Oct. 16th, 2008 01:51 pm
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Email exchange with Jeff:

Jeff: Hey, I'm going to be home late tonight--are you around to feed the kitty?
Me: Yup --my plans with Sarah were canceled, so I will definitely be home. My only regret is that you won't be able to watch me stand and scream at the screen during Survivor! I know you'll miss it terribly!
Jeff: Hee...I think between the debate and Project Runway, I have my memories of you screaming at the TV to sustain me.

I'm an...um...active television viewer.
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From Misc

Jeff, suited up for my cousin's engagement!
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Is it wrong that as people learn that Jeff's moving in and share all kinds of enthusiastic glee, what I'm really secretly thinking of is how he always washed all the dishes when he lived with Brian?

Also, this just in: BORED!!!!!!!
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Jeff has his SnarkyPants on today. *dry*

He gets a very small pass because he was up until 4AM cleaning at the house for a pre-list showing tonight, but days like this I think he's gleeful to be working at a safe distance from my girly fists of doom.

Of course, I have the memory (and trunk space) of an elephant and beatings will be had. Oh yes. Beatings will be had.

(He hasn't moved in yet, but we're having dinner.)


Jun. 19th, 2008 08:26 pm
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Sometimes I think the mark of a true friendship is where when one friend brings up that as much as he maturely counseled you previously on how silly your neurotic thoughts were, and how he is now having those same neurotic thoughts, that the other friend can nod understandingly and then leap into a "HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!" dance, complete with arm flinging and hooting.

I'm just sayin'.

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Yesterday, Jeff had the Fleetwood Mac song Rhiannon in his head. I told him that I didn't know it, and he said, "Yes you do." So I harped at him to sing it and he finally did. And yes, I did know it.

So we got on some random discussion of Stevie Nicks and her love for Wicca. Jeff said, "There's probably a Wikipedia entry for it."

So today, I looked, and of course there is and I gleefully sent him the link.

He wrote back:

"...the Romano-British form of this Proto-Celtic theonym is likely to have been Rigantona."

Ha! I think they have ignored the obvious--"Rhiannon" is most likely simply a knock-off of the well known Roman/Italian goddess "Rigatoni" (goddess of hollow pasta).
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Jeff: Just stick it in your mouth and swallow it!!!
Me: Man, if I had a nickel for every time...
Jeff: Shut! Up!


Nov. 2nd, 2006 03:44 pm
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Me: 1. I would like a day without a headache. 2. And a cupcake.
Jeff: You should check-in with Nancy [my internist]. Can't help you with number 2.
Me: Yeah, I will.
Jeff: Maybe she can prescribe some migraine meds.
Me: True. But these are just sort of low-grade annoying headaches. Not migraines. Don't want my life to revolve around doses of Aleve.
Jeff: Agreed. Though I go through phases with my back where I need naproxyn for a few weeks. But, I think that's more common for bad backs.
Me: Yeah, not sure what it means for zee head.
Jeff: Maybe they'll have to amputate.
Me: :b
Me: Stop me from eating so damn much.
Jeff: Yes, but there's something scary about your head untethered from your body. You'd make me carry you around everywhere...
Me: Dude, totally.
Jeff: And the talking would continue!
Me: Oh yeah. There's really no escaping the talking.


Sep. 30th, 2006 01:46 am
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Originally uploaded by catterz.
Isn't he fucking adorable? *coos uncontrollably*

This was on the ferry to Bremerton. More details later. I can't believe the phone-picture-post is finally working. It was quite the ordeal.
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Jeff just called and said he's also just started feeling achy and upset-stomach-y!

I accused him of giving me the cooties. (He'd started feeling icky yesterday, poor bunny, but thought it was done with.)
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Jeff: I just stopped by to say that you are a genius.

Me: Ooo, do go on.
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Jeff: (with a suspicious look) You were one of those little girls who ran around in grade school kissing and hugging everyone, weren't you?


Jun. 28th, 2006 07:25 pm
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Jeff is simply the most indescribably wonderful human alive.

That's all I've got.
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I love it when I treat myself like a sulky four-year old.

"No, no, we're not packing tonight, because we hate packing. But just take the pjs out of the drawer, because otherwise you'll forget them. And where's that cami--is it in the laundry?"

And I kept tossing things on the bed, until it became obvious that if I wanted to sleep on said bed, I would have to put the things elsewhere. And why not the convenient duffel bag I'm hauling to LA?

So this morning wasn't as crazy as I was trying to set it up to be.

Things are now packed. Trying to decide if I need to take Timbuk, because everything has fit in the duffel bag. Hrm. I think I'm going to take it. It'll be useful to cart around as a bag while in LA.

I can't believe I'm going tonight.

Cat litter's changed. Left Jeff instructions on fridge. Printed boarding pass.

Just need to put away dishes in washer and load remaining few items, and I think I'm done. Huh.

In weird news, The Universe clearly thinks that Jeff and I need to talk more. My phone rang this morning, it was Jeff's office line. After much 'hello, hello?' I gave up and disconnected, and then immediately called him back. He answered with no obvious indication that he needed to talk to me. Apparently his office line rang, there was no one there, and then he, too hung up. And then I called back. WTF, over?
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So today was the second half of the sewing class and I made... pants! I mean, they have two legs and a butt and a waist and everything! I have no idea what I was expecting, but ...they're so cuuuute! *shriek*

I want to run over to Jeff's house right now and muscle him into them!! He's going to be so annoyed when I try to force him into them at work tomorrow *gleeful*

The only thing I didn't do is hem the bottoms because I was afraid to make them too long or too short. So now he can stand on a little step stool while I pin around him for the perfect length. Jeanne said I should make him come to my place on Saturday night (I'm having a mini-Stitch/Sew/Bitch dinner for Jeanne at my place) so we can all run around shrieking and cooing at him while I pin them up. I think it would be easier to convince Jeff to give our VP a lap dance. So, not so much.

As much as I have endless love for Jeff, it is even more wonderful that my friends take such delight in him. And the icing on top is how horrified he is by all this fawning adoration. Muhahahahaha!!

The only concern now is I may die of joy before tomorrow. So I need to not do that!

It's hard to take a picture of them, because when they hang, the legs fall onto themselves, but here's a picture!

I Made Pants! )
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I bounded into Jeff's office this morning, with a freshly baked loaf of 100% whole wheat bread. "Eat it! Eat it!" I shrieked. Jeff said, "Um, but I don't have a knife...or butter."

Me: It's wheat bread. It's not like butter's going to make it taste any less gross.
Jeff: *pointed look*
Me: Anyhow, I was so excited when it came out! I wanted to give it to you at 2AM!
Jeff: Err..
Me: I couldn't sleep. So I finished cleaning and baked!!
Jeff: And yet you're so...perky.
Me; Muhahaha! Dontcha just hate me?
Jeff: A little!
Me: *bounce*

And then I jabbered excitedly some more before bouncing off, with Jeff surely thinking, "Oh god. It's going to be one of those days."

And before anyone feels sorry for Jeff, the man can make a day of mocking me mercilessly. No sympathy for Jeff!

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

(at some point, I'm going to crash, but it'll be worth it)
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So far so good, right? OB brought the bbq over, and things were on schedule. I got to work, churned through some stuff, went to a meeting, then dragged Jeff out to lunch so I could get the propane tank filled on the way back.

We ate at Sofrito Rico which has rice/beans to die for. Then we stopped by U-haul. The U-haul that I called earlier and confirmed had propane.

They just ran out. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

And Jeff is such a genuinely sweet good-hearted good-friend, there wasn't even a hint of mockery on his face, when he said, "Oh no!!" But of course, last minute plans can have last minute catastrophes, right? We got back in the car where I tried to figure out when else in this day I could squeeze out some time (I have meetings all afternoon) to run and get propane. But Jeff? MY HERO! He remembered that there was a Hertz rental place just up the street and he thought there was a chance I could get propane there--and he was right!

We stopped and filled the tank amidst my bouncing and tackling Jeff with hugs. Seriously, what a relief, it was going to be a nightmare to have to deal with it after work along with swimming and running to the grocery store before getting home to setup the grill.

So the whole lunch adventure took longer than expected, but at least there's a very happy ending.

Also--I got my bread machine! I can't wait to use it! But, um, perhaps tonight is not the night to attempt it.
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Waking up early was SO worth it.

I hustled in, got the press release out, and then ran over to Jeff's office with all the accoutrement I'd bought at Fred Meyer last night. Mary, across the hall, came over and we wrapped the entire door, stuck bows on it, festooned his walls with balloons and banners and threw mardi gras beads and flowered leis on every surface. It looked fabulous!

I was worried that it was getting too close to the range of times Jeff comes in, so I grabbed the remaining balloons and went back to my office to blow. Then I tiptoed back in to dump them around. Kirsten had added a few fantastic features (including a giant tikki god thing and a pin the tail on the donkey). I was just stealthily sneaking out, when Jeff (who saw me sneaking and saw an opportunity for some fun) came up behind me and said, BOO. I totally shrieked. Twice, even. First because I was startled, and then because I saw it was him. He was looking rather pleased with himself when he saw the door, and he came into the office and kept saying, "My. God. What have you done!!" Heeeeeeeee.

So that was wildly entertaining. Many hugs and birthday wishes. It's going to be fun to torture him all day: we walked to get coffee in the breakroom, and there were people outside of our group, so I innocently asked, "Wow. I wonder if we should make you wear a sign so people know it's your BIRTHDAY." And all the people in the breakroom chorused, "Happy Birthday!!"

Muhahahaha. It's going to be a good day.

Finally, I ran out to my car to get his present, because I'm just that impatient. And yay, he likes it! I knew he wanted a big, tiled, tin mirror, but I'm glad he likes the tiles I picked, too.

One of the many things I love about Jeff is that he's very easy to shop for!

Now I'm all bouncy and have no desire whatsoever to work!! The next fun event needs to happen now, which is in roughly 1.3 hours.
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Much as boiling water resists a watched eye, a watched window never produces a Jeff.

*forces self into non-window-staring activity*
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Me: I realized yesterday that my tendency to startle easily may have childhood roots!
Jeff: Oh?

Me: When I was a baby in Pakistan, there was a war and there would be bombs going off 'n shit. So I think it's some post-traumatic stress reaction!
Jeff: And this is why you shriek so much, right? Because you imagine people need to be able to hear you over the din of bombs going off.

Me: Shut up! I need compassion and sympathy.
Jeff: (without missing a beat) Oh, I feel sorry for you all the time.

Me: Oooo, I haaaaaaaate you! *punching and smacking*
Jeff: Hee! The truth about our friendship. Based on pity and hatred!


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