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Things accomplished:
- Best Buy (bought iMobile and excitingly frivolous dvds)
- Grocery shopped
- Formatted/installed OS on laptop
- Baked bread

So, yay.

Laundry is loaded, and I have to stay awake to toss it into dryer.

It is blazing hot for some reason and I'm cranky because I've already stayed up far too late. I probably won't have the energy to swim in the morning, which means I'll go to the pool at night, which is always more crowded. AND I was hoping to go to Zoka's with my French homework and start dedicating some extra time to that.

Not to mention, irritating girl-issues which I will hide behind a cut, because it's TMI. )

Outside of the carnage, it was a wonderful afternoon/evening. So delighted to have clean PC and laptop. Had a blast downloading all the cool Firefox extensions I'd been too lazy to install before because I knew this format/install was coming. Image Zoom is fucking SWEET.

Sarah is the perfect person to go to Best Buy with, and we ran around in geeky delight. We'd both grocery shopped before--Sarah brought over Buffalo burgers and buns. We came back home, had this lovely herbed Gouda I'd bought at the Farmer's market before and the joy of Triscuits (which I haven't had in some oddly lengthly time period) while Sarah prepped the grill and I steamed broccoli. We ate on the deck, and it was a lovely evening, with a cloudy pink sunset.

Then we sat down to watch A League of their Own and to eat chocolate-y desserts as part of the Menstruation Ritual.

Maybe a miracle will hit, and I will wake up to my new shiny iMobile alarm clock and want more than anything to go for a 7AM swim.

Also, once I get back from LA, I'm having all my hair chopped off. It's going to be summer soon, and I'm ready for it to be short!

I wish I could just not go to work tomorrow. But I have 80000 meetings and the Intern starts tomorrow, and I just can't not be there. Also, another hideous week of NO JEFF. *sulk* He's got some class thingie, but I might be able to dart over to the U District to have lunch with him, which is at least something.

Oooh, laundry's done. Time for bed!


Aug. 25th, 2005 10:05 pm
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I am obsessed with blueberry pancakes at the Hi Life and must have some soon or die. Sarah and I stopped there for dinner tonight, both desperately wanting some, but they don't have pancakes at night. It was very sad. Also, it's that time of the month and I must have what I want or people need to die.

The big shopping trip for tomorrow morning has been canceled. I still have the option of not going into work until 1pm. It's probably too late now for anyone to answer this poll, but it can't hurt to ask. Because I can't freaking decide. In any of these scenarios, I will go to work before 1pm. I could go at 9am per usual. Or I could sleep in, have breakfast, and then go in. I can't decide!

[Poll #559275]

In other exciting news, Sarah hauled the filing cabinet upstairs and even assembled it while we watched BSG. She rules. I don't mind putting things together, but I have to be in a mood. And that mood sure wasn't tonight. So I am eternally grateful. This weekend, I also need to get the twenty-five million product boxes and shoe boxes out from under the bed and actually just freaking throw them away. It's time to just let them go already.


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