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This is often the spot where I get into trouble. I've been hyperproductive and I run a little bit out of fuel and want to stop mid-project.

I'm so close to being finished. SO CLOSE. And I have to get the stuff that's in the car to Goodwill today or my dad's luggage will have no room to sit. And if I'm going to do that, I may as well deal with the rest of the bedroom closet because there are bound to be things in there for Goodwill, too.

The carpet cleaner just left. The place looks pretty damn perfect. I have everything sorted except one messy giant plastic container in the bedroom closet. That and one bookshelf. Must. Keep. GOING.

Yesterday I did all kinds of tidying up. I met the wonderful Amy T. for lunch. She is so freaking nice. I always feel so spoiled by her. We went to B&O Espresso for lunch, which was fantastic. After I dropped her off at work, I drove to Dere Auto and had them give my car an overdue oil change, fix the wiper blades, and replace a brake light. Then I drove to Queen Anne and got my eyebrows waxed. Ouch, but worth it.

And then I came home and took a break. I'd started organizing things when Pete came over and we went to the Kebab House for dinner. It was great catching up with Pete who's been in New Jersey for the past few weeks.

It was a late night, and then an early morning. The carpet guy came at 8AM and I mostly tried to stay out of his way. I got the top shelf in the bedroom closet done that way, which was exciting. I also feel like I have early onset Alzheimer's because I found this really sweet card, signed with long, touching messages by a number of people and I had no idea who any of them were. As I read all the messages, I finally figured out that it was from this place I'd once worked as a call center receptionist for three months, and apparently after I left, they mailed me a card. I have no memory of any of them except this one crazy lesbian who kept dating men and insisted on telling me all the details of her sexploits.

I have to go grocery shopping today. Jeff's coming over for dinner (squee!) and I need groceries. I also need to finish using all those Meyer lemons and make some more curd. (No idea where this curd-making frenzy has come from, but it must stop!) I want to make my dad this cranberry shortbread he loved. And I need to figure out what to make for dinner for Friday night, because OB and Em and Zach are coming over to have dinner with us. I also need to figure out what to do with my dad for 45 minutes on Friday while I have my legs waxed (courtesy of a gift certificate from Ellen). I should have scheduled that appointment last week, dammit.

I also have these three disposable cameras from eleven hundred years ago. No idea what's on them. (And am a bit afeared.) But I am going to take them to be developed. So weird. Thank god for digital cameras. I hate that I can't just see what's on them. Maybe I'll drop these off today, too.

Okay. Enough procrastination. Must deal with bedroom closet finale! *whipcrack*
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Sarah and I met at Mae's Cafe and had a solid breakfast. We then meandered down to Diva Espresso and I did my French homework while Sarah read the paper. There was a particularly interesting article in the PI about US-China economics, so Sarah would pass on the more interesting bits for me to read between conjugating the imperative form. (Attendez-moi!)

It was so beautiful out. It was nice to just sit and read the paper, stare out the window, and have really good coffee. Eventually we figured we ought to mosey on, so we decided to go back to my place and then walk to the drugstore for exciting things like tampons and wax. But then, we got to my place and Sarah, squinting in the unexpected and delightful sunlight said, "Hey. I have an idea. Wanna clean out our cars?"

My car has been in the most unbelievably disgraceful state since I moved. No, since before I moved. The trunk was packed to the gills, the glovebox and side pockets were overflowing. It was ridiculous. But... now.... it's devoid of all the crap! I loaded it up into Jeanne's cart and hauled it all upstairs. It still needs a thorough cleaning, but that is a project for next weekend. There is a pile of clothing that needs to be washed from it, but I've also found some of my favorite things. A worn out Michigan teeshirt. My favorite summery white button-down. My classic black cashmere sweater, which needs to be taken immediately to the dry cleaners.

And it cracks me up how fun a spontaneous project like that can be. We kept shouting out each particularly obnoxious find. A random parking permit from UW, or misc debris from Sarah's Toronto trip. If this had been planned, I would have done anything to get out of it, but the randomness just made it entertaining. And now I have twice the tupperware, all kinds of random shit I bought long ago (andirons, quiche plate, picture frames) that have been buried in there long enough to forget. And apparently, also, every jacket I own. The weather was so beautiful, it was just fun to be outside doing something productive.

With our hands thoroughly filthy, we came upstairs and washed up before trekking out to Walgreens. We also stopped by Safeway to pick up a log for the fireplace. I'd set up the new bread machine, but due to a really silly error had fouled up my first loaf in it (for last night's dinner, urgh). But with Sarah double checking me, we found where my cognitive disconnect was, and we started a loaf of rosemary French bread.

We piled up some pasta and settled in front of the tv with Forrest Gump. Why are movies from the American South so utterly comforting? Forrest Gump, Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes. They just make me want to curl up in a quilt and calm down. So we watched the movie, cooing and quoting. The baking bread smelled amazing. We popped in the last two of the chocolate cakes to bake (still coming out overdone, must reduce cooking time) and they were as soothing as the movie. For we are women. When we bleed, we require chocolate.

It was just the most wonderful way to spend my Sunday. Even Hobbsie had a good time, snuggled up in my lap.

He does tend to gravitate toward orange things, huh?

A Sunday like this makes the incoming week much easier to bear. Purrr.
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I love days off. My GOD.

Got up relatively early, which was easy since I passed out like the dead last night. New bed = pretty comfy. It's not as squishy as my last bed, but as much as I like a soft mattress, this wasn't uncomfortable at all, and I'm sure I'll appreciate the better back support. Also, despite the bed being so tall, Hobbsie doesn't have any trouble leaping up there, which I was mildly worried about. I do want a new duvet cover, though.

Anyhow. Got up early and went to get my legs waxed. My appt was with this new woman (new to me, not to Habitude) and I have to say that I missed Sonia, my regular pain-wielder. This woman was polite enough, if fairly business-like-brisk, but Sonia is just incredibly nice. Much pain later, my legs do not resemble a Wooly Mammoth. I came home and called VW about my warranty and to make an appt. I'm anxious about this. I have it in black and white that my powertrain warranty is for 10 year/100K, so if things have to get ugly--I'll be ready with the paperwork. I just have the feeling they're going to try to screw me. I have an appt for April 10th, and they'll even shuttle me to work, so that's one less headache.

I puttered around at home briefly before heading out to Evans pool to meet Judy for a swim. It was really nice. It wasn't so crowded at noon, and we got our laps in, showered, and stopped by my place so Judy could look at the new furniture and I could foist some books on her (The Furies which I just bought, Fables, and Y: The Last Man), the latest bread (Rosemary French Bread) and then we walked down to Olive You, which is the cutest restaurant with the best fries in all of Seattle. Hello, run-on sentence, how are you?

After lunch, we ran up to Capitol Hill to meet Jeanne at Stiches. What a cute store! We're finally ready to take our sewing class, and I'm going to traumatize Jeff by making him some pajama pants. Also, I fell in love with some yarn and bought enough for a stripe-y scarf. I'm feeling unsure about the fabric I bought for his pjs, though. I love the colors (shades of blue) and that they're striped, but I wish the stripes were more narrow and weren't traversed periodically with a black stripe. Hrm. I hope they don't suck. It does seem like everything I try to make for Jeff ends up a collosal failure (scarf, still unfinished; quilt, badly fucked up squares). Wah. Hopefully this doesn't equate to the quality of my adoration for him, which is absolute.

Then! Jeanne seduced me into going to Weaving Works with her, a yarn store I've wanted to go to for ages, and as always in Jeanne's company, I spent too much money. But I have all kinds of beautiful material for all kinds of beautiful projects. I'm rather excited about them! My mum is going to come visit at the end of April, so I'm going to start on a soft, pink hat for her.

Then Jeanne dropped me off at home, also coming upstairs to observe the new furniture--which I'm still not over. I should really snap some shots, but I'm waiting for the bedroom to really get cleared of the pieces of the old bed. So, soon.

And now I'm home. It's been a lovely day. Dishes are churning away in the washer, I'm going to do a load of laundry, edit a paper for a friend, and then knit in front of the fire while watching tv. Not a bad life.
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I am up early. RAWR. And not just now--I've been out of bed since 7.

I'd gone to be absurdly late the previous two nights. Tuesday night because I was so hyper from cleaning; Wednesday night because M is here and we blabbed into the night. We both crashed at like 11 last night, dozing off to Alton Brown.

It's going to be a busy busy long weekend.

Today, I'd really like to drop my car off (or rather, know that I need to drop my car off), take M to the Public Market and other downtown fun stuff. If miracles are possible, my car would be repaired by the time I needed it again. We need to bring home groceries and prep as OB and Em's are coming over for a BBQ! The menu: OB is bringing meat to grill, I'm making N'Awlin's Shrimp out of the Weber cookbook for the first time--if it's good, I'll share the recipe. I haven't decided on accoutrement yet (baked potatoes maybe, and green salad). But for dessert, my SIL has passed on a recipe for a molten chocolate cake. She says it's a fairly uncomplicated recipe, which I'm a fan of. Memo to self: stop at Sur la Table for ramekins.

Saturday, we're going to brunch with Sarah and shop a little. We may paint a bit, but as eager as M is to help, I'd rather not waste our time on my house-stuff. Eventually, there's a stuffed pasta party at KC and Jen's. M's been dying to meet my friends, so that should be a lot of fun. Afterwards, there are plans afoot to see V for Vendetta again. At Cinerama!

Sunday my furniture gets delivered. And Jeff is a genius. GENIUS! He asked if Dania was doing anything to compensate me for all the hassle. The answer was no, but with that idea planted, when I spoke to the woman at Dania about it next, I asked. She said she would check with her manager and call me back. And she did--they're going to pay for the delivery and assembly on the rest of the stuff!!! That saves me a couple of $100 at a time where I really could use it. Much happiness. Again, still holding my breath that everything will arrive unbroken. But as of Sunday, I'll have chairs! And a new pretty bed!

Once I drive M to the airport, I high-tail it back to prep for yet another bbq! Sarah's dad is in town, and since I love her family to pieces, I thought it would be awesome to have her dad and wonderful sister over. I think I'm going to make skirt steak with this marinade from Alton Brown I saw last night. Seems fairly simple. Caprese salad. Cous cous on the side along with a veggie. Haven't decided what yet. But you know what? It'll be the first meal at the dining table! I'm positively giddy! If I can do it, I'm going to try to make the berry cobbler. And Jeff isn't even here to scold me for being crazy! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

I really, really love entertaining. *beam*

And while it's a crazy busy weekend, I have Monday off! I am going to get my goddamn legs waxed already and then meet Judy for a swim, after which we will have lunch. I want to login to work and nurse a few projects along, but it'll be so awesome to have a day for downtime.


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