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I really liked this book! There's been a lot of discussion on various sites about whether a white woman is qualified to write from the perspective of a black person, particularly in such a racist time in history. It didn't really bother me. One of the POVs is a white woman, and I sort of just imagined her writing the whole book. Maybe I would feel different if the author was writing about Pakistani women? I struggled a bit with the dialect of the maids, and agree with articles that have noted that none of the southern women had a dialect. But ignoring those concerns, and as a story--I loved it. I found the characters very believable for the most part.

The discussions were fun. We all had different favorite parts/characters. It's always interesting how perspectives can vary on the same damn thing.

Spoilers--big ones. )

It was a fun meetup. This has been a pretty nice group of women so far. This was a particularly young group of women--20s and early 30s, but they didn't throw stones at me or threaten to burn me as a witch, so we fine.
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I went tonight and I'm really glad I did. Only two other women showed up, but they were there last time and I like them. They didn't judge me for not finishing or liking the book, though they both liked it. One woman, Deb, really did, because she's a retired nurse, and she loved all the detailed medical stuff.

While I only read half the book, I really loved the characters of Hema and Ghosh, but the rest of it was too grisly, too boring, or too political. I just couldn't connect or care, so.

Anyway, the discussion was fun, and I'm glad I'd read spoilers and at least half the book so I wasn't just sitting there slack-jawed. One of the women really reminds me of my sister-in-law, Sarah, who also is part of like three book clubs, and it was in talking to her that I was really motivated to find some book clubs again! We talked about other books, games for the Kindle, and movies. They're really nice. And in a way, the small size of the group makes it kind of nicer, more personal.

We were discussing the next book, and Major Pettigrew's Last Stand was up vs. my suggestion of The Hunger Games. And while Last Stand sounds sweet, it sounds like another intensely literary slow-moving selection and I just wanted something more readable for the summer. And happily they were both really interested in reading The Hunger Games, so--that's what we're reading. Woo! I also hope that the other dormant members will be invigorated by Hunger Games, since it's so ...topical? trendy? right now.

Tomorrow: The Help.
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Mondays off from work are so freaking glorious. It lets you properly enjoy Sunday without the phantom spectre of the work week looking above.

So yesterday was nice. I met Pete and Kirsten downtown and we watched Coraline in 3D. I have to say, I didn't much care for the 3D. Pete felt a little sick afterward and we all had slight headaches. All the previews for coming movies are in 3D, too, which means we'll probably have to keep driving to Lynnwood to see the 2D versions. But it was still fun to see the movie. We hung out over coffee to discuss and then I went to Nordstrom to have them take the electronic tag off the pants Jeff bought on Saturday and to see if I could find my dad a comfy and cute tracksuit (not at Nordstrom, apparently).

Then home, where I successfully made my mom's dal recipe and had that with rice and kababs for dinner.

Jeff and I watched Desperate Housewives. Sometimes I enjoy the show in a pleasant mindless way, and sometimes I so hate the selfish pettiness of all the characters that I wonder why I ever watch it. Unfortunately, last night was the latter experience.

I also finished Dead Until Dark about which I have surprisingly strong opinions. )

Today's chores:


putting laundry away
grocery store to buy another lovely piece of Tilapia and some veggies
going to container store to buy some, um, containers
picking up prescription from drugstore
drop off dry cleaning
packaging up a few things that I need to mail (including, dear god the shame, Jeanne's Christmas present)
bake some banana bread
French homework

I guess I better get to it!
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In no particular order.

1. I'm making my mom's Aloo Gosht (beef/potato curry) recipe. It was my childhood and adult favorite meal (i.e., what I would want for my last meal). My mom would sometimes not have potatoes and would make it with turnips and I would HOWL at her, "WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME OMG THIS IS CHILDABUSE HOW COULD YOU DO THAT! EWWWWWW TURNIPS ARE LIKE MEMBRANOUS BAGS OF GOOOOOOOOO" and she would shake her head at me, laughing, and say, "I didn't have any potatoes!!" And I would carry on for like 5 hours and refuse to eat it and whine at her to make me something else.

This glimmering insight into my childhood should surprise no one.

Anyhow, as I'm cooking, I realize I'm having conversations with her. And it was really comforting. "Should I chop the potatoes this big? A little smaller? Okay."

I hope it turns out okay. I only have some vague instructions and nowhere near her skills. I'm letting the memories of watching her make it a million times guide me.

2. I am really looking forward to a chatty-chat fest with [ profile] serenity_valley today. Schedules being what they are, we've had to wait to find a good time for both of us. AND THAT TIME IS ALMOST HERE! (Though I also really enjoyed the sneak preview call we had yesterday.)

3. Sarah is coming over for a Wii Play Date and then Tanielle is going to come, too! And I'm going to make the roasted chicken with yukon gold potatoes and carrots because I'm obsessed. But also I'm going to do roasted tomatoes to go with it. Yay! AND AND individual upside-down pear cakes with ice cream.

4. So, OMG. My childhood hero was Judy Blume. I voraciously consumed her books. They were a religion to me. Those books are probably what lit the reading bug under my ass. She just turned 71. She has a blog. And I went there to wish her a happy birthday (along with a lot of 7, 8, and 9 year old children), AND SHE WROTE BACK! It was the sweetest note!!

Thanks so much for your warm note.  I'm touched by how well you remember my books.  Readers like you have made my career, and I can never thank you enough.  If you have a chance check out my blog and let me know what you think.  I'm trying to add a new post every week.

That's right, bitches! Judy Blume loves me! I can die happy now.

Also, how much of a phenomenal badass is she? Blogging at 71? Probably still working on another book? I love her. I feel an epic re-read of everything from SuperFudge to Forever coming on. Too bad I can't include those in my 50 Books in a Year thing.

Hokayso. I have to go do things. And then I will come back.


(This is without caffeine or sugar. PH34R ME!!! *thumps chest*)


Jan. 20th, 2009 12:45 pm
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Sarah just made the phenomenal mistake of asking me how Sunday night went.

*may have prattled on like an over-exuberant toddler for half an hour*

In other news, if you were ever a fan of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, the magnificent Leigh Butler is doing a re-cap and commentary on the series on the Tor Web site. This is all in honor of the release of the final book.

I just read her first post, and it is as awesome and funny as expected!

I stopped reading approximately a hundred years ago, but now that the series is actually ending, I'm thinking that maybe I could pick up where I left off (I don't think I have the patience to re-read everything, but maybe) and finish the series for once and for all. I admit, I'm curious to hear what happens At The End, and all.

also, also

Jan. 12th, 2009 03:31 pm
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Could I be more post-y today? (Probably.)

Anyhow--I am really inspired by people who do the reading books challenges (*waves to [ profile] margotheangel*). I used to read a fuckton of books, but over the last few years it's sort of peetered off into cyclical re-reads of Harry Potter and things on the Internet.

So, I would like to do the 50 book challenge for 2009! Whee!

To wit, these are the first three books for the year. And I'm counting the Ruth Reichl books, dammit even though they were at the tail end of last year.

Books 1, 2, and 3 )

bah humbug

Nov. 20th, 2008 09:25 am
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So I totally forgot that it was supposed to start raining today. And of course I didn't bring my raincoat. I have my fleece, and that'll have to make do as I hurtle down 108th to the Transit Center.

This weather and the proximity to holiday fun has apparently made me babblier than even usual.

I brought leftover pizza for lunch today. I want to eat it right now. I went out last night with my good friend Amy T. I love her. I haven't seen her in awhile because her in-laws were visiting for two and a half weeks. So last night we stole away to 3rd Place books in Ravenna (and to NY Pizza in Maple Leaf), where I bought a used copy of Baking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America. It is such a beautiful book, I can't believe someone gave it up!

Blather about cooking and foodstuffs )

That's about it. I am now STARVING and also impatient about being at work, and it's only 10AM. I have a document to plow through, that I hate, which is very sad. Especially when I could be home. COOKING!


Jul. 23rd, 2008 09:20 am
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You know what I wish? I wish someone would redo all of Alan Moore's books--the artwork, I mean.

I keep hearing that it's canon and everyone MUST SIMPLY READ IT. (My comic book guy keeps chanting at me, "Read it. Read it. READ IT.") But I can't. I own a bunch of his stuff. A couple of TPBs of Swamp Thing. V for Vendetta. I think that's it. Oh, I borrowed Promethea from some friends once. And I bought that erotic set, the name of which I can't remember--Lost Girls? The porny stuff he did with his girlfriend.

Anyhow. I find I just can't read his stuff because I hate the artwork so intensely. I also hated the artwork in early Sandman, but I hated it sufficiently less (or I was just more tenacious in my love of Neil Gaiman) that I was able to read it all--and love it. But the messy cluttered panels, the tiny lettering. It gives me a headache and I can never get past the first pages.

Outside of his amazing story-telling, it's why I worship Brian K. Vaughn and will buy anything he does sight unseen. The art is always so gorgeous and lends so much to the story.

Anyhow. I wish I could read Watchmen. (This rant camet on because of some random clicking leading to the Watchmen movie. Which makes me wish I could read Watchmen.)
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Jeff was coming over for dinner tonight, so I torpedoed out of work early only to be thwarted by the Traffic Minions of Satan. I really wanted to make him a special dinner, because that poor bunny has been sick for awhile now. One cold then another while traveling. And he really doesn't get sick often. And he's been struggling with some other things and I wanted to do something extra nice for him, because he deserves some TLC.

I made:

Pea soup with mint topped with creme fraiche and chives
Ciabatta sandwiches with roasted bell peppers and goat cheese
Baby green salad with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, fresh mozzarella, and sunflower seeds tossed in a roasted red pepper vinaigrette
Yogurt gelato (in the freezer from earlier)

More details about the cooking process than anyone needs )

Tomorrow is mine. All mine. My goal is to unpack (still, hello!) and do laundry. I have to tend to my garden. I need to make a grocery list and meal plan for next week because I'm tired of last minute bad decisions and a dearth of any real nutritional matter. I'm going to wander over to the Farmer's Market because there's a rumor of early season berries.

I also want to take a walk up to Diva Espresso to read more of Host, which I am so goddamn entranced with, I don't know what to do.
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It's so gray and cold and blah outside. I'm back at work, still congested. Still too stupid to remember to try some Claritin. Jeff was struck sort of mute when I told him I keep forgetting to take it. I'm a little pathologically pill-resistant, even when I want to take something, apparently.

I feel all dried up and withered. My skin feels dry. My nose is too dry. My lips are chapped. I wish I could completely immerse myself into a lotion bath for five hours or something. No amount of moisturizing is helping more than temporarily. GO AWAY WINTER!!

And apparently no amount of sleep is enough these days, because I keep waking up in the middle of the night for no reason. Can't stop yawning. My energy level is for shit today. Jeff thinks that might be allergy-related, too.

I feel like I need a big mental tidy.

However, in less whiny news. Tonight is bookclub! I can't freaking wait! Not only is it always superfantastic to see Colleen and Kirsten, but Amy T is joining us. And maybe even Lisa (my former boss). They're all so awesome, and I'm dying to talk about the book. We read The Double Bind and I loved it. I know Amy T had massive issues with it, which I sort of love because I think it'll make for a really lively discussion tonight.

I think the book affected me on a number of levels. When I was in high school, I really wanted to be a social worker. I worked for years at a crisis hotline and it had an enormous impact on me. While I obviously ultimately didn't go into social work, I loved reading about Laurel and how she ended up working at one.

Spoilers for The Double Bind )

And since the book uses The Great Gatsby, I've bought a copy and am finally going to read that classic. Very curious to see if or how it changes my perspective on the book!


Mar. 18th, 2008 09:07 am
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Did I mention how sleepy I am? Because omfg.

Also, I had no idea how lowcut this sweater was because I'd always wear a black bra under it. The nude bra is a little too obvious. Oops. *hitch*

Also, v. v. v. v. tired of winter now. I'm sure in a few months I'll be bitching about how living here is like living on the surface of the sun (which always elicits a shrill response from my darlingest Jeff, "It does NOT get that hot here ever, OMFG! I grew up in the midwest! I know real hot weather! Blahblahfishcakes!!") but I say, bring it on. I'm so tired of being cold allthetime. My skin's all dried out and I'm starting to wither from the lack of natural light. I'm ready to wear skirts and sandals already, dammit.

As Pete and I were watching Veronica Mars, for the first time in my entire life, I missed the California sunshine. Seriously, all the people who know me would fall over dead from the shock of that statement.

Oh, since I'm feeling so babbly, perhaps I will babble about the Weekend Movies.

Miss Pettigrew )

The Other Boleyn Girl )

Anyhow. having finished the available Twilight books, and having to wait until August for the final one, I'm now content to obsess over how they could possibly do the movies. They can't. They just can't. But they're going to try and it's going to be (in my pessimistic opinion) total crap. Not that the books are fine literature to uphold in some pure manner for the movie. But how on earth can they convey any of it? Hrmph. Also, I'm dying for the final book. As much as they're just okay books, I find them oddly compelling.

Wow. Too much babble. Should do some work now, eh?
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Going to bed late is bad because then there is no wanting to wake up in the morning. I blame Night Owl Pete. Forced him and his not-having-to-wake-up-at-6Am-self out about an hour after originally intended. We're starting to watch Veronica Mars because I love it and he needs to see it. We also watched the new episode (FINALLY) of How I Met Your Mother. Good times.


Although ability to get dressed and ready in 7 minutes flat is a bit dangerous, as motivation to get out of bed more than 10 minutes before having to leave house completely diminishes.

Oh, am reading brilliant book called The Double Bind for bookclub. Only 1/3 of way through but completely fascinated and love it. Influenced me to buy The Great Gatsby which I've somehow never read because bookclub book is all tied up with Gatsby. V. curious.

Must read book on bus and not pass out asleep because bookclub meeting is mid-next-week. Oops.

So, so sleepy!! Must hyper-caffinate!!
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It was so hard to get out of bed this morning. Curse you DST! I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow and lounge about with Henry.

Last night was a perfectly lovely evening. Jeff and I had plans to dine at Carmelita, a local vegetarian restaurant. Jeff was supposed to let me take him there for dinner for his birthday two years ago but somehow it never happened. And finally, we scheduled it. So, yay.

I was baking when he showed up about an hour early. So there was much joy and sharing of pre-dinner snickerdoodles and double-chocolate cookies. He sacked out on the couch and we had a nice long talk about frivolous and serious things, both.

He managed to both alarm Henry and enslave him. (Henry is staying with me for most of March while Sarah travels.) When Jeff rubs animals against his beard, they get this slightly drunk, enraptured look. It's hilarious.

And then, off to dinner. It's a really great space, great service. As a hardboiled carnivore, it's not a place I would ever go to without an occasion. Meatlessness aside, the dishes were a little too interesting for me. I have a far less imaginative palette than Jeff for sure. The chef must love sweet pairings, because there was nothing really fully savory on the menu.

The beet tartare was wonderful, it was my favorite dish of the night. We both got pizza. I got the special which was goat cheese, pine nuts, rosemary, and grape, topped with a sunny-side up egg. Jeff got a fig/balsamic reduction with onions and fresh herbs. I liked mine, but the grapes were too sweet for me. The fig pizza was also too sweet for me. Jeff really loved mine, so I gave him many pieces. The crust was amazing and I really liked the goat cheese and pine nuts and rosemary. And even the egg. For dessert we split a pear galette with chestnut cream. I'd wanted to give chestnuts another chance, but I really don't like the flavor.

Despite the above food critique, I had a great time.

At some point I found an intriguing food particle on my side of the table. It looked like a circular shaving of Parmesan that exactly matched these dots on the table cloth under the glass. I suppose I was a bit, um, fixated on them. I kept playing with it. For, um. Awhile.

Me: *moving it around gleefully* Do you see how it's like it just came through the glass from the print???
Jeff: *leaning in* Here let me see!
Me: *delightedly moving back* Okay!

I can't believe he did that. Big bully.

Back to my place to re-watch the runway shows for Project Runway and to discuss. Spoilers for Project Runway 4 )

And now, thank god it's Friday. Long week. I'm heading out of work early to meet Pete for lunch. I have a doctor's appt later on this afternoon. Then, home. I'll do some work this weekend because I have to pitch a solution for this thing on Tuesday and I'm a little lost at this point as to how to execute what my boss wants. It seems like it's actually something a developer should design, not a writer. But we'll see. I definitely will be picking the brains of Jeff and Pete.

I also totally need to clean and grocery shop and watch some movies (Miss Pettigrew and The Other Boleyn Girl). Also maybe some more baking. I just bought this new book on baking and I'm dying to try it out.

Okay. Enough chatter, non? Happy Friday, everyone!


Mar. 3rd, 2008 03:22 pm
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It's amazing when you find that what you most identify with as a 36-year old woman is found within the pages of a teen vampiric love story.


(Almost done with New Moon. Oddly compelling. Ah, Italy.)
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Have any of you read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer? Thoughts? Opinions?

Also, I can't believe I don't have a book icon. Something's got to be wrong with my keywords, because I can't find an image of Belle reading a book. Weird, non?


Nov. 12th, 2007 07:36 pm
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Hey, [ profile] serenity_valley --have you read this? I love the author, and seeing the book just made me think of you!

If you've already read it --let me know what you think. Or for that matter, if any of you other erudite-types here have read it, please let me know what you think!
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Don't worry, there are no spoilers here. In fact, no comments about the book's contents at all.

It's just kind of funny, you see. I've known this book is coming out for a long time now. At first I was resolved to reread the previous six books. But as time passed, and I was busy, or otherwise occupied, it became quite apparent that I wasn't going to have enough time.

As July 21 approached, I started bargaining with myself. Maybe I'll just read from book four on. After all, I've read the first three books about a hundred times. I told myself that I didn't have to read the new book right away. I could savor it. I could save it. In fact, I could read all six books and then eventually get to book 7.

I think it was two nights ago that I pulled up book 4, read three pages, and immediately put it back in my bookshelf and pulled out book 5. Lather, rinse, repeat. Then I thought I could at least read the last couple of chapters of book 6. I sort of did that. But I couldn't help it, and hauled open book 7.

It's really kind of exciting. (Duh.) I used my recent bout of insomnia to my advantage, and stayed up too late reading. It was glorious.

I have a packed day today. I'm finishing laundry. I need to do dishes. I still need to clean and prep my farmers market fare. I need to make nine parfait cups, and drive over to Ellen's house by 11. I'd like to see my nephew today. And I've got to make that sour cherry pie. And pesto! And then a lovely afternoon/evening with Sarah. When am I going to read? It's all I want to do now!

In a way, it's good. I rushed through the last book, gulping it down in huge swallows, and subsequently didn't enjoy the experience at all. I'm anxious about spoilers, but hopefully will be able to avoid them, and maybe finish the book in the next week.

It's going to make it very hard to read my book club book (Assassination Vacation) in time for Thursday's meeting. The one benefit that book has over Harry Potter, it's not too heavy for me to carry on the bus!

Off to make parfaits! Have a good Sunday!
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  • One of the nice things about my trip to LA was the boxing up and shipping of my remaining books. Especially since getting the new bookshelves in, I've been champing at the bit for them.
  • I spent tonight unpacking the 4 (out of 5) boxes that have arrived. One more box to come, hopefully tomorrow. I can't wait to have a free weekend to categorize them on the shelves properly.
  • I love LibraryThing. And I love the joy that is ISBN.
  • Ellen threw Judy a Tiki-themed co-ed baby shower, and did a fantastic job. TPTB were so impressed, they held back the rain until after the party was over and we were cleaning up.
  • I can't wait for that kid to pop out. He's going to be so totally awesome.
  • I finally saw Sarah after a terrible three-week separation. With both of us constantly in and out of town and random schedule nightmares, it's been insane. Sunday was gloriously spent LotRing.
  • Jeff had a quick trip to Oregon and stopped at Powells and bought me this wonderful book about wandering in Paris. And also, he keeps me sane.
  • Pete and I saw Paris Je T'aime (wonderful) and Knocked Up (cute and sweet and gross) and Ocean's 13 (franchise fluffy fun), but I'm ready for some serious Pixar awesomeness with Ratataouille.
  • I've never used a self-cleaning oven before, and today was my maiden voyage. The fumes were terrifying, but then it was over and my oven is now absurdly clean
  • With the nice weather and light evenings, I've started taking the bus again and it's been really wonderful. Both the mile I end up walking and the not dealing with traffic/construction.
  • My new nephew, Zach, continues to thrive and is AMAZING. The weekly visits are just not enough. He's a smiley, happy, delightful baby and I love him
  • Work has calmed down since last month's insanity, and it's both welcome and enjoyable. I really like the project I'm working on now.
  • Hobbsie continues in good health and 7AM-whiny-ness

I think that covers all the bases... friends, work, kitty, family, books.

Holy crap, it's late. Must go to sleep now.
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Things I will do instead of sitting on couch all day:

- drive to freaking Greenlake Bar & Grill and pick up my credit card since I brilliantly left that there
- drive to the Restaurant Supply store and only buy a set of long baguette pans*
- drive to Ballard Market and pick up salad ingredients for Tuesday and also for a lasagna for the week
- and maybe, maybe start a little bit on a quilting project
- change the goddamn sheets to flannel already
- general cleaning
- and finally, cook

*Stace got me The Bread Lover's Guide to Bread Machines for my upcoming birthday and it's really a wonderful book by the author of The Bread Bible. There are about 200 recipes I immediately want to try out.

I should also go to Swansen's and pick out some winter plants, because my balcony is just sad looking now that summer's over. At the least I'd like to straighten it up and toss the dead things out.
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It's been a busy but really fun weekend. I did nothing I said I would do, but I can't say I much care!

I took the the day off, met Jeff for lunch/market, lounged with kitty and book (rough life). I'm finally re-reading Harry Potter 6 and enjoying it much more than the first time. The only reason is that I was so anxious to find out who fucking died (even as much as I thought I knew), that I burned through it in record time. I wish she would stop saying ANYTHING about the book. I don't fucking need a hint. Take as much time with the books as you need, because they're worth waiting for, but please stop forcing anticipation for events. It spoils the experience. Though I can imagine the pressure on her is immense to give clues, I don't understand why. I don't want to know until I read the damn book!

Pete and I went to see The Illusionist, which we both loved. I loved everything about it really, even the ending, even if I made some correct guesses about what I thought was going on, even if the ending spelled things out in ways people found obvious. Such an enjoyable, well-told, well-filmed story. Then, went to play with Odin and nearly died from teh cute. God, kittens. Is there anything else quite so glorious on this earth?

Had brunch/pedi with Judy, then Jeff picked me up and we ran errands (groceries and a Simply Dessert's Mexican Chocolate cake). Then we drove to his place and spent the rest of the day making masses of absurdly good food. It was a damn lot of fun because we work really well together in the kitchen (and well, everywhere). I juiced approximately 9 million lemons for his fabulous lemon curd. It was very sweet because Jeff kept thanking me, but the reality is I love parties and all the assorted chaos that goes with them. Plus, it's really nice to feel both needed and wanted. Then we went and played with Odin and again, died from teh cute some more. Jeff picked up Odin and rubbed him against his beard and the purrs would not stop. I said that that was an unfair advantage and threatened to rub Odin against future leg stubble. Chris fed us pizza and we watched Project Runway together. (Die Evil Jeffrey. DIE DIE DIE. He shouldn't be allowed to share a name with Jeff.) Jeff dropped me off at home around 9 or 10 and I started to prep the potato salad I was bringing and nearly died laughing when my first step was to juice more lemons.

I was so hyper from the day, I could not fall asleep. And when I finally did--I still woke up super early and ready to bounce out of bed.

Chris's bday! Drove to Chris and Jeff's place around 1 and helped set up for the party (in-between cooing at Brutus and Buffy). And then just had a lovely time with their extended group of friends who are really all awesome. There's something about a big group of bears that makes me feel completely comfortable. Jeff and Chris had laid out an amazing spread, the food was glorious and the party was a rousing success.

On a dark note, my fucking plumbing problem seems back. The water stain I hadn't cleaned up yet is wet again, and I'm supremely frustrated. This will more than likely mean that the drywall will have to be cut and I'm going to go ballistic if the association doesn't cover this round, since it's the exact same problem in the exact same spot, etc. It also means re-painting that wall once the drywall is repaired and I could just cry. But then I realize that it could be 10000000000x worse, and I chill out.

Tomorrow is my first day acting as condo treasurer and I need to do all kinds of crap at 8AM that I'm not thrilled about. But, I'm hoping it'll just go quickly.


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