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I've gotten to the point where my reading has outpaced the show in certain areas. And I feel mixed about it. On the one hand, now I know what's going to happen and I don't have to watch the episode in twitches. But on the other hand, the surprise is gone.

I would not want to wake up from an attack and see Cersei Lannister looming over me. I love Ned Stark. He's my kind of guy. But more and more I wish he would make less honorable, smarter choices. As much as I would like to wallop Cersei, I agree that beating someone who has a 1/100th of your physical strength is not kingly. Hated Robert for using the abuser's classic line, "look at what she's making me do." Hiss. There is no way he's going to be alive for long. Lancel is so going to poison his wine any minute now.

Poor Ned, caught back in the Hand's trap. I wonder if Jamie hadn't delayed him, if Robert would have chased him all the way back to Winterfell to get him back. Also, I hate Littlefinger. He cannot possibly be a good man. I can't believe Ned and Cat are foolish enough to trust him--even if Ned does so grudgingly.

Awesome scene watching Ned figure out the Royal bastards issue and while it was lovely to see him confront Cersei (with more kindness than she deserved, as always) --there's no way she's going to go quietly. Terrified she's going to have Ned killed in the next five minutes. How could he have made himself so fucking vulnerable?? With Robert out at the hunt, no less.

I think Sansa has exhausted all my sympathy for her. She deserves Joffrey. Also, I hate the hairstyle of the south.

Clever Tyrian Lannister. Similar to Ned, I wish Cat would think things clearly through to their logical conclusions. To go through proper channels instead of stomping around insisting that things be done immediately to her satisfaction. She's basically unhinged the precarious balance of everything, hasn't she? With the lack of love between Cersei and Robert, with the realm in debt, with the total lack of harmony--it wasn't going to take much, but what a dumbass move. How many people are going to die because she acted so impetuously.

Excited to see Dany again. I love her journey, and love how her people genuinely love her--deservedly. I am very glad I do not need to eat a horse heart. Also when are the eggs going to hatch? When? When?

Viserys is such a sad and pathetic character. It's amazing how one can feel pity for him, considering all the shitty things he's done to Dany, but he's so clueless. So, so clueless. It was so clear he was going to die soon, but what a brutal way to go. But COME ON. It's almost shocking how obtuse he was. You've got these horselords--'savage' and powerful. Yes, there's been a trade. But they are not in exile as he is. They don't owe him any fealty. They haven't treated him with any deference. They clearly love Dany. DUH, dude. That all said, I'm glad he's dead. I was worried he would escape and come back to cause trouble at a later date. I will miss Harry Lloyd's hilarious expressions though.

I think in my future nightmares, I will be locked in a Sky Cell.
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