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Good solid episode, moving things along. Season 1 is largely going to be eaten up by wold building and plot laying. Already desperate for season 2. (And 3 and 4 and 5 and...)

I think my favorite storylines are:

- Ned's investigation into Jon Arryn's death
- The emancipation and emergence of Daenerys and her Ass-kicking Awesomeness

First of all, any episode with Direwolves gets an automatic awesomeness bump. And in this episode we got to see Bran's, Robb's, and Jon Snow's faithful friends. Still grieving for Lady.

No energy for a coherent summary, so just random collection of thoughts and questions:

- Is Rickson ever going to be relevant?
- Thought it was rather reckless of Cat to take hold of and make threats to Tyrion, when there's still no proof
- Don't believe Tyrion is behind it, either. Don't want to.
- Maybe I'm lacking historical knowledge on the bastards of kings, but why does it matter if Robert has a bevy of bastards? They aren't going to be eligible for any inheritance fun, right? Though loved watching Ned piece it together.
- Loved seeing the look of shocked panic on Viserys's face when Dany bitchslapped him. God, was that satisfying.
- Love continues to grow for Jon Snow, protector of direwolf puppies, little sisters' dreams, and fat cowards alike.
- Speaking of, could not have had more compassion for Sam Tarly if tried.
- Very curious about Greyjoy backstory. Been waiting for them to mention Theon's relationship to the Starks.
- Curious about why Littlefinger felt the need to tell Sansa the horrific story of the Sandor bros.
- God was that jousting scene gratuitously horrific or what. So much build up for the tourney for so little time there.
- Would have loved to have seen Ned's discussion with Robert about why it was stupid to have it in the first place. Why the fuck did Robert ask Ned to come--knowing that he wouldn't be happy there--if he wasn't going to listen to his Hand at all.
- Hope to see a horse-riding Bran, with some happiness restored for that poor kid.
- Arya rules. Really feel for her and the limitations of her society. Hope she gets to do something pleasing with her life. And DOESN'T JUST DIE OR SOMETHING.
- Anxiety levels still very high about death potential of Stark children. Take Rickon--I don't know him yet.
- Sansa is going to only have girls, right? Terrifying.

Okay, that's all. As always, looking forward to the next episode.
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