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...and all through the house, Brutus was snoring, dreaming of leftover mouse.

ANYHOW. I am working from home today. Because YAY. And also YAY. I know it's only 10, but the day goes by faster when I'm working from home!

Things I MUST do today:

- lift weights at the gym
- visit Henry and Bailey and give them kitty smoochies and food
- buy rolls for Thanksgiving from Ballard Market
- donate some stuff to Goodwill
- do another test run on the dishwasher that Jeff has magically repaired*
- (if/then) cancel the appointment with the dishwasher repair person

These are the Musts. And accomplishing them affords me the privilege of sitting on my butt and reading my Ruth Reichl book. Because that's all I really want to do. Preferably in front of a roaring fire.

* Just want to note that if this tech writer thing doesn't work out, Jeff has a future career as a plumber. This will mark the third misbehaving water situation he's fixed. First there was the Errant Disposal. Followed by the Shower That Won't Drain. And now, Dishwasher: The Undraining Pool of Ick.


Sep. 8th, 2008 06:04 pm
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I am so fucking tired and sore right now. Work went by super fast which was nice. Minimal meetings which was even nicer. There's so much to do and I'm just grateful my boss is calm and reasonable with her expectations.

And then I went home. I continue to feel a little carsick on the bus ride home, which is a bummer. It passes soon after I get off, but it's a bummer nonetheless. Despite feeling a little moody and not feeling like exercise, I hauled myself to the gym and did straight weightlifting versus my regular circuit training plan. Normally I do 15-20 sets on each machine in turn, punctuated by treadmilling uphill. I just didn't feel like doing that. So I warmed up on the treadmill and did three sets of 12-15 on each machine in turn. My muscles, they did not like this. Despite taking a stretching break between sets, my muscles were screaming by the third set (which in many machines turned out to be 10-12). I finished with a very inclined treadmill set and limped off to the locker room, sufficiently thrashed.

I'm glad I did it. But I really love those workout days where the endorfin rush kicks in midway through and you feel pumped and energized and strong. Today was not that day. I'm still glad I went because I get very annoyed with myself when I miss a weekday set. I am, however, very glad that these weightlifting days are broken up by swimming.

Now, I must feed Brutus for he is yodeling up and down the halls and periodically coming into the office to rub my shin. Pete's coming over for dinner tonight and I'm making Ina Garten's Mac and Cheese. God bless food processors as cheese graters. I don't have the upper arm strength to make it through a block of Gruyere. I'm going to saute some zucchini (which I've really gotten into this summer) and we'll have leftover strawberry cupcakes for dessert.

Jeff has a meeting with the real estate agent to deal with the latest issue and I hope he's gets some good news. (Or at least not catastrophic news.) On a happier Jeff note, we booked our hotel for Ashland, and I'm doing my best to get us a Prius rental! Man, I just can't wait for this trip! Jeff has the best taste in music, so I'm really looking forward to getting a nice sample of it on our roadtrip.

OMG so tired. So, so tired. But must go grate some cheese now.
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I am so fucking tired.

Working out should be reserved for days where you don't have to do anything else except be fed peeled grapes by the cabana boy. Oy.

After my fit of perky energy in the morning, I just wanted to nap. I've been wanting to sleep randomly quite a lot lately. Why, I don't know. It's annoying. But omg bed = worship. After my last post, I crawled over to the club chair where Brutus likes to sleep and snogged him for awhile. Then he left, and I actually just tilted over to pass out on the floor thinking, "getupgetupgetupgetup." It was one of those things where if you just sit there going lalalalalala the narrow window of opportunity passes and you spend the rest of the weekend annoyed with yourself for not getting done what you wanted to get done.

So, I went to the gym and had an ass-kicking weight-lifting workout. I'm still waiting for the post-workout energy boost, because I tell you I just want to curl up with Brutus and nap the rest of the night away.

Instead, I dragged my sorry squat-sore ass to the market and did our grocery shopping for the week. I nearly died from sticker price at the Gruyere. However, I also bought three thingies of the most beautiful local strawberries. They are gorgeous. Some of them will go into the strawberry cupcakes, but some of them will go straight to mah belly.

Then I lugged everything home, hauled it upstairs, and even put it all away. I would like my medal now.

I want to do nothing more than just pass out in bed, but Pete's on his way over and I suppose I should shower and get dressed so I don't look completely gross for our movie outing. At least it's a movie and not salsa dancing, right?

Blurgh. Must get ready now.

yay me!

Jul. 25th, 2008 06:11 pm
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I apologize because I feel like the self-congratulatory posts are ramped up lately. I'll try to keep my tongue-baths to a measured minimum.

Doctor's visit was fine. Apparently her best guess is that my lifespan is still predicted to be normal. I've lost 4lbs, which was exciting.

Then I went to pick up Jeff from his office and explained that I needed pomme frites or I would die. To Cafe Presse! Where I ate buckets of food. Started with a simple tomato salad with some chevre and a lovely vinaigrette and some pine nuts. Then the pomme frites. And also a croque madame. Jeff got the olives in harissa and a salad with figs and a fried egg. We family-styled most of it. Also, their tiny baguette with butter is a reason to live.

Dropped Jeff off at work and went to pick up my pants and was sucked into Mud Bay to buy Brutus some more toys and some catnip spray, because he loves it! (Jeff: You can't buy his love! Me: Won't stop me from trying!) Jeff said earlier today that Brutus acts like he's died and gone to Heaven. Awwww. <3 Brutus!

And then came home. Did more work. Ate cake. Talked self out of going to gym. "I'll go tomorrow." Knowing full well tomorrow has its own busyness. Cuddled with Brutus on the bed.

And then, looking at the clock. Knowing time was really limited because I have to meet people for sushi, I grabbed myself by the scruff of the neck and hauled myself into my gym clothes before I could think of another reason to not go.

It started out less inspiring-ly. I felt pokey and disgruntled. But by the time I was done with the first set, I was getting into the swing of things. And I made it through the entire routine. Okay, I bagged on abs and that was shameful. But I'll do abs some time this weekend. I did up some of my weights. Leg press to 130 (from 110); back press to 50 (from 30); hips to 60 (from 50). I'm still a wimp on the chest press, but we'll work on that slowly.
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I'm sorry for the plethora of LOOK AT ME I WORK OUT NOW posts. But I think as with anything else I'm excited about, I blather.

It took about two days to abandon the ActiveTrax thing. It required that I haul in my glasses, and when my faces sweats they slide off and it makes me cranky and I spend all this time trying to figure out which machine they want me to use and wtf it does instead of churning through my workout.

So. No likee.

Instead, I designed a circuit course for myself. I start with a few minutes of fast, inclined walking on the dreadmill and then do shoulder press (60-70lbs), hip abductors (55lbs), chest press (30lbs), back press (50lbs), leg press (115lbs), weighted squats (12lbs), and crunches. Then I run off to do more fast inclined walking, do another set, and repeat, finishing off with a near run. It keeps my heart rate up. I vary the amount of sets depending on the machine and the weights. It probably doesn't seem like very much--I know it's only a little more than half of what I was doing when training for the Danskin. But it totally and completely kicks my ass. I'm panting and drenched at the end and feels good. But it's not to the point of pain where I want to never come back to the gym. I'm hoping the 3x a week will be enough. I'm already able to increase the weights on a few machines and the repetitions on others. I hope to increase the exercises slowly and work up to something like 12 different machines/free weight combinations. (The triceps curl will be added at the very last possible stage of procrastination.)

The nice ancillary benefit to working out that I always forget about is those mythical endorphins. Fitness specialists are always talking about it until you want to punch them in the face. But it's amazing how much more general energy I have on a daily basis now. I'm sore, but good sore. And I just feel stronger. I'm sure 90% of it is psychological at this point--but I'll take it. I finish in an exhausted state, but after about ten minutes of cooling down--I'm super perky again. It's awesome. I was really restless lately and having trouble sleeping, and this has totally solved that problem.

Next goal is to up my water intake which is teh suXX0r right now.
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Seriously--I love my gym.

Finally went swimming for the first time there. It was glorious. It's not the most amazing pool--but unlike the pool at Evans, I practically had it to myself. (Though, when I got there, Open Swim was finishing, but that was only fifteen minutes and I still had a lane to myself for nearly the entire time.) Despite the fact that I have approximately 384 pairs of goggles in my swim bag, I managed to forget them in my locker until I was already in the water.

Pros: I had an awesome swim. Their showers are private and enormous and fitted out with shower/conditioner/bodywash. They give you towels and hair dryers.

Cons: I forgot how toxic chlorinated water is. My hair, despite conditioning, feels like straw left out to burn in the sun. My skin is deeply unhappy, even though I moisturized.

I figure twice a week--I can suck it up. I need to go buy that chlorine-neutralizing shampoo that costs $15/bottle and remember to keep it in my gym bag.

Also, bonus for having a ready snack at home. I remember how much swimming ramps up one's appetite. (Small children are at risk.) There's no way I'd survive through making dinner.

I realize I may not always feel this twirly about the gym, but I'm trying to make it as pleasant an experience as possible to encourage something resembling endurance. Too hard--and I just won't go. And while I'm sure there's some measure of Too Easy, I'd be bored with that. So I'm going to try to stick with my instincts on what's enough to start with and reevaluate in a few months instead of loading up some absurd amount and quitting in a week.
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Dear Self,

Yes. You had a kickass workout. And yes, you were so sweaty and gross and tired, you just wanted to go home and collapse with a bucket of fried chicken. But, you did not. You did not stop at Taco Bell for tacos, even though that sounded pretty fucking good and effortless to boot.

You even went to the goddamn grocery store and bought ingredients for a quick stir-fry dinner for tonight and the makings for Black Bean Chilaquiles for tomorrow night, which you will prep tonight, because there's very limited patience and energy after a hard swim.

This is all Good.

However, the groceries aren't going to unpack themselves on the counter and that dinner isn't going to make itself. So stop sodding gaping at the Internet and get on with it. Your friends will still be here when you're done.


Your Hungry Body
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So, this morning's meeting with the trainer was AWESOME. I really, really love this gym. Which is half the battle sometimes, I think. The staff has continued to be friendly and competent. It's just awesome. The whole place has a really great ambiance. I used to belong to Sound Mind and Body and it was cramped and the vibe was just different. This place had serious people working out and doing their own thing. I feel comfortable there.

Rose, the trainer, was just perfect. I knew we'd get along when after some of the initial assessment questions about my fitness goals, we overlapped each other saying:

Me: So as much as I'd like to lose weight, my principal goal here is to be really fit and toned and strong. I'm not interested in ever being twiggy.
Rose: Absolutely. So, what you're saying is...
Me: ...I want to be able to beat up boys.
Rose: ...You want to be able to hurt people.
Me/Rose: YES!

Details )
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Maybe it's because it's summer.
Maybe it's because I'm going to Hawaii in a month.
Or maybe it's because every time I open Facebook, it has an ad which asks: "36 and Overweight?"

But, today... today I signed up at a gym.

I've been circling the block on this forever. I wasn't ready for it before, but I finally put together the snippets of information I've been gathering. It's absurdly convenient. It was no-pressure sales. It has a pool. It's month to month with a waived membership fee for the summer. They give free towels and keys to the locker room. It's a minor detail, but I'm orgasmic about not having to buy yet another lock. Their cardio equipment has individual tvs that work with any regular headphones. It has a pool. I'll likely be going at 4:30, which means almost no waiting at the machines. I'll be leaving just as the busiest time kicks in. IT HAS A POOL! And compared to the other gyms I've seen, it's actually offering services commensurate with its monthly rate. I really liked the woman who'd given me the no-fuss, no-pressure information on pricing and also gave me my tour today. She was nice and friendly, but clearly knows that her gym sells itself. We had a bonding moment over our repulsion for Glen Swain, owner of Rain Fitness (NEVER EVER EVER JOIN THAT GYM).

I miss lifting weights. Hell, I miss having arm muscles. Tired of feeling tired and I know lack of exercise is the culprit at this point.

And as much as I had to bully myself out of the inertia for watering the freaking plants today, I'm looking forward to doing something about my buddhaesque belly. You even get two free visits with a personal trainer, and I'm signed up for one after my dreaded doctor's appt on Friday morning.

Here's hoping I'm as ready as I feel!


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