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I just finished watching season one of Treme. Can't say I'm not getting a lot of mileage out of the HBO subscription, can I?

It was fucking awesome. Along with NYC, New Orleans has always been a place that's fascinated me. And like New York, my trip to New Orleans rates amongst my most memorable. If I were more nomadic, it would be on the list of places I'd swear to live before I die. And it makes no sense for me to want to live there--it's hot, muggy, and there are big bugs. Obviously there's more good than bad, but those are bads I can't personally handle. Regardless, I have an inexplicable love for that city considering that I've only been there once.

The show was as well made as one expects from an HBO series. It was so nice to see a lot of the talent from The Wire, especially Clarke Peters. I loved the various storylines--my favorite, unsurprisingly, was of Janette Desautel, chef extraordinare. It took a couple of episodes to really get into the show. But a lot of shows are that way for me.

Also, it enraged me all over again about Katrina and how things were handled. I think that is the natural disaster I've donated the most to. Maybe because it was here, and it still shocks me that (pardon me, because I know this is stupidly naive of me) we could let that happen to a city in our own country.

Major show-destroying spoilers, don't read if you ever plan on watching the show. Really. (I don't know anyone else who's watched this, but I want to blab on about it anyway.)

- The main compelling story, the search for Daymo, I knew was bound to end in heartache. It went on too long for it to have a happy ending. But still, I grieved so hard for Ladonna and her mom. And what a fucking awful way to go.

- Sonny looks EXACTLY like this young developer I work with, except he's got dirty blonde hair. It was unnerving. Same expressions, same lanky frame. Though hopefully my developer isn't an asshole like Sonny. I don't understand why Annie stays with him.

- I was so angry with Creig and his suicide at the end. His behavior was so obvious that last day that I thought it was surely a red herring. So when he actually showed up dead, I was fucking shocked. And so, so sorry for Toni and Sophie. What a shitty, shitty thing to do to your family. And it was so inexplicable--yes, he was frustrated with how shitty the government's reaction was, but they both had jobs, their kid was alive and well (and precocious to boot), and their house wasn't in shambles around him. He was outraged and doing those You Tube things, but I couldn't really understand his character's path to suicide. How could he do that to his kid? I can understand leaving just about anyone else behind except your kid. I understand the horrors of depression, firsthand even, but I didn't think they showed him as depressed. Just pissed off, and rightfully so.

- The running gag of Antoine cheating his cab drivers never got old for me. He was so shameless. And he makes me feel like a hypocrite because I spit nails when Sonny cheated on Annie, but it's not like Antoine isn't out there sticking it wherever he can, but I don't hate him.

- I felt so bad for Janette. What shitty shitty luck. Though I was squealing at the sight of real world chefs on the show--Eric Ripert (speaking French, no less *eeeee!!!*), David Chang, Wylie D, and Tom Coliccio. And later, John Besh. Loved her decision making process in creating a menu for them. And Jacques--dude needs to come and live with me now. LOVE. I know the end of the season has her leaving for NY, but I hope she changes her mind and comes back for season 2.

- The Davis character... that was sort of hit/miss for me. Steve Zahn always plays these dippy little guys and I was hoping to see him play a more serious character, but he had his charming moments, too. I just pray on bended knees that Annie doesn't date him, because ewww. Janette was so much more wry and capable, and Annie seems so much more vulnerable, just no. Though Davis' interactions with his family, and hilarious aunt, made him much more likeable.

- Stylistically, I loved how they ended the series--with flashbacks to what all the major characters were doing right before Katrina hit, including Daymo. It was heartbreaking to see Daymo in the moments before the unforgivably fucked up events that resulted in his death occurred, but I'm glad we got to see him--because I already cared so much about him at that point, despite only having seen his photograph.

Great show. All those award nomations I heard before watching the show, the buzz about Melissa Leo--totally make sense now.
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