Jul. 7th, 2005

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In awful news, in case you haven't heard: a series of bombs on the London Underground have killed 33 people (so far reported). Allegedly al-Qaeda is behind the attacks.

Outside of feeling awful for the victims and their family, what drives me crazy about this sort of senseless horror is that it's only going to further perpetuate misinformation about Muslims everywhere.

I may be an atheist, but my family still practices and I grew up understanding very clearly that a large part of our religious belief system involved not hurting others. Acts of terror like these go quite against the tenets of Islam. You don't get to run around killing civilians, blaring "YAY ALLAH!"

No doubt that Bush will use this as an opportunity to sneer, "SEE! I told you so!! The sky IS falling!!!!"

On the one hand, our policies and actions (Patriot Act, frex) freak me out. But I have a fair amount of rage at terrorist groups that act outside of the religion they purport to believe in, and have achieved nothing but (to trivialize) bad PR. Not to mention the body count, which I have to compartmentalize, or I would get nothing else done.

I know there are arguments to be made about how our policies have bred this sort of action, and I can't personally image being in the desperate place some of these people are in. But it's frustrating all the same. I hate feeling so helpless and terrified that the next 'act of terror' is going to be somewhere where MY loved one is and I'm going to lose my mind. Makes me want to grab my family and friends and go hide someplace safe until all this is over. And yet, it eventually has to be over. This volatile state can't last forever.

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Jul. 7th, 2005 09:46 am
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The reason I've been free to flit around on the news sites and LJ this morning is that I stayed home to wait for the Comcast cable guys. I hate that you can't just make an appointment for a set time, but I can understand it.

It was the 8-12 block. They got here at 9:30. They were out by 9:39. They were nice and immediately fixed the dead bedroom outlet in no time. One guy was so tall, I felt like hugging his legs. Because they were the entire length of my body. The whole thing will cost me $14.

I love Comcast. I've been such a long advocate of point-to-point and have resisted giving more of my money to the great behemoth organization that is cable. But jesus. This has been loooooooooooooooooovely.

I was offline for 5 minutes. And now I don't have wiring snaking through half my apartment. Yay!

Now I should hastily get dressed and scoot to work and not be later than I have to be and not take advantage of the situation and lounge around until noon. Though, DEAR GOD, it's tempting.

I also did dishes and laundry and collected garbage. So it's been a lovely productive morning. Oh, and I edited some!


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