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The third installment of Game of Thrones was just as riveting, but with less emotional devastation.

The subheading for the show could be: THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE AWESOMENESS OF SEAN BEAN. It's so much more exciting to see him in this series than LoTR since we only see the awesomeness of Boromir a few minutes before he dies. (And then in flashback.) Here he's just all awesome all the time. I like that he has honor and is strong but is also so kind. Sometimes dudes are just all muscle and no heart, and he seems to have both in spades. (Someone has a crush...)

On some of the forums, people are saying that the Starks aren't that clever--as the Lannisters are. And all their noble honor is somewhat useless in such a pernicious atmosphere. But not being a particularly subtle person myself, I can't help but love Ned for refusing to play courtly games. And the Starks seem cautious enough to me--they're not stampeding to make accusations, they're trying to be smart about it, gather proof. They're just not deceitful bastards like the Lannisters.

I don't know that I've been convinced that Tyrion's dagger was used with his knowledge, but we'll see. From what I've surmised, as much as the Lannisters are awful, Tyrion (the seeming exception to the rule) does genuinely love his brother. I think I read that it's because Jaime was the only one who was ever kind to him, and that's bought Tyrion's eternal loyalty. But, still.

I love that Ned's all openly WTF when he gets to King's Landing and learns that they're 6 million in debt. It makes me hate Robert even more because it's one thing that he's an ass to his wife and just wants to satisfy his appetites, but I'm further disappointed that he's a BAD KING. And also, stupid. What kind of idiot is snotty to the guy who hands him his daily wine? Does he want to be poisoned?

Jaime Lannister--kingslayer and sisterfucker--is definitely intriguing. Dying to know the backstory of Ned's father and brother, and their deaths. Cersei and Joffrey offered some fascinating insight in their scene. No wonder he's such a twisted little fuck, being raised by a psycho who tells him he can rewrite the truth and make the world as he wants it to be. Though I suppose she does offer some reason to counter his short-sighted tyrannical plans. I've said it before, but he HAS to be the product of incest. Has to.

The emergence of Dany and her grasp of her power is awesome to watch. Oh, right--I can just ORDER people to do things. It was nice to see her cuddling with Khal Drogo, too. Though I always wonder why anyone would say (without the benefit of an u/s) what gender their kid will be. What if it's a girl? Way to set your kid up for being a disappointment at ex utero. More slapping around of Viserys, please. His look of incredulity at the turn of events was fucking satisfying.

It's hard not to pick the scenes with Ned and Arya as my favorites. He does exactly what I would want him to do. He obviously loves his girls, and as much as he misfires with the doll for Sansa, his talk with Arya--comforting her, but also showing some really worthwhile parental guidance, was fantastic. I love that he bothers to explain to her WHY Sansa lied, and that he got that it was important for her to understand--as much as I loved that he did understand why Sansa lied, and that she did lie. And as much as I had a hissyfit about Sansa last week, I do get it. That said, I think the favorite line in the entire series thus far was Arya asking why Ned would let his daughter marry someone who has such obviously poor character--and Ned's ensuing speechlessness. I loved his reminder to her that family should stick together, even when they don't agree. And that he got Arya to admit that she doesn't in fact hate her sister. It struck me as very true of sibling conflicts.

And he lets her keep Needle! And doesn't push to ask who gave it to her! AND gets her fencing lessons! I love him! I love him! I love him!

As for the titular Lord Snow, those were some interesting scenes at The Wall. Tyrion is fabulous and I want him as a drinking buddy. Great to see that Jon doesn't have so thick a chip on his shoulder that he can't quickly recognize the truth when it's pointed out to him. (Unlike fuckface Joffrey.)

In other characters, I love Benjen. We don't get to see much of him, but I love him in every scene. I don't know if they've quite explained (in the show) why he chose a life in the Night's Watch. Maybe someone from the Stark family always has to serve? And since Ned married Brandon's wife-to-be (I gathered...) after he died, there was only Benjen left to serve at The Wall?

Very curious where and how zombieswhitewalkers are going to factor into this very non-fantasy-ish fantasy series. And how they can do it without the white walkers being jarring and out of place in the midst of what is already a very full plate of intrigue and plot-y-ness.

Also, I have no idea how anyone can just watch this live, without the benefit of being able to rewind and re-watch scenes to catch all the characters and plot nuances. I <3 my Tivo.
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