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I couldn't sleep last night. It happens sometimes. I go to bed, read a bit, turn off the light, and my eyes just stay wide open. By the time I realize it, it's too late to take anything for it.

So, this morning, I slept in and decided to take today off. And, since Monday is a holiday, I decided to take Friday off too. It's very, very liberating.

I'm in the midst of the big house reorg, and also the cake trio for Saturday. I didn't absolutely need the extra time, but it's gonna help!

First stop today: cake supply store
Next stop: Fred Meyer, where Sarah says they have great org container stuff
Finally: Happy Hour sushi with Sarah and Neelz! Whee!

The rest of the cake schedule is as planned---make cupcakes and fillings tomorrow, frostings on Saturday morning, assembly and decoration for the rest of the day until the party.

Also, I would very much like for it to stop raining! Though have I mentioned how much I freaking love my new boots? I make everyone who comes near me put their legs in them. LOVE!!
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Don't be careless with your newly sharpened kitchen knives.

From Misc

(But if you do, be sure to have an experienced surgeon around who will keep you calm and take you to the ER because she doesn't have a suture kit on her. Thank you, Jeanne!)
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What I really want to do is make these mocha chocolate cookies and munch away while reading something by Judy Blume. Knowing that there's no work tomorrow. And that it'll be sunny and bright but not too hot. And if I feel too warm, perhaps I will have a popsicle. And Brutus will purr by my feet. In a house where all the trim is painted and the bedroom blinds have been changed.

And I won't be stuck in this cyclical hell of work-sleep-work-class-sleep-work-sleep-work-class-sleep that is apparently not going to end until I die.

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So, Jeff's summation of the brilliant three-hour Coriolanus?

"Hubris bad."


(Can't believe we're leaving tomorrow! Wah!)
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Dear Self,

Just because it was not raining at the precise moment you left your house this morning, does not mean that it wasn't going to be raining on the East side or later in the day. Just pack the freakin' raincoat already.



Dear Self,

The insane deadline is at hand. Batten down the hatches and prepare to work nights this week. You love this sort of adrenaline mad thing, so roll up your sleeves and get to it.

This means less time on LJ, right?



Dear Self,

Despite your apparent hopes, the fridge/freezer are not going to clean themselves out by themselves. You're running out of room. Please remove all the dead things tonight so you can actually find the food that is still edible!



Well, at least my Sunday was superfantastic.

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Sep. 8th, 2008 06:04 pm
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I am so fucking tired and sore right now. Work went by super fast which was nice. Minimal meetings which was even nicer. There's so much to do and I'm just grateful my boss is calm and reasonable with her expectations.

And then I went home. I continue to feel a little carsick on the bus ride home, which is a bummer. It passes soon after I get off, but it's a bummer nonetheless. Despite feeling a little moody and not feeling like exercise, I hauled myself to the gym and did straight weightlifting versus my regular circuit training plan. Normally I do 15-20 sets on each machine in turn, punctuated by treadmilling uphill. I just didn't feel like doing that. So I warmed up on the treadmill and did three sets of 12-15 on each machine in turn. My muscles, they did not like this. Despite taking a stretching break between sets, my muscles were screaming by the third set (which in many machines turned out to be 10-12). I finished with a very inclined treadmill set and limped off to the locker room, sufficiently thrashed.

I'm glad I did it. But I really love those workout days where the endorfin rush kicks in midway through and you feel pumped and energized and strong. Today was not that day. I'm still glad I went because I get very annoyed with myself when I miss a weekday set. I am, however, very glad that these weightlifting days are broken up by swimming.

Now, I must feed Brutus for he is yodeling up and down the halls and periodically coming into the office to rub my shin. Pete's coming over for dinner tonight and I'm making Ina Garten's Mac and Cheese. God bless food processors as cheese graters. I don't have the upper arm strength to make it through a block of Gruyere. I'm going to saute some zucchini (which I've really gotten into this summer) and we'll have leftover strawberry cupcakes for dessert.

Jeff has a meeting with the real estate agent to deal with the latest issue and I hope he's gets some good news. (Or at least not catastrophic news.) On a happier Jeff note, we booked our hotel for Ashland, and I'm doing my best to get us a Prius rental! Man, I just can't wait for this trip! Jeff has the best taste in music, so I'm really looking forward to getting a nice sample of it on our roadtrip.

OMG so tired. So, so tired. But must go grate some cheese now.
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We're leaving NOW!!

Have a great week, everyone!

*blows kisses*
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(okay, scratch that last one)

Sooooo, I'm home. And there was some smoochery with the Brute. And I had a late lunch. Which, is maybe dinner. And now I am twittering about uselessly because I am going to pick up Amy T's snorkel stuff and assorted beach offerings and then buy some snackses for Petsittin' Pete. And then I will come home and do the things I should be doing now. Namely:

- Tidy up house
- The accursed, Sisyphean laundry
- Recycle
- Pack

None of which I can do right now because my brain, she's all float-y!

I may very possibly just be standing in the middle of my hall with an expression of EEEEEEEE!! until I have to leave.

K's flight gets in around 11, so I'll pick her up and we can EEEEEEEEEE ensemble!

We'll leave the house around 1:30 tomorrow. I just. God. I just can't fucking wait, my peoples.
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I now spell 'with' like this: 'witih'

I'm not sure why this has happened. For years and years I've managed to spell that word correctly, but apparently something has crossed over in my brain. It's MADDENING.

It's as maddening as my need to spell 'think' as 'thing'



I am just sitting here twitching and staring at the clock.


I have three more hours to sit here and twitch before FREEDOM BEAUTY TRUTH AND LOOOOVE.


I don't think the extra-caffeinated frozen mocha is helping my mental state any, either.

*boing* *boing* *boing* *boing*

um, omfg

Jun. 12th, 2008 02:53 pm
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My cousin K and I both need a vacation and we both need one sort of soon and we're going to Kaua'i this August. Five days of sunshine and snorkeling and seafood.

I sort of can't believe it, except we just bought the airline tickets.

It's a pretty low-budget trip because I have a $50 Companion Ticket on Alaska, and she's going to fly up here because it still makes it much cheaper. We're also staying at a super cheap place, which I know is fine because I've stayed there before. (Amy--we're going to stay at the Kaua'i Sands!)

*hop* *hop* *hop*
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I am never allowed to buy the Kasugai orange gummy things again ever. Because omg they are so good and I can eat about a million an' a half of 'em.

Weekend was jam-packed with all kinds of coolness. Sarah and I built shelves and reorg'd the office (turning it into a library, purrrrr) and I must post pictures of the gloriousness of them. We also opened up the new Dell and it's very, very shiny.

I spent half the weekend chucking old computer manuals (for products I no longer have, but have carted around for about ten years), shredding outdated bills and bank things, and unpacking boxes and boxes of crap that were buried in the office closet. No more! It's so liberating! My place is still a bit of a mess right now, but it's going to be so much better than it was with all thtat random crap gone!

Saturday, Sarah and I grabbed some breakfast and did all kinds of random shopping at U Village. I finally found the type of olive oil bottle I wanted (tall, square, glass) and some new placemats.

Eventually it was back to the house to unpack and toss mountains of archaic stuff.

Later that night I went to play with Zach, most adorable baby ever! He's getting so big, it's hard to remember when he was just 4.9lbs now that he's over 12lbs! I will share photos soon! Eventually I made my way over to Jeff's to petsit since he was visiting friends out on the peninsula.

Sunday, Pete and I went to see the godawful A Perfect Stranger. I know --of course it sucked, but I thought it would at least be semi-okay. But Halle Berry can NOT act, no matter how hot she is.

We then just hung out and did random things like grocery shop, go to the comic book store, and hang out chez moi while I did some kitchen cleaning.

I did find that I couldn't sleep at all last night. Just inexplicably. So this morning was very NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and burying my head under the covers, but I think I will survive.

It's a particularly crazy week ahead. I'm in this weird holding pattern at work because at the end of the day Friday, I'd sent out all my stuff for technical review to various developers, and now just need to wait. Hrm.

Tonight is the annual condo meeting, which I am very irritated to have to attend. Tomorrow is the woodworking class that Jeff and I are taking. Wednesday night a friend is visiting from out of town. Thursday I get to hang out with Sarah. Friday is a party at my former boss's boss's house for a second round of goodbye. I want to squeeze in some time with my nephew on Saturday and I'm forgetting, but there is something else going on Saturday. And Sunday is John's birthday.

Life seems to be going on normally, and then somehow --it warps into turbo drive and everything seems overscheduled and frantic. No likee. Especially because I want to go home and unpack and organize the office even more! Boo!

My cousin is coming for a visit the following weekend, and the day after she leaves, my parents arrive for a visit, and the weekend after that another friend is visiting. I think it's going to be June before there's time for a breather!

Sarah and I were supposed to plan our Hawaii trip on Saturday, but never got around to it. I can't freaking wait for September!
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Because I went to bed early, it followed that I woke up early. I talked with Alain and then darted off for a day of errand-running. Cookies were mailed to family. I discovered that I could handle going to a new post office and didn't drive out to Ballard. Then I dropped off presents and cookies at KC and Jen's house. I'd left my cell at home, so it was a day of either leaving things on doorsteps or springing myself onto people unannounced. I drove to U Village and bought gifts for my brother, SIL, and nephew-to-be in all of 15 minutes flat (not kidding). I hastened out of there to get my hair cut, and I rather like it. It's short but swing-y and bouncy. And easy to manage, so hurray. I wrapped gifts in the car and then drove over to OB's house. I continue to marvel at having them so close where such random-stop-bys can actually happen. It is glorious. They seemed really happy with their presents (because I demanded that they open them immediately). And I managed to inherit OB's old dvd player for my bedroom. Bonus.

And then back home to grab Sarah's cookies, and to briefly preen at new haircut, before driving over to her place to help her pack and straighten her place out before going away FOREVER. Well, until the 31st. It is just tragic when half of your social life goes far, far away, dammit!

I borrowed half of her video and book library and we grabbed a quick bite at Gordito's, which is tragically going out of business on the hill. So sad. Then more hanging out and jabbering until I left and she is undoubtedly showering as I type, before her exciting red-eye flight tonight.

And now I am giving up on all pretense of restraint and going to put on Final Fantasy 12, for which I have waited, nay, hungered, lo these past many years. Wannit NOW!

The only thing wrong with today was the lack of Jeff, but as I explained to him in our parking garage on Thursday, we are going to be hanging out, because he has no choice. And then there is lots of Christmas-y fun to be had with throngs of adorable Bears. And more cookie baking for parties. Whee!
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I have about twenty minutes to go. Then? Vacation. For two whole weeks. I sort of can't believe it. I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself for two whole weeks. With no travel. No responsibilities. Rien.

This place is pretty empty already. I'm just sort of hanging out waiting for Jeff to finish up. I did have a project to finish today, which has been maddening, because it required way more thinking than I was willing to do (and had to do anyway).

But it's almost over. I'm waiting to hear back from one of the developers if this last bugfix needs to be included in the release notes, and that's that. Anything that happens after today will fall into poor Bill's lap. Pete left around 1. He gave me the most spectacular gift --it's called Wicked: A Grimmerie. It's this gorgeous, padded book on the making of the Broadway musical. Someone created that thing with a lot of love, because it's simply gorgeous. I didn't even realize it existed. He's gone for two weeks and I'm going to miss him and our movie nights.

Judy and John stopped by with their gifts (and Rob and Kelly's) --they got me a fantastic pizza pan and cutter and a gorgeous throw for my couch. Rob and Kelly found the most gorgeous calendar on Paris as well as this little Parisian-looking scented glass-candle. Also, Judy had made some cookies herself, and I had me some fabulous peppermint bark!

I can't believe the day is almost over. I cleaned my office and packed everything up. It seems inconceivable that I won't be back until January 4th.

Tonight will be nice and mellow, but tomorrow I'm getting my haircut and a pedicure--maybe even a manicure if I'm feeling spend-y. Dinner and hanging out with Sarah before she takes off for her trip. I need to do another round of baking for Christmas Eve with Jeff and Chris.

I have so much stuff that needs to be done. No idea if I will do it, or just play video games for 12 hours. I finally ordered Final Fantasy XII and am very curious if I'm going to love or hate it. Mostly I just want to start Psychonauts over again.

Jeff has promised to come over with his truck and his manly muscles to help me get rid of the hated closet doors, move the bedroom furniture so I can paint trim, and come with me to IKEA to buy (FINALLY) a new bookshelf for the bedroom. I love him for always having time for me. And for making me feel equally needed in his life.

I also need to fix my sewing machine and get cranking on some quilting projects, along with knitting Jeff's scarf, and studying French.

What am I talking about? Two weeks is going to FLY by. I just want to start the clock already.
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The sad thing is that I'm hungry, I have a fridge full of leftover pizza. But I don't want pizza. I have no idea what I want, but I'm sick to death of the sight of pizza.

I think I'm going to have to leave at 5:30.

And tomorrow--day off!! *bounces*

Maribel, I fear, is going to flake out on me tomorrow. But it doesn't matter, because I don't have to get the place cleaned until December 31st, so I can just leave it until I get back and deal with it next week.

Tonight I'm going to try to remove the rest of the tape. I just have to remember to not remove it from the few spots that need another coat or some touch-up.

Crap, also need to call wonderful Kelly about getting primer for the trim in the office.

I can't believe I'm leaving for Big Bear on Thursday morning.

Quick list:

- buy snow boots and pants
- buy gifts for nephews
- buy contact paper for kitchen
- buy more cat food and litter for Hobbsie
- call Kelly about paintstuff/payment
- email Jeff/Judy details about Hobbsie-sitting and each other's contact info
- unpack movies and set up fun stuff and food for Jeff
- pack for Big Bear, which means unpack some clothing boxes and put away stuff
- call and bitch out Qwest for still not setting up my line
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What a fabulous weekend. Seriously. See my batteries? Observe how they are all recharged. For there was much joy.

Summary: It was awesome. Traffic was hideous. I love Sarah because she rules. Jeff is unbelievably awesome as a friend and pet-sitter. And I am much relaxed.

The unabridged version. With pictures )

What a fabulous weekend.

And now, holy shit I must go to sleep. Because a busy work week is about to start and non-stop training until August 20th. (After which I will fall down on my couch and never, ever move again.)
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With three hours of sleep, I bolted out of bed at 6am. I managed to do some laundry, do the dishes, straighten up a few things, clear out some crap of the car, PACK (*hiss*) and drive to Fred Meyer.

And make it to work 3 minutes early.

It was a massive relief, because this meant that I could work through lunch, and

I busted my ass all day on the case study, antsy because I've had no direction. I finally found the woman I'm writing it for and got a better sense of what she'd like. But I'm leaving here in ten minutes, and it's happily okay, because I can come in early on Monday and re-do chunks of it. I configured it to be flexible, so thank god it won't be a massive nightmare. I have to admit, I'm taking the draft with me, because it might be fun to work on this weekend. (Really!)

So it's T -7. Sarah and I have been emailing spazzily all day. Back and forth. Counting down. And I'm ready, baby.

Jeff stopped, by...and now it's TIME!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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So, well. Fuck.

I have nine million things to do tonight. And I only have myself to blame. Well, partly.

Suddenly this case study needs to be in tomorrow, because our legal guy is going on vacation for a month. My boss is still in Tokyo, and I still don't have a good idea of what they want. How long is it supposed to be? How technical? I designed a template for these case studies, and I'm pretty happy with it. And I've got a good start on it--for what I think it's supposed to be.

Hopefully my boss will get into the office in the middle of the day tomorrow and I want to have a draft ready for her. I've got a good start on it. (My best work is always under pressure.) But I need to stay up to finesse it. And I'd be upset, except:

- I really do have a good start, and I'll also have all of tomorrow morning, too
- Tomorrow is Friday, so sleep deprivation doesn't count
- Sarah and I leave at 4:30pm for Sequim and really, nothing could bring me down

But last minute craziness will include:

- Packing (a chore for which, SIGH, I am filled with hate)
- Shoveling out the extra crap from my car
- Filling up the gas tank, cause it's almost empty
- Frantic attempt to purchase Scrabble at Fred Meyer tomorrow afternoon at lunch
- Figuring out directions, route, ferry schedule (eee!)

But see, the craziness doesn't matter. Because it'll be over by 4pm. And then there will be much joy and vacationing! Whee!
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That's right, baby. We're going on VACATION! *shriek*

So last week I said to Sarah, "Sarah, we have to go away for the weekend. Before my head. Explodes." And she said, "Okay!"

And now we've rented a house on the water and we're going next weekend and omfg yay!! YAY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

We're going to drive out to Port Angeles after work next Friday. And the house has a bbq and fireplace and omg maybe we'll make S'MORES!

We're going to play Scrabble and read books right by the pretty, pretty water. We're going to sleep in and wander around nature-y trail-things. And hang out in Port Townsend and coo at the quaint-ness.

AND I CAN'T BELIEVE WE GOT A PLACE! All but two were rented, and one was rented while I was on the freaking phone with the very nice man who didn't make me cry by saying I couldn't have a vacation and would die chained to my desk! *perk*

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

Sarah can't really hide her joy:

[22:12] cat: *faints*
[22:13] sarah: hum.

Okay, maybe there's a smidge of mockery. But I loooooooove the quaint-shoppies. And omfg. VACATION. R&R. I would die of happiness, except then I wouldn't get to go. DUH!



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