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Originally posted by [ profile] deathpixie at Signal Boost: Return of the DDoS
For those wanting to know more about the recent DDoS attacks, yes, it looks like it was the Russian government trying to shut down the dissidents again.

As I said last time, while it's frustrating not to have access, LJ is a lot more than a social network platform. From the article:

"LiveJournal isn’t just a social network. It’s also a platform for organizing civic action. Dozens of network projects and groups mobilize people to solve specific problems — from defending the rights of political prisoners to saving endangered historic architecture in Moscow."

So while I know many are considering the move over to Dreamwidth and other such sites, supporting LJ is a way we can help support those who use it for more than a writing/roleplaying/social venue.

Also, as a FYI, LJ is giving paid users effected by the outage two weeks of paid time as compensation.

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I've been lusting after this recipe by The Pioneer Woman for cold-brewed iced coffee.

I don't need 8 gallons of it, but I decided to start a small batch of 2 gallons. I bought an organic, free trade, shade grown variety promising notes of chocolate, nuts, and citrus. The grounds don't smell as tasty as other ground coffee I've bought before, but here's hoping!
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It's been such a nice weekend. I think with the frenzy of socializing during the week, it's been especially nice to have some quiet time this weekend. It's gone alarmingly fast, but I'm not too worried since we have a four-day weekend next weekend. I'm thinking of bookending it with days off on Thursday and Tuesday because I have some home projects that are getting neglected by all the funtimes.

I slept in gloriously on Saturday and then went to meet my new hair person at ZeroZero. Her name is Estelle and she's sort of adorable. My cousin Mo told me about her, and her Yelp reviews were worshipful. I got my hair colored, and while I think it's a little too auburn, I am enjoying the novelty of my entire head being a different color, particularly one that is not BLACK. She was really enthusiastic with suggestions for my hair. She told me what she thought we should do, and then showed me a picture, and I really think it's an improvement. Also, I hated the shampoo/conditioner I tried from Mode (to the point that I'm going to call them to ask if I can return it--I've only used it twice) because it complete dried my already overly dry hair out. We got me a new shampoo/conditioner that I'm much happier with. So, that was fun. Also, and I don't know how this is but she charges $60 for coloring whereas everywhere else is like $120-200. So. That was exciting. She also specializes in coloring super dark, coarse hair--Asian/South Asian. And she got it to change color without bleach, which no one else ever has. It was awesome.

There was a fuckton of traffic, everywhere, on Saturday. So, I really did not want to go and run my errands. So, I stayed at home cleaning and it felt great. The day went by so damn fast. I watched some tv and read a bunch. We're reading Little Earthquakes for ChickLit book club and I'm making steady progress on A Clash of Kings as well.

I went to bed really early. SO nice.

Today was the day to do the things I didn't do yesterday--namely, laundry and groceries. It was one of those days where I'm super excited to go grocery shopping. My fridge was pretty bare, so it was high time to replenish fresh things. Also! I just bought these heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo (per David Lebovitz's rec) and they've already arrived! I bought a cannellini bean, a yellow bean, and these red beans. I AM SUPER EXCITED OMFG. I never work with dry beans because of the overnight soaking (or quick soaking required) method, but this is so exciting!!

I really want to recreate the flavors of that cannellini dish at Barolo, but all these cooking sites warn against adding tomatoes during the bean cooking process, because they're acidic. So, not sure if I must cook a tomato sauce separately and then combine? Because other recipes have you cook the tomatoes with everything else. Hrm. MUST EXPERIMENT!

I've soaked them and will have them for dinner tonight!! I'm feeling inspired by this cookbook that Amy T gave me as a spontaneous gift once upon a time, it's called The New California Cook. I've never used it before because there are ZERO pictures of the food and I need pictures to be inspired, dammit. But the recipes sound so good, and I am really in a California Cuisine sort of mood lately. Amy loves the cookbook and I also really trust her judgment!

Also, even though it's summer, I really want soups. I'm going to make my roasted tomato basil soup tonight. VERY excited about that!

I'm off to meet Sarah now for Greenlakea neighborhood walk* and then it's back home to cook!

* Sarah just called and pointed out that a sunny afternoon, one of the first nice sunny afternoons, on a Sunday are likely to be jam-packed at Greenlake. So we're going to do a less chaotic, but equally lengthy, neighborhood walk from my house.
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No real spoilers past book 1, whee!

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I really liked this book! There's been a lot of discussion on various sites about whether a white woman is qualified to write from the perspective of a black person, particularly in such a racist time in history. It didn't really bother me. One of the POVs is a white woman, and I sort of just imagined her writing the whole book. Maybe I would feel different if the author was writing about Pakistani women? I struggled a bit with the dialect of the maids, and agree with articles that have noted that none of the southern women had a dialect. But ignoring those concerns, and as a story--I loved it. I found the characters very believable for the most part.

The discussions were fun. We all had different favorite parts/characters. It's always interesting how perspectives can vary on the same damn thing.

Spoilers--big ones. )

It was a fun meetup. This has been a pretty nice group of women so far. This was a particularly young group of women--20s and early 30s, but they didn't throw stones at me or threaten to burn me as a witch, so we fine.
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I went tonight and I'm really glad I did. Only two other women showed up, but they were there last time and I like them. They didn't judge me for not finishing or liking the book, though they both liked it. One woman, Deb, really did, because she's a retired nurse, and she loved all the detailed medical stuff.

While I only read half the book, I really loved the characters of Hema and Ghosh, but the rest of it was too grisly, too boring, or too political. I just couldn't connect or care, so.

Anyway, the discussion was fun, and I'm glad I'd read spoilers and at least half the book so I wasn't just sitting there slack-jawed. One of the women really reminds me of my sister-in-law, Sarah, who also is part of like three book clubs, and it was in talking to her that I was really motivated to find some book clubs again! We talked about other books, games for the Kindle, and movies. They're really nice. And in a way, the small size of the group makes it kind of nicer, more personal.

We were discussing the next book, and Major Pettigrew's Last Stand was up vs. my suggestion of The Hunger Games. And while Last Stand sounds sweet, it sounds like another intensely literary slow-moving selection and I just wanted something more readable for the summer. And happily they were both really interested in reading The Hunger Games, so--that's what we're reading. Woo! I also hope that the other dormant members will be invigorated by Hunger Games, since it's so ...topical? trendy? right now.

Tomorrow: The Help.
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I watched episode 7 so long ago. It was on HBO Go right after episode 6. I was so morose that episode 8 wouldn't air for two weeks, that I couldn't summon the energy to write about it then. So silly. So now, here's a glut of random disordered thoughts. Yay?

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Despite the fact that I should only be reading bookclub books right now, I've leaped into A Clash of Kings.

I'm only at the prologue so far, but I had to make a comment.

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So, after watching episode 7 last week, I flipped out about what was going to happen next, and burned through the entire book.

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Apr. 27th, 2011 07:00 pm
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Good: Just got my PS3. Over the past god-knows-how-many-years I've bought Playstation consoles almost solely to play Final Fantasy games. I have my favorites (7, 10, and epically awesome 12) and mehs (8 and 9) and I didn't bother with the online version. I think 12, with it's strategic battle system has been my favorite. Setting the PS3 up was super easy and I now officially have a Blu-Ray player.

Bad: FF13 SUCKS. It's like they took out every single thing that makes the game awesome. This'll be the first console version of the game I haven't played since college. Mrrrh.

Worst: FF14 is another fucking online game. BOO. It's going to be FOREVER (if ever, I suppose) that another good FF game comes out. Hate.

I would be so pissed right now if I didn't have The Orange Box games en route!!
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Someday I'm going to buy a house with a big yard so I can have a direwolfNorthern Inuit doggie or two. I've always loved big dogs and the show is making me crazy in a way that I don't normally go crazy when I see big dogs.

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So, Sarah and Neel are going to come over on Sunday nights to watch A Game of Thrones. I've been twitching for them to see it, because it's so fucking awesome. We'd met up for Easter brunch and hung out at their place. Then we came over here, I threw some stuff together for dinner, and we watched the first episode and then the second one which aired tonight. Really looking forward to watching this with them.

(I got to serve them that strawberry icebox pie, and Sarah's comment, "It tastes like summer." made my night. I was worried it was too sweet. Though I think this is the best I've done on a pie crust, which is something I generally struggle with. And as much as I'm psyched to watch AGoT with them, I'm also excited to come up with Sunday night dinners for these nights!)

Nothing but massive spoilers here. Including spoilers from how the book varies from the show, fyi. )
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I just finished watching season one of Treme. Can't say I'm not getting a lot of mileage out of the HBO subscription, can I?

It was fucking awesome. Along with NYC, New Orleans has always been a place that's fascinated me. And like New York, my trip to New Orleans rates amongst my most memorable. If I were more nomadic, it would be on the list of places I'd swear to live before I die. And it makes no sense for me to want to live there--it's hot, muggy, and there are big bugs. Obviously there's more good than bad, but those are bads I can't personally handle. Regardless, I have an inexplicable love for that city considering that I've only been there once.

The show was as well made as one expects from an HBO series. It was so nice to see a lot of the talent from The Wire, especially Clarke Peters. I loved the various storylines--my favorite, unsurprisingly, was of Janette Desautel, chef extraordinare. It took a couple of episodes to really get into the show. But a lot of shows are that way for me.

Also, it enraged me all over again about Katrina and how things were handled. I think that is the natural disaster I've donated the most to. Maybe because it was here, and it still shocks me that (pardon me, because I know this is stupidly naive of me) we could let that happen to a city in our own country.

Major show-destroying spoilers, don't read if you ever plan on watching the show. Really. (I don't know anyone else who's watched this, but I want to blab on about it anyway.)

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I've loved so many HBO shows, it's almost puzzling that I haven't sucked it up and ordered it before now. In a way, I'm sort of glad I hadn't. Because it allowed me to enjoy things like Rome, Deadwood, The Wire, etc --in uninterrupted gluttony. This whole watching week-by-fucking-week is going to be brutal!

I never read the series. I'd bought the first book and was going to read it when I read that GRRM mercilessly slaughtered primary characters left and right. As much as I can applaud that in theory (because why should only irrelevant characters die, right?) I hated the idea of getting close to a character and then poof--dead.

I had started on Leigh's re-read, since I hadn't planned on being able to watch AGoT for like a year or more when the dvds would come out. But now I think I will put a halt to that. No better way to ruin the cinematic adaptation than having the written characters too fresh in your mind.

Spoilers, obviously. )

Anyhow. This waiting totally sucks, but I'm excited to have HBO. (Catching up now on True Blood S3 and hope to see season 1 of Boardwalk Empire soon!)


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