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What I really want to do is make these mocha chocolate cookies and munch away while reading something by Judy Blume. Knowing that there's no work tomorrow. And that it'll be sunny and bright but not too hot. And if I feel too warm, perhaps I will have a popsicle. And Brutus will purr by my feet. In a house where all the trim is painted and the bedroom blinds have been changed.

And I won't be stuck in this cyclical hell of work-sleep-work-class-sleep-work-sleep-work-class-sleep that is apparently not going to end until I die.

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How can it already be almost 2PM? It's my day off--today should go SLOW.

We got back late last night. The trip was mixed--good parts, bad parts, exasperating parts. Nothing too brutal, though. Jeff was as fabulous as expected. He had a great time and I was frankly relieved that I managed to contain my sulk. My family loved him and he fit in pretty perfectly. (Down to joining us for the daily morning dogpile and swinging my nephews around.)

Jeff made the excruciating bearable, but holy crap were we giddy about coming home. The flight back was surreal. )

Also, it turns out that Jeff is a giant baby about having his ass kicked at Scrabble. I think the score when we stopped (because we were landing) was 300 to 100 and boy did he not like that. I took endless shit when the OFFICIAL SCRABBLE DICTIONARY was okay with "quin" and Jeff... was not. OMG there was endless ENDLESS abuse. Apparently Jeff's Scrabble vocabulary is limited to proper nouns and dirty words. It was wildly entertaining. Even if it means he hates me now. Muhahahahaa!!

SeaTac Alaska Baggage Claim is the slowest, lamest service on earth. We waited forever and ever. Then waited for our shuttle. We were so giddy when we finally got into my car. LA had slow roasted us all weekend. It was disgusting. Seattle's cool air was a blessed relief. We got home around 1AM, but neither one of us was tired. We made some scrabbled eggs with red bells, Italian parsley, smoked mozzarella, and green onions and had it with the last of the wheat toast. It was such fucking nirvana sitting on the couches with Brutus (KITTY) who purred and purred with us. We watched The Soup and then an episode of The Daily Show where we seriously nearly threw up laughing at Jon Stewart's riff on James Carvell. Which, holy Christ. We were nearly hysterical. (Jeff: "Two found dead at home with strange abdominal injuries.") We were laughing so hard we heard like half of it. We couldn't stop laughing until the end of the episode when Jeff made me rewind it --which just the act of rewinding it made us cackle. God. We both went to bed and lay there snickering for another half hour.

Sleep was the most exciting thing ever. At home. In a glorious full-sized bed. AND SLEEPING-IN OMG I LOVE YOU UNIVERSE CAN I PLEASE FRENCH KISS YOU?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
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You know you're a grown up[1] when.... realize you actually prefer Raisin Bran to Cinnamon Toast Crunch[2] would rather save gas money than sleep in late realize that 'sleep in late' now means 8AM

1. These values of 'grown up' relate only to [ profile] verbicide. No substitutions or exchanges.
2. I recently indulged in this guilty pleasure, but it turned out to be just so-so. Mrh.

The rest of Sunday went well. Jeff and I were both totally wiped out. Jeff spent hours at the house gardening in the pouring, chilling rain. I didn't pot my plants, focusing on cleaning the kitchen, laundry, and general house keeping.

Jeff came home; I'd made the puttanesca. He made his fantastic green beans, Italian style with garlic, lemon, Italian parsley, and Parmesan. They looked so beautiful on the platter I bought from Provence, but he wouldn't let me photograph it. We had a nice sit down dinner with some toasted Ciabatta.

After dinner, we watched some Harry Potter that TiVo had picked up while I folded and put away laundry and prepped my bag for the morning--it makes such an enormous difference in the morning, I need to start doing that regularly, too. It was awesome not to lurch around all morning forgetting things.

I took a quick shower and actually blow-dried my hair for the first time in about 12,000 years. (I think Jeanne's perfect coif inspired me. Plus I have a new shortish (shoulder length) and frisky haircut that I would like to keep sleek and not a frizzy puff-bomb.) I took the time to do all the girly things I'm usually too lazy to do. Exfoliate. Moisturize. Condition (with a post-shower hair serum thing).

And now, it's Monday. Jeff and I are slowly prepping for the LA trip next weekend to see my family--both exciting and unnerving. It'll be the first time he's met everyone--he has already met my parents and one brother/SIL and some of the cousins. Thank GOD for Labor Day. This way, after getting home super late on Sunday night, we'll still have a day to recover.
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I now spell 'with' like this: 'witih'

I'm not sure why this has happened. For years and years I've managed to spell that word correctly, but apparently something has crossed over in my brain. It's MADDENING.

It's as maddening as my need to spell 'think' as 'thing'



I am just sitting here twitching and staring at the clock.


I have three more hours to sit here and twitch before FREEDOM BEAUTY TRUTH AND LOOOOVE.


I don't think the extra-caffeinated frozen mocha is helping my mental state any, either.

*boing* *boing* *boing* *boing*

um, omfg

Jun. 12th, 2008 02:53 pm
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My cousin K and I both need a vacation and we both need one sort of soon and we're going to Kaua'i this August. Five days of sunshine and snorkeling and seafood.

I sort of can't believe it, except we just bought the airline tickets.

It's a pretty low-budget trip because I have a $50 Companion Ticket on Alaska, and she's going to fly up here because it still makes it much cheaper. We're also staying at a super cheap place, which I know is fine because I've stayed there before. (Amy--we're going to stay at the Kaua'i Sands!)

*hop* *hop* *hop*
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How did everything get so speeded up busy?


- Get gas. Car refuses to run without it. Stupid car.
- Grocery shop for potluck at Colleen's house (bittersweet event--our former group from work)
- Must. Clean. KITCHEN. (I've tried waiting; it won't clean itself.)
- Prepare 50 stuffed mushroom caps (two kinds, fennel/sun-dried tomato and sausage)
- Hang out with Sarah
- Prepare for interview. Blech.


- INTERVIEW. Third and final. Very curious if they'll make an offer and what it might be.
- Drop off dry cleaning
- Buy cat food from Mud Bay
- Work for at least a few hours
- Bake mushrooms, wrap them up, and head over to Colleen's
- Tidy house, change sheets, clean master bathroom because GODDAMN
- Pack for trip to LA

And dammit, I'm getting sick. My one fervent hope is that I can just make it through my interview. I really don't want to have to reschedule as it's a meeting with the CEO, CTO, and a senior VP. Not that I relish getting on a plane while sick, but I can handle that if I can just make it through the damn interview.

Mostly I'm a little congested and sleepy. I'm pounding water, orange juice, airborne, and advil in the hopes that I can live better through chemistry.

Biggest problem is that it gets dark at practically 2PM and all I want to do when I get home is light a fire and snuggle with Hobbes and a book. No motivation whatsoever to do anything remotely productive. Feel as though may die waiting for upcoming sabbatical month of indulgence. My biggest retarded fear currently is that Adobe will want to extend again, and I'm too big of a slut to turn them down, and I MUST!

And we're supposed to be all evolved, yet bears to get to nap for all of winter. We have totally failed as a species.
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When your trip starts with a free upgrade to first class, you know it's going to be a good trip.
Details )


May. 30th, 2006 10:00 pm
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I love to cook. And I especially love to entertain. But lately, the thought of making dinner is unbearable. And I don't understand why. So unless I've eaten out with friends, I've sort of just skipped dinner lately. I wander into the kitchen, look in the fridge with annoyance, and then go back to whatever it was I was doing before.

Also, trying to figure out the best way to display Paris journal and photos. I don't want to use a service like Flickr (nothing wrong with it, I'm just weird that way). I also don't want to manually code ten billion pages. I'm hoping Jima can hook me up with some Apache Gallery love. But if not, I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Web design is hard. How on earth did I use to do this shit? Everything looks lame. And granted, this isn't a professional site, just a place to send my mother to coo at pictures, but gah. I'd really rather it not look like ass.

I love this guy's photo journal: Would that I had such talents. Mrh.

Also on wishlist: graphics skills. Because: FEH.
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Being back is definitely bittersweet. I loved Paris. It was a fantastic trip. It was hard to come back, but at the same time, I missed everyone here. It was nice to be disconnected for so long, though. No e-mail, no phone. Just doing whatever we wanted every day. Not too shabby.

I journaled faithfully and there is going to be a link to a disgustingly gushy, overly descriptive, photo-ridden Web site coming soon. But today, I'm just recovering from jet lag.

One thing Paris didn't have was Hobbes. So I have to say I'm very happy to have my sweet kitty back.

I was supposed to take a sleeping pill and go to bed as soon as I got home, but I stayed up watching all of last week's finales, cuddled up with Hobbsie. To bed at 3AM, woke up at 6, and was finally persuaded out of bed by 8:30.

I got dressed, too-dressed for Seattle, but very Parisian, and I met Jeff for lunch where I completely bounced off the walls and Jeff reeled from the shock of so! much! perk! Hee. He's gotten used to quiet. You could see the man just cower from the spaz. Muhahahaha! We had lunch at Typhoon! and I talked until my voice was hoarse. I wanted to drag Jeff back with me RIGHT THEN so he could actually see it. But, sadly, non. But I gave him his presents, which was fun (handmade chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat and a set of mustards from Fauchon). Afterwards, I let him escape back to work and I wandered the public market, because I suppose I just wanted to grasp at whatever straws I could. I bought a loaf of fresh French bread (nowhere near as good, I can already tell), some bibb lettuces, tomatoes, red bell pepper, oranges, strawberries, and a few hunks of cheese from Beechers. I also bought an enormous bundle of wildflowers. Thus cheered, I've come home and tonight for dinner I'm going to make that roasted garlic/honey salad dressing that I love.

I'm so glad I've taken these two days off work. Later on I'm going to repot some of my herbs which have outgrown their pots. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some geraniums for my balcony. And I'm really going to try to slow things down. The past six months have been at breakneck pace and having untangled all my knots, I don't want to just twist them back up again.

Laundry's washing, and I still have tons of stuff to put away, but I just want to vege with Hobbsie for a bit now. And read about 300 back-posts. I want to know whatcha'll have been up to!
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Surreal. I can't believe it. I. Can't. Believe. It.

Suitcase is almost packed. Timbuk is almost packed. Just my toiletries bag and things that are charging (iPod, PDA, cell phone).

They actually were still handing me work as I walked out the door, and I finally turned my laptop off at ten tonight. It's over. And for ten days, I'm free!

Judy brought over dinner and kept me company while I packed. We walked to the grocery store to stock up for Sarah and tossed some trash. So I'm almost packed, just a few things in the dryer. I'm going to put away the final load of dishes. Ellen's gonna pick me up at 9AM.

Everything feels so quiet. I'm not remotely sleepy, but I know I'm damn fatigued. But it doesn't matter, see? I'll be on a plane to Paris tomorrow.

See ya'll in ten days (unless I find a cheap and convenient 'net cafe somewhere). Have a happy week and no bad stuff, k?
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So I was posing to Jeff my great dilemma. To laptop or not to laptop.

I wanted to be able to write while in Paris. I suck at writing things by hand now. Surely, there would be a lot to journal about, for myself if not for LJ (but probably for both).

My laptop weighs approximately 900 lbs and is a pain in the ass to drag around, especially since one can not reasonably expect to check anything valuable into baggage claim.

Lots of friends had lots of good input. Jeff, however, solved the problem. He knows I'm taking my PDA. I was talking about my orgasmic delight in learning from Julie that there is a PDA Scrabble where you can play with yourself (dirty!) and OMFG I must have it. MUST HAVE IT!

So Jeff said, why can't you write on your PDA. And I patiently mimicked the painstaking misery that would be writing a single sentence, let alone a loquacious journal entry.

He struck genius with the concept of getting an unfoldy, PDA keyboard. I nearly jumped him. What a stroke of brilliance!!

I've ordered one and with my Amazon Prime account, for a mere $4 extra, I will be getting it on Wednesday. And lo there was much joy!

It's just so exciting! I'm also considering some travel PDA software for Paris (interactive maps, whee!).

So that's a fucking relief. Because I was really leaning towards taking the behemoth thing, and I'm glad not to have to anymore.

Yay, Jeff!!

t minus 5

May. 7th, 2006 11:52 pm
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I can't believe I leave for Paris in 5 more days. It's just unfathomable.
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Every time I plan a bbq, the heavens split their seams and water hurls down at the earth. Clearly the powers that be are afraid I'm going to set the world on fire, and prepare a contingency plan.

I was so tired earlier. We finished shopping for bedding, went shopping for groceries, and I just wanted to kill everybody on the road between Queen Anne Trader Joe's and my house. It didn't help that the back route to Aurora was unexpectedly closed. HISS. I managed to keep my temper in check and not explode all over my nice, clean mother. But I just wanted to come home, crawl into bed, and never come out. But, guests were coming soon. So potato salad was assembled, and things were tidied up.

By the time OB and Em arrived, I was in a much better mood. We grilled burgers and dogs and even though I'd forgotten the damn celery, the potato salad came out pretty good. I'm going to make that again for dinner with Jeff and Chris on Monday.

Speaking of--I am inexpressibly delighted that they're coming over. It's going to be very simple fare, since it's a work night for all of us, but I haven't had Chris over ever, and Jeff hasn't seen the place since the big Movie Night That Wasn't. I want to go all out and make 50 things, but Jeff would brain me. So, another bbq --burgers and tofurkey sausage (for Jeff). Potato salad. And some sort of exciting dessert. Maybe cobbler. Or ice cream pie. Hrm.

After OB and Em left, I hauled myself over to Fred Meyer and bought some 440-thread-count white sheets on sale, 40% off, for $50. In my excitement, I came home, stripped my bed, but forgot I needed to wash the new sheets first. So, d'oh! They're in the wash now. I have no idea if they're going to be done before I need to pass out dead asleep. I can't wait to make the damn bed.

It's going to be a busy week. Monday night dinner with cute boys. Then Thursday I drop my car off again. The fifth-gear issue hasn't come up again, and I just don't know what to do about it. It's making me crazy with worry, because intermittent problems are the devil. Friday night I have a catch up dinner with Judy, and I'm going to make the carrot cake cheesecake that was such a hit for Jeanne's party on Saturday. Saturday is Jeanne's infamous Day of Seattle bash, and I'm going to head out after the harbor cruise (while everyone else goes to the Space Needle) and make the Alton Brown BLT salad and gougeres, because Judy is endearingly obsessed. I wonder how resilient pate a choux (since I know the fancy word for it now) is. I mean, can I make it at home, and refrigerate it and then take it to Jen and KC's house to cook, so they'll be fresh and toasty?

I think on Sunday a group is going to Mission Impossible, but I think I will stay at home and try to gather things together for Paris, because um--next weekend is my last weekend before going. Which, I can't believe at all. I need to make a list of things I need. Things like batteries and a copy of my passport and what book I'm going to read on the plane. Etc.

I can't believe I'm going. Wow.

Okay, can't think about that. Makes my head all spinny.

Tomorrow, in addition to getting posters framed, I need to organize my bills. And since my mom's flight is relatively early, I should come home and clean the guest closet out some.

If I had any energy, any energy at all--I would hook up the SNES in my bedroom and play Zelda for the rest of the night. Mowr.
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Quick update.

My mom is here and loves my place! Yay!
OMG homemade mommy-food is a good, good thing. She's already made two of my favorite dishes.
It was very exciting to come home for lunch. Mmmm.
My French teacher said, out of the blue, that I am very pretty and have a pleasing air that must draw people to me. *flutter*
Payday, I think, will always be a small celebration around here. Because a month of waiting = my bank account LOW.
While this payday displayed the first cuts from 401K and my contribution to my healthcare plan, it wasn't as much as I feared, so whew!

My brother and SIL are coming over for a bbq on Saturday, so that should be fun.
Having obtained said paycheck, I'm going to go and get those two remaining Steinlen prints framed and hang them, by gum.
I really want new bedding, but am struggling with colors and patterns in a red/cream room. I love striped socks, but not apparently striped bedding.

Just caught up on some tv. Boo to all the recap bullshit going on (Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy). Loved Veronica Mars. This week's Survivor was also rather good.

As the spring continues and summer draws closer, I have some exciting travel plans.

May: Paris! Oui! Oui!
June: LA, for my cousin's graduation
July: Second Annual Sequim Soujourn with Sarah
August (or Sept): San Diego, to visit Jeanne in her new digs

As much as I hate the airlines, they're certainly getting a lot of my money this year.

I really want to write about The Time Traveler's Wife, but I don't think I have anything intelligent to offer. Just a lot of explosive praise and some weeping. And how is that different, really, from most of my posts? (Hee.) So once I finish the final twenty pages, I will blather on about it. I tried to make it through the last twenty last night, but kept giving myself a near concussion with the book slamming into my face. I feel as though I will be bereft once it is over, and don't want to read the last page. Though, in some ways, I wish I'd already stopped. Oh, fuck it. I'm going to blather about it now. )
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Detailicious. )
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So what started out as a random thought is actually turning into a plan. I just want to go and sit in Powell's for the day. Is that so weird?

So on Saturday morning (after a quick pancake breakfast with Jeanne), I'm going to pick up Sarah (who also wants to sit in Powell's for the day) and head south.

No concrete plans, except lunch with the ever-wonderful Dawn Taylor, and um books. Lots and lots of books. And coffee. And just being somewhere different. And long car ride, long enough to listen to a lot of music.

I don't think I can do it this weekend, but some time I'd like to take a longer trip to Portland. Like, a Friday night through Sunday night or something. Really check the town out. But for now, Powell's will do.
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Just bought my ticket. Stace buys hers on Monday.
Paid for our hotel reservations. Omg. Omg. Omg.

I didn't think I'd have to pay more than a nominal deposit for the hotel room this early on, so I'm a little freaked out.

It's done. It's really happening. *gapes*

The only bummer was that we were hoping to fly from our connecting city together to Paris, but that was costing me a $100 more. And Stace gets there like 4 hours before I do, at 11:20AM. And then our hotel room won't be available for check-in until 2PM, but I think we'll survive. We'll be in Paris!! Jet-lagged to death, but in Paris! I know some hotels will accomodate you by letting you drop your luggage off so you can wander around unfettered.

Okay, it needs to be May NOW.


Jan. 20th, 2006 09:44 am
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My dad's here! And he loves the place! Yay!

I stayed at work until 8:30 and then drove out to SeaTac to pick him up. I can't believe he hasn't seen the condo yet. He ooo'd and ahh'd over everything. And Hobbsie clearly remembers his grandpa, because he sat next to him and permitted him to pet him immediately.

We're going to Home Depot for misc bits and pieces and then, possibly, tv shopping. Woo.

And then my brother and sister in law are coming over to see the place and we'll all go out to dinner. I'm thinking either Matador or Jak's Grill. Mmm meat.

My dad also brought up some Airborne for me, and it's somewhat remarkable. I took it last night before going to bed, and the congestion is almost 100% gone. It's... a miracle really. I wasn't a mouth-breather last night and didn't wake up with completely dried out lips. Still sneezy though, but that's not a big deal!

Also, Stace and I are finally wrangling out the details for Paris. It was just this abstract idea, but looking at hotel rooms (decided it was a better, cheaper choice than an apartment, since we're not able to do Untours--they have a two-week minimum) and pricing out airline tickets is making it very real. And, motherfucker the flights are expensive. I know air travel's gotten pricier lately, and May is probably the beginning of the pricey season to go to Paris, but grrr. However, Ellie and Jeff have highly recommended their very reasonable hotel in the 1 Arronissement, walking distance to the Louvre among other things. The pictures were gorgeous, and you can't beat word of mouth. Through my French instructor's travel agent, Stace is getting a better deal than online, but I found my options were better online (and I prefer NWA to AA). We're going right in the middle of May. Buying the tickets and reserving the room is making it so real, I'm a little giddy.

Mini-rant: I fucking hate the airlines. I feel like I'm taking a gamble buying my ticket now, when it's possible suddenly the flights will come back down, and it'll be $500 instead of $850. And then I will say some very bad words. Because fucking hell. But I've looked online, worked with a travel agent. I can't do the Priceline "Name your Price" game, because Stacey also needs to know when I'm getting there, and I need to know when I'm getting there for work. I just haaaaate the airline industry. So. Seethingly. Much.

Anyhow. Paris! Spring! Squee!! We're going to do a day trip to Versailles and go to the requisite spots, Louvre (which Stace has never seen), the Musee d'Orsay (which I've never seen), the Rodin Museum, etc. It'll be nice to be there as an adult with some sense, instead of as a confused and overwhelmed teenager.

home again

Dec. 27th, 2005 02:52 pm
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Things at the cabin were really mostly great. The nephews are even more adorable than last observed. The cousins were a blast as always. And even the SILs were in good form.

We played basketball and ran around outside where there was a paucity of snow. My cousins got me some belated birthday presents (a blanket, some Burt's Bees goodies, and season 1 of The Office). We ate entirely too much of my mom's amazing food and you'd think I'd have gotten enough sleep, but I didn't because the kids woke up so early and were irresistible.

The flight out, as hideously early as it was, wasn't bad. I had one of the exit-row seats with extra leg-room and I fell asleep before we took-off and woke up as we were landing. Good times. The flight home was okay; I devoured S is for Silence. The flight attendant had a pole up her ass about headphones (which I wasn't wearing) but she kept announcing it. Over and over again. Don't wear headphones. Don't have them around your neck. Don't have them in your lap. I'm surprised she didn't stalk down the aisle, ripping them out of people's luggage and hurling them out the door. Seriously. She said it like 15 times and would stop people and jerk them out of their ears. I've never heard that you couldn't have freaking headphones in your lap for chrissakes.

Also, she had the most grating voice known to man. And she kept talking. She went on for 15 minutes about their mileage plan Visa. God.

And while I'm usually cold on planes, I was bizarrely warm and felt itchy and moist. It made for a very crabby arrival. And the joy of baggage claim. Hiss. So I was grumpy when I met up with Judy and John, who were nice enough to come pick me up late on a work night (and brought me Korean food).

I got home and it was so good to see Hobbes. Jeff had taken wonderful care of him (twice a day for practically a week, he is beyond amazing--and he acts like it's no big deal at all). I took a blissful shower in my own crappy water-pressured shower. I couldn't sleep, but I will say that I was very grateful to be home. My old flat is getting cleaned today (as I type, in fact) and I'll be leaving early to get the keys back and do a walk-through, and be rid of the damn place on Thursday night at 6:30PM when I hand over the keys. Can't fucking wait.

Tonight, yet another trip to Fred Meyer. They should just garnish my wages directly. Today's mission:

- laundry basket
- waste basket for the master bathroom
- some sort of rod/curtain thing for the damn living room already
- shit, shit, I've forgotten the other urgent thing

Tonight I have absolutely got to line the cupboards/cabinets with contact paper and unpack the damn kitchen. And should go to the grocery store. And this time I'm going to buy the damn Satsumas.


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