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It's amazing how much you can get done in an hour.

This week has been so weird. I've been tired and cranky and oddly stressed out even though the nightmare project was over. It was like delayed fallout. So I completely ignored the house, and everything grew messier and messier and more depressing to come home to.

I had my haircut-fix at 5:30, so after bugging Jeff with 'breaks' every 20 minutes, I finally left the office and zoomed over to Soci in Greenlake. I'm not sure what my hair looks like yet, because I was having a weird hair day, and she cut it dry since it was a fix (fair enough) and she did what I asked, but we'll see what it looks like when it dries in a bit (just showered). I came home with a slight headache and tinge of nausea and popped some Advil.

But I didn't want to sit around with this place a mess. So in the space of an hour I:

- cleaned my bedroom, started laundry, put away all the clean clothes
- changed sheets and made my bed, put clothes to be drycleaned in a bag by door
- cleaned my bathroom including toilet scrub and floor
- got all the recycling out of my office and tidied up, though I still have to pay bills and file my outbox
- put frozen lasagna in microwave
- cleaned the kitchen, organized the recycling, swept the floor
- unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the countertops
- got the two items of recycling out of the living room
- cleaned hall bath toilet and tidied up the floor

Now I've just stepped out of the shower and the microwave is beeping patiently at me. I just need to put on some pajamas and I'm all set. I have the Wallace and Gromit shorts to start with and a heap of other lovely DVDs so life is very good. I've officially decided against going to my very nice neighbor's party. I'm just too tired, still cranky, and vant to be alone.

The best part about doing all the cleaning on Friday night? No guilt about playing over the weekend.

Due to 18340934823 scheduling headaches, I did miss my Friday night swim. It's so silly. I'd rescheduled with Tony from Wednesday to Thursday so that I wouldn't miss my swim, then rescheduled my haircut from Thursday to Friday, forgetting that I also wanted to swim at 5:30 on Friday night, too. If I'd just been a bit more on top of things, I could have still made my swim because the hours are extended for Friday night. But I was not that together, so I have to figure out a time to swim tomorrow. Also, with any luck, this will be the weekend I clean the trunk of my car. My reward for doing this will be to have the thing professionally cleaned, because as amusing as Jeff's comments about my hand prints in the dirt on the trunk are, it would be nice for the poor vehicle to get a bath.
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