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So, after watching episode 7 last week, I flipped out about what was going to happen next, and burned through the entire book.

Ned's dead, baby. Ned's dead. (Sorry.) I'm not sure why I'm being flippant, when it really fucking upset me. I knew things were going horrifically bad, and I knew it was likely that he was going to die. But now he's dead and what a fucking awful way for him to have gone. I hate them for using his children as a way to force him to lie and call himself a traitor. And fucking Joffrey--he's got to die at some point. He's too much of a tyrant and a weasel. I will relish his death scene some day. To have him executed like that. God.

Well done, Cersei. You've put your un-entitled sociopathic bastard on the throne. Congratulations. And he's already blowing you off and disregarding your commands. How's that working out for you, or the kingdom?

And as enraged as I was with Sansa's lack of gumption and wit, I appreciated Cat's immediate dismissal of her letter about Ned being a traitor as Cersei's words, not Sansa's. I don't understand why on earth Joffrey still wants to marry her. Yes, she's attractive, but as she pointed out, he just killed her father, she's seen him for the wimp he is, and it's not like he stands to gain anything from her now.

I'd been accidentally spoiled that Khal Drogo was going to die, even though I wasn't sure it was during this book. I was sad about it. So sad. Dany has such a spectacular ascent from being her brother's bargaining chip, to a terrified wife, to bad ass Khaleesi. Hated to see such a huge anvil drop on her. And while I'm excited that the dragons hatched in this first book, her breastfeeding them was a bit gross.

The scenes between Tywin and Tyrion are interesting. Tywin's one cold mutha, ain't he? The Lannisters are largely loathesome, but also fascinating to read about. I didn't enjoy the battle scenes so much, and just want it to be over with.

I'm so curious about so many things. Why was Robert king, and not Tywin--with all his gold. I want to know more backstory and know everything that's going to happen EVER. I've started the next book, but have to stop because I have to finish a couple of bookclub books first. Argh.

I'm sure I'm forgetting other things.

It's very hard to not go read a list of all the dead right now. Basically at this point, I assume that literally anyone can die at any moment. It's keeping me sane.
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