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No real spoilers past book 1, whee!

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I watched episode 7 so long ago. It was on HBO Go right after episode 6. I was so morose that episode 8 wouldn't air for two weeks, that I couldn't summon the energy to write about it then. So silly. So now, here's a glut of random disordered thoughts. Yay?

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Despite the fact that I should only be reading bookclub books right now, I've leaped into A Clash of Kings.

I'm only at the prologue so far, but I had to make a comment.

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So, after watching episode 7 last week, I flipped out about what was going to happen next, and burned through the entire book.

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Someday I'm going to buy a house with a big yard so I can have a direwolfNorthern Inuit doggie or two. I've always loved big dogs and the show is making me crazy in a way that I don't normally go crazy when I see big dogs.

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So, Sarah and Neel are going to come over on Sunday nights to watch A Game of Thrones. I've been twitching for them to see it, because it's so fucking awesome. We'd met up for Easter brunch and hung out at their place. Then we came over here, I threw some stuff together for dinner, and we watched the first episode and then the second one which aired tonight. Really looking forward to watching this with them.

(I got to serve them that strawberry icebox pie, and Sarah's comment, "It tastes like summer." made my night. I was worried it was too sweet. Though I think this is the best I've done on a pie crust, which is something I generally struggle with. And as much as I'm psyched to watch AGoT with them, I'm also excited to come up with Sunday night dinners for these nights!)

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I've loved so many HBO shows, it's almost puzzling that I haven't sucked it up and ordered it before now. In a way, I'm sort of glad I hadn't. Because it allowed me to enjoy things like Rome, Deadwood, The Wire, etc --in uninterrupted gluttony. This whole watching week-by-fucking-week is going to be brutal!

I never read the series. I'd bought the first book and was going to read it when I read that GRRM mercilessly slaughtered primary characters left and right. As much as I can applaud that in theory (because why should only irrelevant characters die, right?) I hated the idea of getting close to a character and then poof--dead.

I had started on Leigh's re-read, since I hadn't planned on being able to watch AGoT for like a year or more when the dvds would come out. But now I think I will put a halt to that. No better way to ruin the cinematic adaptation than having the written characters too fresh in your mind.

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Anyhow. This waiting totally sucks, but I'm excited to have HBO. (Catching up now on True Blood S3 and hope to see season 1 of Boardwalk Empire soon!)


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