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I can see they're not holding back on the carnage any. Urp. The more I see of the show, the more totally curious I am about everybody's backstory, connection, and future. Intriguing politics are intriguing.

Lysa and Robin: EW. The familial squick factor is so high on this show. *shudder* How could Cat not know that her sister had gone totally crazypants? The Eyrie set is magnificent, though. Also how could Cat not know that the psycho siblings of Tyrion Lannister are there with her husband and other children, and that by capturing Tyrion, she's put them in danger. I still can't believe what a bone-headed move that was.

I love Tyrion because he says the shit that I'm thinking, "Um, wtf would I send an assassin with my own fucking blade??" Hope he's okay. He's too interesting to die.

It's impossible to not love Arya, esp when she's bitchslapping palace guards and chasing cats. Please don't kill her. (This is how I feel about anyone I like. "Please don't die.")

And last week I wondered why Robert's bastards would matter. Maybe if none of the Royal Offpsring are actually his? Would that matter then? Could he take some random chick as a queen, boot Cersei, and have a new crown Prince? C'est possible?

As much as Baelish is a nebulous creature, he always manages to say something utterly loathsome. I get that it makes sense to kill Dany and her unborn child, as unpleasant as the idea is. But why was it necessary to compare such a political maneuver to killing a woman in bed just because she's ugly? I know I know, it's a trivial point, but it irritated me. DONT SLEEP WITH WOMEN YOU THINK ARE UGLY THEN. WHY SHE GOTTA DIE? Ahem. (Yes, he runs brothels so maybe I shouldn't expect any better from him.) Also why is he always creepily sharing inappropriate things with Sansa??

And the long building fight between Wolf and Lion. I know Ned's not The Hand anymore, but I was sort of shocked that Jaime would open battle on Ned--who is still a friend of the King's (even if they're spatting). I don't know quite the rules of society there, but it's really okay to just walk up to a Lord and start killing his men? Also, I initially thought that guy killed Ned, which I'd sort of braced myself for. SO GLAD HE IS NOT DEAD . Yet. I imagine that isn't too far off. (But don't tell me, please!)

Poor Jory. I really liked you, I'm so sorry you're dead. I'm just glad you're not more important to me.

Also, the people you'd like to see die never do (see Mountain, The).

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