already sore from Alexis (and her Lunge Routine from HELL).

Anyhow. Progress is being made and I feel less dramatized than before. Though I'm sure I'll lapse into despondent hysteria many times before the actual race.

Judy is a wonderful cheerleader. She told me last night that our friend Kim's goal (on her first triathlon) was just to not be carried off on a stretcher. I think that's a good goal to have. I'm not trying to win prizes here, I just want to finish with some dignity. Okay, make that: I just want to finish.


Jul. 21st, 2005 08:21 am
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Conversation in my hall this morning.

Me (sternly): Kitties should be seen and not heard!
Hobbsie: MAOWR!

He's a very helpful cat, you know. Always willing to lead the way to the food dish in case I've forgotten since last night.

Also? I know I've gotten the perfect amount of sleep when I wake up perky at 7am. Sickening, but true.

And since I can't let a single post go by without babbling about training or the triathlon (Did you all know I was going to do one? I know I never, ever mention it, ever.) , a nice realization is that I'm less brutally sore after my workouts now. I'm aware of my muscles, and they're definitely fatigued. But there isn't the sudden inability to raise my arms. Next Wednesday will mark my 10th training session, which means the following session I'll buy another 10 sessions. Alexis was very cute about it. Because, I guess you never know if someone is going to continue on. I can't imagine not having my weekly sessions with her. I really look forward to them and it's been a great ...tether. Even if I slack off on cardio (I mean, not anymore because I can't avoid it with the swimming/cycling), I know I'll see her and it's a great check-in every week. Also? Love her. I didn't originally plan on doing this every week, but I'm definitely hooked now.

I also got to meet Alexis' husband Nikos yesterday. Absolutely adorable guy. He'd brought their black lab puppy, Cooper. He is the most freaking adorable animal I've ever seen. Soft and fluffy with big floppy ears. Makes me want to have a doggie SO BADLY. Cause omfg cute. I always thought I was a one-breed woman (German Shepherds) but wow. He was soooooooo cute!

I want a puppy. (I know, I know I can't have one, dammit. But waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant.)

I've also got massive condo-itch now. I don't have all the savings I'd like yet, but soon. And I emailed [ profile] realrobert with a preliminary list of what I'd like, and what my price range is. Just to start getting a feel for if what I want is even possible in my price range. I'd like to buy conservatively this first time, and I think my needs are fairly simple. But we'll see. Maybe he'll write back and tell me I'm out of my mind.

I've once again decided to put off the couch-buying until I've moved. I vacillate on this constantly.

Okay, now I'm just rambling aimlessly. Must leave for work. I can't believe it's Thursday. This week has flown by!


Jul. 6th, 2005 10:16 pm
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It would be awfully nice if, since I babble as obnoxiously as she does, I could have Lorelei Gilmore's body. While eating the diet she and Rory claim to eat.

Between getting sick last week and heading to Vegas, I'd missed a session with Alexis. We caught up last night and she ground my ass to the floor. After missing one session, I was worried that...all the previous effort would go to waste. But I was lifting the same, if not higher weights. And I managed to do three full sets on the evil, hateful lunges, instead of three shorts. Motherfucker it hurt. And today. my arms are in hell. But it's a good kind of hell.

I'm freaking out because the triathlon is around the corner. Just two months left for hardcore training. Judy, Ellen and I are going to start swimming this Friday. And maybe on Sunday mornings. To make up for the missed session, I'm meeting Alexis on Saturday, too. Then I'm supposed to go biking Saturday afternoon.

I really need to ramp up the cardio. I was doing so well on it, then it just petered off when I started the circuit training. So tomorrow I go back to Amanda's class. Mowr. I will suck. A lot. But it'll be good for me.

And jesus christ on a pogo-stick, the Britney Spears Curious ad makes me roll my eyes until they hurt.


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