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So I totally did not go study French yesterday. I was thinking about it when Sarah called, asking if we could get together early (YES!).

I felt pretty productive for a Sunday, I'd gotten dishes and laundry done and my place was pretty damn clean and goddammit, I wanted to shop!

My two pairs of jeans had bit the dust and were holier than is publically acceptable. So we drove up to the mall in Lynnwood which was much, much nicer than Northgate.

It's really nice to go shopping with someone else, because they can point out the obvious. Like, you are a midget and you need to buy petite-height pants so that there is less tripping. I got two pairs of jeans, both pretty dark. Both glorious!

Sarah bought some adorable Keen shoes that are the sneaker version of her clog-y things from REI. They are very, very cool!

I also finally caved to my years-long lust for L'Occitane. I never, ever let myself buy stuff from there, but apparently I was feeling self-indulgent because I got some face cream (the honey-something line, that has the anti-inflammatory stuff), the grape-seed body polish, and this glorious skin-softening body milk that Sarah recommended.

I didn't buy new shoes, even though they were very very cute, because Sarah didn't like how they looked on my feet. I was sad, but really --what's the point of buying something that doesn't look good on you.

I'm wearing my new jeans today and I'm freaking excited about them. The length --she's-a not too long! (But obviously also not flooding.)

I tried the new honey-something face cream and it's really, really nice.

I also really need new shoes, though. I've worn a few pairs of my shoes out to death and it's time to go to Nordstrom Rack.

Also, I just bought (online) two new Le Mystere bras. I'm curious to see if they're all that Oprah claims they are. And I say this without ever really watching Oprah. Weird how her approval reaches out to even those of us who don't watch her show.

I think the jeans have made me oddly perky. Good jeans are hard to find!

I think I need to take better care of my skin. I've been getting lazy and it shows.

And with the weather getting so much better, I am very excited to return to exercise. Just running around Greenlake with Jeff totally kicked my ass. I was limping by the end of the day after running around the mall with Sarah. LAME.

On a totally different topic, Jeff and I are having lunch with a former co-worker and her adorable little boy. I am so excited! What I didn't tell Jeff is that she's pregnant again! (I thought it would be fun for her to share her exciting news herself!) Tami is wonderful and her little boy, Evan, is a complete angel, so I'm very excited to see them both again!

And now, back to work!
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