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Okay, I know the entire eastern side of the country is miserably buried in snow and we're having a mild winter, but my feet have been so freaking cold ALL DAY. And I'm not rebelliously running amok in bare feet either, I have fleece footie things on for once. I kept fantasizing about immersing them in really hot water. But then I didn't have a magic wand to make that appear, so.

I can haz spring?

Oddly, I am obsessed with ffwding to summer. I mentioned this to someone who said that maybe it was because we didn't get much of a summer last year. I'm dying for summer foods and they're just not available right now. (TOMATOES. I WANT TOMATOES. And I'm not even a big tomato person. WTF. I want to eat them sliced on a plate with some salt and pepper. Why?)

So, I made brownies. Because that is the answer to all woes. New recipe for me. (Test Kitchen.) Hope they are good. Will take them into office.

I'm still having vivid Black Swan flashbacks at night, which aren't helped by all the trailers for it that are still running everywhere. Also, I wish Sarah were here so we could play more Mario. We have a standing slacker-date for Monday nights, and it's beyond glorious. And that is all I want out of life. Mario with Sarah. And pizza. Oh, and cherry coke zero. But that's it. I swear.

I so desperately want a cherry coke zero right now. And we even have them in the house! But I'm insomniackish lately enough without pre-bed-time caffeine. BOO.

This being a grownup thing suuuuucks. I want a refund.

um so

Jan. 4th, 2009 05:53 pm
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It's snowing outside. *falls over dead from shock*

I set out in my open vent shoes, thinking a little rain wouldn't bother. And I came out of the store to a slushy slick parking lot, my car covered in sleet. Obviously there wasn't enough time for real accumulation or slickness, but damn.

Though it looks like it's all going to wash away tonight and we're going to have rain FOREVER now.
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Except... there's no snow. YET.

There's supposed to be a lot of it. All the Seattle schools are closed! Which means it would be highly irresponsible for me to go to work and get stuck on the Eastside! YUP!

I have to say, my gloves are wholly inadequate. As a Californian, I always thought polar fleece would be good enough for anything. But the bus was late yesterday, so I was standing outside at the stop for about half an hour and by the end, I thought I might dissolve into hysteria. I couldn't feel my hands anymore. I was kitted out in two warm wool sweaters, a quilted jacket, scarf, hat, gloves. But I was so goddamn cold. The exposed parts of my face (which was a pretty narrow strip) and my hands. I tell you, I'm the biggest weather sissy on earth. I would DIE in a real winter. As it is, I just hunker down and try to never leave my house ever.

Speaking of. It's been such a nice goddamn day so far! Jeff and I sat and lingered on the couch this morning. I kept trying to convince him to stay home or to just go get his laptop and come back home. But he's not built for sloth the way I am. Poor dearie.

Last night was a total blast. Pete came over for a final visit before his two week vacation to visit his family in NJ. I made one of Pete's (and Jeff's) favorite dishes --Ina Garten's Mac and Cheese and some sauteed zucchini to go with it. Recipe Blather ) I sent some off with Jeff today for Amy T and Kirsten, too!

Then, Jeff lit a fire and turned on the Christmas tree and it was just a lovely lovely evening, sitting around and talking.

Pete brought us his amazing homemade chocolate caramels. And I got one of my Christmas presents from him! He knows I'm crazy about these Japanese gummy snacks and there are all these flavors that are hard to get and I've never been able to try. So he went to Ranch 99 and bought me ALL of them. Mango, apple, pineapple, melon, and orange because it's my favorite. I couldn't stop squealing for awhile over that. We sampled them all and omg it was so exciting!! I think pineapple may be my new favorite!! Also, he brought over his Wii Fit for us to borrow while he's out of town! Can't wait to try it!

Pete eventually left and we went to bed. I did, however, leave an epic mess in the kitchen. But it was so glorious to get to just clean it up this morning. Everything's loaded in the dishwasher. I went to the grocery store after work last night, so I have everything I need to make all the stuff I need to make. (Except frozen raspberries, goddammit! Must go buy those and some more eggs. DOH. I should go do that this morning before the predicted weather craziness starts.)

Today I'll work from home and start the cookie baking adventure. I have tons of exciting food options in leftovers. Is a taco salad weird to have for breakfast?

In other Christmas news, I just feel so behind already. How did this happen?

I need to write/mail some cards today. And at least plan how/when I'm going to mail the few gifts that require mailing. The timing is all off, because I leave for LA for a week on Tuesday. I see Judy/Ellen on Saturday and I'm worried their gift won't be ready by then either.

But, I need to remind myself that any pressure here is my own. I may be late this year, but no one is going to really care if they don't get their cookies until I get back from LA and can have more time to bake, right?

Though, I'm almost totally done with my Christmas shopping. And the rest should be finished in one more quick trip to U Village! In exciting news, I was able to get Jeff's Christmas present done yesterday on my lunch break. The smaller gift is en route from Amazon and the bigger one (which is sort of a Christmas/birthday hybrid gift, since his birthday is in January), is hiding in my car. I'd like to wrap them and stick 'em under the tree by tonight! I hope he likes!!

Sarah and I are exchanging gifts/having dinner on Friday, before she leaves town. I've asked for her big gift to be expedited; I just hope it gets here on time!!

Whee!! This is why I love the holidays!!

bah humbug

Nov. 20th, 2008 09:25 am
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So I totally forgot that it was supposed to start raining today. And of course I didn't bring my raincoat. I have my fleece, and that'll have to make do as I hurtle down 108th to the Transit Center.

This weather and the proximity to holiday fun has apparently made me babblier than even usual.

I brought leftover pizza for lunch today. I want to eat it right now. I went out last night with my good friend Amy T. I love her. I haven't seen her in awhile because her in-laws were visiting for two and a half weeks. So last night we stole away to 3rd Place books in Ravenna (and to NY Pizza in Maple Leaf), where I bought a used copy of Baking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America. It is such a beautiful book, I can't believe someone gave it up!

Blather about cooking and foodstuffs )

That's about it. I am now STARVING and also impatient about being at work, and it's only 10AM. I have a document to plow through, that I hate, which is very sad. Especially when I could be home. COOKING!
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Meteorically speaking. Why is it always so freaking hot lately. Also, next summer I'm getting a goddamn AC!

I couldn't sleep last night. A little too hot and I was really restless. I tossed and turned just past 2AM. In spite of that, I woke up relatively early and couldn't get back to sleep. Jeff was just waking up as I got up and we chatted for a bit, planning the day. Neither one of us had any concrete plans except to get things in better order.

So we drove to the house to take care of Buffy, as Chris is out of town, and for Jeff to bring most of his remaining boxes back here to sort through and unpack. It was my first time seeing the house fully staged and it looks great. I really, really hope someone buys it soon.

We loaded the truck and grabbed a quick lunch at Chipotle. Jeff needed to buy some birthday cards and he really likes the University Bookstore's selection so we stopped there before coming home. And then began the giant life-sucking cleaning and organizing project. We both have lots of things to donate and recycling to accumulate and omg it was endless and HOT. Jeff really muscled through his boxes and most of his stuff is put away. I managed to clean out my closet and pack up the Shelves of Embarrassing Teen Novels to replace with my overflow of books. (Part messiness and partly because I gave Jeff a bookshelf in the office). Most of that stuff's put away. I have a few things I need to return to Nordstrom's and Old Navy from way too long ago, but I hope to do that this week. If I have the energy tonight, I should move the sewing table and assorted crap into the bedroom so Jeff can have the second half of the closet in the office for storage. It'll be more useful to him now that most of his stuff is here.

The heat's totally sucked up most of my energy so I feel like I'm moving through jello. Boo! Also I need to finish some dishes (since I generated about 12 million of them in yesterday's bakefest). I need to put away laundry and holy jesus I need a shower because I feel sticky and gross. Maybe a shower will perk me up, too.

Then it's a girl's night with Brutus. We can sit and give ourselves a pedicure and watch something dreamily Elizabethan on the telly. Jeff's just headed out to have a few beers with C&G. That'll be nice. He deserves a break considering how hard he's always always always working. He's not done a month done with the craziness of fixing up the house and he's already talking about helping me paint the kitchen. I want to wrap him in bubble wrap and make him take a time out. (If nothing else so I won't be motivated by the force of shame to be so goddamn productive.)

For dinner tonight:

Jeff: So I was thinking of making myself a hummus sandwich and maybe a salad...what do you think?
Me: I think we should have pizza.
Jeff: Sure, we can do that.
Me: Yay!
Me: Can you drive?
Jeff: Sure.
Me: Are you paying?
Jeff: Uh, sure--I can pay.
Me: You have the keys right, I don't have to take anything?
Jeff: *laughing* Yes yes I have the keys.
Me: Whee!
Jeff: So basically you're saying, "Can you just take care of everything?"
Me: Yup. I'll just look pretty.
Jeff: Well, that's your job.

In my defense, I did buy lunch. Okay. So. Kitchen, shelves, and shower.
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It's too hot still to do chores. I have so many many chores. But it's too hot to do any of them! *avoids*

Amy T came over and we grabbed a slice of pizza at Pizza Passion--which I rather liked. Nice thin crust, but not soggy Neapolitan. We came back here to hang out for a little bit and she's just left.

Jeff's at a 5-hour matinee of Aida. Which I sincerely hope he's enjoying. I think I'm going to sit with my laptop in front of the fan and read an awesome story. Yes, yes I am.

Also--Jeff and I finally bought our tickets for the Ashland trip! Wooo! We're going to drive down the Wednesday before Halloween and stay through that Sunday! I can't wait!! We still need to rent the car and book hotel rooms (we're going to be spending the night in Portland, too!!) but at least we have tickets to five different shows! Let the road trip mix tape assembly begin! (Or, you know, iPod playlist assembly.)

No chores! No chores! Lalalalalalala!

Sarah's coming over at 7. We haven't seen each other in approximately five-thousand years. Yay! Leftover grilled chicken and sautéed zucchini for dinner it is!

Also, I went to see Wall.E last night and I really didn't like it at all. My most overwhelming reaction to it was boredom. I'd gone for the theatre AC and kept wishing I'd just stayed home. I thought components of it were cute (like, Wall.E and Eve) but the whole fat boneless baby human thing left me cold. I hated that they used live action actors for any part of it, and I thought it was a little weirdly heavy handed. I'd rather watch Cars again than this. Wall.E was as cute as Number Five ever was, and of course the animation was great. But overall, I've been sadly disappointed now with the last three Pixar films. Even Ratatouille (which I liked much better than Wall.E or Cars) wasn't anywhere near as good as Monsters, Inc. or The Incredibles --which were cinematic perfection, I thought. I also agree with Leigh that Wall.E seemed to be two different movies spatched together, and I much preferred the first half.

That's all! Now to continue avoiding laundry by reading on the couch!


Jul. 13th, 2008 06:31 pm
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In all my hysterical squeeing--I think I may have not made it clear that Brutus is Jeff's cat, not mine. I definitely am not ready to have another cat and I still feel like I never will--not one of my own. I babble about Brutus whenever I petsit, but those times are few and far between. Jeff moves in tonight and he just brought Brutus over a day early. I've been madly in love with Brutus since the day I met him, so I'm giddy to have him living here.

Snippet from an earlier conversation:

Jeff: So, if it's okay, I think I'll work at the house tonight until 8 and then head over to spend the night...and start living there. That okay?
Me: Nnnmm. I don't know. I already have Brutus. And we're really happy together. Not sure we need a third wheel.
Jeff: Dammit. I knew I should have moved us in at the same time.
Me: I suppose you can come, too. But try not to get in our way.
Jeff: I'm never going to be able to move out, am I?
Me: No, no. You can move out any time you like.
Jeff: *pwned*

I went to Mud Bay and got Brute a water fountain and some Greenies and this scratching post that the lady hosed with catnip. It was awesome to come home and see Brutus' reaction. I'd run to the bathroom and when I came out, he was waiting for me in the hallway. He led me over and proceeded to do somersaults of stoned joy around it.

In other news, it's fucking hot! I spent the day unpacking Jeff's kitchen stuff. Most of it is integrated, but some of it--like canning jars--will go into hall or condo storage. And then I unpacked all of his books and CDs. I went to Home Depot, got an extra closet dowel, and now his clothes are hanging, too. Yay!

Making channa masala for dinner. Sarah's on her way over. And if I have energy, I'll make that peach pudding cake I buoght the ingredients for!
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Now this is more like it.

And seriously? TGI-FUCKING-F


Jun. 17th, 2008 02:57 pm
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WTF, June?

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It's been so long since I've been warm, let alone uncomfortably hot. Note to self: remember sunscreen? Buy that.

The morning started off with a great long catch-up call with my younger cousin Mo, who is finishing her third year of medical school. We have a lot in common (medical school aside) and so it's always wonderful to touch base. She's trying to get into a program at UW and was excited to hear I'd give her free housing and feed her until she exploded. I love her and it would be so wonderful to have her stay for awhile.

Then I hopped into the shower and got dressed in summery clothes, which was exciting.

Jeff drove over and actually brought me a piece of the orange flourless cake he'd made for yet another dinner party. And as expected, he was right. The bitterness was completely gone in the chilled cake. It was delicious. He'd also used less peel/pith this time and I really liked it.

For some reason, Henry is TERRIFIED of Jeff. Like, he sees Jeff and he runs away. We think it's because Jeff is the only bearded creature Henry's ever seen and it's quite possible he thinks Jeff is a bear who is actually going to eat him. He was however a total slut for the five seconds Jeff fed him treats.

We set out for the Farmer's Market. Of course there is some sort of insane festival thingie going on, so we had to park in the next county, but it was actually fine. The heat was a little oppressive, but it's too early in the season for me to complain about it. (YET.)

Jeff got lots of tomato plants and herb starters and cauliflower he'll have to get a second mortgage to afford. (I know food prices are going up, but DAMN.) I bought some spinach, basil, asparagus, and a little rosemary starter plant. I already have my cherry tomato plant started and will get some basil later on. Whichever herb I plant turns out to be whichever plant I never cook with that year. It's sort of funny. What I totally need is basil and Italian parsley, though. I hope for a big bumper crop of those this year.

We set out for Ballard (and our timing was great, because they're also having some insane parade thing later) and had lunch at Sofrito Rico. We stopped at Kitchen Things and ooh'd and aah'd at the Emile Henry potterie.

Jeff drove us back to my place. He came up so I could give him some lemons from my dad's tree (because I think my dad brought me half the tree) and he also took away another giant bag of potting soil. Now I have just the one enormous bag and that'll do me fine for the next century.

And now it's time to chill out with Henry until I frost the cake and head on over to Amy T's!

um, what?

Apr. 18th, 2008 07:20 pm
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And even though I keep saying it's March, I would like to share my newfound knowledge with all of you that it is in fact late April.
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Things I Would Like to Share Today:

1. Muenster cheese doesn't work as well on a ham sandwich as on a pastrami one.
2. Pretzels don't work as well as acceptable Crunchy Thing Accompaniment to sandwiches as Cheetos.
3. Any day I decide I don't need to bring a raincoat or umbrella results in the skies dumping out God's bathwater. (I apologize to locals for my irresponsible meteorologic whimsy.)
4. I love LJ and my LJ friends and also chocolate.
5. I think whole grains make me feel a little heartburn-y.
6. For some reason, the comments [ profile] lietya is making resulted in my Gmail ad to brightly offer a link to the following wisdom, "Be The Woman Men Love"
7. I <3
8. Anytime I don't like something vile (like eggplant), Jeff immediately says, "Oh, really? Real Italians love that!" He is a meanie.

Um. I think that's it for now. I have to get back to not-working in a different capacity now.
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Today started out so promising, too!

I met the bears for brunch at Cafe Flora. I'll spare you the whine about my meal at a vegetarian restaurant with this handy cut-tag. ) That said, I don't regret going at all, and would go again to hang out with this group!

After brunch, I drove out to Judy's house to hang out for a bit. As we are both serious carnivores, she commiserated at the lack of meat, and we immediately went out to get a hot dog.

Meat-lust satisfied, we drove to Greenlake and joined the throngs of people enjoying the perfect weather. It was gorgeous. Blue skies, not too hot, flowers blooming! We made good time around the lake and headed to Judy's to hang out for a bit before she had to get ready for Easter dinner and I went to buy even more plants, because clearly I am obsessed. As I drove to Fred Meyer, the blue sky went away, everything went grey and it started raining cats and dogs! It was such a fast change and it's now cold and rainy, goddammit.

I still bought plants galore and some basic necessities, went to Safeway to buy some groceries, and came home to finish the gardening project. It's looking pretty good out there, and now I just want it to be summer so I can enjoy sitting out there with them!

Tonight I should:

- do laundry
- edit Jeff's chapters for work
- do the stupid condo dues/bills
- clean the fridge and get the kitchen organized for the week
- clean my bathroom
- finish tidying up the office and shred all the old documents I cleaned out of my filing cabinet

But I am so damn tired. Maybe a little tv first. The week ahead is going to be insane. Early mornings and late nights all the way through Thursday. And possibly working through lunch, too. Wah!!

Hrm, maybe will start laundry, and grab Jeff's chapters to do in front of the tv? I think I need another weekend day!


Apr. 7th, 2007 07:28 pm
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It's just incredible how much energy the sunlight provides. Today wasn't nearly as nice as yesterday, but it wasn't cold and the sun even came out to play for a bit. I'll take it!

I woke up early and spent the morning working in the office. Then, Pete swung by and we discussed potential options for my old bookshelves, and then realized we were going to be late and hightailed it to Pacific Place. The Hoax was pretty entertaining, although Clifton Irving is obviously completely insane. Great performances, and it's always wonderful to see Alfred Molina. Pete was very patient today as I dragged him to Nordstrom to buy myself eyeliner and lipstick, and then to Swansen's Gardening Center. He's just so damn nice. He seemed pretty content to push the cart around at Swansen's and offer opinions when asked about which plants I should get. Then we grabbed lunch at the Ale House in Ballard and came back to my place, where he helped lug bags of soil and cartons of plants upstairs.

He kept me company and we chatted while I planted my new spring garden. I got more Gerber daisies and a cyclamen and tulips and herbs and it's all very very exciting and pretty out there now!

Tonight, I need to study French for tomorrow's lesson, and also re-do my insane filing cabinet which is just a mess right now. It's all part of the greater office rejuvenation project!

Shoot, I also need to run to Safeway because I wanted to bring the bears some Easter basket goodies tomorrow! Should go do that first!


Jan. 11th, 2007 12:31 am
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You know, the weather just kills me. It didn't look like the snow was going to start up again no matter how many times I looked outside the window. And now, I look, and everything's covered.

And of course, tonight I didn't bring my laptop home. Grr. Why? Because I am an idiot.

It sure is pretty out there, though. I wonder if it will last the night.

Speaking of idiots...

Spoilers for tonight's Top Chef )
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What is up with Seattle weather lately. Massive wind storms. Crazy flooding. Power outages. Cats and dogs, living together. Mass hysteria!

Jeff and I took off from work around 5 and drove to the QFC on Broadway, which is oddly spectacular. In addition to getting food that we would like to eat before we die, I bought another flashlight and some extra batteries. We both bought bunches of firewood.

Then I drove Jeff home and we checked traffic reports and decided the best route for me to get home. And... for all the brouhaha, it was an uneventful drive home. It's a bit windy out here and the power does occasionally flicker (*noo!!*) but I have a roaring fire, cornbread almost finished baking in my bread machine, and a crockpot full of spicy black bean soup that didn't over cook into mush. Recipe can be found here. One thing I will agree with the other reviewers, I would supstitute in some veggie or chicken broth for a little more depth of flavor than just 7 cups of water. But if I didn't have broth, I would totally make this with water again because the lime and cilantro add a lot of nice flavors to complement the chipotle. Easy, tasty, and uncomplicated.

I'm also going to try this very simple tangerine sorbet recipe tonight. Because I have an ice cream maker!

I also have the World's Best Kitty. Because I am retarded, I accidentally blocked Hobbsie's access to his litterbox. For like, ten hours. He either held it or went in the shower, because I haven't found any unpleasant surprises. When I got home, he just wanted dinner first and eventually made his way over to the bathroom. I suppose it's still possible I'll find something later, but that stuff is usually fairly pungent.

The one bummer to the evening is that Sarah was supposed to come over, but with the crazy weather we both decided that it wasn't worth the risk to get up here tonight. So, boo to that.


Dec. 1st, 2005 02:26 pm
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And my GOD is it snowing out there. *coos*


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