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So, Sarah and Neel are going to come over on Sunday nights to watch A Game of Thrones. I've been twitching for them to see it, because it's so fucking awesome. We'd met up for Easter brunch and hung out at their place. Then we came over here, I threw some stuff together for dinner, and we watched the first episode and then the second one which aired tonight. Really looking forward to watching this with them.

(I got to serve them that strawberry icebox pie, and Sarah's comment, "It tastes like summer." made my night. I was worried it was too sweet. Though I think this is the best I've done on a pie crust, which is something I generally struggle with. And as much as I'm psyched to watch AGoT with them, I'm also excited to come up with Sunday night dinners for these nights!)

Wow. The first episode was amazing and brutal enough, but this episode fucked me up. I don't know what it says about me that I find it easier to swallow the killing of children than that of animals, but it's just a fact.

The episode started with Bran alive, and while I'd been spoiled for that detail, I don't know what happens down the road so I remain worried for him--for all the characters, really. The Lannister's are fucking chilling. Watching Cersi talk with Catelyn about the death of her son, knowing her part in his injury--it was disturbing. Tyrion continues to steal every scene he's in, typical of Peter Dinklage. So satisfying to watch him slap Joffrey around. I can't help but think he'll be good for Jon Snow, help him get over the understandable issues he's got about being 'different.'

I can understand Sansa's point of view. She's thirteen, and that scene must have been terrifying. But I can't help but be so enraged that she didn't stand up for her sister, and well, the fucking truth. I'd hoped that the King's admonition that lying to a King is very serious would uncork her, but she sat there and pled amnesia or whatever. And it cost her Lady. I loved the direwolf rescuing Bran, but I was freaked out when twit-fuck Joffrey was bit, because you just knew immediately that Nymeria wasn't going to be allowed to either live or stay with Arya. I felt so sick watching poor Arya have to shoo her off. But I hadn't anticipated Lady's death, and I had tears running down my face. I was really fucking upset by that. *vibrating with anger* (Though to be fair, I don't know what the outcome would have been had she told the truth. I don't think Cersei would have backed down either way.) Joffrey has got to be the product of twincest--that kid is too fucking creepy to be a Baerathon.

And I am so fucking furious with Robert for allowing it. I don't care if it's easier for you to appease your psychotic wife. Fucking don't murder the innocent pets of children (or anyone, really). How much can Sansa want to marry Joffrey now, seeing that he was quite happy to let her dog DIE? (Leaving alone for the moment how fucking lame he was by the river with that poor butcher's kid and how poorly he treated her after when she tried to help him.)

I'm still so fucking mad about that. I may never recover, frankly. Watching poor Ned take on the responsibility of doing it himself--what a fucking awful thing to have to do. I thought I was going to throw up.

I need to move on, but really I could write 1000 more words on how fucking awful that was to watch. And it's the second episode. It freaks me out about what's coming.

Seeing Ned with his kids makes me really admire him. His kind parting words to Jon Snow, and then his reactions to Arya have been so kind. And we already know he's not some softie who can't make hard decisions, so his maintaining such compassion and humanity is even more noteworthy. Especially when we see how so many other men in Westeros behave.

That terrifying scene with Catelyn and the attacker--she's seriously tough herself. I hated how she treated poor Jon. I can understand her struggling with his existence, and with her not wanting to be around him. But I didn't think she should be so openly unkind to him. It's not his fault Ned knocked up his mother. And he was leaving. Though then, I admit, when she comments to Ned that the last time he left with Robert, he came back with a kid... and now he's leaving again with Robert. Hard not to feel some real compassion for her. Also, I want a direwolf. Those dogs are gorgeous.

Over in Antics with the Dothraki-- I read that in the book, Khal Drogo was tender to Dany on their wedding night and wins her over. I'm sorry they felt the need to change that to having him use her, as Sarah brilliantly commented, like a toilet. Though for a girl who's probably been abused her whole life by her twisted creepy brother, I think it's brilliant that she recognizes that if she wants a better life, she's got to do what she can to improve their primary-if-only (seeming) interaction. Very curious about her, and really hoping to see her stab her fucked up brother in the face at some point.

And it's been nice weekly to see how unsuitable this show is for a group of women. I can't help but thank that New York Time's columnist for getting that HBO only put in the scenes of brutal, non-consensual, or incestuous sex for our pleasure. I know those were the only parts that I was interested in. Watching Arya practice sword-fighting with the butcher's boy certainly wasn't made of awesome and we didn't all cheer for a world where girls might be interested in more than needlepoint. (Unrelatedly, Abed teaches us about sarcasm.)

And now to go hug Annouk for an hour and repeat to myself that the direwolves are only fictional.
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