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Also, I now feel like I have to suck it up and watch 127 Hours. I really would like to see all the Best Picture nominees.

The Social Network )

The Fighter )

True Grit )
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So, going to bed at 6pm with a headache is not a good idea because five hours later, I will be wide awake and unable to sleep for hours. Also, this is why I don't watch creepy/horror movies.

Black Swan )

Winter's Bone )

I think on my 'must watch' list that leaves:

Social Network (seeing on Feb 2 when it releases to Amazon as a rental)
True Grit (seeing next weekend with my cousin)
The Fighter (seeing next weekend with Pete)
The Illusionist (haven't been able to get a handle on yet)
Restreop (netflix instant watch queue)
Exit Through The Gift Shop (netflix instant watch queue)
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I've seen a fuckton of movies recently. Cutting everything for length, but no real massive story destroying spoilers.

How to Train Your Dragon )

Tangled )

Salt )

Rabbit Hole )

Blue Valentine )

2 more

Jan. 26th, 2011 09:00 pm
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The Town )

The Kid's Are All Right )
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And this is where I begin a series of posts yammering about every Oscar-nominated movie I've seen. And because I am not a movie critic, nor do I have those skills, these will largely be me cooing or bitching over performances and pacing.

The King's Speech )
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So often I decide I don't want to watch a movie. And then the Oscar noms come out and suddenly I want an informed opinion.

I don't think I'm going to be able to (or want to) watch all 56 nominations. But... I've got a good start on the major contenders and have plans to watch a heap more in the next month.

The nominees, and some comments. )


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