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No real spoilers past book 1, whee!

01 - Favourite character from book/show.

AHHH TOO HARD. I think that's what I love so much about the series so far. So many genuinely complex characters to love. AHHHH. Arya, Tyrion, Dany--so much love. But I think in forcing myself to pick one, I pick Ned.

Maybe it's just that I'm suffused with lust for Sean Bean, but really as much as I wish he'd woken up to the ugly reality of King's Landing, I love him so much for having so much honor that he wanted to spare someone like Cersei and her children. Yes, it got him killed, and I grieve for that, but he really believed in doing The Right Thing.

And then, at the end, to save his children--he was willing to stain his own reputation. I think with the beginning comment of 'the man who passes the sentence should wield the sword' --that's what really did me in. Few characters seem to have that fidelity to their judgments. Considering how strongly he felt about honor, it was clear how much he had to love his children to do that. His kindness tempered the severity of his honor (OH HAI STANNIS) and that's what really makes me love him. And now, he's dead. ARRRRRGH.

02 ~ Favourite quote relating to GoT.

See above re: "The man who passes the sentence must swing the sword" (paraphrasing) It's up there for me with Nynaeve's speech about justice. It was the sentence that really hooked me.

03 ~ Where would you want to live in the GoT world?

I don't think I know the world enough yet. On the one hand, Winterfell (in times of peace) because the people there aren't corrupt like they are in King's Landing. Honesty is valued, people have trusted relationships. Other than that, one of the free cities? Braavos, where SyrioForels come from?

04 ~ Favourite house? (ie. Stark, Lannister).

I know, it's rather obvious of me, but Stark! (In terms of love. In terms of intrigue, Lannister so far.)

05 ~ Who do you ship?

I tend to not, not outside what's already in the series.

06 ~ Picture or gif that expresses your reaction to the show.

Doesn't express my reaction to the show, but I think this graphic that shows all the relationships of all the Houses, is amazing:

07 ~ Link to a fanvid you like.

I fucking love the opening sequence

08 ~ Favourite moment in book/show.

Offhand: Watching Dany bitchslap Viserys and tell him "If you use your hands against me again, you will have NO HANDS." (paraphrase)

Day 09 ~ Least favourite character.

Theon. Not in terms of villainy, but in that I just can't work up any interest. I've started reading book two, and I still don't care. And what I've seen so far doesn't impress me, his crossbow talents notwithstanding.

Day 10 ~ If you had a direwolf, what would you name it?

Nymeria, because I lack originality.

Day 11 ~ Three words that describe GoT.

Must. Know. Everything.

I feel quite thoroughly obsessed with this series. I can't absorb it quickly enough.

Day 12 ~ If there was a crossover … who would you ship?

I wouldn't. Fanfic is not for me.

Day 13 ~ Would you join the Night’s Watch?

Not if I had any other reasonable choice.

Day 14 ~ Who do you think Jon Snow’s parents are?

I feel so simple, because it would never have occurred to me that Ned wasn't Jon's father if I hadn't read the theory on various sites. Now that the idea's been planted, it seems so obvious. So much mention has been made that Jon and Arya favored the Starks (whereas Robb and Sansa favor the Tullys) that I just didn't think. But now I think that Jon is either Lyanna's or Brandon's son. And while I'm delighted that Ned didn't dishonor his marriage, I'm sort of pissed that Jon was subjected to Cat's ire for the entirety of his life. I realize we don't yet know the TRVTH but it better have been worth causing so much pain to a young boy. And, *grumble*, I suppose, to Cat. (THOUGH DONT TAKE YOUR SHIT OUT ON YOUNG KIDS OKAY? FUCKING DEAL.)

Day 15 ~ FREE DAY


Day 16 ~ Make a graphic advertising GoT.

I suck at the arts. So, no.

Day 17 ~ Link to an interview you think is funny.

I love Harry Lloyd talking about the crazy Russian on the beach!

Day 18 ~ What Stark would you be?

Hrm. As much as I've ranted about Cat's behavior with Jon, and how that really wouldn't be how I would behave. I can relate to her in general. I grew up as the eldest to a group of cousins, and I feel very protective of them. I know it's not the same as having children of my own, but I love them, I've always put them first, I care about their needs and development and work with their parents to help them with big life decisions. And I would fucking cut the face off of anyone who tried to hurt them. I'm also fucking impetuous and hot-tempered.

Day 19 ~ Invent a character that would fit in GoT.

I'm a reader, not a writer. (Okay, so technically I am a writer. A technical writer. See what I did there? *kneeslap* Also, behold my stupendous lack of wit.)

Day 20 ~ What’s the most interesting thing about GoT?

The complex relationships and morals of the characters.

Day 21 ~ Link to a GoT-based blog.

I worship Tower of the Hand because it lets you limit your scope by book. I think that's fucking brilliant! Not sure if that's considered a blog, but whatevs.

Day 22 ~ Make a graphic of your favourite ship.

What the fuck is all this 'make a graphic' shit? Also, have we really seen any ships so far?

Day 23 ~ Tyrion, Cersei, Jaime: Marry, fuck, throw off a cliff - what would you do?

Marry: Tyrion
Fuck: Jaime
Throw off a cliff: Cersei

Day 24 ~ Who would you like to see battle it out?

Robb v. Theon. With a dead Theon. I don't know why I dislike him so much. No real reason to, yet. I'd be curious about a Renly v. Stannis battle.

Day 25 ~ What character’s death would you be okay with?

I'd be ecstatic with Joff biting the big one.

Day 26 ~ Give yourself a GoT inspired name.


Day 27 ~ Top 5 favourite characters.

So far: Ned, Tyrion, Arya, Dany, Jaime.

Day 28 ~ Give some advice to one of the characters.

Unless you have good cause, don't trust anyone absolutely. And even then, be cautious, Ned.

Day 29 ~ Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones.

Day 30 ~ Favourite book/episode.

In some ways the first episode is my favorite. The Stark family is together, alive, and there are newfound puppies. Yes, Bran gets tossed out a window, but we don't see him die. And he doesn't, in fact, die. All anticipation setup, with none of the devastation.
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