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I've been lusting after this recipe by The Pioneer Woman for cold-brewed iced coffee.

I don't need 8 gallons of it, but I decided to start a small batch of 2 gallons. I bought an organic, free trade, shade grown variety promising notes of chocolate, nuts, and citrus. The grounds don't smell as tasty as other ground coffee I've bought before, but here's hoping!
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Today I took a two-hour lunch with a co-worker to French cuisine heaven. Also known as the 35th Street Bistro (Fremont).

I had some crispy calamari with aioli over a balsamic spritzed dark green salad to start; a really well made cassoulet for the entree (with another green salad, with some more notably delicious balsamic); and to finish: a perfect tiny ramekin (little bigger than a shot glass) of pain perdu with hazelnuts and bourbon caramel and vanilla ice cream.

Fucking kill me now. It was so perfect, I could fall to my knees and melodramatically beat my breasts and weep.

The portions were perfectly sized. The preparation was perfect. The service was leisurely, but not inattentive. (Hence the two hour lunch.) Also we talked about the awesomeness of cats for 45 minutes, which = yay. This is my second time at 35th St. Bistro, and the first time was pretty fantastic, too!

This is my second meal participating in Dine Around Seattle (which offers the fantastic deal of three courses for $20 (lunch)/ $30 (dinner).

Sunday night, my cousin and I went to Barolo (Westlake/7th) and it was a pretty great meal. Delicious focaccia with tapenade on the table. The starter was the best part for me--a grilled shrimp over the most amazing cannellini beans in an with pancetta and salted imported ricotta. I actually called the restaurant when I got home to heap some praise on the chef, because I couldn't stop thinking about it. SO GOOD. Made me realize I need to play more with cannellini beans. I had some ravioli stuffed with artichoke and provolone, which was good. And dessert was a tasty pistachio gelato with a single, perfect blackberry, and some raspberry coulis on the plate.

Dine Around Seattle is going on through the end of this month, and there are many more plans in the works to take advantage. Whee!
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Okay, I know the entire eastern side of the country is miserably buried in snow and we're having a mild winter, but my feet have been so freaking cold ALL DAY. And I'm not rebelliously running amok in bare feet either, I have fleece footie things on for once. I kept fantasizing about immersing them in really hot water. But then I didn't have a magic wand to make that appear, so.

I can haz spring?

Oddly, I am obsessed with ffwding to summer. I mentioned this to someone who said that maybe it was because we didn't get much of a summer last year. I'm dying for summer foods and they're just not available right now. (TOMATOES. I WANT TOMATOES. And I'm not even a big tomato person. WTF. I want to eat them sliced on a plate with some salt and pepper. Why?)

So, I made brownies. Because that is the answer to all woes. New recipe for me. (Test Kitchen.) Hope they are good. Will take them into office.

I'm still having vivid Black Swan flashbacks at night, which aren't helped by all the trailers for it that are still running everywhere. Also, I wish Sarah were here so we could play more Mario. We have a standing slacker-date for Monday nights, and it's beyond glorious. And that is all I want out of life. Mario with Sarah. And pizza. Oh, and cherry coke zero. But that's it. I swear.

I so desperately want a cherry coke zero right now. And we even have them in the house! But I'm insomniackish lately enough without pre-bed-time caffeine. BOO.

This being a grownup thing suuuuucks. I want a refund.
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I knew this final week of vacation would evaporate. (I know, I have no call to boo-hoo considering all the time off I've had. But returning to work gets harder the longer you've enjoyed a temporary a life of leisure!)

Mostly I just realized that this means that the day after tomorrow is NYE. I was so sanguinely blathering about my tentative menu when I absolutely must go to the liquor store and grocery store tomorrow and start cooking. I really don't want to be stuck in the kitchen all night on NYE, so everything that can be must be done in advance. I've decided to make the hot chocolate cake because I've been obsessed with it lately. I've also decided to make Ina Garten's recipe for steak au poivre, herbed fingerling potatoes, and spinach au gratin. Ina never lets me down.

Game plan:

Tomorrow, bake cakes, make frosting (since it needs to sit for 24-damn-hours), make marshmallows, and assemble spinach gratin.
Thursday morning I will start the six-hour process of making the French onion soup and prep the potatoes. I'll need to assemble and decorate the cake.

The only thing done a la moment will be the steaks and sauce since I think they'll be done best then. I'm going to have a mise en place ready, though, so I'm not frustrated-ly juggling measuring spoons and feeling hassled.

In other news, the pasta was a hit! I loved it, and Jeff and Ellie loved it! It is so much more fun to try out new recipes with friends instead of alone! I left them the leftovers and am going to use the rest of my ingredients to make another batch for tomorrow. The only thing I'm missing is a shallot, which I need to buy tomorrow anyway. I love that you don't have to heat up an entire enormous pot of water to boil the noodles. That's my least favorite part of making pasta. This was really flavorful and easy and it's going to be a staple, goddammit! Really easy to modify to vegetarian recipe, too. Just use veggie stock and don't add the chicken! Also, this was pretty forgiving. I kept screwing things up like letting the pasta nearly burn. I then packed it up and took it to Ellie and Jeff's and then we nuked it briefly to reheat and it still wasn't rubbery or anything. Go! Go make this now!!

Here is the recipe! )
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Here's yet another article to share:

I've personally always liked iceberg lettuce. My friend Judy taught me to eat chunks of it to provide a contrasting crisp freshness to the greasy goodness of pizza. I'll admit to loving the wedge salad and while I've bought into the myth that iceberg lettuce is totally nutritionally-deprived, I think I may have to start using it again.

(This is also partially motivated by the fact that I just had some wild field mix that was oddly and unpleasantly grassy tasting. Bleh.)

On another green note, Swiss chard season's here and it is GOOD!

bah humbug

Nov. 20th, 2008 09:25 am
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So I totally forgot that it was supposed to start raining today. And of course I didn't bring my raincoat. I have my fleece, and that'll have to make do as I hurtle down 108th to the Transit Center.

This weather and the proximity to holiday fun has apparently made me babblier than even usual.

I brought leftover pizza for lunch today. I want to eat it right now. I went out last night with my good friend Amy T. I love her. I haven't seen her in awhile because her in-laws were visiting for two and a half weeks. So last night we stole away to 3rd Place books in Ravenna (and to NY Pizza in Maple Leaf), where I bought a used copy of Baking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America. It is such a beautiful book, I can't believe someone gave it up!

Blather about cooking and foodstuffs )

That's about it. I am now STARVING and also impatient about being at work, and it's only 10AM. I have a document to plow through, that I hate, which is very sad. Especially when I could be home. COOKING!
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I really, really want a corndog.

(I can't believe I'm posting about this when I'm brimming with election emotions and have stuff to share about our Ashland trip, which included the most amazing meal ever in the history of our culinary lives with two of the best people walking this earth.)

But right now, at not quite 10AM, I just really fucking want a corndog.

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As ever, Ellen and Judy's Mock Thanksgiving party was a blast. Too much glorious food and the love and warmth of a lot of friends I don't see often enough.

I was pleased with the carrot cake cheesecake. I didn't pipe an edge on top (even though Jeff bought me some more cream cheese), but I decided to sparkle sugar a carrot on top. See?

From Food

I was pleased with it!

I'm trying to have my cake decorating be a more organic process. Instead of trying to pipe a decorative border onto this uneven-edged cake, I just let the whorls of frosting droop over the sides and did the abstract-y carrot on top. I wish I had darker green sanding sugar on hand for the top, but it was fine as it was.

It was really well received at the party, which was very satisfying. The most flattering thing was, Ellen almost didn't let me bring a piece home for myself. (There was like half the cheesecake left!) I finally convinced her to let me have some since I didn't eat any at the party! The marbling of cake and cheesecake turned out nicely, but I'm too lazy and tired at this point to snap another picture.

I'm starting to feel a bit like a baking peacock. I like to fan myself and flutter my eyelashes while people praise me. It's come to this, people.

In other weekend fun, Jeff and I walked around Greenlake and snapped beautiful pictures of trees and then we came home and I snapped beautiful pictures of Jeff and Brutus sunning on the balcony. It was a gorgeous PNW day and we enjoyed it thoroughly. (I'll share some pictures of that soon.)

And soon, we're going to go see The Secret Life of Bees. I know the movie can't compare to the book, because I really just loved the book. But I hope it's sweet and charming. And that I don't fall asleep during it, because it's not until 9:50PM! Eek!


Oct. 12th, 2008 10:55 am
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I am STARVING, but have no idea what to eat. Hrm. Too early for lunch? Not in the mood for an actual breakfast? Hrm. Hrm.

cake stuff

Oct. 1st, 2008 11:06 am
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David Lebovitz's German Chocolate Cake

A lot of baking details. )

yay me!

Jul. 25th, 2008 06:11 pm
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I apologize because I feel like the self-congratulatory posts are ramped up lately. I'll try to keep my tongue-baths to a measured minimum.

Doctor's visit was fine. Apparently her best guess is that my lifespan is still predicted to be normal. I've lost 4lbs, which was exciting.

Then I went to pick up Jeff from his office and explained that I needed pomme frites or I would die. To Cafe Presse! Where I ate buckets of food. Started with a simple tomato salad with some chevre and a lovely vinaigrette and some pine nuts. Then the pomme frites. And also a croque madame. Jeff got the olives in harissa and a salad with figs and a fried egg. We family-styled most of it. Also, their tiny baguette with butter is a reason to live.

Dropped Jeff off at work and went to pick up my pants and was sucked into Mud Bay to buy Brutus some more toys and some catnip spray, because he loves it! (Jeff: You can't buy his love! Me: Won't stop me from trying!) Jeff said earlier today that Brutus acts like he's died and gone to Heaven. Awwww. <3 Brutus!

And then came home. Did more work. Ate cake. Talked self out of going to gym. "I'll go tomorrow." Knowing full well tomorrow has its own busyness. Cuddled with Brutus on the bed.

And then, looking at the clock. Knowing time was really limited because I have to meet people for sushi, I grabbed myself by the scruff of the neck and hauled myself into my gym clothes before I could think of another reason to not go.

It started out less inspiring-ly. I felt pokey and disgruntled. But by the time I was done with the first set, I was getting into the swing of things. And I made it through the entire routine. Okay, I bagged on abs and that was shameful. But I'll do abs some time this weekend. I did up some of my weights. Leg press to 130 (from 110); back press to 50 (from 30); hips to 60 (from 50). I'm still a wimp on the chest press, but we'll work on that slowly.
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It was such a nice weekend with Jeanne. It just freaking KILLS me that she doesn't live here anymore. She's seriously made of WIN. We had a great time--late nights chatting with Jeff and making him laugh at our discussions about The League of Fantasy Boyfriends. We can also relate to each other as professional single women in our thirties--and that's something I don't have with anyone else. She just gets it. I love her. (I LOVE YOU JEANNE! *waves*) Also she made me another glorious pair of socks which I immediately put on--they're green stripes!

After Milo's awesome first birthday party, we went to see Mamma Mia with Kelly, Rob, and Jen. It was a squeal-y fun time. As much as I love my guy friends, this was a very girlfriend-y movie and I'm so excited I got to see it with Jeanne! We browsed at Barnes and Noble and I bought the first Charlaine Haaris vampire book. Then we drove back home, hung out with Jeff, looked at shoes and cakes online (because, duh) and went to bed.

Today we drove down to the public market for breakfast at Maximilien's. Mmmmm warm pastry basket. OF JOY. We then went shopping at Sur la Table because Jeanne'd gotten me an absurdly generous gift certificate. I once told Jeanne, back when she was completing her training that I was buying her dinner because one day she was going to be a very rich trauma surgeon and it made sense to butter her up now. Apparently that has turned out to be true. I got a cake pan of joy (9x13, FINALLY) and a chrome cooling rack (so I too can make bacon in the oven).

And then we parted company. Jeanne drove her rental car back to the airport and despite being tempted by a cab, I took the bus back. I was very lucky--the 10:30 bus was running 7 minutes late and I didn't have to wait until 11!

I walked to Safeway for the ingredients for vegetarian chili. The reality is, this is quickly turning into a vegetarian household. Jeff certainly doesn't demand that I cook for him or that I not cook meat at home, but for better or for worse--he's my Culinary Muse. (He'd look good in Greek draping and an olive wreath, non?) I don't have the energy to make separate food for us and I love cooking for him too much to give it up. No chance that I'll ever actually become a vegetarian, but clearly there's going to be a lot more veggie cooking around here. It's just so deeply unsatisfying to have food on the table that he can't eat.

And now I'm home and it's only noon. As tempting as it is to do sweet fuck all and nap with Brutus, I have some goals to accomplish today, dammit!

Here they are for my crossing-out-pleasure:

- dishes, and cleaning the kitchen in general
- deflate air mattress and box for Jeff to return to Kirsten
- tidying up the mess in the dining room from packaging gift bags
- laundry
- make room for the pressure canner in the cabinet
- make chili
- make peach pudding cake
- water plants
- scoop Brutus' litterbox

I am NOT going to sit around doing nothing. NOT!


Jul. 16th, 2008 08:29 am
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Having potato chips for breakfast is wrong, right?

Even if you've already had cereal?

I have such a craving for them this morning. BIZARRE.

I keep thinking of holding off until lunch and it seems impossible.
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Jeff: Did you want to grab dinner now?
Me: I can... but I'm not in a rush, are you? And actually, my stomach hurts.
Jeff: No. I'm actually not hungry yet. And I have a pretty bad headache. Do you have Advil?
Me: Yup. And, okay, cool. Let's wait then.
Jeff: Cool. Um. But I might fall asleep here...
Me: You know. I'm wiped out too, want to just take a nap first?
Jeff: God yes.

If he wouldn't have kicked my ass for it, I would have snapped a picture of Jeff napping with a bag of frozen edamame on his head. That or when he was using my boo boo buddy, which he found so soothing he couldn't even complain about its lacking in the butch department.

Eventually we trolled around Phinney trying to compensate for our mutual indecisiveness. We tried The Santa Fe Cafe and it was really disappointing high-end Mexican. It had a very inventive menu, although I'm not a fan of blue corn tortillas and they clearly were. We got a starter of guacamole and salsa which was okay. I liked the salsa but the guacamole was a little bland and Jeff was disappointed by the lack of homemade tortilla chips. (They were a little like Tostitos.)

Jeff got the vegetarian tamales which came with a salad, and both weren't terrible, but weren't good either. I got the chicken tortilla soup which I liked less and less as I ate it. It had big chunks of rawish tomatoes and onions and the flavor was sorta meh. It also was topped with red and blue corn tortilla strips which I don't like. I wasn't especially hungry which made it worse, I think. I had a few bites of its bland broth.

The best part of the meal was actually this hunk of blue cheese and French bread served bizarrely along with my soup. It was the creamiest blue I've ever had. Not too sharp and the soft French bread was really excellent. So not a total miss. Oh, and Jeff had a pretty fantastic house margarita. And their service was pretty flawless. Very friendly. Water glasses always filled. But, unfortunately, when the food is such a miss--you're not going to return.
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And apparently, seeking the opinions of others.

What should I have for lunch today?

[Poll #1221070]

My voting should in no way indicate that I have any idea what I want.


Jun. 22nd, 2008 04:32 pm
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I'm bored with all my food and trying to make a grocery list/meal plan for the week.

What are you guys eating for lunches and dinner lately? I don't even need recipes, if that's a pain, I just need some ideas!
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It's Friday. I've just learned that my favorite pizza place (Palermo's) has opened a branch in Ballard, which is close enough to deliver to me. I've ordered my pizza and now I'm twitching with impatience.

The weekend ahead will undoubtedly go too fast.

Jeff and I are going to Flower World tomorrow to look at plants, and we're going to stop at Maltby's Cafe for breakfast. I've never been there, but I'm a little giddy about having some biscuits and gravy while Jeff looks on in revulsion (he's not a fan of sausage gravy).

I have too many plants as it is, but I'm excited nonetheless to buy some pansies to fill this one planter which is a little thin. And then I'm going to come home and do my best to clean my deck. It's sort of half beautiful, half filthy right now. I need to buy planters for the roses and then put them in the damn planters already. I also want to plant some lettuce and bell peppers.

I have to put in some work time this weekend, but I'm excited about the project and thus looking forward to it.

Judy is going to come over on Sunday morning for some long overdue catching up. And I need to make a meal plan for the week (one that I adhere to better than I did this week) and go grocery shopping. I'm thinking a lot of outdoorsy grilling is in my future. It's supposed to rain on Sunday, but sunny days like today are just going to be more and more frequent.

And tonight, I'm going to make this recipe for cherry-chocolate-chip cookies from the latest issue of Gourmet!

Happy Friday, everyone!
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I did not eat my turkey sandwich. The turkey sandwich that I brought to work yesterday, but promptly ditched when I realized it was Free Soup day.

I left it in the fridge, thinking that I would eat it today, though secretly rebelling in my mind.

THEN, I went and got a quesadilla today and just ignored the turkey sandwich in the fridge.

Tomorrow it will be too old for me to eat and I will throw it out.

Also, scenes from a disturbed friendship:

Me: You know. Other People think I'm terrific.
Jeff: Oh, I think you're terrific. Terrifically EVIL.
Me: You are a bad person and no one likes you.
Jeff: I know, I know. People just keep me around to feel better about themselves.
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Market Blather )
I came home and decided to make a proper breakfast. K's visit reminded me of how much I enjoyed it. I can't do this on the weekdays, but why not on the weekends?

I soft-boiled two eggs, roasted some asparagus, and toasted the sourdough. I have this amazingly glorious marmalade, which I applied to my buttered toast.

It was fucking sublime.

I can't express how amazing the combination of roasted, salty asparagus is with the egg yolks. I think this is my new favorite thing. I don't have egg cups (though I may have to buy them now) so it was an incredibly, delightfully messy meal.


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