Mar. 15th, 2011

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Today I took a two-hour lunch with a co-worker to French cuisine heaven. Also known as the 35th Street Bistro (Fremont).

I had some crispy calamari with aioli over a balsamic spritzed dark green salad to start; a really well made cassoulet for the entree (with another green salad, with some more notably delicious balsamic); and to finish: a perfect tiny ramekin (little bigger than a shot glass) of pain perdu with hazelnuts and bourbon caramel and vanilla ice cream.

Fucking kill me now. It was so perfect, I could fall to my knees and melodramatically beat my breasts and weep.

The portions were perfectly sized. The preparation was perfect. The service was leisurely, but not inattentive. (Hence the two hour lunch.) Also we talked about the awesomeness of cats for 45 minutes, which = yay. This is my second time at 35th St. Bistro, and the first time was pretty fantastic, too!

This is my second meal participating in Dine Around Seattle (which offers the fantastic deal of three courses for $20 (lunch)/ $30 (dinner).

Sunday night, my cousin and I went to Barolo (Westlake/7th) and it was a pretty great meal. Delicious focaccia with tapenade on the table. The starter was the best part for me--a grilled shrimp over the most amazing cannellini beans in an with pancetta and salted imported ricotta. I actually called the restaurant when I got home to heap some praise on the chef, because I couldn't stop thinking about it. SO GOOD. Made me realize I need to play more with cannellini beans. I had some ravioli stuffed with artichoke and provolone, which was good. And dessert was a tasty pistachio gelato with a single, perfect blackberry, and some raspberry coulis on the plate.

Dine Around Seattle is going on through the end of this month, and there are many more plans in the works to take advantage. Whee!


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