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I must go to work. I can not stay home and play the Wii all day.
I must go to work. I can not stay home and play the Wii all day.
I must go to work. I can not stay home and play the Wii all day.
I must go to work. I can not stay home and play the Wii all day.
I must go to work. I can not stay home and play the Wii all day.
I must go to work. I can not stay home and play the Wii all day.
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Seriously, I think there may be a media report later on explaining how I died of boredom today.

I'm tired. I'm cranky. I have a blister on my left heel. My stomach is upset.

I'm slowly wending my way through a dense manual and my heart's just not in it.

I've also spent my morning reading some treatise by some dumb man who wants public affirmation for his desire to screw around on his wife, the inanest interview of Cynthia Nixon on being a lesbian, a creepy article on parties for father's to celebrate their daughter's purity (where withholding your body to remain chaste = love) and slams today's sexually permissive environment and pop culture (where promoting yourself as a sex object = love) because making up your own mind to do what you want with your body for your own reasons is apparently too obscure a notion.

And Linda Holmes hasn't delivered her final commentary on Survivor yet, and I'm twitching to read it.

On the hilarious side though, there's this accompaniment to the recent spate of oceanic formalwear.

I want an iced chai, but I'm too apathetic to march myself outside to get it.

Plus it's drizzling, dammit.

And and and... everything is poop today.

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It's so gray and cold and blah outside. I'm back at work, still congested. Still too stupid to remember to try some Claritin. Jeff was struck sort of mute when I told him I keep forgetting to take it. I'm a little pathologically pill-resistant, even when I want to take something, apparently.

I feel all dried up and withered. My skin feels dry. My nose is too dry. My lips are chapped. I wish I could completely immerse myself into a lotion bath for five hours or something. No amount of moisturizing is helping more than temporarily. GO AWAY WINTER!!

And apparently no amount of sleep is enough these days, because I keep waking up in the middle of the night for no reason. Can't stop yawning. My energy level is for shit today. Jeff thinks that might be allergy-related, too.

I feel like I need a big mental tidy.

However, in less whiny news. Tonight is bookclub! I can't freaking wait! Not only is it always superfantastic to see Colleen and Kirsten, but Amy T is joining us. And maybe even Lisa (my former boss). They're all so awesome, and I'm dying to talk about the book. We read The Double Bind and I loved it. I know Amy T had massive issues with it, which I sort of love because I think it'll make for a really lively discussion tonight.

I think the book affected me on a number of levels. When I was in high school, I really wanted to be a social worker. I worked for years at a crisis hotline and it had an enormous impact on me. While I obviously ultimately didn't go into social work, I loved reading about Laurel and how she ended up working at one.

Spoilers for The Double Bind )

And since the book uses The Great Gatsby, I've bought a copy and am finally going to read that classic. Very curious to see if or how it changes my perspective on the book!


Mar. 24th, 2008 10:53 am
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So, either I'm getting a cold or I have adult-onset of allergies. I can't remember if this happened last spring or not, but I've been having trouble sleeping for a few days now. I wake up randomly in the middle of the night, unable to just sleep through a solid 8 hours.

It was my turn to be the Annoying Coughing Person on the bus this morning because I had a tickle down my throat that wouldn't go away. I've been sneezing. My eyes aren't quite burning, but feel like they're on the cusp, my nose is borderline runny. And I feel too-warm. Ugh.

I just want to go home and go to sleep. Wah!!

Last night's lasagna was a success, if a delayed one. I had to pack Sarah a to-go container, because the whole process took forever and Sarah had to leave for bowling by the time I pulled it out of the oven. I always forget to factor in extra time on my damn electric burners.

I sort of loved the recipe, though. Not only the taste--it was just a fun thing to make. Slowly simmering the sauce and making Bechamel for the first time. No step was particularly difficult, it just took some time and patience. And they have you food processor all the chopping, so it was somewhat effortless. They suggest no-boil noodles, which makes the pasta portion a snap. I'm looking forward to dinner tonight because I think it'll only improve after a night's rest.

I really loved Cook's Illustrated's Bolognese sauce. Sarah and I really went nuts for it. I want to get the right sized pan, though. It seems like every time I make a new recipe, the pans I have are all slightly off. What was required was a 13x9 and so of course I had a 12x8 and a 14x10. I used the larger pan, but the proportions all get off a bit, and it's annoying. I'm just going to buy another pan the next time I decide to make this.

Wow. I have like, no energy today. (Except apparently to idly blather about lasagna.)


Jan. 20th, 2007 05:31 pm
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So OB and Em stopped by on the way home from visiting Zach, and OB pointed out that all three of us were wearing hospital bracelets. The triplets of triage!

Now I need to go actually put the damn eye drops in my eye. WHINE.
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Have I mentioned how much I fucking hate hot weather?

Granted, Seattle isn't this miserable for long, but christ on a pogo stick, this is so not okay.

More whining )

Yesterday ruled and there's a longer post coming with pictures about the weekend and the Pride parade. But I will say this: having spent more of my time going to protests, it's just awesome to go to something where the focus is so happy. There were a small group of protesters (at which point, Jeff tugged at my arm and said, "Remember, we're marching with our company--so no profanity! He's no fun.), but they were blocked off by a large group of supporters; the ones flanking them had huge signs saying, "I'm Not With Stupid!!"

There's just something so utterly delightful in getting to stand up for what you believe and the people you love. So I especially marched for Jeff, Rob, Kelly, KC, Jen, and of course the one who lit the blaze of indignation and rage for this particular issue in me: my leetle Sarah.
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I am so going to pass out. Most of my projects are off, and I'm waiting for everyone. Work ends at 3PM today, because we're having a summer party, to which I can't go because I have to go to the airport at some point to fly to LA.

If it didn't cost so damn much, I would see if I could catch an earlier flight, because: DAMN. As it is, I'm getting into LA at 11PM. Boo.

Totally forgot that the office was shutting down early when I planned this trip.

Mowr. And I'm going to just pass out asleep.

We went to Jaicho? Something? Mexican food in Queen Anne that was quite tasty. Not La Pinata, but no place ever is for me. But Mexican food is SO narcoleptic.

Bill's printing out the manual for me here, and I've offered to do my editing on the plane, so I'm hoping that will make time fly or something. Or I may just pass out asleep, too.

Everyone needs to write a long, riveting post RIGHT NOW because I am about to die of boredom.

As my five-year old nephew once said: SAVE ME, DUDES!


Jun. 16th, 2006 12:39 am
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It's going to be 102 degrees with no shade at the graduation.

Kill me now, please.

How exactly does one prepare for a ceremony on the fucking sun?

3 Needles

Jun. 2nd, 2006 08:59 am
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I have no idea what made me think I could handle a 9:30PM movie again on a Friday night. Damn SIFF. No idea how I'm going to stay awake. Jeanne is going to have to pinch me every time I start to snore.

Friday nights are for coming home, ordering in, and curling up on the couch.

But the movie sounds interesting, so what the hell.

I can't decide what I should do in the intervening hours after work. I could:

- grocery shop and run home to put away
- run to Swansen's for a better container, and some more dirt from Fred Meyer (5 more plants to pot...ack)
- come home and take a nap

Also, somewhere in there I should figure out dinner.

Man, TGI-motherfuckin'-F. This whole week has been BLAH. Every morning has required a colossal effort to get up, get dressed, and go to work. I just don't want to go. It's ridiculous. Maybe it's because I've been testing all week. It's mind-numbing. Also, limited Jeff-exposure, as he's been at a conference for the majority of the week. In desperation, I bellowed at him to let me drive him to his conference dinner last night. Jeff's dinner was at the Museum of Flight, out somewhere. And I first nagged him into letting me drive him to the convention center (which had a shuttle to the museum), but once we got to talking, I demanded he let me drive him to the museum, so we could have some freaking hang-out time together. And it was kind of fun. Downtown traffic sucked, but so what. We took a couple of wrong turns (during which Jeff nearly exploded from guilt, seemingly unaware of my chirpy delight at just having him cornered in the car, from which he could not escape--muhahaha!). Once we hit Aurora, we were golden. And despite all of his fears, my drive back home took 5 seconds, because we'd avoided the bleak horror that is I-5 at rush hour.

In random other news, this grilled chicken recipe from epicurious is spectacular, and pretty easy: chicken with tangerine, honey, and chipotle glaze. So damn gooooood. I can't wait to make it again.

But now, I have to go to work. Feh.


Mar. 28th, 2006 01:03 pm
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Sometimes I feel like I have chrono-displacement disorder. In other words: OMFG it's only Tuesday? I keep thinking it's at the very least Wednesday. Which would make no sense, because I know I have French on Tuesdays, and I did my homework last night and prepped for class tonight.

But, but. WHINE.

In perkier news, my little cousin is coming to visit for her Spring Break! Whee! She gets in late tomorrow night (11ish, hiss) and we talked just briefly last night, and she is also much with the giddy! I will always think of her (and treat her) like she's 8-years old, but she is actually a big, bad 20-year old. Not that she acts like it around me.

That's the worst thing about living so far away from California. I miss the kid-lets more than anything.

Also my mom comes home from Karachi today, but I left my stupid cell phone at home. On the charger, because I wanted to make sure my dad could reach me once she hit the tarmac. But now I'm going to have to hope that he gets my messages and calls me at the office. Brh.

mrh mrh

Mar. 23rd, 2006 10:36 pm
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It's time for bed, but I don't wanna go. I feel oddly rebellious. After an entire day with a throbbing headache, I guess I just want to be awake to enjoy the lack of pain. Or something.

I wheedled Jeanne into meeting me for dinner and somehow the parking gods were smiling upon me and I didn't have to circle for 12 hours to find parking in Ballard. I'd never been to Thai-ku before, but Ellie and Jeff love it. Jeanne liked her red curry, but I thought the pad thai was just okay. I really love Typhoon! down by the public market. Best green chicken curry ever. It's expensive, but so good. Thai-ku didn't have green or yellow curry, which is what I really like, and I thought the service was a tad surly (except for the nice chick who seated us).

My plans to nag Jeanne into swimming with me have progressed nicely and she's said she'll come to Friday night swim. AND SHE BETTER! (Hi Jeanne!)

Hrm. Maybe I am tired enough to go lie down with some Love & Rockets.

So glad tomorrow's Friday. I also asked for a couple of days off for when my cousin visits at the end of the month. Somewhat selfishly I've asked for a day off while she's here, but then a day off after she leaves. I love my visitors, but you don't get shit done over the weekend then, because of all the fun, so this way on the Monday after she leaves, I can do laundry and grocery shop and just chill at home with the kitty. I always feel paranoid that I'm asking for too much time off, but Jeff pointed out that, um, I'm not. So yay for that. I've got the week in Paris, the last week of the year (I'm not coming in to a dead office again) and then I've got another week and some days to spend on stuff like this. No point in just letting the days sit there unused.

Okay. Bed.
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I can't believe it's only 2:30. On Wednesday. This week is going to kill me.

I just want to go home and do one of 65 million things I need to do. But I can't. I already had Monday off (for travel) and if I don't work 30 hours this week, I won't get my freaking holiday pay (which just kicked in from my contract agency over Thanksgiving, whee!). And I am greedy. So I will sit here and obsess.

Things that are going to get done this long weekend, goddammit:
- replace all switch plates and heater vents
- put up curtains or blinds or something in living room
- clear office of stuff
- prime office trim
- paint office trim
- move office stuff back in and position desk/shelves
- move sewing table/machine into bedroom
- unpack remainder of bedroom
- finish contact papering kitchen and unpack rest of kitchen boxes
- contact paper master bathroom
- unpack bathroom stuff, including the box with towels
- finish touch-up painting in remaining few spots
- remove all remaining tape from walls
- toss all paint debris (currently living in giant bathtub)
- shop for furniture (particularly couch and shelves for living room and dining table/chairs)

Things that I want to do in the immediate future:
- prime/paint kitchen cabinets
- punch out and replace with glass two of the cabinet doors
- buy/drill-in hardware on kitchen cabinets
- new closet doors for bedrooms, hall closet, laundry closet
- tile/paint both bathrooms, including cabinets

Things that I want to do but will be forced to wait a bit on:
- crown molding throughout entire flat
- new fireplace mantle
- pergo on kitchen/dining room floors
- silestone on kitchen/bathroom countertops
- new tile around fireplace

I am going to Fred Meyer on Thursday night. I am going to Home Depot on Friday night. I am going to paint the office on Saturday afternoon after Judy and I get back from shopping. I will spend the rest of the weekend doing everything else. And by Tuesday of next week, I will be a lot less frazzled. I will.


Nov. 30th, 2005 12:17 am
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Five boxes down. Five hundred to go. Bleargh.

French class went great. I love my instructor. The company I wanted to use for the Paris '06 trip doesn't do one-week trips (only two-week) so I think we're going to rough it on our own. Jean has a friend with an apartment we can rent and we're going to focus a number of our lessons on getting around in Paris, asking directions, understanding directions, ordering food, etc. So I think it's going to be fine. She says if I plan a tentative itinerary, she'll help me figure it out!

I stopped by Trader Joe's on the way home and actually bought groceries. I haven't really done that in awhile. I mean, I obviously bought ingredients for T-day, but I've been eating out too much lately. So hence the pita-palooza earlier, but I also bought some salad and sandwich stuff for lunches, some chicken breasts for dinner. But easy stuff so I don't just ignore what's rotting in my fridge and eat for convenience.

And because I'd swore up and down to everyone that I was going to start packing today, I irritably lugged five boxes from storage upstairs (plus the groceries, plus Hobbsie's carrier). And then I dicked around for as long as I could. Cleaned my fridge. Tossed dead flowers. Examined my big toenail.

But then finally I boxed up all my movies (2 boxes) except for Firefly and three out of ten shelves (3 boxes). It already looks so depressing. *woebegone* Oh well, I need to buy packing tape and a nice fat marker.

In more upsetting news, I need to drop off Hobbsie at the vet tomorrow, for the entire day, so they can do a glucose curve. He's always very upset when he comes back from those, and I always pathetically burst into tears when I get back to my car after leaving him there. I'll have to race back there after work at 5 for the results and also just a general office visit. Hobbsie would have been more concerned by the cat carrier, but all the other boxes have delighted him.

Um. How the fuck is it past midnight? I blame my cousin K who called for a lengthy catch-up.
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Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that's to come in the next two weeks. I have to start packing. Tonight. I can't put it off anymore and still get things done.

My apologies in advance for the whining bitchfest this journal is soon to become. Well, even more so than it already is.

Jeff is doing his persuasive best to convince me to kill the cookie box project this year. But because of the timing of the move, I already feel like some of my Christmas fun is limited. No tree, no decorative lights. Packing boxes instead of gift-wrapped boxes. (I know, boo hoo. I'm getting a condo, you'd think I could survive the lack of blinky lights for one stinking year.)

But I really love making cookies! And I finally got him to admit that as much as I over-extend and stress out, I'm always happy about it when it's over. So there's that.

And! This year I'll have two elves in my cookie workshop, both Emily and Sarah will be there with their boundless, youthful energy and love of making cookies. I think if I just plan things carefully, the execution will be fine. I also bought a decent hand-mixer (still too cheap for the Kitchen-Aid). I just have to plan more cautiously this time. Last year I ended up not making enough and having a second run after the first, and that's what was really tiring.

As grinchy as I feel about it, I also have reduced the number of boxes this year. And I can make less varieties of cookies, and pick slightly easier variations. Life will not end. And I don't have to entirely give it up. I still have two full weekends before I move. It's not like the move is next week. Okay, end rationalizations.

And NO! My decision to go ahead with the cookie project doesn't mean I don't get to whine, Jeff.

So back to whining about packing. Sarah has generously agreed to donate some of her time this Thursday, and I finally yelled at myself to suck-it-up and will get started tonight. Even if it's an easy start, like books and movies.

Five boxes a day isn't hard, and bit by bit, starting two weeks in advance, will make it more organized and less miserable. *chants this at self*

Anybody have any brilliant tips on packing/moving? Small details that have really saved you time and misery? Don't hold back!

In my fancy plan of "Whine Less, Do More" I called U-haul and reserved an in-town truck for Sunday the 18th at 10am. I've called Comcast and scheduled my disconnect for both tv and internet from my current flat and an install date for Monday, December 19th. Happily it's only a two-hour block, from 8am-10am. I can easily just go into work an hour or so late that morning. And maybe I can get the locksmith scheduled that morning, too. I'm a fan of multi-tasking.

Whee! I just called Bergman's Locksmith (highly recommended by Jeff) and they can, in fact, come out on Monday, December 19th between 8am-10am.

What else, what else, what else?

I finally scheduled a vet appt for Hobbsie and need to pick up his prescription of Prednisone. I should have done that weeks ago. Gah. But now it's done and so that's over with, too.

I got some boxes from work, and Jeanne says she can grab some really good ones from work.

My complex manager called and said someone would be looking at my flat on Thursday at 1. It feels creepy to know strangers are going to be trudging through my place. And I'll need to tidy it up.

I also need to:

- deposit the numerous checks from friends and escrow that do me no good uncashed
- call Qwest and inform them of the move as well, schedule a thingie for reconnect
- stop by JoAnn tonight and see if they have cheap Christmas cookie tins

And now I need to dart off to French. For which I am actually ready! Whee!
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Arrrgh. I always forget that espresso and caffeine have the most intense and inexorable effects on me. I had a frigging latte at like 2pm and a diet coke at 6pm and was completely unable to sleep last night. I thought it would be okay, but it was a double-shot espresso thing and I swear it was like nuclear-strength. It's so rare that I have coffee, but I need to remember that I can't have it after noon, or something.

I finally hauled myself off to bed at midnight, but proceeded to toss and turn for the rest of the night until it was miserably time to get up. And it was the type of toss and turn I have due to strong caffeine. My legs are super restless and kick around and I think combined with sleeping in so late on Sunday and being anxiety-ridden over needing to be up so early today (to make up for upcoming holiday hours), I was completely tweaked out.

I am so totally wiped out. I'm trouble having with complicated things like, keeping my head up-right and not slinking off my chair and onto the ground.

I also wore my less-comfortable pair of shoes and am going to be in hell all day.


Also, I think I need food but lack the motivation to get any. I randomly want a forbidden sausage-mcmuffin (which there is no way in hell I can get). Maybe when Jeff gets here, he'll feed me. Or not. I mean, I have soy crisps in my office, but I don't want soy crisps. Though in the face of starvation (yay, melodrama), you'd think I'd be less picky. But we really wants eggses.

Do I re-caffeinate now? To get through the day? Or should I just let my body re-equilibrate?

Can't believe am this sensitive to frigging caffeine.

Am going to die. *thud*
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It is pouring out there. And so incredibly chilly. Motherfucker.


In exciting and not whiny news, I close on the condo on my actual birthday. How's that for timing? Tuesday's the walk-through and then we'll meet in the morning on Wednesday to sign the approximate 9 billion pieces of paper that say I am PWNED. Friday I should get my earnest money back as well as the rent money the sellers are paying me for staying until December 16th. My goal is to shove the entire amount into a do-not-touch, high-interest account in case I get laid off. I'll sleep a lot better knowing I have half a year's worth of condo payments secured. That is a much better plan than doing what I want and blowing it all on remodeling/redecorating.

I've asked Sarah's extremely talented little sister to sketch the various rooms of the condo for me and give me a virtual remodel. I'm inordinately excited about this. I know it's going to take time to get everything I want done, room by room, little by little, so this way I can at least see what some of these ideas will look like. Is that weird?

Also, yay for it being Friday already. Sarah and I had planned to do Greenlake, but not with this type of rain and chill. Hopefully we can still grab dinner and then I can go bundle up with the Hobbsie.

On Saturday, I've agreed to meet some of my former-classmates from the Certificate program for coffee at U Village. I'm anxious that it's just going to be me, M: the cool woman who organized it, and B: the one hyper-active spaz that no one liked. Jeff had to bow out because he is going mountain-climbing or something for the entire day on Saturday. Wah.

Sunday is Sweeney Todd with Jeff. And then dinner after the matinee, so whee. I haven't seen that play in so long. I'm really looking forward to it. God, I've seen more concerts and shows this year than movies. Or at least, so it seems. I'm also finally going to see Mamma Mia in December. And work is taking those of us who are so inclined for a showing of The Nutcracker. I've never seen it, so I'm curious. Jeff loathes it, which I think is very funny.

Also, I need to work bunches this weekend to make up for being out three days last week, but at least I can do it from home. Plans include cocoa and being tucked in with Hobbes and a metric ton of reading materials. And really, I'm so grateful I can make up the hours. Especially since I made like $5 last week.

I'm so ready to go home right now.
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1. It's Halloween weekend.
2. I have the most intensely jam-packed fun weekend planned, including one concert (The Decemberists), one fabulous lounge act (Dudley Manlove Quartet), pumpkin carving, corn maizing, and cookie baking



I just want to stay home and curl into a ball under my covers with my intensely ungrateful howling bastard of a cat, who will hopefully be less howling and less ungrateful once he's had his goddamn breakfast. *surly*

Not only do I need to make it through work, but I've got to run up to the Red Light to get the rest of my costume stuff and I really need to go lift weights tonight because I missed doing that on Tuesday. I would really like for my right nostril to resume its normal functions. Oh, and the upset stomach can go away, too.
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I am so damn stressed out this week. I think between endless meetings and constant number-crunching, I am losing my mind.

Whine! )

And... actually, so it's all better now, because I think I've just taken care of all the various things that have been stressing me out and the rest of this week should be less painful. I just have to pick up kitty litter and I think, yes, some chocolate to deal with PMS, and I'll be set for the evening.
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I am so oddly fatigued. Bleh.

Jeff had to help a friend at lunch, so no lunchtime fun. Mowr. And he's still not back, so I hope everything's okay.

I don't want to work. I just want to read this new thing the guy at Arcane Comics recommended. I'd heard of it before and I felt like trying something new. It's called Y: The Last Man and it's pretty good so far.

Also, the new SiP was in and it was freaking hilarious. Now that was a good issue. Entertaining without making me aggravated.

It needs to be 5:30 right now, dammit. Then I can hustle over to meet Sarah downtown where we can gorge on our respective literary obsessions and then meet group of people for moviefun. Yay for Jodie Foster. And Jeff says he might be able to go see A History of Violence on Saturday. He said NPR was giving it a raving review, which is exciting.

I wish I didn't feel so blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I want so very much to be at home in bed with kitty and book and good lighting and cocoa.
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I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.
I will not call in sick today.


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