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I watched episode 7 so long ago. It was on HBO Go right after episode 6. I was so morose that episode 8 wouldn't air for two weeks, that I couldn't summon the energy to write about it then. So silly. So now, here's a glut of random disordered thoughts. Yay?

In total reverse order, even though I knew Ned's death was coming, it was fucking dreadful to watch. What is it about these characters? I don't think I've ever felt so NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO about a character dying. Even as I saw it coming, even as it was so obviously inevitable.

Maybe I just don't want Sean Bean to stop appearing on my tv screen? Why does he always have to be the character that dies in the first installment, dammit? I watched some Lord of the Rings yesterday, whining to Annouk about Boromir. As much as I've been a long fan of Sean Bean, I think this has been my favorite character. The man just gets hotter every year.

Anyhow, my Sean Bean issues aside. Having read the book means I now watch to see how they'll do things. I can see why that's hard for fans of the series, as much as I'm still so new to this world.

People I'd like to see die RealSoonNow: Joffrey, Cersei, Littlefinger. I'm sure there's more. Considering Jamie threw a 7 year old out of a window, I don't understand why I don't hate him more. Maybe because Tyrion loves him. Maybe because Tywin is such a right bastard. I don't know.

So, episode 7: It was so frustrating watching Ned talk with Cersei. Does he underestimate her so badly because she's a woman? Or is his brain just so addled with honor that it doesn't matter what's right before his eyes?

That was an impressive introduction to Tywin, and HI THERE STAG-BASED SYMBOLISM. It wasn't a surprise to see Robert die, though it was a surprise that it was so...random. (I know, Lancel with the strong wine, but still.) Felt sorry for him. What a fucking life. And now in death, he's screwing his country over even worse.

Was sad to see Jon Snow take his oaths. They're so...permanent. I kept hoping he'd find a way to live a less stunted life. (Though I suppose that's yet to be seen.) Love Sam. Just love that boy. Want to kill his father, though.

Interesting dynamic between Jorah and Dany. Especially since I know the Khal's days are numbered. Which, makes me so sad. I like him, and I love his relationship with Dany. Oh well.

Episode 8. Oh, Arya. So young to have to have your first kill. Though better that stable boy than her. I hope the fact that they don't show Syrio's death means he escapes, because he is fucking awesome. Watching Ned in that dungeon made me so crazy, especially since I knew there was no hope for him. Watching Cat and Robb scramble to save him, when I know it's too late, was awful. And it keeps me obsessing on who else is already dead without my knowing. Feel so bad for Robb, for all the Starks, really. The actor's doing a great job, I think.

Episode 9. Penultimate episode. Nice to see the final fourth opening sequence with The Twins. Everyone is in the shit. Was so grateful for the humor in the Tyrion scene, because it was so epically grim otherwise. Ned's death. Khal's impending death. Dany getting pushed onto her belly. Robb's qualified triumph in capturing Jamie. (Ned's still dead, Sansa and Arya are still lost to them as far as they know, and they just lost thousand men.) The Starks have to wed a bunch of Freys. Gah.

Trying to remember what's left to wrap up in the last episode. Arya's march north with Yoren and his ragtags. Dany births the dragons and the Khal dies. Robb is declared King of the North, but I don't think they march any further on, do they? How on earth will they leave the end of this season.

Date: 2011-06-13 03:48 pm (UTC)
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I haven't watched Ep. 9 yet so I'll skip that part of the entry.

Or is his brain just so addled with honor that it doesn't matter what's right before his eyes?

That's "b," for my money---this is the guy who trusts Littlefinger, directly after Littlefinger told him "don't trust me." Cersei being a woman doesn't have much to do with it, I think, except maybe when he wanted to give her and her children the chance to escape the headsman, as he saw it.

Please see the standard reference work on this.

Date: 2011-06-13 05:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love that meme. So sad, so mean, but SO RIGHT.

And the latter part of what you wrote is what I meant to say--that because he wanted to spare her and her kids death.



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