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I watched episode 7 so long ago. It was on HBO Go right after episode 6. I was so morose that episode 8 wouldn't air for two weeks, that I couldn't summon the energy to write about it then. So silly. So now, here's a glut of random disordered thoughts. Yay?

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So, Sarah and Neel are going to come over on Sunday nights to watch A Game of Thrones. I've been twitching for them to see it, because it's so fucking awesome. We'd met up for Easter brunch and hung out at their place. Then we came over here, I threw some stuff together for dinner, and we watched the first episode and then the second one which aired tonight. Really looking forward to watching this with them.

(I got to serve them that strawberry icebox pie, and Sarah's comment, "It tastes like summer." made my night. I was worried it was too sweet. Though I think this is the best I've done on a pie crust, which is something I generally struggle with. And as much as I'm psyched to watch AGoT with them, I'm also excited to come up with Sunday night dinners for these nights!)

Nothing but massive spoilers here. Including spoilers from how the book varies from the show, fyi. )
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I just finished watching season one of Treme. Can't say I'm not getting a lot of mileage out of the HBO subscription, can I?

It was fucking awesome. Along with NYC, New Orleans has always been a place that's fascinated me. And like New York, my trip to New Orleans rates amongst my most memorable. If I were more nomadic, it would be on the list of places I'd swear to live before I die. And it makes no sense for me to want to live there--it's hot, muggy, and there are big bugs. Obviously there's more good than bad, but those are bads I can't personally handle. Regardless, I have an inexplicable love for that city considering that I've only been there once.

The show was as well made as one expects from an HBO series. It was so nice to see a lot of the talent from The Wire, especially Clarke Peters. I loved the various storylines--my favorite, unsurprisingly, was of Janette Desautel, chef extraordinare. It took a couple of episodes to really get into the show. But a lot of shows are that way for me.

Also, it enraged me all over again about Katrina and how things were handled. I think that is the natural disaster I've donated the most to. Maybe because it was here, and it still shocks me that (pardon me, because I know this is stupidly naive of me) we could let that happen to a city in our own country.

Major show-destroying spoilers, don't read if you ever plan on watching the show. Really. (I don't know anyone else who's watched this, but I want to blab on about it anyway.)

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I've loved so many HBO shows, it's almost puzzling that I haven't sucked it up and ordered it before now. In a way, I'm sort of glad I hadn't. Because it allowed me to enjoy things like Rome, Deadwood, The Wire, etc --in uninterrupted gluttony. This whole watching week-by-fucking-week is going to be brutal!

I never read the series. I'd bought the first book and was going to read it when I read that GRRM mercilessly slaughtered primary characters left and right. As much as I can applaud that in theory (because why should only irrelevant characters die, right?) I hated the idea of getting close to a character and then poof--dead.

I had started on Leigh's re-read, since I hadn't planned on being able to watch AGoT for like a year or more when the dvds would come out. But now I think I will put a halt to that. No better way to ruin the cinematic adaptation than having the written characters too fresh in your mind.

Spoilers, obviously. )

Anyhow. This waiting totally sucks, but I'm excited to have HBO. (Catching up now on True Blood S3 and hope to see season 1 of Boardwalk Empire soon!)

top chef

Mar. 10th, 2011 03:23 pm
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...contestant that is.

My dad's coming tonight, and I'm making roasted tomato basil soup. I have both oversalted my dish and sliced my hand*, but kept working (so obviously I wouldn't be the Jaimie of top chef contestants). At least the one thing I have learned from the show: taste your food and adjust. Second (un-salted) batch is simmering, to be combined with the first.

Though as always, I think the show is insane, because if I were a contestant, my time would probably be up and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it. So mad that I got all Anne-Burrell with the salt sill.

(* Not badly at all, though. This isn't like when Jeanne was here and I needed stitches but was really pissed I had to stop dicing my onion.)


Jan. 18th, 2010 11:36 pm
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I may have just bought a teeshirt in support of a fictional football team.

Clearly, the apocalypse is nigh.
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For he is made of win.

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Just found this over at rimrunner's! Bwahahahha!


May. 26th, 2009 11:10 am
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Um. What? No.

I repeat: NO.

Because, um. WHAT?

*wanders off, sputtering enraged-ly*
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One nice thing about not having watched BSG for the past month+ is that I had the chance to do a marathon viewing. Which, I think is best with this show.

I can't believe there are only two episodes left. This is definitely a show I wish I'd waited to see when it was all over. It was so crazy-making to wait between all the weird hiatuses. And with such a complicated plot, I used to get so confused. Watching it back-to-back's made that a lot less painful.

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So like I said, I'm rooting for Hugh Jackman here. He's too adorable and genuine not to root for. In fact, I wish Australia had been up for more things.

Clicky! Because, LONG )
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So, it's late. And I think other people are probably doing more thorough jobs of recapping this. But I took notes as I watched, and while I won't post all the inanity I wrote, I'll share highlights. It was a long show (starting with the 3pm pre-show, naturally) so if this seems long, be glad I'm restraining myself from pasting all of it.

I was going to try to paste pictures, but it's just too much work, when you can go click here and just see the ones you want to see!

My Internet connection has been the suXX0r lately, which has been lots of fun, let me tell you!

They've been proclaiming enormous universe-tilting changes to the Oscar, which makes me a bit wary, really. I love Hugh Jackman and really hope he succeeds tonight. But with his love for singing and dancing and Broadway-ing, I'm a bit apprehensive. GO HUGH!

To sum up the red carpet: some meh, a lot of nice! some stunning and no disturbing (as in the past: Bjork, Cher, or J. Lo)

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I think that's it for the pre-shows!
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Mondays off from work are so freaking glorious. It lets you properly enjoy Sunday without the phantom spectre of the work week looking above.

So yesterday was nice. I met Pete and Kirsten downtown and we watched Coraline in 3D. I have to say, I didn't much care for the 3D. Pete felt a little sick afterward and we all had slight headaches. All the previews for coming movies are in 3D, too, which means we'll probably have to keep driving to Lynnwood to see the 2D versions. But it was still fun to see the movie. We hung out over coffee to discuss and then I went to Nordstrom to have them take the electronic tag off the pants Jeff bought on Saturday and to see if I could find my dad a comfy and cute tracksuit (not at Nordstrom, apparently).

Then home, where I successfully made my mom's dal recipe and had that with rice and kababs for dinner.

Jeff and I watched Desperate Housewives. Sometimes I enjoy the show in a pleasant mindless way, and sometimes I so hate the selfish pettiness of all the characters that I wonder why I ever watch it. Unfortunately, last night was the latter experience.

I also finished Dead Until Dark about which I have surprisingly strong opinions. )

Today's chores:


putting laundry away
grocery store to buy another lovely piece of Tilapia and some veggies
going to container store to buy some, um, containers
picking up prescription from drugstore
drop off dry cleaning
packaging up a few things that I need to mail (including, dear god the shame, Jeanne's Christmas present)
bake some banana bread
French homework

I guess I better get to it!
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Just watched this week's 30 Rock. To echo Tina Fey's comments:

Hamm is the “handsomest living human of the moment,” Fey says. “I haven’t actually looked straight at him yet. I poked a hole in a paper plate and looked at him like that, like an eclipse.”

I mean, for serious.

He's the most perfect looking guy ever.
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Is anyone else watching True Blood?

Episode 1 )
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I'm so lazy today!! I need to get a move on and not just sit here for the rest of the afternoon!

Though, I woke up super perky at 7. I kept feeding Brutus and checking to see if Jeff was up. And he wouldn't be. Then he'd roll over and grunt and I'd run to see, but he'd be out cold still. So I menu planned for the week and made a grocery list. (While constantly running to see if Jeff was awake.) AND FINALLY HE WOKE UP. (It was only like 9:30, but omg it felt like forever. He never sleeps in so I kept resisting the urge to 'accidentally' wake him up.)

And delightfully, he wanted to lounge in bed and I perched next to him, wrapped up in a blanket, nattering away. He didn't say much because he was half asleep, but he kept grinning at my chirpy spazzitude. Then because I had puppy-like energy levels, I made him coffee-in-bed, so he could slowly embrace the day, while I seriously sat there vibrating with perk.

NO idea why I was so hyper! Then we both sort of got up and did morning things. I cleaned the kitchen and watered plants. Jeff's been tackling some computer problems. I had leftover Indian food, he ate more of the pea soup from last week. We watched bits of The Daily Show. Email. Phone calls. Just a slow Saturday morning. It was nice.

Now Jeff's off to do yardwork at the house and my goals are to go lift weights, grocery shop, put away groceries, bake, and hang out with Pete tonight. Jeff's going to hang out with one of our friends he hasn't seen in a bit. Pete and I are going to see the new Coen Bros film which I'm looking forward to.

Sarah's coming over tomorrow for brunch and my plan is to make:

- scrambled eggs with spinach and Flagship cheese
- bacon
- strawberry cupcakes (or lemon cream tart, or both)
- really good toast (or maybe brioche)

For the week, I'm making:

- Jamie Oliver's potato-asparagus tart
- Ina Garten's mac and cheese
- my favorite grilled chicken breast recipe (do them up at once for the week)
- cheddar scallion biscuits (found on food_porn)
- biscotti of some kind, I think

I also need to bake my nephews some M&M cookies, so that might happen today, too!

And now, must first discourage myself from crawling back into bed for a nap!!!
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How can it already be almost 2PM? It's my day off--today should go SLOW.

We got back late last night. The trip was mixed--good parts, bad parts, exasperating parts. Nothing too brutal, though. Jeff was as fabulous as expected. He had a great time and I was frankly relieved that I managed to contain my sulk. My family loved him and he fit in pretty perfectly. (Down to joining us for the daily morning dogpile and swinging my nephews around.)

Jeff made the excruciating bearable, but holy crap were we giddy about coming home. The flight back was surreal. )

Also, it turns out that Jeff is a giant baby about having his ass kicked at Scrabble. I think the score when we stopped (because we were landing) was 300 to 100 and boy did he not like that. I took endless shit when the OFFICIAL SCRABBLE DICTIONARY was okay with "quin" and Jeff... was not. OMG there was endless ENDLESS abuse. Apparently Jeff's Scrabble vocabulary is limited to proper nouns and dirty words. It was wildly entertaining. Even if it means he hates me now. Muhahahahaa!!

SeaTac Alaska Baggage Claim is the slowest, lamest service on earth. We waited forever and ever. Then waited for our shuttle. We were so giddy when we finally got into my car. LA had slow roasted us all weekend. It was disgusting. Seattle's cool air was a blessed relief. We got home around 1AM, but neither one of us was tired. We made some scrabbled eggs with red bells, Italian parsley, smoked mozzarella, and green onions and had it with the last of the wheat toast. It was such fucking nirvana sitting on the couches with Brutus (KITTY) who purred and purred with us. We watched The Soup and then an episode of The Daily Show where we seriously nearly threw up laughing at Jon Stewart's riff on James Carvell. Which, holy Christ. We were nearly hysterical. (Jeff: "Two found dead at home with strange abdominal injuries.") We were laughing so hard we heard like half of it. We couldn't stop laughing until the end of the episode when Jeff made me rewind it --which just the act of rewinding it made us cackle. God. We both went to bed and lay there snickering for another half hour.

Sleep was the most exciting thing ever. At home. In a glorious full-sized bed. AND SLEEPING-IN OMG I LOVE YOU UNIVERSE CAN I PLEASE FRENCH KISS YOU?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
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So I took that test thingie--the one that uses your browser history to estimate your gender.

From my work browser, I'm 99% female. But from home? 100%


Take the test yourself.

It perplexes me. Because it's not like I spend my days at or anything. It's mostly the usual stuff: youtube, google, amazon, imdb, tripadvisor. So bizarre.

Now back to my marathon viewing of Gossip Girl. The discovery of Amazon Unbox was a dangerous, dangerous thing for me.


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