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Someday I'm going to buy a house with a big yard so I can have a direwolfNorthern Inuit doggie or two. I've always loved big dogs and the show is making me crazy in a way that I don't normally go crazy when I see big dogs.

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So, Sarah and Neel are going to come over on Sunday nights to watch A Game of Thrones. I've been twitching for them to see it, because it's so fucking awesome. We'd met up for Easter brunch and hung out at their place. Then we came over here, I threw some stuff together for dinner, and we watched the first episode and then the second one which aired tonight. Really looking forward to watching this with them.

(I got to serve them that strawberry icebox pie, and Sarah's comment, "It tastes like summer." made my night. I was worried it was too sweet. Though I think this is the best I've done on a pie crust, which is something I generally struggle with. And as much as I'm psyched to watch AGoT with them, I'm also excited to come up with Sunday night dinners for these nights!)

Nothing but massive spoilers here. Including spoilers from how the book varies from the show, fyi. )
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So, I saw this post on [ profile] food_porn for this cake, and I am so freaking obsessed about it, I can't stop thinking about it, and omg I must make it RIGHT NOW.

The amazing baker who did this posted a tutorial today for the rose-frosting, so I think I'm going to try to make it tomorrow. Happily, I have somewhere to take it--going to Judy's for dinner. I wasn't planning on bringing anything, or maybe just bringing the brownies I made. But now--I have to do this. And I'm (pessimistically as always) totally convinced my first attempt is going to suck, but I don't care. I really really want to try this out. I'm sad she hasn't been able to do the tutorial on the vertical cake because OMG I WANT TO DO THAT HOW HOW HOW? *shriek*

Anyhow, she has a buttercream recipe she recommends that I'm going to use to try to help me out. I don't normally like buttercreams because they always seem too greasy to me (unlike cream cheese frosting, which is my favorite, but is a total pain in the ass to work with). I did try a swiss buttercream once, and I did like that better. But I can only imagine that for this decoration, a really solid stiff frosting is needed. So.


OMG between this and watching The Social Network last night (a topic on which I have much to say) my own incredible lack of a giant brain or awe-inspiring creativity is so glaringly obvious. Vertical cake! WHO THINKS OF THAT OMG! And I mean, I don't care, it can't be helped, but how are some people so freaking amazing? And is there a well from which I can drink to be more like them?? AHHHHHH!!!!
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So often I decide I don't want to watch a movie. And then the Oscar noms come out and suddenly I want an informed opinion.

I don't think I'm going to be able to (or want to) watch all 56 nominations. But... I've got a good start on the major contenders and have plans to watch a heap more in the next month.

The nominees, and some comments. )
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So, I saw the amazing Julian Fellowes BBC special, Downton Abbey, and it's ALL I WANT TO WATCH. The next episode isn't until a million years from now (or, a few days) and I am DYING.

Maggie Smith is so freaking awesome. The story's intriguing. I want it all NOW. And I want it to be 1000 hours long, and not just 6 hours.


Though if Netflix had Return to Cranford on instant play, I might be mollified a bit. But, nooooo.

Julian Fellowes needs to do a million more Things. He's so awesome!! Maybe I'll put in Gosford Park for the eleventy millionth time.

I realize the world probably doesn't need another Pride and Prejudice adaptation, but I want him to do one anyway. With a reasonable Jane. He doesn't need to do Sense and Sensibility, because the other love of my life (Emma Thompson) has already done that quite well.

Okay, done yapping on this. Must go make mousses for cakes and bake cupcakes.


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