Jul. 13th, 2006 08:39 am
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Grrr. I hate it when my place is messy. But I'm been struck by an inordinate amount of laziness when I've been getting home. And tonight I'm going to be home late. So, bah!

Yesterday's seminar was surprisingly good. David Blatner rules. He was hilarious, but very knowledgeable. And I think his style of teaching particularly works for me. He dove right into the application and showed us the very cool things you can do. And because it was a tips class and not a 101 class, it wasn't boring and irritating ("...this is how we open a file!"). And for once, there weren't 20 people in the class slowing everything down by asking inane questions.

I am in desperate, urgent need of a haircut, and finally remembered the damn name of the salon my favorite hairstylist moved to, and she returned my call yesterday with her cell and I'm going to hurl myself at her mercy and see if she can squeeze me in NOW. 'Cause, damn. And I think I want it all lopped off. I am armed with leetle photos of the last short haircut I didn't hate on myself on my PDA to show her. I've been growing my hair out for some time, so I hope I don't regret it.

It's always mildly terrifying going back to work the day after I've been away. I stopped in briefly after the conference to find poor Pete had had a rotten day, and there is to be some sort of Discussion today. There were 18,000 e-mails which I tackled so this morning wouldn't be hideous. And poor Jeff had no one to bust in on him 6 times a day with inane chatter, and was thus a little stir-crazy from being holed-up in his office all day.

Ahhhh, must head out now.


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