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It's been such a nice weekend. I think with the frenzy of socializing during the week, it's been especially nice to have some quiet time this weekend. It's gone alarmingly fast, but I'm not too worried since we have a four-day weekend next weekend. I'm thinking of bookending it with days off on Thursday and Tuesday because I have some home projects that are getting neglected by all the funtimes.

I slept in gloriously on Saturday and then went to meet my new hair person at ZeroZero. Her name is Estelle and she's sort of adorable. My cousin Mo told me about her, and her Yelp reviews were worshipful. I got my hair colored, and while I think it's a little too auburn, I am enjoying the novelty of my entire head being a different color, particularly one that is not BLACK. She was really enthusiastic with suggestions for my hair. She told me what she thought we should do, and then showed me a picture, and I really think it's an improvement. Also, I hated the shampoo/conditioner I tried from Mode (to the point that I'm going to call them to ask if I can return it--I've only used it twice) because it complete dried my already overly dry hair out. We got me a new shampoo/conditioner that I'm much happier with. So, that was fun. Also, and I don't know how this is but she charges $60 for coloring whereas everywhere else is like $120-200. So. That was exciting. She also specializes in coloring super dark, coarse hair--Asian/South Asian. And she got it to change color without bleach, which no one else ever has. It was awesome.

There was a fuckton of traffic, everywhere, on Saturday. So, I really did not want to go and run my errands. So, I stayed at home cleaning and it felt great. The day went by so damn fast. I watched some tv and read a bunch. We're reading Little Earthquakes for ChickLit book club and I'm making steady progress on A Clash of Kings as well.

I went to bed really early. SO nice.

Today was the day to do the things I didn't do yesterday--namely, laundry and groceries. It was one of those days where I'm super excited to go grocery shopping. My fridge was pretty bare, so it was high time to replenish fresh things. Also! I just bought these heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo (per David Lebovitz's rec) and they've already arrived! I bought a cannellini bean, a yellow bean, and these red beans. I AM SUPER EXCITED OMFG. I never work with dry beans because of the overnight soaking (or quick soaking required) method, but this is so exciting!!

I really want to recreate the flavors of that cannellini dish at Barolo, but all these cooking sites warn against adding tomatoes during the bean cooking process, because they're acidic. So, not sure if I must cook a tomato sauce separately and then combine? Because other recipes have you cook the tomatoes with everything else. Hrm. MUST EXPERIMENT!

I've soaked them and will have them for dinner tonight!! I'm feeling inspired by this cookbook that Amy T gave me as a spontaneous gift once upon a time, it's called The New California Cook. I've never used it before because there are ZERO pictures of the food and I need pictures to be inspired, dammit. But the recipes sound so good, and I am really in a California Cuisine sort of mood lately. Amy loves the cookbook and I also really trust her judgment!

Also, even though it's summer, I really want soups. I'm going to make my roasted tomato basil soup tonight. VERY excited about that!

I'm off to meet Sarah now for Greenlakea neighborhood walk* and then it's back home to cook!

* Sarah just called and pointed out that a sunny afternoon, one of the first nice sunny afternoons, on a Sunday are likely to be jam-packed at Greenlake. So we're going to do a less chaotic, but equally lengthy, neighborhood walk from my house.
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That was so awesome.

From Misc

It would be so fantastic to be in Madrid tonight!
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Thank you guys so much for voting. the feedback was very helpful!!

My final menu is:

(I know. Can you tell I love Ina Garten?)

- Cheese platter/tapenade/marcona almonds/champagne-marinated grapes
- Mini steak and roasted veggie sandwiches on foccacia
- Roasted shrimp with chile dipping sauce
- Tomato goat cheese tarts
- Stuffed mushrooms (meat and meatless versions)
- Garden salad - roasted red pepper dressing, sunflower seeds, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes
- Dulce de Leches Brownies and I'm going to try an upside down pear cake. It's based on the Alton Brown upside down peach cake. But this time I'm going to try to do one cake instead of four minis and as always, I'm using pear instead of peach. If it's an epic fail, I'll have the brownies for sure!

And, if I can find mini popcorn boxes locally (it's too late to have them shipped) I was thinking it would be fun to make white cheddar popcorn and serve it in little boxes while we watch! Maybe if Pete and I decide to suck it up and go to see Benjamin Button on Saturday I can buy some from the theater.

And I've decided to give a bottle of wine as the prize, because I'm going to be doing so much cooking, I just don't want to deal with making another item. I figure, I foist my baking endeavors onto my friends often enough as it is!

As with anything trivial, it's fun to set a goal. I really wanted to see as many nominated films as I could.

More Oscar Tawk )
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Mondays off from work are so freaking glorious. It lets you properly enjoy Sunday without the phantom spectre of the work week looking above.

So yesterday was nice. I met Pete and Kirsten downtown and we watched Coraline in 3D. I have to say, I didn't much care for the 3D. Pete felt a little sick afterward and we all had slight headaches. All the previews for coming movies are in 3D, too, which means we'll probably have to keep driving to Lynnwood to see the 2D versions. But it was still fun to see the movie. We hung out over coffee to discuss and then I went to Nordstrom to have them take the electronic tag off the pants Jeff bought on Saturday and to see if I could find my dad a comfy and cute tracksuit (not at Nordstrom, apparently).

Then home, where I successfully made my mom's dal recipe and had that with rice and kababs for dinner.

Jeff and I watched Desperate Housewives. Sometimes I enjoy the show in a pleasant mindless way, and sometimes I so hate the selfish pettiness of all the characters that I wonder why I ever watch it. Unfortunately, last night was the latter experience.

I also finished Dead Until Dark about which I have surprisingly strong opinions. )

Today's chores:


putting laundry away
grocery store to buy another lovely piece of Tilapia and some veggies
going to container store to buy some, um, containers
picking up prescription from drugstore
drop off dry cleaning
packaging up a few things that I need to mail (including, dear god the shame, Jeanne's Christmas present)
bake some banana bread
French homework

I guess I better get to it!
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In no particular order.

1. I'm making my mom's Aloo Gosht (beef/potato curry) recipe. It was my childhood and adult favorite meal (i.e., what I would want for my last meal). My mom would sometimes not have potatoes and would make it with turnips and I would HOWL at her, "WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME OMG THIS IS CHILDABUSE HOW COULD YOU DO THAT! EWWWWWW TURNIPS ARE LIKE MEMBRANOUS BAGS OF GOOOOOOOOO" and she would shake her head at me, laughing, and say, "I didn't have any potatoes!!" And I would carry on for like 5 hours and refuse to eat it and whine at her to make me something else.

This glimmering insight into my childhood should surprise no one.

Anyhow, as I'm cooking, I realize I'm having conversations with her. And it was really comforting. "Should I chop the potatoes this big? A little smaller? Okay."

I hope it turns out okay. I only have some vague instructions and nowhere near her skills. I'm letting the memories of watching her make it a million times guide me.

2. I am really looking forward to a chatty-chat fest with [ profile] serenity_valley today. Schedules being what they are, we've had to wait to find a good time for both of us. AND THAT TIME IS ALMOST HERE! (Though I also really enjoyed the sneak preview call we had yesterday.)

3. Sarah is coming over for a Wii Play Date and then Tanielle is going to come, too! And I'm going to make the roasted chicken with yukon gold potatoes and carrots because I'm obsessed. But also I'm going to do roasted tomatoes to go with it. Yay! AND AND individual upside-down pear cakes with ice cream.

4. So, OMG. My childhood hero was Judy Blume. I voraciously consumed her books. They were a religion to me. Those books are probably what lit the reading bug under my ass. She just turned 71. She has a blog. And I went there to wish her a happy birthday (along with a lot of 7, 8, and 9 year old children), AND SHE WROTE BACK! It was the sweetest note!!

Thanks so much for your warm note.  I'm touched by how well you remember my books.  Readers like you have made my career, and I can never thank you enough.  If you have a chance check out my blog and let me know what you think.  I'm trying to add a new post every week.

That's right, bitches! Judy Blume loves me! I can die happy now.

Also, how much of a phenomenal badass is she? Blogging at 71? Probably still working on another book? I love her. I feel an epic re-read of everything from SuperFudge to Forever coming on. Too bad I can't include those in my 50 Books in a Year thing.

Hokayso. I have to go do things. And then I will come back.


(This is without caffeine or sugar. PH34R ME!!! *thumps chest*)
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So today pretty much ruled, from start to finish.

I met Becky from my French class and we gabbed happily for about an hour. If I didn't have to meet Pete, we could have gone on longer. And except for a few desperate forays into English, we spoke French the entire time. We both have our own irritations with the class (I think Amina needs to stop berating us for stupid reasons; Becky gets annoyed with her somewhat condescending socialist bent--which she argues about inappropriately). I really like this woman. It was a great way to start the day and we're going to try to meet every weekend and maybe email for support during the week! She's a playwright and very cool! We kept cracking each other up!

Then I scurried home and Pete was just arriving at my front door. We went in for a few seconds and then had to hustle over to Ballard for Slumdog Millionaire. After the movie, we grabbed a bite at Matador, stopped by my house again for a few minutes, and then we left for Pacific Place to see Revolutionary Road. A quick stop for some dessert and then we headed back toward Greenwood. I'd asked Safeway to set aside some chicken wings, and there was some miscommunication and they were out. So we stopped by Greenwood Market and they had all the wings I needed--whew!

Pete came up to keep me company and I made the potato salad and dulce de leches brownies for tomorrow's party.

Speaking of which--I can't fucking believe it worked. I threw a can of sweetened condensed milk into my big stock pot and boiled the hell out of it for four hours (taking care to submerge it underneath 3-4 inches of water to prevent the can from exploding). And then it was time to go to Sarah's, so I didn't open the can until tonight. I'm so glad Pete was there because it was a moment to be shared. I opened the can slowly, somehow not believing that it was going to have worked--but it did! It was a can full of sweet, caramelized milk. It tasted fucking AWESOME!!! So, that is definitely happening again. Because--AWESOME!! Big shout out and thank you to [ profile] str8ontilmornin for introducing me to the concept!!

So easy. Who knew?? I wonder how long a boiled can will keep? Must research!!
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I am so sleepy.

Got to bed late, after watching a Tivo'd Battlestar with Jeff. I went to sleep pretty quickly, but I didn't sleep well. I kept waking up with nightmare after nightmare. That was...unpleasant. And then Jeff got up early and while I can normally sleep through anything, I guess my mind just wanted to be awake already. So, got out of bed.

But now I'm so tired. And I wish so much that I could just sleep and idle the day away. But, nope. Too much to do.

Jeff's birthday cake's done. It's a sour cream fudge cake and it smells and looks pretty good. I need to go to the store because with all the baking this weekend, I'm out of powdered sugar again. I really go through baking supplies so fast, I could have sworn I just bought another two pound sack. The frosting is going to be a chocolate orange buttercream that I've made before.

The tangerine cupcakes were a big hit, but I didn't like them as much this time. Not sure why.

Wah. I so don't want to get dressed and trundle out to the store in the cold. But I need to go do that NOW because I'm supposed to hang out with Jeff and N. today at a coffee shop --they both have some work to do and I really need to do my French homework and it'll be so much more pleasant to do it with friends in a cafe than whining about it on Monday night at home.

If I could only just get some sleep first. SO TIRED.

la la la

Jan. 24th, 2009 01:04 pm
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Fridge: Cleaned
Kitchen: Tidied
Pasta casserole for the week: Made
Dishwasher: Loaded and running

Still need to make the tangerine cupcakes but I've been hit with a sudden attack of the Lazies. I should at least go measure some ingredients and get that part of it out of the way.

Days like this, I really wish I had a sous chef. ("FranCIS! Grease 18 muffin tins and prep my ingredients!!") (No, I don't know why my imaginary sous chef's name is Francis.)

Also, because I'm still giddy and I can't stop thinking about it:

This is our president and first lady:

It's so nice to be so proud for once. (More awesome images here.)
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No complaints today.
Woke up and baked a little.
Looked outside. Snowy wonderland still.
Talked to Pete and Kirsten and agreed to meet for Frost | Nixon at noon downtown.
Did laundry and some dishes.

Managed to not slide into any cars on the icy little hill next to my street.

Enjoyed movie thoroughly. Obsessed constantly about who the woman playing Carol Cushing was. I knew I knew her, but couldn't place her. I just knew that I sort of was in love with her. Came home to look it up, she's Sarah from The Prestige. AHHHH FEEL BETTER NOW. I really, really want to see Frost | Nixon at the Paramount when the play comes round here next year.

Had coffee with Pete and Kirsten and it was a nice way to while away the afternoon.

Then drove Pete home and was delighted to find that my icy street wasn't so icy anymore. Yay! Caught up with Jeff who also had a lovely day!

Now am making chicken tortilla soup. Made first tortilla chips ever! They're good and they weren't too hard to get the hang of! Yay!

It's a lazy Sunday night, though I must put laundry away and pack bag and be properly prepped for tomorrow's work week, which I feel indulgently tolerant about as it's only four days to my vacation.

It's supposed to snow again Tuesday night, so it may end up being a work-week-from-home, which would be rather fantastic. I need to start my official holiday baking as of tomorrow night. Pete's visit to NJ coincides entirely with my vacation, which is a bit of a bummer. But we're going to hang out Tuesday night and look forward to many movies in the new year.

Jeff is listening to something fantastic in the other room, I must find out what it is RIGHT NOW.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!
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The only thing I really needed to do today was pick up a turkey. I'm feeling a little lazy this morning so getting my butt out the door required more effort than it should have. But I went to Greenwood Market and am now the proud owner of a 12 pounder. I meant to take a picture of Greenwood Market, since I spend half of my life there, it seems. But I forgot.

Last night was unfortunately the scene of some cooking mayhem. Jeff's hard work at curd-making yielded a perfectly textured curd that lacked any cranberry flavor. And Jeff has taken to calling it the 'turd curd' because of its bizarrely brown color. This is sort of the reality of being a cooking enthusiast. Sometimes, things just aren't going to work out. In a similar fashion, the pumpkin cheesecake I made turned out beautifully, except the water bath leaked through my double-wrapped heavy foil and into the springform pan. I'm feeling stubborn about tossing it out, yet totally unwilling to serve a soggy crust'd cheesecake, so I'm going to try to be inventive. I've flipped the cake, cut off the soggy crust (the cheesecake itself tastes great), and am going to redo the crust, and flip the cake back onto it. Cheating? Yes. I know. And it won't be as perfect as if the crust didn't soggify. But I hate waste, and the top part tastes perfectly good.

All I really need to do today is fix the cheesecake and make the cranberry apple pie. Oh, and the mini quiches.

I'm really excited to have everyone over, but I have to admit that I wish we were doing it over the actual holiday. Because ultimately, it's not a holiday, it's a regular Sunday and it just feels different--though I'm so grateful we can still do it in some form. I know it wasn't going to work out for either Sarah/Em or myself this year (and quite possibly next year, too), but it's a tradition I've really loved and looked forward to each year, and I'm a little sad.

But, I will get over that pretty fast. It'll be so nice to see everyone!

Now to summon the will to make pie crust. Why is pie crust such a total pain in the ass?
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Jeff said I looked like a nature photographer, because I'd sidled up to the sliding glass door on my belly, hoping to catch him and Brutus unawares. But Brutus busted me and kept coming over to say hello!

From Brutus!

Brutus' album has been updated, but this is another favorite shot from today:

From Brutus!

And here are some pictures of our time at Greenlake today. Click here for more shots of pretty.

From Greenlake

(Hopefully this wasn't too picture-intensive for anyone --if it is, let me know and I'll add a cut!)
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So, that was a productive morning. The cakes are baked and are now cooling on the rack. The pastry cream's made. I have to say I so prefer [ profile] str8ontilmornin's recipe to the one from Tartine. It's less complicated and much tastier. I will never stray again. Also, I must not eat the entire bowl.

I've turned the ovens off, and what I might do is make the second batch of cakes later on tonight. It would be so nice to have that part done. This Cook's Illustrated master recipe for white cake is Jeff's favorite. It's also sort of weird. Though, I don't know how weird since I don't really make white cake often. You mix the flour, sugar, baking soda together with the butter to make moist crumbs, and then you add the milk/egg white/extract mixture in stages --beating at 1.5 minutes, 30 seconds, and then 20 seconds. It's weird, but not particularly difficult.

My remaining enormous complaint with the Cook's Illustrated baking recipes is that they don't give dry ingredients by weight. It makes life so much easier. I know not everyone has a kitchen scale, but I wish they would provide both.

Oh! I just had a sort of exciting thought. One of my other problems with this recipe is that it only makes two layers, and the Jeff insists on three. (I know, pushy isn't he?). So I'm always left with this third cake layer that I have nothing to do with. I think what I might do this time, is after I've poured the batter in the first pan, I can pour the remaining batter into two mini springform pans and make some totally other cake. It'll be great to have something to practice decorating on without having to make cake again! Woo! Hmmm, what other frosting would go great with white cake?

The kitchen is a bit of a mess right now, but I need a break from it. I think I"m going to snuggle with Brutus for a little bit, visit with Henry and Bailey, and then here's a list of household tasks I'd like to tackle this weekend (in itsy bitsy steps so I have lots of things to check off):

- Tidy dining room and arrange the new bouquet of flowers on the table
- Laundry
- Get rid of box of books on bedroom floor
- Clean up sewing table
- Tackle dresser/desk drawers
- Organize all the crap on top of the desk, so Jeff has more room
- Move sewing table into closet
- Flannel sheets on bed, and comforter cover change so I can wash the current set
- Drop off box of things to Goodwill
- Pick up dry cleaning
- Organize recipe book thing and get rid of excess magazines

We've unexpectedly been given Monday (Columbus Day) off, so that's sort of beyond exciting, too! Lots of time to get things done!


Oct. 11th, 2008 09:52 am
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On the list of my favorite cooking compliments, Jeff last night: I'm starting to think you should open up a bakery. *preeeeeeeeeeeeeen* I can tell he really loved them, because he had one in the kitchen, and then when we were driving to Greenlake, he started talking about them again!

I am up early (or was up early, like 7:30ish) because poor Jeff had to go into the office today. So I woke up too and we chatted about random stuff. The cutest part was when I, chatting idly, said, "Oh you know, so I think I'm going to do this a bit differently!" And Jeff froze, fixed me with a ferocious and suspicious look and said, "WHAT?" Startled, I continued on to say that I was going to bake the two cake recipes on separate days. When I do them back to back, the second batch is never as good as the first. I don't know if it's because the oven gets too hot or what, but I figured since the cake's not going to be done today, I can get up and bake the second batch tomorrow. He unclenched and said that that was okay. "But no other shortcuts or changes!!" Heee.

So, my goal for the day is to make two of the cake layers and the pastry cream. More curd would be a bonus.

SHOOT I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING. Brrr. I need cream cheese for the frosting. Dammit. No, no. It's okay, because the actual cake assembly is going to be tomorrow. What's both exciting and dangerous is that I have a very specific vision for how I want to decorate the cake. Which means that if it doesn't match that vision, I will hate it. Because I'm rigid and uncompromising like that. I have a new technique I'm going to employ that I hope will make things easier.

Anyhow, so after Jeff left, I left (in my pajamas, no less) to pick up the few ingredients I need to make everything. I have everything and am trying to get the rate of activation energy to hump me over my inertia. I need to put on a funny movie or some music. Maybe I'll pop in Shrek 2. That was hilarious.

Okay! Wish me luck. I hope I don't fuck this up!
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I think I have a bit of a sugar high. Oops!


Jeff should be home in half an hour and we're going to go for a walk around Greenlake, because it's pretty out. It's also COLD, but Jeff's been having a rough time lately and I can deny him nothing right now. Please think good thoughts for him, okay?

Then we're going to grab dinner at the Kabab House, which is always exciting.

And then, I swear to god, I'm going to come home and deal with the rabble that is the bedroom. It's absurd. Maybe it's time for flannel sheets, too.

I'm a little hysterical about how cold I am all the time. I'm whiny about heat, I'm also whiny about bone-chilling cold. (Degree values vary by my mileage. Um, shut up all of you who know me.)

So, I guess I should go change back out of my pajamas and put on two hundred layers of things to brace against the cold. If I whine, Jeff may kill me and throw my body in the lake.

And then? It's the weekend for realsies. I am petsitting for Henry and Bailey which = awesome. God, they're so cute and soft and fluffy! Most everyone is out of town, so I really want to clean and organize and donate that box of stuff to Goodwill. I finally organized bills and paperwork, so that's a start. Drawers need to be tidied. (Like, desk and dresser, not underpants. Maybe that didn't need to be clarified. Um.)

Also, I was flipping through Bon Appetit and have a new 'look' planned for the cake. It's like all these rosettes clustered on the top of the cake, and it's very pretty. I'm also a big fan of combing the sides into thin ribbing, so that's the plan for that. If Jeff likes it half as much as he likes the Orange Cake, I'll count it as a success.

Okay, enough blather. Must go get into pants!
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Been a phenomenal weekend so far, actually. Probably because laundry hasn't yet been involved, but of course that's not the only thing.

Lots of details, especially about food. )
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So, after a lovely brunch with Sarah and Jeff, there was copious napping. I felt guilty squandering a nice Sunday, but it's apparently just what I needed. I woke up and threw myself into half a dozen small projects I've ignored for varying lengths of time.

I cleaned the kitchen, including the fridge.
I cut and arranged all the flowers I bought at the market and spread them in vases around the house.
I finally planted and watered the plants we bought a few weeks ago and tidied up the garden.
I put away twelve million dvds into their discs and reorganized the shelves a bit.
I started laundry and organized my dry cleaning.
I tidied up the living room and finally dealt with the box of dead magazines.
I opened the giant Amazon box containing the candy thermometer and flattened it for recycling.
I collected the Netflix dvds to be returned tomorrow.

Jeff is, as always, working on the house and meeting a friend after. So I am going to eat leftovers (instead of something exciting) and consider tidying up my bedroom some and preparing my bag for the week!
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I am so fucking tired.

Working out should be reserved for days where you don't have to do anything else except be fed peeled grapes by the cabana boy. Oy.

After my fit of perky energy in the morning, I just wanted to nap. I've been wanting to sleep randomly quite a lot lately. Why, I don't know. It's annoying. But omg bed = worship. After my last post, I crawled over to the club chair where Brutus likes to sleep and snogged him for awhile. Then he left, and I actually just tilted over to pass out on the floor thinking, "getupgetupgetupgetup." It was one of those things where if you just sit there going lalalalalala the narrow window of opportunity passes and you spend the rest of the weekend annoyed with yourself for not getting done what you wanted to get done.

So, I went to the gym and had an ass-kicking weight-lifting workout. I'm still waiting for the post-workout energy boost, because I tell you I just want to curl up with Brutus and nap the rest of the night away.

Instead, I dragged my sorry squat-sore ass to the market and did our grocery shopping for the week. I nearly died from sticker price at the Gruyere. However, I also bought three thingies of the most beautiful local strawberries. They are gorgeous. Some of them will go into the strawberry cupcakes, but some of them will go straight to mah belly.

Then I lugged everything home, hauled it upstairs, and even put it all away. I would like my medal now.

I want to do nothing more than just pass out in bed, but Pete's on his way over and I suppose I should shower and get dressed so I don't look completely gross for our movie outing. At least it's a movie and not salsa dancing, right?

Blurgh. Must get ready now.
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I'm so lazy today!! I need to get a move on and not just sit here for the rest of the afternoon!

Though, I woke up super perky at 7. I kept feeding Brutus and checking to see if Jeff was up. And he wouldn't be. Then he'd roll over and grunt and I'd run to see, but he'd be out cold still. So I menu planned for the week and made a grocery list. (While constantly running to see if Jeff was awake.) AND FINALLY HE WOKE UP. (It was only like 9:30, but omg it felt like forever. He never sleeps in so I kept resisting the urge to 'accidentally' wake him up.)

And delightfully, he wanted to lounge in bed and I perched next to him, wrapped up in a blanket, nattering away. He didn't say much because he was half asleep, but he kept grinning at my chirpy spazzitude. Then because I had puppy-like energy levels, I made him coffee-in-bed, so he could slowly embrace the day, while I seriously sat there vibrating with perk.

NO idea why I was so hyper! Then we both sort of got up and did morning things. I cleaned the kitchen and watered plants. Jeff's been tackling some computer problems. I had leftover Indian food, he ate more of the pea soup from last week. We watched bits of The Daily Show. Email. Phone calls. Just a slow Saturday morning. It was nice.

Now Jeff's off to do yardwork at the house and my goals are to go lift weights, grocery shop, put away groceries, bake, and hang out with Pete tonight. Jeff's going to hang out with one of our friends he hasn't seen in a bit. Pete and I are going to see the new Coen Bros film which I'm looking forward to.

Sarah's coming over tomorrow for brunch and my plan is to make:

- scrambled eggs with spinach and Flagship cheese
- bacon
- strawberry cupcakes (or lemon cream tart, or both)
- really good toast (or maybe brioche)

For the week, I'm making:

- Jamie Oliver's potato-asparagus tart
- Ina Garten's mac and cheese
- my favorite grilled chicken breast recipe (do them up at once for the week)
- cheddar scallion biscuits (found on food_porn)
- biscotti of some kind, I think

I also need to bake my nephews some M&M cookies, so that might happen today, too!

And now, must first discourage myself from crawling back into bed for a nap!!!
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You know you're a grown up[1] when.... realize you actually prefer Raisin Bran to Cinnamon Toast Crunch[2] would rather save gas money than sleep in late realize that 'sleep in late' now means 8AM

1. These values of 'grown up' relate only to [ profile] verbicide. No substitutions or exchanges.
2. I recently indulged in this guilty pleasure, but it turned out to be just so-so. Mrh.

The rest of Sunday went well. Jeff and I were both totally wiped out. Jeff spent hours at the house gardening in the pouring, chilling rain. I didn't pot my plants, focusing on cleaning the kitchen, laundry, and general house keeping.

Jeff came home; I'd made the puttanesca. He made his fantastic green beans, Italian style with garlic, lemon, Italian parsley, and Parmesan. They looked so beautiful on the platter I bought from Provence, but he wouldn't let me photograph it. We had a nice sit down dinner with some toasted Ciabatta.

After dinner, we watched some Harry Potter that TiVo had picked up while I folded and put away laundry and prepped my bag for the morning--it makes such an enormous difference in the morning, I need to start doing that regularly, too. It was awesome not to lurch around all morning forgetting things.

I took a quick shower and actually blow-dried my hair for the first time in about 12,000 years. (I think Jeanne's perfect coif inspired me. Plus I have a new shortish (shoulder length) and frisky haircut that I would like to keep sleek and not a frizzy puff-bomb.) I took the time to do all the girly things I'm usually too lazy to do. Exfoliate. Moisturize. Condition (with a post-shower hair serum thing).

And now, it's Monday. Jeff and I are slowly prepping for the LA trip next weekend to see my family--both exciting and unnerving. It'll be the first time he's met everyone--he has already met my parents and one brother/SIL and some of the cousins. Thank GOD for Labor Day. This way, after getting home super late on Sunday night, we'll still have a day to recover.
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It's too hot still to do chores. I have so many many chores. But it's too hot to do any of them! *avoids*

Amy T came over and we grabbed a slice of pizza at Pizza Passion--which I rather liked. Nice thin crust, but not soggy Neapolitan. We came back here to hang out for a little bit and she's just left.

Jeff's at a 5-hour matinee of Aida. Which I sincerely hope he's enjoying. I think I'm going to sit with my laptop in front of the fan and read an awesome story. Yes, yes I am.

Also--Jeff and I finally bought our tickets for the Ashland trip! Wooo! We're going to drive down the Wednesday before Halloween and stay through that Sunday! I can't wait!! We still need to rent the car and book hotel rooms (we're going to be spending the night in Portland, too!!) but at least we have tickets to five different shows! Let the road trip mix tape assembly begin! (Or, you know, iPod playlist assembly.)

No chores! No chores! Lalalalalalala!

Sarah's coming over at 7. We haven't seen each other in approximately five-thousand years. Yay! Leftover grilled chicken and sautéed zucchini for dinner it is!

Also, I went to see Wall.E last night and I really didn't like it at all. My most overwhelming reaction to it was boredom. I'd gone for the theatre AC and kept wishing I'd just stayed home. I thought components of it were cute (like, Wall.E and Eve) but the whole fat boneless baby human thing left me cold. I hated that they used live action actors for any part of it, and I thought it was a little weirdly heavy handed. I'd rather watch Cars again than this. Wall.E was as cute as Number Five ever was, and of course the animation was great. But overall, I've been sadly disappointed now with the last three Pixar films. Even Ratatouille (which I liked much better than Wall.E or Cars) wasn't anywhere near as good as Monsters, Inc. or The Incredibles --which were cinematic perfection, I thought. I also agree with Leigh that Wall.E seemed to be two different movies spatched together, and I much preferred the first half.

That's all! Now to continue avoiding laundry by reading on the couch!


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